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Who opened the spirit realm the first time?
A. Rauru
B. Nabooru
C. Gannondorf Dragmire
D. Faeroe

What was the name of the forth Hyrulian goddess?
A. Din
B. Tetra
C. Tru
D. Sabbath

What was the Majora’s mask used for?
A. a party favor
B. To celebrate sacrifices in demonic rituals
C. For sealing away a demon
D. As Skullkid’s face

What was the guardian of the Triforce depicted as?
A. a dog
B. A Unicorn
C. A Phoenix
D. A Cucco

Were the Koriki’s always children?
A. Yes
B. No

What does Zora mean?
A. Fish
B. River people
C. Slimy
D. Swimmers

What does Goron mean?
A. Rock
B. Volcano dwellers
C. Hard heads
D. Like turtles

How often can a Male Gerdo be born?
A. whenever
B. Every 50 years
C. Every 3 years
D. Every 100 years

What is the name of the Island Link was washed ashore on in A link to the past?
A. Hylia
B. Koholint
C. Kakariko
D. Hyrule

Is Link always depicted as a youth taken from his family?
A. Yes
B. No

Does Link have any other family members still alive?
A. Yes
B. No

Why does Impa work for the Royal Family?
A. they feel sorry for her.
B. Revenge
C. To take care of Zelda as her own daughter
D. For money

What is the translation of Kakariko?
A. Hate filled
B. Friendship
C. Village
D. Home

Who is the Goddess of the Desert?
A. Tru
B. Nabitah
C. Nervani
D. Cheman

Who was first to discover Terminia?
A. Gyorg
B. Kafei
C. Link
D. Prince Magnus

Who was the first person to Draw the Master Sword?
A. Link
B. Prince Magnus
C. Rauru
D. Zelda

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