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Today segment on The Muary show is " you're my baby's daddy.

Maury - " Today we have a guest that want to find her baby's daddy and she is claiming that Link is her baby's daddy. So let meet her, Ruto could you please come out."

*Audience - " Boo, you ugly fish head, put on some clothes!"*

Ruto - " WTF are clothes?!"

* Nepoleon Dydamite comes out of nowhere "IDIOT!"

Maury - "Okay,now let move on. Ruto, you say that Link is you baby's daddy. Does your baby have have any resemblance to Link?"

Ruto-"Yeah, it's the it's ummm ....uhhh....I don't know."

Maury- "If that thing doesn't have any resemblance, then how is Link your baby's daddy?"

Ruto- " It's not a thing!!"

Maury - "Then why did you call it an "it"."

Ruto - "Whatever, just get my darling out here so I can convince him that's his baby!"

Maury-"Okay,fish head.Link, Could you come out?"

* Link walk out and all the gay guys and women started to whistle*

Link-"I ain't your baby's daddy! Never been and never will got beside I'm engage."

Ruto - " Yeah, I know, you're engage to me for the past 7 years."

Link - "No, you fuck head I'm engage to Zelda."

Ruto - " What!? Oh, where's that bitch? I'm gonna beat the crap out of her for stealing my man!"

Link - " For the last time, I ain't your man!!!! >=( "

Maury -"Okay, Let bring out Zelda"

* Zelda came out and Ruto started to punch Zelda in the face*

Link - " Stop it!!!!!" * takes a chair and whacks Ruto with it.*

Maury - " Ummm let just skip all the way where we read the results so we can get on with the next group."

Ruto - " Fine."

Maury - " Drum rolls please? Okay,...Link...........You're not the father."

* Link,Zelda,and the audience Started to scream for joy*

Ruto - " What?!" * Takes out a knife, but before she could Stab him, the animal control came and took her to the Ha Ha house for animals*

Zelda - " That's what you deserve." *Then kicks Ruto In the stomach*

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