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I did this for the hell of it, just to show that I’m not retarded... though, this might entirely go against that and prove how fucked up I am XD Yay.

Ang: Ph34r the 1337n355
Ang: O.o -looks around- wow... How’d I get here’s?! XD
Link: You’ve been here for a while
Ang: ...Oh... -slaps with trout- Phweeeeeeee
Link: ._O -holds trout slapped cheek-
Zelda: What on earth are you doing?!
Link and Zelda: -stare-
Ang: I’m! ...Hahaha... I dunno! -runs about like GIR-
Link: ...Well! We all know that she’s really messed up now ^^’
DL: You couldn’t tell that from the start?! Idiot.
Ang: Hey, that’s mean, Kurayami-Wa
DL: Don’t fucking call me that
Ang: ‘Cause it’s cute? Awww... it really doesn’t fit you
Zelda: A “cute” name for Dark Link? Absured...
Ang: -^^- I like it! X3 so pretty, it is
DL: Are you calling me pretty?!
Ang: ._. ........WHEEE!!! -runs around in circles-
Mi’a: Wow, what the hell’s goin’ on here?
Ang: -bows- Hola, mes amis! -^^- Hehehe I mixed languages...
Mi’a: o.o ...What?
Ang: -bows again- Everyone say hello to Mi’a Dargmire. Pictures of all me charries will be posted as soon as I read this thing -takes out huge Photoshop 7 manual-
All: -stare with huge eyes-
DL: How long will it take you to read that thing?
Ang: Ah uh-uhn
DL: ...What?
Ang: -nibbles choccy pocky-
Mi’a: So who else are you planning on making pop in here?
Ang: Fuck if I know.
DL: -sweat drop-
Ang: Heeeeeeeey! :D I know!!! -runs off-
All: O.o ....What the fuck?!
Ang: -dashes back in with Necrid- W00T! XD
Necrid: o.O ...Uhm... Ang, why am I here?
Ang: I’ll bring Ani in soon.. . ...
Necrid: X3 -kitty chibi-
Ang: Awwww. Neccy-chan, Neccy-chan. Fishy fishy -holds up chocolate fish-
Necrid: -jumps up and eats like kitty-
DL: ...That’s so wrong... -twitch- Spineless
-large explosion-
Ang: MY TWIN PERSONALITY! XD -does bandit dance with- (If anyone’s read or seen Fushigi Yuugi, it’s what Tasuki does with ...that other guy, I forgot his name. Anyway, it’s arm I arm square dance thing)
Necrid: -tackles Ani-
Ani: GAH! -falls on face-
DL: Look what you did, you wretch!
Ani: Ow... nose bleeding, Neccy-chan..
Necrid: o.o -gets up- ...Sorry
Ani: -rub nose- It’s ok... I just need some toilet paper or a tissue...-gets hit in the face with a roll of toilet paper-
Link: ...This is so morally disturbing it’s ridiculous
Ang: I bet you don’t even know what that means
Link: Ragha!
Ang: O.o You sound like me when I stretch in du mornin’s! SHA! XD
Mi’a: Wow.. Should I leave?
Ang: I dunno... You wanna leave the insanity, that’s fine, but you won’t get any cupcakes.
Mi’a: CUPCAKES!!! -runs around in circles foaming at the mouth-
Ang and Ani: O.O ....... .> -joins in the foaming run-
DL: All of you are so fucked up
Ang: You’re any better?
DL: I’m sick, not fucked up
Ani: ._. Same difference
DL: -vein pop-
Link: -eats cookies-
Ang and Ani: Where’d you get cookies?!?!
Link: -cookies shoved in mouth- -points to Ro-
Ro: ^^ Sorry...I’ve only got two boxes left...
Ang: Give us the boxes, Ro-chan
Ro: o.o Ten rupees
Ani: -throws a twenty at him-
Ro: -sweat drop- Alright, it’s two for 10, but suuuuuuuuuuuuure, why not
Ani: Thief
Ang: He is a thief XD With Taiga
Nikki: What about Taiga? Who’s seen my brother? What?
Ang and Ani: -point off in a corner-
Taiga: What? -is stealing some jewel from the castle-
Nikki: o.o SHALALALUUURIATAKA!! -continues with gibberish- -tackles-
Taiga: DAH! -falls- -jewel breaks- O.-
Ani and Ang: -eat the cookies-
DL: This is going nowhere
Link: Uh-huh
Sheik: At least the author and her are having fun
DL: Where the fuck did you come from?!
Ang: Holy cunt, it’s Sheik and his nice ass!
Ani: There’s an oxymoron, for ya
Link: What the hell?
Zelda: This is so obscene
Sheik : Just a tad
Ang: -^^- This is fun
Ani: -^^- This is fun -looks at Ang who looks at Ani-

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