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The liights flickered on as the crowds go wild and the referes waited for the opponet to start battling.

Voice 1: Okay everyone! Get ready for Deathmatch!!!

Everyone goes wild and crazy. Some booed because of the evil side. They hope they kill each other.

Voice 2: Well Someone is going to take over our place so heres Luigi and Waluigi!

A tall green man with a mustache like Mario that has a cap with a letter "L" Then theres a guy taller then Luigi name Waluigi. He wore a purple shirt and a overall. He has thinner mustache then Mario and Luigi.

Luigi: Okay! Everyone! Here comes the contestant! On the left corner is Mario!!

Everyone started to cheer loudly as he jumped out of his pipe.

Mario jumped out of the pipe and started to wave at people.

Waluigi: And on the right is Link!!

Link arrived through a light( I forgot what the light is so yeah I'm gonna have to play the game again).

Another cheer was gone by!! This time louder!

Waluigi: Okay folks!! In 3... 2... 1..

Waluigi&Luigi: GO!!!

The battle had started!

Mario rushed toward Link. Link took out his hookshot and launched straight at Mario. Mario was caught and was dragged toward Link. Link started hitting Mario with his handle and then he kicked him to the corner. Mario threw five fireballs at Link. Link dodged most of them. Mario then charged at Link and gave him a big punch across the face. Mario grabbed his leg and started to swing him around. Then he let go of Link. Link was flying all the way to the sky. Link balanced himself not to get hurt when he falls down. Link put on his hover boots. But Link didn't use it yet. Link waited till he falls down and then he can use it. Link fell all the way down like a meteor that just crashed to Earth. Link used the hover boots just in time.

Mario: Hmmm this might be a tie game but I'm not giving up just yet!

Link: I was thinking the same thing.

Link fired his boomerang at Mario. But Mario roll dodged it.

Mario: Hahah you missed!

Link: Guess again!

The boomerang came back in a different agle. It hit Mario in the back. Link caught the boomerang with ease. Mario jumped up and took out his wing cap. Mario now can fly everywhere. Link was trying to hit Mario with his bow and arrow but he keep missing. Most of the time Link accidently hit the evil crowd. Mairo surrounded Link with tons of fireball around him. But it just stood there floating in thin air. Mario snapped his finger. Link was getting worried. The fireballs rushed at Link. Link was hit by all the fireballs at once.

Link: Good....move...

Link didn't give up he stood up and rushed toward Mario.This time with the bunny hood. Link was so fast that Mario couldn't see Link that he was comming right at him. Link sliced across Mario's belly. Blood leaked and very wounded.

Mario: Gah!! That hurt!

Link: Don't worry Mario its the Master Sword that doesn't kill the good. It just hurts them.

Mario: What a relief...

Mario took out his wing cap off and took out his metal cap. Mario turned in to full metal around him.

Mario: How about this Link! You can't penetrate through my tough metal!

Link: Hmmm well your right about one thing. I can't break it but theres one move I can make.

Link took out his Great Diety Mask which turn Link into a demi god. Link put it on and he was changing.

The crowd went cheering for what they already know what is going to happen.

Link's sword also looked different. It looks more deadly!!

Mario: Oooh.. why me...

Oni Link charged at Mario and slashed him. The bearly hurt him.

Oni Link: This metal is no ordinary metal...

Mario gave Oni Link a great kick to the chest. Oni Link flew across the arena and hit a wall. Mario ran after him. Oni Link came out behind him and slashed Mario with everything he had. The metal started to crack as the metal cap is wearing off fast. Oni Link slashed one last time and it shattered.

Mario: Oooof!

Mario became very dizzy. Link took out his mask and fired an ice arrow. Link fired his arms and legs which are stuck to the ice.

Mario: Hey! Wake gives!

Mario started to move around but he couldn't.

Link: Hahha Mario you look pathetic!

Mario chuckled a little. Mario knew he can freeze the ice easily. Mario's hands became warmer and warmer. Until the ice shattered. Link was still laughing at Mario that he didn't know Mario was breaking free. Mario also freed his feet.

Mario: Hey Link check this out!!

Mario charged up his fireball. It became a giant fireball. Big enough to destroy the arena. Finnaly it was big. Mario launched it at Link with emense force! The smoke cleared and Link and Mario were bruised up and bleeding and burning.



Mario concentrated and took out his star. Mario glowed and started to beat up Link. Link was unconcious for a while. As Link was about to get up... Mario grabbed him by the collar and gave him a hard punch. Then Link fell back unconcious



Link prayed that the triforce of courage will help him. Then his triforce began to glow. It glowed so bright that it became a large beam. Link took out his sword and pointed straight at Mario. Link fired a huge beam and it hit Mario. Mario stood there burned and bleeding. He stood there for a while and he fell unconcious.


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