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Guardian by Devoid Rated: PG-13 [Reviews - 14]

A Suitor Arrives and Link begins to Feel a Deep Dread Torwards Him.

Based on Alexandra Spears' Story "Protector"

[ Categories: Fan Fiction | Characters: Link, Zelda ]
[ Genres: None | Warnings: None ]
[ Chapters: 2 | Completed: No | Word count: 2059 ]

Published: Apr 17, 2012 | Updated: Apr 17, 2012

Guardian Angel by GPLegend Rated: G starstarstarstar [Reviews - 59]
Summary: Young Link seeks shelter from the pouring rain as young lady then finds him and takes him in for the night. Though, their meeting is not an accident. This was just a one shot idea I had that I felt like writing down.

[ Categories: Fan Fiction | Characters: Link (OoT & MM) ]
[ Genres: None | Warnings: None ]
[ Chapters: 1 | Completed: Yes | Word count: 1254 ]

Published: Apr 26, 2005 | Updated: Apr 26, 2005

Guess Who We Are by Queen Zora Rated: G starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 34]
Summary: A group of poems about Zelda characters from OoT, MM and WW. Each poem gives clues about the character, but I'm not telling you who they are. Guesses put on review board please.

[ Categories: Poetry | Characters: None ]
[ Genres: None | Warnings: None ]
[ Chapters: 3 | Completed: No | Word count: 191 ]

Published: Dec 04, 2004 | Updated: Dec 04, 2004

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