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Zelda DX Manual


Thank you for selecting The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX Game Pak for the Nintendo Game Boy unit.


    Though you fufilled the Hyrulian prophecy of the Legendary Hero and destroyed the evil tyrant Ganon, the land of Hyrule enjoyed only a precarious peace. "Who knows what threats may arise from Ganon's ashes?" the restless people murmured as they knitted their brows and shook their heads. Ever vigilant, you decided to journey away from Hyrule on a quest for enlightenment, in search of wisdom that would make you better able to withstand the next threat to your homeland. Months of difficult travel passed. After a long and fruitful voyage, you  breathed deeply the sea spray from the deck of the ship that carried you home to Hyrule. But your homecoming was not to be. Suddenly a squall struck your ship, and though you valiantly fought the waves, a lightning bolt reduced your ship to splinters.
    Your world faded to black as you sink into the darkness of the storm-tossed sea with the remains of your craft. But in the cold darkness of the deep, you
heard a comforting voice that reminded you of home. It was the voice of Princess Zelda!  "You're going to be all right!" the voice said. "What a relief!"
    You opened your eyes to find Princess Zelda standing over you - or was it?! Actually, it turned out to be a woman named Marin. She explained that you had drifted with the wreckage of your ship to the shores of Koholint Island. This mysterious island was unique for the gigantic egg which crowned its centeral
mountain. It was said that a mythical creature, the Wind Fish, lay asleep inside the egg.
    You set out in search of your sword and other gear that might have washed up on the beach with you. As you stood in the surf with your recovered sword, a strange owl suddenly appeared and hooted this riddle: "Awaken the Wind Fish and all will be answered."
    "What is the Wind Fish?" you wonder... And what did its awakening portend? Your most mysterious adventure yet, following the riddle of the Wind Fish throught the uncharted island of Koholint, is about to unfold.

Controller Operation

Control Pad - Moving
The directional arrows make your character move in eight different directions. Depending on your location, you can go up or down stairs or jump off ledges.
This control also moves the cursor on menu screens.

Select Button - Viewing the Map Screen
You can view a map of Koholint Island by pressing the SELECT Button. This map will only show places that you have already visited. Use the map to check your position and names of places.

A Button B Button - Selecting Items for Use
You can assign different items (functions) to the A and B Button. Also, the A Button will let you talk to a villager, answer the telephone, or read a stone
slab. Press the A Button to see the next part of a long message. Press the B Button to cancel the message.

Start Button - Viewing the Sub-Screen
Press the START Button to see your Sub-Screen. In the Sub-Screen you can assign different items or weapons to the A and B Buttons, and you can confirm what objects you possess. In the dungeon, this screen displays the dungeon map and the dungeon items that you own.

Quitting the Game
If you press A, B, START and SELECT Buttons simultaneously you can quit the game.


Beginning Your Journey

    Correctly insert the Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening game pak into the Game Boy unit and turn the power switch to the ON position. You will see the Nintendo logo appear for a few seconds, followed by an introductory sequence.

Who Do You Want To Be? (Selecting a Player File)
Press the START Button any time during the opening sequence to go to the title screen. Press the START Button again to go to the Player Select Screen. Move the cursor to one of the three "Save Files" and press the START Button. The game will save all your progress in this file so you can pick up your adventure later at the last entrance that you went through.

Give You Hero A Name
To start a new game, you must choose an empty save file and register your name. On the Name Registration Screen, use the + Control Pad to move the cursor and the A Button to select a letter. The B Button will backspace to erase the previous letter. You can enter a name up to five letters long. Press START to finish registering your name.

When you have finished registering your name, you will return to the Player Select Screen. Choose the new file you just created and start your adventure!

Deleting Saved Files
If you want to start a new game, but have data saved in all files, you must erase one of them. Move the cursor to the bottom of the screen, then use left or right on the + Control Pad to select ERASE. Press the START or A Button. The screen shown on the right will appear. Select the file that you want to erase and press the A Button. The messages "QUIT" or "OK" will appear on the bottom of the screen. Select one of these and press the A Button. Remember that once you have deleted a file, you cannot restore it, so choose "OK" only if you are sure you want to delete a file.

Copying Saved Files
You can copy the data in one Save File to another Save File. On the Player Select Screen, move the cursor to the bottom of the screen and select COPY.
Press either the START or A Button. The screen on the right will appear. Select the file you want to copy from and press the A Button, then select the
destination file. As you could when deleting a file, you can then choose QUIT or OK. You must be careful when copying files because the information in the file you copy to will be replaced and cannot be retrieved.

Screen Display Features

This is the screen you will use to explore the mysteries of Koholint Island.

1. Player

2. Selected Items
This displays the items you currently have selected for use. Press the B Button to use the item on the left and press the A Button to use the item on the right.

3. Rupee (Koholint's Currency)
This shows the number of rupees that you currently have. You can carry up to 999 rupees.

4. Heart Container
This displayes your life force in Heart Containers. Each time you get hurt, your Heart Containers will empty. If all your Heart Containers empty, your quest

This screen allows you to select different items or check your inventory. The display changes slightly when you are in a dungeon.

1. Selected Items
Items in this area of the Sub-Screen are ones that you can assign to the A or B Button as you like.

2. Automatic Items
The items in this area, such as the flippers and the medicine, are used automatically when you need them.

3. Sirens' Musical Instruments
Eight Nightmares (aka big, bad, burly boss monsters) have hidden these magical, musical instruments in their lairs. For each Nightmare that you defeat, you will win back one of these musical instruments.

Using the Map Screen, you can view the entire overworld of Koholint Island and check your current location.


The overworld map will give you information on all places that you have
explored. Move the cursor to a location using the + Control Pad and press the A
Button. The name of the place or dungeon in that location will appear on the
screen. (Press the B Button to remove the name.) If you move the cursor to a
location that you should explore during the game, a sign marking the place will
appear. Use these symbols as a guide to important locations during your quest.
The signs that appear on the map are described on the next page.

Rumor has it that the Sirens' Musical Instruments are hidden in dungeons. There are eight dungeons on Koholint Island.

!? Marks
These 'mystery' marks show important locations that you need to visit to proceed through the game. You will have to visit these places to find out what they
actually are.

There are many different shops on Koholint Island. These shops sell a wide variety of goods and services, so be sure to visit them all.

This sign marks a location where you heard an important message. Press the A Button to make the messages appear again.


Moving Your Character

Basic Moves
You do not need items to perform these basic moves:

You can make your character move up, down, left, right and diagonally by pressing the + Control Pad. Try to explore every nook and cranny of Koholint

Talking and Reading
Press the A Button when you are near villagers to engage them in conversations. You can also read notice boards or stone slabs in the same way. In either case, if the message is very long, you have to press the A Button to see all of it. To cancel the message, press the B Button.

Opening Treasure Chests
To open a treasure chest, stand in front of it and press the A or B Button. The chest will open and you will take what is inside.

To push a stone or statue, stand next to it and press against it by holding the + Control Pad in the direction you want to move. Sometimes there are objects
hidden under stones, and other times a moveable stone may be the trigger that will open a dungeon door.

You can leap off ledges in the overworld and in the dungeons if there is no obstacle at the edge. Leaping is sometimes the only way to reach an area. Walk
to the edge of the ledge and press the + Control Pad in the direction you want to jump.


The following moves can be accomplished only by using certain items. When the explanation mentions the "Button", this means the Button (A or B) that you have assigned to the item on the Sub-Screen. To select an item, go to the Sub-Screen, move the cursor to the item that you want to use, and press the A or B Button. The Button you press will be assigned to that item.

Normal Sword Blows
Press the Button to swing your sword. The faster you press the Button, the faster you will swing your sword. Also, if you hold your sword out (by holding
down the Button) you can move without changing the direction you are facing.

Whirling Blade Technique
Hold down the Button to build up the power in your sword's blade. Once the sword has "powered-up" you can release the energy in a Whirling Blade attack. This special attack technique inflicts more damage on an enemy than a normal sword blow does.

Jumping (Roc's Feather)
When you have selected the Roc's Feather item, you can press the Button to jump over pits or to dodge enemy attacks. If you run using the Pegasus Boots and then jump, you will jump much farther than normal.

Defend (Shield)
You can defend yourself against enemy arrows or stones using the shield. Note that you must press the Button to bring your shield up into a ready position.
This will repel most enemy attacks.

Running (Pegasus Boots)
If you press and hold the Button assigned to the Pegasus Boots, you can run in the direction you are facing (up, down, left and right only). You can stop
running. If you have the sword selected as your other item, you will automatically bring up your sword to make a charging attack as you run.

Ramming Objects (Pegasus Boots)
If you run into a wall, you may be able to break a hole in it. Running into trees may also shake down objects hidden in the branches.

Lifting and Throwing (Power Bracelet)
Face the object you want to lift, press the Button and then press the + Control Pad in the opposite direction and you will lift the object. Press the Button
again to hurl the object up, down, left or right. If the object hits an enemy, it will inflict damage.

Pulling (Power Bracelet)
You can also use the Power Bracelet to pull levers or stone statues in the dungeons. If you find an object that looks as if it can be pulled, try using the
Power Bracelet to tug at it.

Swimming and Diving (Flippers)
You do not have to select the Flippers - you will use them automatically when you enter the water. You can swim using the A Button and dive by pressing the B Button. Try diving in suspicious places. You can never tell what lies hidden in the watery depths.

Other Moves
You will have a lot of other items and moves to choose from. When you get a new item, test it out in a variety of situations. Also, be ready to swap to the item
appropriate for the situation you are in.

Using two items at once, you can perform additional actions! For example, run using the Pegasus Boots, then jump with the Roc's Feather for a longer-than-normal jump.

Heroic Equipment

Selected Items

To use these items, you must arm yourself and press the A or B Button. At the start of your quest, you will have nothing. Your inventory of items will
increase by one as you meet people and explore the depths of the dungeons. You change items on the Sub-Screen. Move the cursor to the item you want to get ready using the + Control Pad, and then press the Button you want to assign to that item (A or B). You can use certain items, such as the Bow, a limited number of times. The number of times you can use an item is displayed next to it. Keep this number in mind when selecting an item for use. There are also different levels of power for your Sword and your Shield. When the power level of these items increases, the level will be displayed next to them.

Your trusty blade is your main weapon.

Use the shield to protect yourself from enemy arrows or stone attacks.

Power Bracelet
Lift heavy objects and pull levers with the Power Bracelet.

Magic Powder
Try sprinkling the Powder on many things to test its effects.

Sleepy Mushroom
Bring the mushroom to the Witch to make Magic Powder.

Roc's Feather
Use the Feather to avoid enemy attacks or jumping over pits.

Hook Shot
Attacking enemies, picking up hard-to-reach items and breaking pots are just a few things you can do with the Hook Shot.

Magic Rod
Attack enemies or light lanterns in dungeons.

Who knows what kind of buried treasure you might find? Keep in mind that some parts of the ground are too hard to dig.

You can use the Bow only if you have arrows. If you run out of arrows, you can get more at shops.

After you have placed a Bomb, you can pick it up and throw it if you act quickly.

The songs you learn will become useful in your adventure.

Pegasus Boots
Run at incredible speeds!

Inventory Items

These items are different from Selected Items in that you can use them automatically if you enter a situation where you need them.

Yoshi Doll
Where can you find one? What will you do with it once you have it?

When in the water, press the A Button to swim and the B Button to dive.

-Secret Medicine
When all of your Heart Containers are empty, they will be fully restored.

Gold Leaves
Find the Gold Leaves and trade them for a dungeon key.

Secret Shells
These shells are scattered throughout the island. If you find enough of them, something good is sure to happen.

Dungeon Keys
These keys are entrances to dungeons. If you do not have the correct key for a dungeon, you will not be able to enter it.
Tail Key,  Slime Key,  Angler Key,  Bird Key,  Face Key

About Dungeons

    The stalwart and thorough explorer will find eight dungeons on Koholint Island. Though these are crawling with formidable creatures that will try to make a meal out of you, you must search every nook and cranny of these dark and dreary places.

Treasure Chests
You will find many treasure chests in the dungeons. These can contain rupees, items that will increase your power, and dungeon items. (You can open and take the contents of a treasure chest only once.) Some treasure chests are in plain view; others will only appear after you have defeated all the monsters in a

Dungeon Items
The Dungeon Items desscribed below can be used only in the dungeon that you find them in. They cannot be carried into another dungeon and used there. You can see which dungeon items you currently possess on the Sub-Screen.

-Map and Compass
The Map will show you all the rooms in the dungeon. The Compass will indicate the location of the dungeon's Nightmare and the position of treasure chests that you have not opened yet.

-Stone Slabs and Fragments
If you place the stone slab fragment into the stone slab, you will be able to get a hint about how to conquer the dungeon.

-Nightmare Key and Small Keys
You will need the Nightmare Key to enter the Nightmare's lair. The Small Keys, which can be used only once, are used to open locked doors in the dungeon.

How to Read the Dungeon Map
When you have acquired the Dungeon Map Item, you will be able to see a complete map of the dungeon on the Sub-Screen. This Map will help you search every inch of the dungeon.

[picture of map]
Skull Mark
The Nightmare's Lair

Dark Rooms
Rooms that you have not yet entered.

Light Rooms
Rooms that you have entered.

Treasure Chests
Treasure Chests that you have not yet opened.

Blinking Circle
Your present location.

Entrance to the dungeon.

Siren's Musical Instruments
These musical instruments were once used by the band of Sirens as they sang to lure sailors to their doom. Now it is rumored that they lie in the depths of the dungeons, guarded by powerful monsters. If you obtain all of these instruments you will be able to solve the riddle of the Wind Fish. Thunder Drum,  Full Moon Cello,  Conch Horn,  Sea Lily Bell, Surf Harp,  Wind Marimba,  Coral Triangle,  Organ of Evening Calm

Dungeon Contraptions

-Crystal Switches
In some dungeons, cubical barriers may prevent you from advancing. You can make these blocks rise and fall by applying force to the Crystal Switches with your sword or other items. Note that each switch will affect every block in the dungeon.

Earthern pots are a common sight in the dungeons. If you wear the Power Bracelet, you can lift these pots and throw them at enemies. Some pots have
hearts or other items inside; others hide switches beneath them.

-Fragile Walls
If you notice cracks in a wall, try setting a bomb next to it. This may destroy the wall, allowing you access to the room on the other side.

Some of the treacherous walkways in the dungeon are not fenced. If you stray from these paths, you may fall into a bottomless pit and return to the entrance
of the room. Some holes are not bottomless - a fall into one of these will land you into the room below.

You will find many other contraptions in the dungeons. Even though entering strange looking places can be dangerous, you must explore everywhere to complete your quest...

Life and Magical Power

Restoring Life
You can restore lost life energy by picking up Hearts. (If you have Secret Medicine, and your life runs out, it will automatically be restored through the medicine's power.) You can buy Hearts at shops, find them in tall grass or earn them from defeating enemies. Also, small faries live on Koholint Island. If you capture one of these faries, she will restore six of your Hearts. Larger faries have the power to completely restore your life.

Heart Containers and Pieces of Heart
At the start of the game, you have only three Heart Containers. As you progress through your quest, however, you will earn additional containers. Another way to increase your Heart Containers is to find the Pieces of Heart scattered about Koholint Island. When you have collected four pieces, you will be awarded another full Heart Container. In all, there are 12 Pieces of Heart (and a total of 14 Heart Containers).

Ending and Saving the Game

When all of your Heart Containers are empty, the game will end and the screen on the right will appear. On this screen, you can select one of the following methods to end or save your game.
[picture of Game over screen]

Save and Continue
You will continue the game at the entrance to the last building you entered. If your game ended inside a dungeon, it will continue at the dungeon entrance.

Save and Quit
Save and return to the opening demo.

Continue Without Saving
This option will resume the game without saving any items you had aquired when your game ended.

Quitting the Game
Press the A, B, START and SELECT Buttons simultaneously. Select 'Save and Quit" using the + Control Pad and press the A Button. You will return to the opening demo.
[picture of interrupt save screen]

What You Should Know about Koholint Island

Koholint Island is full of mysteries and riddles. There are also many strange and wonderful inhabitants. Here is some information that will be of use to you during your adventure.

Fishing Pond
Just north of Mabe Village, you will find a fishing pond. You can enjoy fishing here for a mere 10 rupees.

Trendy Game
Somewhere in Mabe Village is the Crane Game. Once you master the timing of this game, you can pick up some good prizes here!

Town Tool Shop
This shop has many goods that will come in handy during your adventure. You can make your purchase by bringing the item you want to the cash register.

Telephone Booth
Things would be very inconvenient even on a small island like Koholint without telephones. These phones are free, but whom do you suppose you can call?

Cast of Characters

This maiden from Mabe Village saved your life when she found you washed up on the beach. Marin bears an uncanny resemblance to Princess Zelda. She is a very musical woman who loves singing and yearns for life off the island. She has many friends among humans, animals and even some among monsters.

Tarin is Marin's father. He bumbles a bit but is kind-hearted. He loves mushrooms and often goes to the forest in search of some for his dinner.

This mysterious owl follows you throughout your adventure. He seems to know much of the island and the world in general, including the Wind Fish. But is he
friend or foe?

Grandpa Ularia
This old man is a walking encycloaedia of Koholint Island. He knows everything about the island! However, he is not very talkative and it can be difficult to get information out of him. His wife is a loud, old woman who loves sweeping the front of her house.

Mr. Write
He loves reading and writing letters. People say he is writing to a charming young woman in a city far away. Doesn't he look a little familiar?

Crazy Tracy
This moderately odd woman lives to the northeast of Mabe Village. They say she can create a variety of secret medicines. You should visit her house at least once on your adventure.

Many other characters with their own unique personalities will appear in the game. They will give you items, tell you useful information and offer you help.

New Features

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX is not just colorized! There are new mysteries and events to make your adventure more exciting!

If you are using the Game Boy Color, a brand new dungeon awaits you! New monsters and a new boss await you in the dungeon. There may even be new helpful items hidden deep within the dungeon! This dungeon is ONLY accessible if you are using the Game Boy Color. If you are using the Game Boy, Game Boy Pocket or Super Game Boy accessory, you cannot enter.

There is a camera store and photographer somewhere on Koholint Island. You can take pictures and print them using the Game Boy Printer (sold seperately)! Note: You need the Game Boy Printer and printer paper to print pictures. Error Message: If the screen displays an error message, consult the Game Boy Printer instruction manual.

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