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Months had passed and there had been no sign of Ganon or Zant trying to cover Hyrule in twilight again. Although a bigger problem was about to arise. A few of the kings new recruited horsemen had noticed numerous numbers of a new type of goblin entering Hyrule field. They were twice as big and looked much stronger. Goblins weren't supposed to go anywhere without being commanded to.


“KING” yelled Link “Goblins bigger and stronger they are in hyrule field as we speak!”


“How many are coming 5,10,20?” Asked the King.

“100 roughly. Me and a couple soilders could try to attack them. Maybe they will retreat for now.” Link suggested.


“Fine but if anything goes wrong get the hell out of there understand?” Asked the king. Link agreed and went to get as many soilders as he could. He got roughly 45 soilders to go ambush the Goblins.


They went to the castle to talk of the plan.

“ Okay, I want the archers go up on the hill and fire arrows when I fire my first fire arrow. Then Knights when I say go down and ambush the camp and slaughter as many as can. I will follow behind you. Then archers when the horses go down the hill you take out your sword and run down the hill and do the same okay?” Link was hoping that the plan would work perferctly if it didn't then they would be screwed.


It was time to go ambush the camp. Link grabbed epona and the slowly moved up the hill. They could see the bright glow of the fire. The goblins seemed distracted. The archers crept to the side and started to fire arrow after arrow. They pierced the goblins. The scream was horrible. Then Link fired one fire arrow and rushed down the hill with the other horsemen. Suddenly out of the shadows came a dark figure. Link looked in horror. What was it. It was the Twilt Dragon Argorok. Link remembered this beast. It was a total ass. Link had barley survuived. Then a twilight portal opened from above.

It was the Twilight Princess...Midna. How did she reenter Hyrule?. The mirror to transport between the two worlds was destroyed so she couldn't cross to the light world.



“Is that important Link? We have to kill this thing now!All I can tell you is that we were experementing” Exclaimed Midna




Link saw pea hats in the sky. If he could claw shot from one to the other maybe he could jump onto the dragon and kill it!. Link pulled out his claw shot.


“LINK!” yelled Midna “Get out of here! “I'll kill it.I am going to create twilight darkness and if you are in the middle of it you could die! So get out of here!. Come back tommorow at dawn. NOW GO!”


Link didn't want to, but he had no choice. He had to. Link really trusted . They headed back to the castle as fast as they could. Link saw darkness and then a huge roar. Was this good or bad?. The next day the goblins were gone but from inside the forest he saw more come through the western entrance of Hyrule. With them a few more bosses and the Dragon form the night before. Had Midna survived or did she go down?


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