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It was a beautiful day at Safeway! (WTF!? O_o) Anyways, the Hero of Time, a.k.a. Link went shopping, but something EVIL happened. *sniggers*

Link: Hum-dee-dum-dum-dum. Ooo! Squirrel flavored Listerine! *picks up bottle and smells it* It sure smells like squirrel! *puts it in cart* what the? Is that Ganondorf restocking Dole Juice?
Ganondorf: "!" Uhh.... No. My name is..... Steve? Yes. My name is Steve, and I can fit a grenade launcher?.. IN MY PANTS! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Link: Ok...... Psycho.....
Narrator: What Link didn't know was that all his old enemies had gotten together again to form the "D.W.L." (Down with Link) mafia. And the mafia was waiting behind captain Billy Hatcher's Fish Sticks.
Majora: Ok. Now you must remember. Only attack when I say. And Ganondorf will see us attack and help us by chucking coupons for half off on cheerios at Link. *shudders* Ahh, cheerios?. They are more of my hated enemy than Link. Stupid bee! *shakes fist*
Agnahim: Uhh? Who are you talking to? And where is Onox at?

Onox: *driving an ice cream truck on a little rampage* WOO HOO! I?VE BEEN DRINKIN? MILK AND I'M STILL DRUNK! WOOT! THIS STUFF IS CRAZY GO NUTS! *hits Kafie and Anju*
Anju: YOU FRICK! *shakes fist* *looks at Kafie* Darling, you have tier marks on you.
Kafie: Yes..... *eyes swell up with tears*

Majora: Ok..... NOW!
Link: Cheer or Shoot? Which removes dirt stains better? Hmm.......
Majora and Agnahim: *beats Link with baseball bats*
George W. Bush: *walks up to Agnahim* Can Dubaya join your little massacre?
Agnahim: Beat it crap face!
George W. Bush: Nobody loves Dubaya no more.... *silently cries then flies away*
Majora and Agnahim: *quickly run out of store*
Link: *bloody and beaten on the floor* this calls for a hospital...
Speaker: Clean up on Isle 2. And I need a price check on 2 babies. 2 babies.

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