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Warning: some adult content

Disclaimer: I don't own Zelda or any other Nintendo franchise (although that would be awesome). I also don't own any thesauruses so excuse me if I repeat myself a bit...i also don't have a dictionary...



Overview: Part one of my demons of hyrule trilogy. When link starts having strange dreams the sages are worried, but then the dream wounds start becoming real...



Hyrule and the surrounding lands had been in peace for just over 14 years and link and Zelda (both 21) had been married for four. In that time link had led the royal exploration forces into many new areas and discovered that the surrounding lands were actually once part of hyrule and that new hyrule (what was hyrule and the surrounding lands) was not an island but a single continent. Zelda personally was the first hylian to visit their first ally on a different continent and this was the empire of merongaret.

Zelda was two months pregnant with their first child and she was currently meeting the kings, queens and governments of the former surrounding lands to discuss weather to join leaderships and form a giant government.

Link stood in the rain, on a hill, drenched in the blood of countless warriors a huge helix sword in his hand. He suddenly felt an agonising pain in his back; he looked down and saw a large sword through his stomach. He fell forward and someone pulled the blade out of him with a gruesome ‘shikkkk'. Link rolled painfully over and was shocked at the sight he saw, the monster could only be described as a crossbreed of a giant stalfo and a giant wolfos with twin swords. He tried to get up but an unseeable force held him back. The skulfo (skull-wolfos) laughed and ripped open his chest. A dark figure sitting on its shoulder gave a command in a weird language and the last thing link saw was the skulfo ripping his heart out and devouring it in front of him.

Link bolted upright and screamed as he stared at the mass of blood and sweat that was soaked into his tea-shirt and bed cloths. Impa immediately ran into the room followed by four guards. When she saw link she immediately started trying to check his wounds.

'Im fine impa ‘link said as he lifted up his shirt.

Impa gasped as she gased at his chest ‘b-b-but how did all the blood get here, you have no wounds'

‘I dunno but the pain stopped when I woke up and so did the bleeding,

‘This looks like dark magic, I think there may be a problem with the seal on the evil realm

When link was later checked by the doctor they were told that the wounds were sealed by magic just before link awoke, also there were a few ribs which were wonky as if they had just been broken and crudely magiced back together in roughly the right place.

‘Im afraid wheel have to fix your ribs or you'll die in a week' said the doctor

‘Then do it ‘link said, then he asked' what kind of anaesthetic will you use?'

‘We will use a new kind made from the vocal glands of a re dead, it should knock you out for a couple of hours'.

‘Ok, just make sure you don't cut anything important during surgery' link said

A few hours later link was in surgery. All went well until halfway when...

Link was on the field again but this time he was watching himself (dream link) fight off hundreds of warriors and stalfo. Out of nowhere a lone warrior striding came towards dream link holding a menacing sword ready to strike. Link called out but his other self couldn't hear him. The other warriors backed off making a small ring around dream link and the lone warrior. Then dream link struck, he spun and slashed but the lone warrior was too fast and blocked the swings easily. Dream link kept this assault up for what seemed like hours, but his step suddenly faltered and he fell. The lone warrior saw his chance and stomped on dream links spine crushing it.

...The surgery was in chaos link was thrashing around and the surgeons were trying to hold him down, all of a sudden links back arched and his spine snapped like a twig. The surgeons were crowding around him trying to stop the bleeding when...

Link watched in horror as the lone warrior stomped away slowly killing dream link when suddenly the warrior got his sword and shoved it deep into dream links back and took out a dagger. He attacked dream link all over his body with the dagger, then real link looked down and saw the dream links wounds appear on his own body and blood started to gush out. Real link fell slowly and lay there, slowly the warrior walked up to him and raised his sword and for a second link saw the warriors face. IT WAS FEIRCE DEITY, then deity said' game over' and brought the sword down...

Link woke up his wounds healed magically once again. The surgeons and impa walked up to him and told him the bad news.

‘We couldn't fix your ribs link, im sorry' impa said sadly.

‘ But the good news is we can next time' the surgeon said happily.

‘How?' quizzed link and impa together.

‘Well it seems that if we kept you awake with a weaker anaesthetic then we could keep you awake and fix your ribs.

‘Well do that then' impa said urgently.

‘Ah.... Well its not that simple the serum would take three days to make' the doctor said sadly' and in that time link could be dead'

‘But would it work?' asked link


‘Well ill try to stay alive and you make the anaesthetic' said link

‘Ok, ill get onto it

Link was lying in bed as he had been for hours, all he could think about was how he could die in less than three days. What do I do?' I could die as soon as I fall asleep. Link sat there for two more hours before finally slowly falling into a deep slumber.

Link was once again standing on the field, although this time he was not drenched in blood. He or rather dream link was standing at the front line of the hylian army and there was a large army of stalfo against them, and behind that group there was another large group, this time composed of warriors. The woman link had once known as Zelda now with an evil aura around her teleported in and stood next to Deity. Deity and Zelda kissed passionately before Zelda said ‘I'm sorry wouldn't have worked out'. Then deity gave the command and the stalfo charged forward, but link was already in a fight as the hylians had turned on him when they saw Zelda opposing link, as it was their duty to protect her no matter what. Link managed to kill the hylians but was overwhelmed by the stalfo, he fell to the floor and deity came forward sword in hand ready to deal the final blow. Suddenly link heard a huge roar and over the edge of the hill came the entire population of Termina, all armed to fight to the death for link who had saved them from majora 14 years ago. The monsters fell back and link joined the terminain army. Once more the armies charged and the ranks clashed in an equal massacre of both sides.

Link woke up, once again covered in blood and sweat. Impa was at his side, eyes closed and hands on his forehead. Link tried to speak but his lips were gummed together and all that escaped his lips was a slight moan.

Impa's eyes snapped open and she ran over to the sink, then came back with a damp towel and wiped his face and lips. "Thank the goddesses you're awake, we almost lost you and I had to use my powers as a sage to stop the damage."

Link sat groggily up. "How long was I asleep".

" Over a day, it's the 22nd".

" That means Zelda will be back today, I can't wait to see her"

Impa looked at the floor guiltily "I m sorry link... Zelda was taken from her carriage last night"

"Who took her" link asked, although he suspected that he knew the answer.

"I don't know but whoever they were they struck without anyone noticing, it took until the carriage stopped later that night before anyone noticed".

"We have to find her!!!"

"I agree but you need to stay here, if you get exhausted and fall asleep then the antidote could be wasted".


"No buts you're staying here".


An unknown area

Zelda woke up and immediately wished she hadn't, she fell to her knees and threw up, coating a patch of the floor in what was previously the contents of her stomach. She tried to crawl away from it but she couldn't, she looked down and realised she was shackled to the wall.

She looked around and followed the instructions Impa had once told her "if you don't know where you are look around and assess you're situation". Zelda looked left and right and in the dim light of a torch on the wall she could see she was in a cave and that she was in one of three makeshift prison cells.

She tried to pull the shackle off but that only made her foot loose circulation. She realised any physical efforts were useless and called upon the magic her piece of the triforce gave her and channelled it into one of the shackles links. The link glowed light blue and for a second Zelda thought she was going to break it, but suddenly a shock ran through her body and her magic dissipated.

" You're wasting your time I tried that and got nowhere," said a voice from one of the other cells.

Zelda knew the voice but she couldn't recognise where from. "Who are you" she called.

" After the time you spent fighting me I would have thought you would have remembered me princess" the voice said and its owner shuffled into the torch light.

" Ganondorf!!!"

" Ahhh so you do remember me." He said.

" But link sealed you in hell".

" And he sealed fierce deity inside with me when the masks power was too much to control".

" Fierce who?"

" Did link never tell you about his time in Termina with tatl and Deity?"

" What is this termina and who is who is this Deity person?"

" Fierce Deity was a god so powerful that even the goddesses feared him and sealed him in a mask for all eternity. And Termina is the land he once ruled over".

" Ok I think I believe that, but why are you here...wherever here is".

" When deity landed in hell some of the demons recognised him as their old master and joined him in a campaign to conquer hell, I led the rest of us against him in the name of hells king, but then deity used his powers to create ten copies of each demon in his army and the battle was over before it begun. We retreated to the castle but there was not enough to hold it, we surrendered and were made to watch as deity beheaded our king."

" Then what happened?"

" Most of us were sacrificed in order for deity to once again be free of the mask, those that were left were put into cells like this", he rapped on the bars. " Nothing was wasted, these cells are made of the bones of the millions of us that were sacrificed".

" If these cages are just bone surely you can break through".

"No they are enchanted, just like the shackles".

" But why are we still alive?"

" They need us to...

A loud moaning and shuffling came through the door into the cave and broke off their conversation. A second later the door burst open and a black demon with wings and glowing eyes walked in, opened the empty cells door and threw a man in. the demon turned round snorted then growled " evening your highness, Ganondorf, I hope your enjoying your stay". The demon burst out laughing and prowled out the cave.

" Fuck you Leon!!" screamed Ganondorf." Traitor!!"

Gannon and Zelda both looked into the third cell in which sat an old man, possibly in his sixties.

" Oh no, what have they done to you Volvagia." Gannon gasped.

The old man looked over and hissed, "this is all that is left of my once strong human form".

" Volvagia used to be the mage protector of the first king of Hyrule," Gannon told Zelda. " Then the royal family betrayed him when he was no longer needed and locked him in his dragon form for all eternity".

" Then you came to me and helped me, I was mortal once again and I let link kill me just because I wanted to die", Volvagia explained. " If I knew this what awaited me I would have chosen differently".

" I'm sorry if I knew about what they did to you I would have helped". Gannon said.


Hyrule castle surgery

Link was propped up in bed with a set of doctors hovering around him. The anaesthetic was ready.

" Are you sure this will work". asked link, unsure about the coming hours.

" Of course I am sure I have done this kind of thing before you know". the surgeon said.

" yes and if I remember correctly you failed". Said link in patronising tone.

"............" the surgeon couldn't think of a comeback for that and he returned to preparing the anaesthetic.

" that's what I thought". Said link.

Links room eight hours later

" Well congratulations, link we fixed your ribs" the surgeon said smugly.

Link ignored his comment and took deep breaths in and out, happy that he could breathe freely again.

" I noticed, I was awake, and I have already said thanks, now can I please go find Zelda".

" No you need at least a days rest and magic before you can go anywhere, luckily we had the servants stock extra coffee while you were in surgery". The surgeon said handing him a pint mug of the stuff.

Link drunk greedily and belched deeply. " Hopefully I wont end up hating this when this is over".

The sages formed a magic circle around link and set to work healing him.


Deity's castle, Hell

The demons had Zelda tied to a chair in what she guessed was the throne room and were now attaching some kind of helmet onto her head. The only door in the room opened and fierce deity walked in. " the inhibitor is in the helmet, it stops you moving or using any magic. The only thing you can do is talk. It's used to break those who are particularly angry or vicious." Deity circled around her and then pointed to the door. " guards, leave now, we want some time alone". The demons left and deity pulled a chair up beside her. " alone at last".

" What do you want with me?" Zelda asked.

" You know what I want". Deity said then he whispered in her ear. " I want you to take your place beside me as my queen and as my wife"

" No I would never do that!" Zelda screamed

" Fine then I will have to do it the hard way" deity screamed. He summoned a whip and undid the straps on her chair, throwing her to the floor. There she lay, unable to move, only able to scream as deity lashed her to within an inch of her life, only to heal her just before she died. This went on for hours before deity finally stopped and pulled her up. He led her to a throne. He sat down, her body in his arms and pulled a lever at the side of the throne and it slowly receded into the ground.

When it stopped she could see that she was in a bedroom of some kind and that there was no escape. Deity walked over to the bed and lay her down on it. He removed his small crown, sat next to her and stroked her hair.

" What do you think you're doing"? Zelda demanded

" Well I was planning on asking you for consent first but i've changed my mind". he rolled her onto her front and started to remove her dress.

" Please stop!!" she pleaded tears welling up in her eyes, but her pleas fell on deaf ears.

Deity removed her dress and slowly caressed her back, " don't worry you'll soon learn to enjoy this" he whispered as he stroked her with one hand while the other unbuckled his belt. He pulled his white tunic off and slid his shorts down then rolled onto the bed next to her. He rolled her over and kissed her passionately, then slowly reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. As he pulled away from the kiss he took her bra with him and she blushed as she wished she could cover herself up.

" Please, please stop... uuhhhhhh!!!" She moaned as he licked in-between her breasts.

" Ooh so you like that do you". he said as he licked all the way down her neck and between her breasts, then after sucking on her nipples for a second he licked down her tummy and teased his tongue into her navel. Hearing her moans of both sorrow and pleasure he slowly removed his underpants and held his erect penis over her face. He pulled out a knife and held it to her throat. " suck it or dye" he commanded. Slowly she opened her mouth and started to suck on it, he rolled over so her head was above his crotch. " the inhibitor allows you to move your head and neck, now suck like you mean it!!!". She bobbed her head up and down and acted as though she enjoyed it even though she wanted to gag, then suddenly she bit down hard, the taste of blood like victory in her mouth.

Deity drove the knife into her side and threw her off the bed. He got up and she watched as his blood returned and the lacerations healed, he walked over and pulled the knife out of her, healing the wound as he pulled. He picked her up and put her back on the bed.

" You see what happens if you make me angry, I end up hurting you, I'm sorry". He whispered as he slid down next to her. " Now, shall we continue where we left off?"

" I guess that was a rhetorical question". She said.

Deity paused and pretended to think about that for a second and then said, " you know what I think it was". He pulled her down and put his hands on her breasts, then he slid his cock in-between them and sat just below her ribcage so that he didn't hurt her. He watched as Zelda's facial expression changed from one of disgust to one of orgasmic pleasure as he stimulated her and himself. He could feel it now, the feeling he had longed for for 700 million years as he was trapped in the mask, the feeling he had dreams about, the calm before the storm. He felt his muscles contract, then loosen and a jet of his hot jizz sprayed up the space between her tits and into her groaning mouth. He rolled over next to her and commanded her, " drink it Zelda!" he placed the knife to her once again and smiled as she slowly swallowed his hot white liquid.

" Is that the end?" Zelda asked dreading the thought of having to go any further with him.

" Oh yes, don't you believe in keeping yourself under control until after the marriage?" he asked.

He wiped her down, put her in a nightgown and pulled the covers over her. He lay next to her and stroked her belly until she fell asleep. He got up then walked over to the throne and picked up a speaker horn from the wall. This horn was linked to the quarters of his loyalist demons. "Tomorrow at noon the princess will be possessed" he said. Then he turned over and closed his eyes.

Prison cells, hell, 11.55am

Zelda woke up, naked, and threw up, this was normal in pregnancy but when she looked at the vomit she felt dread, she spotted large amounts of sperm in the solution and realised that it hadn't been a dream. She crawled into the corner and cried. Then she heard a voice from Ganondorf's cell.

" Princess, did he rape you"? he asked gently. She looked over at him and nodded then continued sobbing. " I'm so sorry I had hoped he wouldn't, he's son of a bitch, I hope he dies".

" He...he only went so far. He...he...said he would wait until night". She sniffled. A black demon walked in and unlocked her cell; it picked her up and carried her out of the room.

" Zelda!! Fight it, fight it!!!...." Gannon screamed after her but she didn't hear anything after this.

The black demon led her through a series of passages and through an ornate door with ‘possessions department' inscribed above it. She was laid down on the table and a demon surgeon set about attaching various devices onto her head and chest. " Is this really necessary?" she asked after the daemon had finished placing the devices and was placing a conical pink party hat on her head and putting a set of fake fairy wings on her back.

" No, it isn't I just thought it would lighten the mood". The surgeon admitted, removing the party hat and wings. Zelda gave him an odd glance and he said, " Hey demons gotta have fun too".

The surgeon pulled a large case from under the table and extracted a large object that looked a lot like a crossbow, except it had a vial filled with a misty substance. " This is an evil cannon, it is filled with pure evil, it will turn you to our cause" explained the demon. He aimed the evil cannon at her head and pulled the trigger...

Nothing happened. " Damn I forgot to take the safety off" he muttered and fiddled around with some switches until he heard a click. "Ah there we go". He aimed again and pulled the trigger. A beam of shadow blossomed from the cannons tip and it surrounded her body like a cocoon, lifting her off the table. She tried to resist the magic but she couldn't and she felt her soul change, and felt her good tendencies slip away, replaced with evil ones. Her body underwent a series of changes, first her hair darkened from blonde to dark purple and her eyes turned pure white, the pupils disappearing. Then her body shook as her entire magic power was replaced evil energy and her back split, thick feathered wings springing out, dark as midnight and soft as velvet. Her skull bulged at the temples and the skin split, freeing two small horns.

She burst out and lay there while the surgeon admired his work. "Like a butterfly from a caterpillar" he said, wiping a tear from his eye.

Zelda rose up and hovered there, her new wings beating slowly. "You know what... I think I'm going to like being bad. Now where is deity, take me to my fiancée". And she followed the black demon out of the room.


Hell, three days later

Zelda stood at the mirror and gazed at herself, beautiful, she thought. Her wedding dress was showed her off perfectly. Her midnight wings were exactly the same colour as the dress, her hair was clean and her small horns were neatly filed. She looked perfect.

Deity was in the next room across and was also gazing into the mirror. He was wearing a black tunic and he was wearing his crown. His silver hair was shining and his curled horns were clean and sharp. His tail was whipping and his great golden wings were neatly folded behind his back. ‘I can't wait until the wedding' he thought as he ran his fingers over his horns, checking once more for any dirt.

He and Zelda left hell together with their wings folded under their clothes and their other demon like attributes similarly hidden. The story was that they were a prince and princess getting married in the temple of time. They even had Deity's closest and strongest demons take human form and follow them as subjects. Once the wedding was complete hell would rise and demons would be able to leave. Then the world would be in the grasp of all demon kind, with Deity and Zelda as king and queen, of course.

Hyrule castle gardens

It was a beautiful day in Hyrule and Link was sitting in the castle gardens with his back against a tree, sipping coffee. But the weather could not change his spirits, he missed Zelda and he missed being able to sleep safely. In three days he had fallen asleep 6 times and he had suffered everything from broken bones to internal haemorrhages. The doctors were now having to mix a bottle of the new anaesthetic a day and had constant runners going to collect ingredients. The surgeons were on standby all the time since he fell asleep the in the bath for the second time and they had to drain his lungs of both blood and water.

Impa walked into the gardens and walked over to link.

" Hey Link how are you feeling?" she asked.

" Hi Impa I'm ok" ha answered.

" I have some news that may cheer you up..." Impa said hesitantly.

" What is it?" he asked.

" The prince of a land called fasimos and his fiancée are having a wedding today and they said that you could come along if it would cheer you up". She said.

" Ok Impa but I need to know their names first" he joked.

" Their names are prince Deiteno and princess Zelkarasa" she answered him.

" Ok Impa lets go"

"I'm not coming"

"Well I need someone to keep me from falling asleep, duh"

30 mins later

"Fine I'll go," Impa said and they got changed and set off for the temple of time.

When they arrived they were crammed into the temple. Link noticed that there were many people who looked as if they had been pulled in from the streets and in a way this was true. Many were homeless or poor but inside a demon lay in wait, ready to burst out at deity's command. The princess and prince were standing at the front, Link was sure he had seen the prince before but then again Deiteno was a prince. Zelkarasa had covered her face with a veil and Link wondered what she looked like. Both were dressed in black, which was unusual for a wedding but Link realised that it was probably usual in fasimos. The Grand Sage stepped out and called for quiet, then began the ceremony. The vows were odd but once again Link thought that it was probably usual in fasimos. The ceremony went really well and finally, after about an hour The Grand Sage asked them to kiss. Their faces closed in on each other and Deiteno flipped up Zelkarasa's veil. Link was stunned then he stood up and shouted, "Zelda what are you doing?!!!"

Zelkarasa looked at him and laughed, " Link I'm afraid that I'm leaving you, I've met a real man" Deiteno joined in laughing and then he kissed Zelda passionately. Then all hell broke loose...literally. The ground shook and outside fire rained down from the sky.

" People of Hyrule we have mislead you" Deiteno and Zelkarasa threw off their wedding outfits and revealed themselves. " May I reintroduce myself, I am the dark god and ruler of hell Fierce Deity and this is my wife the beautiful and evil Princess Zelda, Queen of hell. And soon we will rule your world aswell!" as he said this the demons inside the guests burst out, liquefying their hosts. Link and Impa ran from the temple, climbed onto their horses and fled towards Death Mountain. Behind them Lon Lon ranch was gone and the entire of hell, including the dark palace was rising up from the ground.

" We have to escape to the other side of Death Mountain" Impa yelled. "We can then get a boat from Yanella to merongaret"

" Then what?"

" I don't know but right now anyone who can should escape Hyrule".

On their way they found a few of the residents of kikarico village and five of the palace guards who had shamefully fled the battle and took them with them. The number of refugees on the s.s.Hyrule was 55 and link hoped that would be enough to eventually return and take back Hyrule.


The demons were feasting; the hylians were easy to kill and as the slaughter continued the demon army grew with the evil forms of those slain. The few thousand hylians left alive were herded into small villages where the women were forced to work while pregnant and the men were used as workers.


Link looked out a continent that used to be so good but had turned to the side of evil and betrayal, he would miss it but he knew he would return with help in time.


Continued in The Demonkin...

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