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The unseen hunter: a new evil
Link let out a long sigh. He had been hunting for the last two hours with no success. He was too distracted with thinking about Duo, he died so that he could live.
He started walking back to the palace. He stopped in front of the statue. He stared at the rock-face carved out of granite. He let out another long sigh. He slowly walked inside the main lobby and looked up at the side wall. He walked up to Duo’s old room. He walked inside with a heavy heart. He had been depressed for months now. Zelda tried to cheer him up but with no avail. Zelda once said that Link could eat enough for two men, but more recently, he had hardly eaten anything. Link remembered when he had met Duo. (FlashBack)
A Strong wind ran through the Gerudo Desert. Nabooru had all the gerudo thieves on a high alert, a monster had been killing many horses and had eaten most of the carcass. The thief's had gone as far as to ask Link for help, he readily agreed. The monster had struck again and this time a thief had been murdered. It was a dark, cold night. Link was standing in front of the gate to the Desert Wastelands. The rumors was this creature was invisible, Link had company this time however, a bounty hunter called in from another country called Markucis. This bounty hunter’s name was Duo. They hadn’t gotten along very well, Link thought that Duo was too arrogant and Duo thought that Link was too vain. They both ended up on the other side of the fortress. At dinnertime Link kept taking glances at Duo
Duo just sat and stared at the wall before unrolling his sleeping mat and lied down on it. A high pitched whine ran through the valley. Duo bolted upright and quickly ran past Link and quickly grabbed some items in his pack and ran into the fortress, Link right on his heels. The fortress was empty and silent. The Gerudos were in their underground base arming themselves for the ensuing battle. Link and Duo traveled to the first prison block. “There’s nothing here” said Link. “Shut up Fool” Duo replied, watch. Sure enough, a large, humanoid looking creature landed on the floor with a thud and the veil of darkness lifted with the passing moonlight. The creature looked lot like Duo, Link thought. Duo pulled out the first item in his pack: a large gauntlet and strapped it on. Then a large piece of metal that he stuck on his shoulder. Link pulled out his bow and took careful aim and fired a arrow, completely ignoring Duo’s warning to stop. The arrow bounced off the creature’s armor and it recoiled in surprise, it lunged at Link, ready to kill him with one blow. Link barely had time to duck under the serrated blade and counter with a sword slash to the face the thing jumped back at the last second and threw a loose brick at Link, before it hit him Duo, arm oustreched, caught the brick and through it back only to hit nothing. The thing, whatever it was, was gone. “I’m impressed” Duo exclaimed, “not many people could take on one of those things and live to tell about it.”What was that thing?” Link replied It.. well... i’ll tell you later but that thing has probably has left. They ran outside to see the thing scale the wall to the Haunted Wastelands and jump inside. “I’m glad thats over” Link exclaimed. “ No, Link, it has only begun” Duo repiled dryly. (End of flashback) Link was too busy moping to notice the large animal waiting in the bush, as he passed it struck. He was dragged into a small clearing, and with a sickening crack knocked out. He grogilly moaned, he was in a tree dangaling by a rope around his legs he reached up to cut it only to look below him: a ten-foot drop, he thought not to risk such a foolish endevor and relaxed himself. He heard a hissing sound accompanied by a large snake like creature rise from the depths of the darkness below him. “Finally” it hissed “food so easily trapped and it’s a pinky, your flesh is just the way I like it”. Link closed his eyes and waited for the breaking of his skin and flesh but it never came. Only the blood came in a torrent, no less. He opened his eyes to see the snake’s head right below him he craned his head up to look at, nothing? something cut his ropes and he yelled as he dropped down to land on the snakes head. “Wwho’s tthere.” he wispered. A voice rang through the area: “Don’t you recognise your old freind Duo!”

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