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Forget not this song but the sage who sang it.

Lost amongst my service of the gods.

Vows renewed as old crusades pass,

I weep not for those lost but the ones that remain.

As I continue this endless waltz, tears stain the forest.

They alone to disappear on wilt less trees.

One more hour, one more lifetime

Changeless to all in the eye of beholders

Hastened to hide into deep solitude

Loosing the changing of time.

Never want for longer life

You already have come,

Changing and died.

Every moment, precious and past,

Is more if it only lasts for that once.

Wait for a glimpse,

Wait for the return.

Waste as those leaving are not returning.

Watch as your home,

Timeless as your soul,

Fails to comfort as once told.

Who wants to weep for every friend?

Be one time forgets,

Once and for all.

Watch as lives change but leave you without.

To live all time without your true love?

Endless days,

Lasting virtues,

Why not tomorrow if cycles will not end.

But ones untimeless end leaving you lone

Leaving you for what did not come.

Too long have I wept for my known.

Too long has passage left me alone.

Length is illusion,

My reality timeless.

My circle remains incomplete.

Thus I find myself

Worship mortal gods,

Wishing their end.

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