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Link was walking towards the temple of time with a hooded cloak on. Why a hood? ‘cause, due to link being sixteen girls in the market started stalking him. Why are they stalking him? Umm… I dunno’ ask a girl. But our story takes off outside our little groups dismal future with one stupid mistake. Of course it’s Link’s fault. In fact it’s two Links’ faults. Now: “Enough dribble ON WITH THE STORY!!!”

Chapter one
Link walked into the temple of time. He looked up at the stained glass windows and sighed. “Life…how irritating it can be.” Murmured Link followed. Link Looked down near the door of time. “It’s open? But…How? I don’t see the spiritual stones or anything.” He peered through the door of time to see…Himself?... “Naw my eyes must be playing tricks on me.” thought Link. Well, until the other guy turned around and Link saw his face. “HOLY SHI—“ Link tried to cut himself off but since Link yelled bloody murder the other guy already layed his eyes on Link. “And you are?” said Link.
“Link.” Said Link
“But that’s my name” yelled link
“The hero of time?” asked Link
“Yes.” Replied Link
Link puched Link in the back of the head.
“WHAT WAS THAT FOR?” barbequed Link
“For being an idiot and not killing Gannon when you had the chance. Gannon didn’t die until I ran him through with my sword and took away his triforce.” Kentucky fried chickened Link

Link2: Hey hang on.

Link1: What

Link2: Haven’t you noticed something weird going on?

Link1: no

Link2: Okay two things. One the writing format changed three times. Two what the fuck does he mean by barbequed and Kentucky fried chickened?

Link1: By the looks of it either we’re dealing with a complete retard. Or some who likes to torture people.

Next thing they know they’re in a quarantined room with no exit a VCR with only five video tapes and for some reason Zelda, Ruto and Mido Are all there.

Link1: I think it’s the second kind.

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