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*The gang is at the studio. Ganondorf is reading the paper, Zelda is writing a new song and Mido is sleeping. Link however is nowhere to be seen*

Zelda:*sighs* Where is that husband of mine? He's never been this late

Ganondorf: It's rush hour. Of course he's late. The loser should have left eariler.

Zelda: Shut up, you oaf! *throws her water bottle at Ganon and hits him in the head*

Ganondorf: OW!

*Meanwhile on the highway Link is stuck in traffic*

Link:*honking his horn* Hey! Can we move it along?! I got a show to get to!

*back at the studio*

Mido:*wakes up and yawns* Is he here yet?

Zelda and Ganondorf: Nope.

Mido: Dammit! Where the hell is Link. The show should have started 10 minutes ago. We're starting to lose the audience,

*The audience is getting angry and bored*

Zelda: How about I play a song? It's called "Love is in the air".

Ganondorf: Sure, why not?

*Zelda picks up her electric guitar and is about to play but Link comes rushing into the room*

Zelda: Aww man *throws down her guitar*.

Link: Sorry guys. Traffic was bad*clears throat* Hello and welcome to the Link show. Please say hello to Zelda, Mido and Ganondorf, even though he is evil.

*the crowd cheers*

Link: Tonight we have a special VIP guest, The King of Hyrule.

Zelda: What? My dad is our guest tonight?

Mido: No way!

Link:*chuckles* Yes way.

Ganondorf: Aww crap! I freakin hate that guy!

Link: Why? He seems like a nice man to me.

Ganondorf: Yeah to you he is but I went to grammar school with this guy. He was always stealing my lunch money and givng me wedgies. He even stole my bike and brought it back in pieces. The lousy bastard!

Zelda: Hey! Don't you talk about my father that way!

Link: Allright you 2 calm down. Please welcome my guest, the king of Hyrule.

*Ganondorf doesn't pull the switch that opens the curtain. He just sits in his chair with his arms crossed*

Link: *slightly pissed off* Ahem. I said please welcome my guest, the king of Hyrule.

*Ganon still doesn't pull the switch*

Link: *stares angrily at Ganon* PULL THE DAMN SWITCH YOU BIG BASTARD!!!

Ganondorf: NO WAY!!! He's gonna be a pain in the ass to me, I just know it.

Zelda: I'll tell my father not to be mean. He'll listen to me.

Mido: Come on Ganondorf, don't ruin the show.

Ganondorf: *thinks for a second and finally pulls the switch* Allright fine but if that creep comes within 5 feet of me I'm leaving the studio.

Link: *sighs* Yeah, whatever. Please say hello to the king of Hyrule.

*The king of Hyrule walks out from behind the curtain and the crowd cheers loudly. The king sits down next to Links desk*

Link: Good evening your majesty.

King of Hyrule: Please Link call me George. That's my real name.

Link: Oh, ok your majes... I mean George.

Zelda: *waves to George* Hi daddy.

George: Zelda, my goodness your beauty has grown since your wedding day.

Zelda: *blushes* Aww, come on dad your embarrasing me.

Link: So please tell us George, have there been any changes in Hyrule since me and Zelda got married.

George: Well, not much. Now that Ganon isn't causing anymore trouble my people have been able to live in peace.

Mido: Yeah but if Ganondorf ever returned to Hyrule they would be living in pieces.

*George, Link, Zelda and the audience laugh at Midos joke. Ganondorf just sits quietly in his seat*

Ganondorf: Hmph, didn't think it was that funny.

George: *looks at Ganon and smiles*

Ganondorf: Uh-oh! Don't come withing 5 feet or I'm outta here. I mean it.

George: Hello Ganondorf or should I say Ganondoofis.

Ganondorf: Shut up!

George: *laughs* Look at that nose of your's. I can think of a million names for your nose.

Zelda: Daddy, stop.

George: Noodle nose, needle nose, pickle nose, torpedo nose.

Ganondorf: *stands up angrily* SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT THE HELL UP!!!

George: Oooooh! I'm so scared *walks up to Ganon*

Ganondorf: That's 5 feet. I'll see you guys later. *turns around to run away but George gives him a wedgie before he can run off*. OOOOOW!!!

George: HA! HA! HA! Got you again Ganondork.

Link: Ok, George I'm gonna have to ask you to sit down. We have a show to do.

George: Oh, very well *sits back down*

Ganondorf: *putting his underwear back down* ONE OF THESE DAYS GEORGE! ONE OF THESE DAYS! POW! RIGHT IN YOUR GODDAHM, UGLY ASS FACE!!!

Zelda: Hey! You watch what you say to my father! He's royalty you know.

Ganondorf: Yeah like I give a shit!

Link: Allright. Tell me George how good is it to be living like a king?

George: Oh Link. If you lived my life for one day you would feel like you were in heaven.

Mido: But if Ganon were there he would feel like he were in hell.

*Everyone laughs*

Ganondorf: Damn right I would.

Link: How long have you been king, George?

George: About 20 years. My heir is pretty eager to become king.

Zelda: Oh yeah. How is Bolda doing anyway?

Link, Ganondorf and Mido: Bolda?

Zelda: He's my brother.

Mido: Is he bold? Get it bold, Bolda? HA!HA!

*everyone laughs loudly, even Ganon chuckles a bit*

George: Oh mercy. Mido, I must say your pretty much the funniest guy I know. The only thing I found funnier than that joke was when Ganondorf accidentaly walked into the girls bathroom at school.

Ganondorf: No I didn't! You pushed me in you fat liar.

Link: Ganon, if you don't stop with the insults I'm gonna let George give you another wedgie.

Ganondorf: *panics and hides under his desk* OH NO!! Please! Anything but that!!!

Link: Than sit down and shut up!

*Ganon sits back down*

Link: Allright we're almost out of time so why don't we wrap this up with one of Zeldas songs. Zelda, if you will my dear.

Zelda: Thank you, honey. It's called "Love Is In The Air". *starts playing, everyone loves the song, Ganon finds it to be so-so*

Zelda: And that's it.

Link: Ahhhh. Now that was soothing. Thank you Zelda. That's it for tonight toon in next time for another exiting episode of The Link Show. Goodnight and sleep tight.

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