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Link: Hellow everyone and welcome back to... *sniffs the air* hey whos smoking?

Zelda: Don't look at me. I hate smoking.

Mido: It's not me either. I quit smoking when I joined the show.

Link, Zelda and Mido: GANONDORF!!!

Ganondorf: *smoking a cigar* What? I do it all the time. *inhales and coughs a bit* Ahhhh. That feels good, heh heh.

Mido: Hey, dumbass. Read that sign next to you.

Ganondorf: *looks behind his desk to see a no smoking sign. he rips it off and continues smoking* I don't follow those kind of rules. Their for goody two shoes, like you guys *laughs evily*

Link: *slaps his forehead and shakes his head slowly* Ganon, I'm sorry to do this but I'm afraid I can't take this anymore.

Ganondorf: What the hell are you talking about?

Zelda: Well me and Link have been talking about this for about a week and now is probably the time to end all the trouble you cause.

Ganondorf: *raises his brow in confusion* lost me.

Link: What We're trying to say is that we are canceling your role on the show.

Ganondorf: *gasps and drops his cigar* Wh...what?! But that would mean...

Link: That's right. Ganon, your fired.

Ganondorf: WHAAAAAAAT!!!

Mido: Huh?

Ganondorf: But why? I don't cause that much mischeif. Do I?

Zelda: *rolls her eyes* Are you kidding me? Of course you do Ganondorf.

Link: Not to mention, you always ruin the show. You don't behave, your rude to us and the guests and you never take your job seriously.

Ganondorf: Well...who's gonna be taking my place?

Link: I thought you'd never ask. Introducing...Darunia. Your replacment.

Ganondorf: What? Youre replacing me with a freakin Goron?!

Darunia: Yeah, he is. You got a problem with that, loser?!

Link: Now let's begin the show but first. *Link presses a butten on his desk and a trap door opens up beneath Ganondorf*

Ganondorf: *falling* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! *trap door leads outside studio. Ganon lands in a dumpster* Ewww!

*back in the studio, Darunia sits in Ganons chair*

Link: Now today our new new crewmember is also our guest. Welcome to the show Darunia.

Darunia: Thanks little bro. I love this show.

Link: Thats very nice of you Darunia. Now than lets get to the interview. How is life in death mountain?

Darunia: Well, it's a bit boring living in caves all day eating rocks but life is good. Thanks to you, our way of life has been saved.

Zelda: Thats our Link. Saving people.

Link: *blushes a bit* Umm...yeah. So anyway, do you know how to use that control panel on your desk?

Darunia: Of course I do. I'll open the curtain and show you. Now let's see here *presses a few buttens. The lights go off*

Darunia: Whoops.

Link: Oh great! Mido get a flash light.

Mido: Where I can't see shi...OW!!! *trips over wire* MY FREAKIN HEAD!!!

Link: Ok, nobody panic. I put a flashlight in a box next to Zelda. *walks to Zeldas desk putting his hands in front of him to feel around for the box*

Zelda: HEY!!! Link what are you doing?!

Link: Huh? *Link accidentaly feels Zeldas breasts* Opps! Sorry, Zelda I can't see the damn box...WHOOPS!!! *trips on a wire and falls*.

Darunia: I got it. *presses curtain butten before he presses light butten. the lights go back on*

Link: *getting off the floor* Ok that wasted a lot of time but...GANON!!!

Ganondorf: *In the curtains opening* Uh-Oh!

Darunia: Ha! Ha! Good thing I opened up the curtain.


*a couple of securtiy guards rush into the room and beat Ganon with night sticks*

Ganondorf: OW!! HEY!! STOP IT!! OUCH!! MY HEAD!!

*the security guards carry Ganon out of the studio and toss him into the dumpster*

Ganondorf: AWWW!!! DAMMIT!!!

Link: Ok now that Ganondweeb is out of the way once again. Lets continue. Darunia, youre a Goron, so you are more knowledgable about geography and stuff right?

Darunia: Oh hell yeah! I know virtually everything about mountains and rocks. Ask me anything about that kind of stuff.

Mido: Oh yeah? What is the worlds tallest mountain?

Darunia: That would be Mt.Everest. Standing a gargantuan 5.5 miles above sea level. Located in the Himalayas, near the borders of Nepal and Tibet. So far nearly 900 people have scaled the mountain and...

Link: *interupting Darunia* OK! OK! Thank you for that specific description of you knowledge on Geography. Well it looks like we are almost out of time but this is only half of the show so far. Tune in next time for the other half of this exiting episode of The Link Show.

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