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Zelda pushed as hard as her body would let her. Link prayed to himself that she would make it. Kokiris surrounded Zelda as her almost newborn son was coming out. "UNGH!" she screamed as the the baby's head popped out. Link almost cried he was so happy. Finally, with a sigh of relief, everyone in Link's house smiled as the baby was born. Zelda laughed with happiness, and she and Link hugged tightly. "Awww, isn't he adorable?" said Saria, holding the baby in her arms. "You Highness, what shall you call this blessing?" the Tiger asked. "I... I... will name him Kaleb," Zelda replied with exhaustion. Tarron held a glass with rich champagne in it up. "To Kaleb, our King and Queen's son," he said with joy. "To Kaleb," they all said as the night filled with joyous laughter.


While this was happening in Hyrule, yet another baby was being born in the dead Prince Roy's kingdom. Roy's dumped girlfriend, after her baby had been born, was holding the baby in her arms. Her sister asked her if she was okay, and the only words the depressed widow spoke was "Please... take care... of him..." and then, she had passed away. This sister, who's name was Clara, took the baby and sang to it, and while she sang a tune she knew from her chilhood, she thought of a name for this infant. After the song she sang, she said upon the the baby, "Be a good man in your future... young Edward."


Kaleb, 18 years later

"Father, go easy on me!" Kaleb cried as Link swung his sword while Kaleb blocked it. They were practicing a swordfight. Swords clung and sparks flew as the echoes of swords made contact among their blades in the courtyard of Hyrule Castle. 35-year-old Link wasn't going all too easy on his 18-year-old son. Although Kaleb had swordfought his father before, he couldn't believe how much strength Link had. "Son, if you're going to fight evil like I once did, there's going to be tough challenges, like myself," said Link as he attempted to vertically swing his sword at Kaleb. "But, Father, I thought you never got into an actual swordfight; just the old fashioned 'sword AND sheild' kinda stuff," replied Kaleb as he blocked the vertical attack. "Well, son, in today's world, you don't do that anymore. Now, people fight with swords only."

Neither one of them noticed Zelda walking into the courtyard. "Hey guys, dinner!" she called out. The scene of Link and Kaleb dropping their swords and running frantically for the Castle's mess hall was hysterical. Kaleb almost tripped over himself; Link almost tripped over Kaleb. Zelda cracked a smile as she followed them inside.

Now, we don't know what Kaleb looks like, do we? Well, he looked almost just like his father, Link (maybe except for his clothes). He had baby blue eyes, golden hair that swayed in the wind like wheats and grain in a vast field, his bangs covered half of his eyes; he was of medium height, not tall nor short, he was muscular, but yet not muscle-bound, and, of course, someone of his detail of course, was a thin man. He wore a blue long sleeve shirt, and black pants to go with them. He had on authentic Kokirian boots. The belt he wore had a buckle of the Triforce engraved on it.

But, aside from this, even though he had very good nature, Impa, who was a Sheikah, and, having the ability to read minds and futures, sensed that one day, Kaleb would be an evil that even Link would have a hard time dealing with. She said that Kaleb would be so evil, he would start another war of Hyrule- for his and his Dark Master's needs. Impa told them that the Dark Master of Kaleb would be none other than the son of Roy, the adversary Link fought just a few years ago. The warnings that Impa gave them about Kaleb and his betrayal were immensely ignored. Impa was going to let them find out on their own about this, seeings how they ignored her about these matters.

There is one fact about Kaleb that showed a possibility for being this way in the future. It is the small school in Hyrule Castle, when he was fourteen. He was learning about Hylian mythology when his classmates started to pick on him. Kaleb took it in for a couple of weeks, but one day he snapped. The story is told by Impa around the castle every time she warns the guards, Link, Zelda, the Tiger, Tarron, and others who lived in the castle about how powerful Kaleb really is. Want to hear it?

Well, it all started when Kaleb was minding his own when the class bully, Barry, was shoving him, calling him unpleasant names. The teacher told him to stop, but when the teacher wasn't looking, he shoved Kaleb again, and told him, "Your mom's a whore, Kaleb." The students to this day say Kaleb's eyes turned an demonic red when Barry said that. Kaleb jumped out of his seat, and forcefully thrusted his hand onto Barry's throat, choking him. "If you want to live, you motherfucking son of a bitch, I suggest you stop picking on me, asshole!" Kaleb punched Barry in the lip, causing Barry's tooth to go directly through his lip. Barry went to the castle's medical center for several weeks recovering from his encounter. He hadn't picked on Kaleb ever since. Why? Because Barry never lived to see the light of the next day.

Kaleb had gotten scolded for it, but nothing else. His parents were proud of him for sticking up for himself and his family. But even after what Kaleb had done what he did to Barry, Kaleb still wasn't finished with him. He thought even more of the times Barry had picked on him. So, he told himself, the hell with it, I'm going to kill him. At night, approximately at eleven, Kaleb went to the medical center to do away with Barry. He secretly took a dagger out of Link's room into the medical center. The last thing Kaleb spoke to the sleeping Barry was "Have a nice time in the Dark Realm, you bastard."

The castle authorities said they had found Barry not breathing. They pulled the bedsheets off of him, and almost barfed at what they saw. Barry was slit at the midsection, causing his intestines to spill out on the concrete floor. Blood had poured out from the disgusting wound.

That's when Impa started the warnings. Because she knew Kaleb had done it.

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