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Waves crashed down on the seas as a large boat rocked and glided across them, almost pushing them out of the way.

All the while, inside a small neat cabin laid a girl who almost dug some sort of cave in her bed sheets. The ship tilted slightly, causing her to tumble out of her bed.

The girl made a growl as she pulled apart the bed sheets. She looked at her surroundings before sighing. She frowned again and looked up.

“Link!” she screamed. “Get my breakfast lazy bum!”

No answer…

“Damnit,” she growled before fixing her hair blonde hair into an up curl. She looked into the mirror and at the tan blue-eyed pirate captain who looked perfect like always. If she didn’t, then she would never leave her cabin.

She walked out of the cabin and leaped down the stairs before looking around to see Niko, who had the slight appearance of a beaver scrubbing the wooden floors.

“Niko!” she shouted to get his attention. He jumped up and quickly stood up straight and put his hand up in a salute to the captain.

“Where’s Link,” she said in a acidly sweet tone. Niko shrugged.

“He’s probably up on deck already Miss Tetra,” Niko stuttered.

Tetra made a frown before walking up the stairs and out onto the deck.

It looked the same as usual; with everyone making sure that the ship was working fine and going in the right direction. Tetra spotted Link talking to Mako, the person who usually was the smartest of the bunch, but not as witty as she was. His fixed his glassed before conversing Din-knows-what with Link.

Link, a boy dressed in a forest green tunic and coned shaped hat, had no idea that Tetra was on board. Some said that he was given the most respect for Tetra, since she allowed him to talk freely and survive her wrath unlike the others. Of course then again, if you thought Tetra was nice, you could probably say he was given the worst respect from her out of all the other pirates.

She vigorously walked up to him and gave him a hard slap in the back of the head. That certainly got his attention.

“What was that for?” Link said angrily as he turned around. Tetra smiled; satisfied that he got the pain of her attack.

“That was for not bringing me breakfast when I asked for it!” she said. Link glared at her and crossed his arms.

“If you want breakfast in bed, go sleep in the kitchen!” Link growled.

All the other pirates sighed, as Tetra was about to start another ferocious fight with Link.

“I am the captain of this ship and you will do what I ask!”

“The world doesn’t revolve around you!”

“That doesn’t mean you should just sit around on your butt all day!”

“I don’t sit on my butt all day! I help out more than you ever could!”

“You wish!”

“You know when I snap, you’ll be the first on my list!” Link finished loudly. Tetra frowned as the pirates sighed in relief. Link always finished any fight with Tetra that way.

Tetra shot a fierce glare at Link before walking away. Everyone stood there stiff as a board.

Tetra then crossed her arms in frustration. “Well! What are you all waiting for? Get to work!”

Right on cue, everyone seemingly awoke suddenly and got back to their jobs.

Tetra looked at Link’s sea chart, examining every island on the Great Sea with a sigh. The only island in view was Kuni Island, which was known for it’s daily night festivals. That would make all her crew want to party until dawn, getting stupidly drunk.

She frustratingly folded the piece of paper in hand and rolled her eyes. “There should be a prison for idiots!” she muttered.

Too loud…

“A prison for idiots,” said an annoying voice that Tetra hated more than anything else in the world. “Let me guess, according to you, I would be in there for a long time…”

“Yes, Link, if there just was a prison for idiots, then life would be heaven because you would be locked up in jail for a lifetime,” Tetra growled.

“You busy?” Link asked. Tetra frowned.

“Yes I’m busy…”

“You don’t look busy…”

Tetra made a loud sigh. “Of course I don’t look busy! I did it right the first time!”

“Ha, ha,” Link replied dully. “You know I liked you better when you were a Princess.”

“That’s only because I needed saving,” Tetra replied acidly. “I don’t need you anymore.”

Link made a mock pout. Tetra rolled her eyes and raised her hands as if surrendering.

“I’ve just kidnapped myself! Give me one million rupees or you’ll never see me again!” Tetra cried with mock enthusiasm. She then put her hands on her hips. “Happy now?”

Link snickered before replying. “Unfortunately no… Nice try though…”

“Would you miss me if I was kidnapped?” Tetra asked with fake sweetness. Link frowned.

“How can I miss you if you won’t go away?”

Tetra made a frustrated sigh and blocked her ears and started to sing. “Row! Row! Row your boat gently down the stream! Merrily! Merrily! Merrily! Merrily! I just have to scream!”

She shot a glare at Link. He smirked before saying only one line as he left.

“If you see me getting smaller, I’m leaving,” Link chuckled. Tetra sang her song again to cool off some steam. That song always seemed to work, and with the exception of Link, people thought it very rude and usually left.

“Why can’t Link be like everyone else,” Tetra sighed and pondered.

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