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A tapping noise echoed throughout the giant noise as a troupe of men dressed in fancy clothes raised their bows and played their violins, sending the entire room into invisible relaxing warmth.

People chattered in the giant room under the largest and most exquisite chandelier hanging from the ceiling. On one side was large stained glass doors leading up to the ceiling, which led to a giant balcony for many outside.

But the large room was fantastic. Red drapery and wooden carvings hung from the walls, as on the other side, a golden staircase stood for those of royal blood.

One of those royal people walked down the stairs as people smiled. But what was most surprising was that all the ladies gasped and swooned as the man walked down the staircase.

He surely was a sight to look at. His warm face smiled brightly as he showed his pearly whites. His darkish brown hair was shiny and smooth, yet slightly ruffled, making him look like an adventurer.

He walked down the staircase as a group of girl giggled and called him over.

“Oh Prince Calix! Prince Calix! Come over here!”

He smiled and walked over to the ladies dressed in large purple gowns. They giggled and swayed their matching fans into front of their faces to hide their blush.

“Hello ladies,” he said. His voice calm and smooth, making a few of them grab their head to stop from falling over.

Prince Calix looked at al the women around him, and blushed himself, for he was a modest man when it came to his looks, and he ignored the girls swooning before him to find someone else distract him.

There was the finest of women. The maiden everyone had always said was the fairest of them all. She was enthralled by the music, not by the people or the men there.

Her golden blonde hair billowed in a non-existent wind, as her shining and sparkling violet eyes watched in amazement as the violinist played his music. Clapping her delicate, porcelain, and tiny perfect hands. Her dress swayed as she turned to talk to a few of her friends, one of them being another elder lady with silver hair, who looked like she just came from a battlefield.

Prince Calix walked away from the ladies who finished giggling and were now staring at him with dreamy looks. He walked up to the maiden with a charming smile.

“Princess Zelda, you look well,” he said with a bow. The princess looked over with her own calm smile filled with wisdom.

“I am, thank you,” she said with her own curtsy as her slim pink dress touched the clean floor, covering up her tiny pink colored glass shoes. She then noticed the prince before her.

“You must be Prince Calix,” Zelda said in her singsong voice that Prince Calix noted that it was as calm and relaxing as a cool spring in the summer. She smiled and moved her red rosy lips again. “I’ve heard that you are known as the next Prince Charming from every little girl’s fairytales,” Zelda said with a chuckle. “Judging from the scene back there, it’s probably true.”

Calix blushed. “Yes well I’ve heard something true too… You surely are the fairest of maidens in this world. It is an honor to finally meet the heir of Hyrule.”

It was Zelda’s turn to blush, and Calix also noted that she had no makeup on. Her face was pure without any illusions. She didn’t need makeup to look beautiful.

Calix then smiled as he held out his arm. “I’m feeling quite chipper. Would you like to join me in this dance?”

Calix became surprised in shock as Princess Zelda did something no other girl he asked to dance before. She hesitated, looking around before nodding. Even the girls who were most stubborn, rebellious, and married, couldn’t refuse an invite such as his, and yet here Princess Zelda was, slightly distracted as she took his arm and was led into the dance. Anyone else would have never done so.

This dance was so different from Prince Calix’s other dances with other girls. Usually, it would always be the same thing… The girl would be relaxed, as he danced with her, as she stared into his eyes with a dreamy state.

Except Zelda was the opposite… She was tense as if she didn’t want to dance or regretted agreeing to dance with Calix, and was usually looking around in nervousness or searching for someone.

“Is there something wrong Zelda,” Calix asked, looking deep into her eyes, wishing that her violet eyes would meet with his calm hazel pools.

Zelda did look at him calmly again. “No nothing is wrong, I was just looking for Impa.”

Impa… That was the woman she was talking to, yet he could sense that she was hiding something. She was hiding something from him. He didn’t know what, but it bothered and annoying him greatly.

As soon as the music ending, Zelda and Calix broke apart as Zelda smiled nervously. “Thank you, I enjoyed dancing with you but I must be on my way,” she said hurriedly and rushed off before Calix could stop her.

He knew something was suspicious, so he decided to follow her as she walked out to the balcony. Calix hid behind the fountain in the middle, making it look less suspicious. He was in curiosity as Zelda look down on the edge of the balcony. He became worried for her safety and got ready for a leap if she did happen to fall.

But she did not… Instead Zelda pulled her arm down with a sigh as another hand took hers.

She pulled the mysterious person up with as much strength as she could muster, making sure it wouldn’t cause too much attention from other couples.

She then made a warm laugh as a man sat down with a sigh. He frowned.

“Link, why in the world did you climb up the castle walls when you are allowed in?”

Link made a sheepish grin, pulling away his ruffled and messy blonde hair as he looked over to Zelda.

“Sorry, I guess it’s not possible for me to make a great entrance,” he said with a grin. Zelda giggled back moving closer to him.

“You don’t have to make an entrance for me, hero,” she said, fixing a large knot in his hair.

Prince Calix looked at the man who stood there with his arms wrapped around Zelda. It was almost an insult to the prince that this man was freely hugging her as she was calm and happy, and yet he danced with her and she was extremely tense.

For this man was not a prince nor noble, but a commoner with dirt, ash, and soot covering his face, along with a couple scars on his face. His green tunic was ripped and frayed in several places, along with dried mud and blood on his clothing. He had calloused hands that had many burns on them, and any other girl would look in disgust at his state.

Yet there Zelda was, looking into his blue eyes, and not Calix’s, with something Calix didn’t see before in his life.

She was not infatuated with this man, nor attracted. The man was gave out no possible charm or rugged beauty from his looks. Only his eyes and her looked at each other with something very powerful.


And it was not the usual love that a couple gave each other. It was stronger. It was destiny…

And Calix, being a calm and modest man that he was, wouldn’t dare stop something as strong as this. He simply walked away back into the ballroom.

He thought he could charm the very Princess Zelda, but the truth was… That she already was in love… With someone else…

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