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Written by Red Sparrow

Hey! Link!
check this out,
do you know want to see?

Yes, Navi
no need to shout,
do you mind not
shouting at me?

Press the C button
when I change color,
You heard me ok?

What button are you
talking about?
Did your parents drop
you on your head one day?

Link, that was mean.
Oh, and press 'A' at the door.

Navi, do me a favor and
don't talk anymore.

Monster behind!

Shut up!
Do you think I'm blind?!

Uh, yeah, I do
since you've got an arrow
in your rear.

That's because you talk
too damn much,
It's hard to freaking hear.

Link, you gotta learn,
I'm here to help.
Oh, by the way, you should read that sign

Navi, be quiet,
You're driving me nuts.
All I hear you do is nag and whine.

Uhm, Link, the sign...
Seriously, read it.

Look Navi, chill out,
I don't need your help, dammit!

Ouch...hey, Link, you ok?
That was quite a fall.
Are you safe and sound?

...Yeah, I am, I hate this day.
What's a hole doing
in the middle of the ground?

There was a sign you know.
I gave you the heads up.

Navi, do me a favor and just
shut the hell up.


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