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It was raining. A sizable army marched towards Hyrule through the muddy terrain of West Hyrule field approaching the castle. A strong wind was pushing against the army at high speed as the dreadful torrent crashed down upon them. Some of the more superstitious me wanted to turn back, but they knew the harsh punishment that would await them if they did. And so, they marched on unwavering and machine like slowly approaching the castle that lie almost alongside the town in the heart of the country.

The soldiers arrived at the castle and a group of their soldiers appeared from within their ranks and scattered out like insects when you pull up the rock they were hiding underneath., and began to filter into the castle. Some were scaling walls and leaping through windows. Others were attacking entrance guards and killing them before the could even make a sound. A select few with silvery masks on made it to the throne room on the very top floor. They soon hid within the shadows slithering along the walls. One made a bold move and lunged out leaving himself out in the open charging towards the Queen who was sitting upon the throne. The Queen turned her head towards the warrior with a blank, expressionless face. A guard stuck down upon the attacker from behind. The Queen stood up and motioned to the guards to encircle her. Soon the rest of the invaders were wary and climbed the pillars making sure they were not seen. They leaped. They descended towards the guards and struck each of them down. They now had the Queen. They now had Queen Zelda. The dictator emerged as if from non-existence and stuck his sword through the heart of the Queen and also through the heart of Hyrule. The Dictator laughed as his right hand glowed with the cherished power of the gods that his sword had forcedly removed from the deceased queens very soul.

South of the Lananayru province, past the faron province and in a small bed near a fire place a fairly young man awoke in a cold sweat his hand burning he was dressed somehow in his green tunic which he could of sworn he put away with the rest of his 'personal' items. His handshot up in the air involuntarily with the mark of the gods burning a bright, vibrant, white-hot. Literally dragged upon his feet by his his mark...the mark which seemed to scald his hand with just its glow was dragging him to his safe. His crudely made, but effectively hidden safe. his hand twiddled the lock and it fell off. The door flew open and within all of his various things that he picked up while he journeyed to save his village and in the end the entire country and all the people that dwell within it. Something glowed bright gold from the secret compartment that hid his sword, the Master Sword. That door to opened and the sword flew into his hand as if there was a magnetic attraction. the mark changed and went into the deepest black. The blade of the sword was engulfed and went black as well. The guard grew into a twisted dark blood red form. His hand slashed the sword randomly without control. The young man, Link, thoroughly bewildered slowly dragged himself back towards the safe and managed to stick his arm into the safe. He then slammed the door onto his arm with all his strength. A loud crunching noise was made and his arm went limp he looked at the back of his hand and there was the normal back of his hand with the tattoo like mark. He peered into into the safe and saw the sword in it's normal state. Link felt his strength fade. He removed his tunic and set his arm which was clearly broken. He layed his head down and tried to fall back to sleep.

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