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Shadow and Light 4
Sunlight in the Rain

Chapter One
“Red the Drifter”

The tavern was busy during this time of the year. It was early fall, but the temperature had fallen.

There were various types of people in this tavern, bandits, drifters, merchants, jesters, and wandering entertainers. Sitting in the corner was a girl. She was sixteen years old and had black hair that fell down to her shoulders and not an inch longer. She was waiting for someone.

Hidden under her cloak, were various weapons.

The door opened, but no one bothered to look. A young man with red hair and red eyes pulled back his hood to reveal his charming young face. He was seventeen years of age.

There was an aging ‘Wanted’ poster with his picture on it. The price was originally 45,000 rupees, now it was 160,000.

He sat beside an older middle-aged woman at the counter. The woman glanced at him and spoke, “Hello, there.”

The young man looked at her and shot her a friendly smile, “Hi.” He turned back to the bartender and ordered his drink. The bartender set down a glass of iced water. The man was obviously not a fan of alcohol.

The woman looked at him, “Isn’t it a bit cold to be drinking iced water?”

The man shrugged and smiled at her, “Well, I’d never have water any other way.”

“You’d better finish it quick,” the woman said, “Looks like some troubles going to start.”

The man looked over his shoulder. Almost everyone in the tavern had their weapons drawn at him. He turned to the bartender; he also had a sword drawn. The red haired man shook his head, “Figures.”

The bartender spoke, “So, Red the Drifter...looks like you’ve stopped at the wrong tavern today.”

“Looks like it.” Red replied. Red smiled and thought about his little title, “’Red the Drifter’, huh? Nice. Who thought that one up?”

He sat up and brushed himself off; he stretched a bit, stretching out his shoulders and legs. Red spoke, “Looks like I need some warming up, any volunteers?”

The entire tavern charged him. The woman who had been sitting beside him picks up a glass and takes a sip, seeming to be in her own little world.

The first attacker wielded a knife; he sent a stab Red’s way. Red didn’t turn around and caught the attacker’s wrist and yanks him forward. Red steps back and strikes the unfortunate attacker with back kick.

The attacker falls back into the crowd. Red turns and slaps away an arrow and ducks under another.

The sixteen year old girl watched all of this intently, never moving from her seat.

After a short time’s pass, everyone who had tried to take Red on was on the floor. No one was killed.

Red was standing in the middle of it all; he didn’t have a scratch on him. In front of him was a man about the same age as Red, he held a tomahawk ax.

The man twirls it and charges. Red sighs sidesteps the downward swing. Not giving the fellow enough time to recover, Red slams his fist into the attacker’s stomach, causing him to bend forward completely, holding his stomach. Red kicks his foot up and catches the man in the face, causing him to lean back and fall flat on his back.

Red brushes his hands against his pants and pulls out a rupee from his pocket; he tosses it to the stunned bartender before leaving. This place was too much trouble for him.

The girl stands up as soon as Red exits. As she walked towards the door, the woman who had sat next to Red earlier, spoke, “So, what do you think of him, Akari?”

The sixteen year old named Akari replied sharply, “Its all amateur moves. He’s all flash. I can take him.”

The woman nodded, walking over to her, she said quietly, “Remember your assignment, its reconnaissance. First gather information, and then kill him.”

“...Simple enough.” Akari replied. The woman nodded, “Good luck. You’re the best of the Sheikah, remember that. Don’t fail us.” The woman walked past her and out the door.

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