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I believe that a person is a sage
because they should live for an age.
I believe a person is a sage
because they have no rage.

I believe Saria was a sage
becasue she cared for the forest more than anyone else.
She sensed that there was something
wrong at the Forest Temple.

I believe that Darunia was a sage
because he wanted to save his people
but he did not have the ancient hammer
for it was lost in the Fire Temple.

I believe Ruto was a sage
because she really cared for her people
and Link for they was supposed to get married.
She helped him out by giving him the only thing that
could beat love, frinedship, in the Water Temple.

Nabooru was a sage
because I believe she helped Link
out by letting him have the Silver Guantlets
in the Spirit Temple.

Impa was a sage
for only one reason:
to seal the demon back in the well,
but it was found in the Shadow Temple.

Rauru was a sage
where no one else could be
since he was trapped in the
Chamber of Sages in the Light Temple.

Zelda was a sage
because she protected time itself
by sending Link back to the present
and keeping the Ocarina of Time to herself.

I believe they were all sages.
They all lived in that age
and I hope they live in more ages as sages.
They may be ordinary people but to me they were all one sage.

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