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After the defeat of Ganondorf, Link is found asleep in his boat. Then suddenly he hears a sound of laughter. He finds himself at an island and sees a creature with a teardrop-shaped head and a yellow ball on top. "Aww. How cute", says Link wondering where he is. He then takes out a cherry from his pocket and offers it to the creature. The creature takes it. "Chao", says the creature. Link then realizes that he is on Chao Island located far north of Forsaken Fortress.

Suddenly a woman appears. "I see that you met the only thing that is happy here right now." says the woman. "What's going on", says Link. "Oh a creature that was supposed to protect these Chao has turned evil and destroyed the only power of beating it.", so says the woman. "That's strange I just had a dream of a creature destroying these priceless gems of ultimate power. And right beside them was a person that had blue hair and everything and he was missing a heart.", said Link. "That was no dream. The creature's name is known as Chaos and the person with no heart is known as Sonic. Oh pardon me for being rude. My name is Tikal. I am one of the guardians. Sonic was killed because Chaos needed a heart and he took Sonic's.", said Tikal.

"Is there anyway that I can get his heart back?", asked Link. "Yes there is. To get back what was lost, thou must find an ancient item known as The Chaos Dream.", said Tikal. "Where can I find The Chaos Dream?", asked Link. "Why right here on the Islands of Chaos. You need to start at Chaos Fire Island." said Tikal. Link then takes off for Chaos Fire Island.

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