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Jan 27 2004
The Fear Of Evil

Once again stuck in battle, holding the blade of evils bane. The mask of majora circled my head, if things didn’t change I would soon be dead.
As the long tentacles of Majora’s whip like- arms drew near.
My eyes grew wide in dread and fear.
My life flashed before my eyes , memories of the alternate future and the past .
If only I had Nayru’s love or another spell to cast.
Things were bleak, but there was still a chance.
Pulling out a greater evil than Ganon himself, in my hands was but a mask.
It might be a grave mistake, but my only hope .
It depended on if I was strong enough to cope.
Would I use this strength to destroy Majora?
Or unleash a new destructive power on the world?
Would I even have any control?
I guess only time will tell.
I have to hurry or my end will be near.
Putting the mask closer to my face I whisper,
I don’t want to be evil my greatest fear.

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