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Zelda awoke one freezing morning to discover Impa smiling happily down at her. "Someone left this note for you princess," Impa said mockingly. "Hand it over!" Zelda replied as she ripped the note from Impa's cold hands. Impa laughed joyfully and asked, "So is it a luuuuve letter from Link?" Zelda looked the note over and her heart began to beat quickly. "Impa, please leave!!!" she began. "Yes your majesty, but watch out for cupid!" Impa mocked as she left. Zelda thought to herself," Cupid or stupid?" and she let out a gentle laugh. "Well, let's see whats inside," Zelda said to no one in particular. "Ok," she began, "Dear Zelda, I know that. . . you, doing some---- well, would you like to, meet , go, see me. Alright i'll start over! Zelda I was wondering if you would like to go horseback riding and then have a picnic a lake hylia with me tonight? Please write back or tell me today. I'll be in Hyrule castle market around noon. Hope to see you! Love link, !"
" I'd Love to!!!" She shouted. "What?" asked one of the maids. "Uh, er nothing!!"

Zelda was searching the castle for Impa. She wanted advice on what to wear and how to act. "Impa! Impa!" she shouted. Finally she reached Impa's chamber in the high tower of the castle, but she heard a man talking. She new that it wasn't her father either. She slowly creeked the door open and busted out laughing when she saw it was Link. He was wearing a velvet red tunic with gold and purple trimmings along with a blue cap with small roses tied upon it. His boots were a gleaming gold and he also wore white tights. Zelda fell over and began to cry from laughing so hard. Link heard her and blushed. "Zel...Zelda! What are are you doing he here?!?" "Link you look ri ridiculous!!" she replied, gasping between words. Link began laughing too as he glanced at his reflection. Zelda almost forgot to tell him that she'd love to go on the picnic. "Oh Link! I almost forgot! I'd love to go out with you tonight. He stuttered, "Really!"

After Link had changed they raced through the castle, seeing who could reach the gate first. Zelda won but she thought Link let her win. Link saddled up Epona and helped Zelda up and they rode swifly towards Lake hylia. It was around six thirty once they arrived at the lake. Link set up a small picnic blanket as Zelda watched the majestic sunset changing the copper sky to a lavender ocean. "Zelda, it's ready," Link gently stated but Zelda didn't hear and kept gazing towards the heavens. Link came near her and sat close to her. "What should I do? Kiss her? Hug her? hold hands? talk?" he thought to himself, but before he could say andything Zelda asked, "Link, what do you think of when you look at the sky?" Link responded quietly, " Well when it's a cloudless day, I think of you, when it's a rainy day, I think of you, when it's a sunset and a copper sky I think of you and when the sky is lavender i think of you." "Really?" she responded. "Really really," he replied. The he gently held her hand and they kissed sweetly as the moon rose from the sapphire lake.

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