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Ura Zelda FAQ

Ocarina of Time/Ura Zelda Changes FAQ 
Version 1.0
By Mr Jason

Version History
Version 1.0: Beginning of guide

Table of Contents
1. Version History
2. Table of Contents
3. Overall changes FAQ
4. Frequently Asked Questions
5. Enemy Differneces 
6. Copyright
7. Special Thanks

Overall Changes FAQ

The Overall graphics are similar to ocarinas. The brightness has been turned
up and the graphic edges are smoother, but the downside is the blur filter
has been taken out meaning that 2D sprites look horribly jaggid. The game 
still runs at 30 FPS.

The dungeon puzzles are pretty much remix, with most either edited or completely
redone. The location of enemies, dungeon items, puzzles, switches and other
parts of puzzles are in different places, while some puzzles have been completely
taken out

The control is pretty much similar to The Wind Waker, but has some key differences

B Button: Swing Sword
A Button: Action Button
Analog Stick: Movement
L Shoulder Button: L Targeting(Z Targeting in N64 Version
Start Button: Quest Screen
Right, Left and Down C Analog Stick: C-Button Items
Top C-Stick: Goes into first person. If Navi Icon id Flashing, Navi Tells
you Hints

After choosing from Ocarina or Ura, a small load screen appears. Pulling up the
quest screen takes longer. Going in a door or another area is about equal to the
N64 counterpart

The enemies in the dungeons are also very different. Later enemies seem to 
appear earlier than usual. Rarer enemies, like the Gohma Larva now appear 
alot more than they did in the regular version

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What is Ura Zelda?
A. It is the exact same as ocarina, only with remixed dungeons and 
enemies in different areas and dungeons. Its alot harder than ocarina was

Q. What does Ura mean?
A. I think it means "Another Zelda."

Q.Whats the american name for Ura Zelda?
A. Ocarina of Time: Master Quest.

Q: Is the frame rate the same?
A: Yes. It is the exact same as the N64 version.

Q: Is the graphics the exact same, or up to gamecube standards?
A: They are the exact same. The only differance is the edges and polygons are 

Q: Is the Fire and Ice rods in the game?
A: Not in the Japanese Version. Its is unknown if Nintendo is going to add 
these items in the american and europian versions.

Q: What are the movie previews in the game?
A: Mario Party 4, Biohazard 0, Kinnikuman II-YO,  Mr. Driller - Drill Land, 
F-Zero, Biohazard 4, Dead Phoenix, Viewtiful Joe, P.N.03, Killer 7, Zelda: 
Four Swords, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 

Q: Are the bugs fixed in the game?
A: Some of them are. Some arnt. It depends on the bug.

Q. Is this a full version of Ocarina, or a demo?
A. Its the full versions of Regular Ocarina and Remixed Ura Ocarina. In 
other words, complete, full.

Enemy Differences

Deku Tree:
Gohma Larva appear more
Keese now appear
Deku Baba Appear Less

Dogdono's Cavern:
Lizafolos appear More
Poes now appear
Gohma Larva now appear

Jabu Jabu:
Electrical Sponges appear more
Flying Rays appear more
Like Likes now appear
Bari appear less

Forest Temple:
one ReDead does appear
enemies are about equal to regular F. Temple

Fire Temple:
One Iron Knucles does Appear
Keese and Fire Keese appear GREATLY less
One Flame Dancer is now gone

Ice Cavern:
Snow Wolf now appear more
one Stafolos now appear

Water Temple:
Many enemies are now missing

ReDeads now appear alot
Wall Masters now appear in some areas
The like like was taken out

This guide is copyright of  Jason Howell. Only and have permission to use this guide. If you wish to 
use it, please email me and I will gladly give you permission. 
If you steal this guide and edit it, you are violating the copyright
laws and may have charges pressed against you. Please email me at if you find anyone that has stolen this guide,
or wish to use it, or ask a question.

Special Thanks
I would like to thank:

Myself, for working on this

My friends Andre, Alex, Kyeedra, Jeff, Corey, Scott, and all my 
friends for the inspiration to write

My father, who got me into video games

Miyamoto and Nintendo, for this great game

and everyone who reads this

You can visit my site at

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