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"Zelda's Sleepover Party 3, Part 2"

Zelda's Sleepover Party 3, Part 2

By: Chibi Sakura

Author's note: This story continues from Zelda's Sleepover 3. If you haven't read that one, please read it before you read this one. ( es, Link was lying about me not writing anymore Zelda's Sleepover stories.)

(Shh! Everyone is sleeping in Zelda's entertainment room, but someone sneaks in. Don't look now, but that ''someone'' is Chibi Sakura!) 

Chibi Sakura: Hee hee! I'm gonna pull the biggest practical joke in history!

Little Voice Inside Chibi Sakura's Head: Don't do this Chibi Sakura. It is so mean.

Chibi Sakura: Shut you're fudgin' little mouth!

L.V.I.C.S.H: Fudgin'?

Chibi Sakura: (whispers) I can't swear right now. ' Cause I'm really loud when I swear.

L.V.I.C.S.H: Ssssshhhhhh!

Chibi Sakura: I can make you go away you know...

L.V.I.C.S.H: Jerk! (disappears)

Chibi Sakura: Now to put my plan into action! (puts together a weird machine with chewing gum, paper clips, pencils, erasers, straws, and toothpicks)

A Guy Named Bob: Chibi machine...won't

Chibi Sakura: (kicks Bob in the face) It will so work! Like, work! Like you know what I'm saying eh?

Bob: I'm getting outta here! (runs like crazy out of the room)

Chibi Sakura: Okay? Here we go! (puts a cookie on a big X) C'mon, somebody. Wake up. 

(Chibi Sakura expects a person from the sleepover, but deep within the Chamber of Sages, Rauru responds to the cookie instead...)

Rauru: Oh, I want that cookie! Hmm...but how do I get there? (a Fruit Loops commercial comes onto the T.V.) I know! I'll just follow my nose! (uses his nose to get to the cookie)


Back at the entertiament room... 

Chibi Sakura: Harumph. Ahem. Oh my! A cookie is sitting on a big X! I want to eat the cookie! If you wanna eat the cookie, better hurry 'cause it will be mine in ten seconds!

Rauru: Fear not! I am here to claim my cookie! (crashes through the window, stands on the X to get the cookie, but a net of paper clips comes up, and takes Rauru inside the machine)

Chibi Sakura: Uh-oh. Zelda said that Rauru isn't allowed to come to any sleepover parties. I'm sunk!


Inside the machine... 

(a huge ball of chewing gum falls onto Rauru. He's completely covered in gum)

Rauru: Yuck! Somebody chewed this gum! It's all soggy and mushy! (pictures Chiba Sakura as a devil chewing bubble gum) That rotten little girl!

(suddenly, two large straws come up and hit Rauru)

Rauru: Chiba Sakura is a disgusting little brat! (some erasers with tooth picks stuck in them come and pummel Rauru) Owwwwww! I hate Chibi Sakura! (a gigantic pencil comes up from the ground, and zooms Rauru to the top of the machine, then it explodes, and all the pieces fall onto Rauru and stick to the bubble gum)

Chibi Sakura: Ha ha! You look like a nerd! Ha ha ha ha ha ha !

Zelda: What's going on? (yawns)

Chibi Sakura: Um..Rauru was playing with my school supplies...

Rauru: Nooooo! Chibi Sakura tricked me into going in her machine!

Zelda: Well I don't see a machine anywhere! (sees the mess of Chibi Sakura's machine) On second thought, Chibi Sakura, you go in that corner! (points to a corner that has a sign the says: The Time-Out Corner)

Chibi Sakura: Jeez! This is just like a replay of day-care.

Zelda: As for you, Rauru, I want you to go home and stay home!

Rauru: (starts to cry as he leaves) Nobody likes me...

Link: (wakes up) Holy cow! What the hey happened here?!

Zelda: Chibi Sakura made a machine, and tricked Rauru into going in it.

Chibi Sakura: Who? Me?

Link: (glares at her) You have been very, very naughty, Chibi Sakura. (suddenly, the left-over pieces of Chibi Sakura's  machine rise and smack Link to the ground)

Zelda: Those pieces must be jinxed to hurt people that aren't nice to Chibi Sakura.

Link: (gets up and dusts himself off) Okay, Chibi Sakura, you win.

Chibi Sakura: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! (gets out of the corner and runs out of the room)

(everyone wakes up)

Darunia: What's for breakfast?

Nabooru: I brought some beer and nachos.

Impa: about we eat Oreo O's instead?

Nabooru: Oh, all right!

(Impa gives everyone a bowl of Oreo O's)

Nabooru: Well I guess that cereal is okay for breakfast.

Everyone: You eat nachos and beer for breakfast?!!

Nabooru: What? Who doesn't?

Ganondorf: I eat popcorn and chocolate cake.

Saria: I eat porridge.

Ganondorf: Hot, cold, or just right?

Saria: Just right! I only eat oatmeal when it's just right.

Link: I can't remember what I eat for breakfast

Impa: I eat pills. Pills for protein! Pills for carbs! Pills for calcium!

Zelda: I eat eggs, bacon, and toast.

Ganondorf: That's why you're so fat!

Zelda: (slaps Ganondorf) I am not fat!

Ruto: I eat...I eat...I eat fish.

Darunia: What's so bad about that?

Ruto: Link doesn't like fish.

Link: I used to, then I met you.

Darunia: I eat rocks for breakfast.

Everyone: Rocks? Rocks? Rocks?

Darunia: Yes, rocks. (takes a bite cereal) Mmmmmm. This is gooood.

Nabooru: Mmmmmmmmm.

Link: Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Zelda: Mmmmmmmmm.

Saria: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Impa: Mmmmmmmmmmm.

Ganondorf: Yuck! Gross! Sick! Disgusting!

Ruto: Mmmmmmm! It's good! (shoves a spoonful into Ganondorf's mouth)

Ganondorf: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Zelda: How come you didn't like it before?

Ganondorf: I was just trying to irritate you.

Zelda: Ya know, you really are a party pooper, Ganondorf.

Nabooru: Not to mention you're big, old, fat, and ugly.

Link: (locks Ganondorf out of the room) You need to be taught a lesson.

Ruto: You've crashed too many parties.

Ganondorf: No no no no no! I don't deserve this! Lemme in lemme in!

Zelda: No way!

Ganondorf: Noooooooooooooooooo!

Link:Yes! (pulls a switch, and Ganondorf falls through the floor)

Zelda: What do we do now?

Nabooru: Well, it's Saturday, and the T.V. isn't broken...

Darunia: So let's watch Saturday morning cartoons!

Everyone: Yay!

Zelda: (turns on the T.V. and turns it to channel four) Look! It's my favorite! Sabrina!

Nabooru: Oh dear Nayru!

Link: Ya know somethin', Nabooru. You are way too mature for this party.

Nabooru: But I wanna watch Law and Order! I always watch Law and Order on Saturday. Then I watch Famous Murders on G.E.

Darunia: What's G.E.?

Nabooru: It's the only channel in Gerudo Valley, but it has shows that always interest us. This channel is called: Gerudo Exclusive! G.E. for short.

Link: I can't stand you!

Nabooru: Wwwwwwwhyyyyyyyyyy?

Link: You have absouloutly no taste.

Nabooru: Whaddaya mean by that???????

Zelda: You rented a movie that Saria couldn't watch.

Nabooru: You have a movie that Ganondorf was afraid of.

Zelda: That's different. Everyone can watch Chicken Run!

Nabooru: Arrrrrrrg!

Saria: Your swim suit is sooooo stupid, it makes Impa's look like the latest fashion!

Impa: Ummm, is that a compliment?

Saria: Noooo! Iron bikinis are really ridiculous!

Impa: Hmph! I thought it looked tough on me!

Saria: Just shut your mouth!

Link: Nabooru?

Nabooru: Hey?

Link: brought...the Eminem...C.D.

Nabooru: It wasn't that freak! It was Limp Bizkit!

Link: I knew it sounded funny...

Darunia: Face it, Nabooru! You're waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay tooooooooooo mature for a sleepover party.

Nabooru: No I'm not! I just have taste!

Link: No you don't!

Nabooru: Yes!

Link: No!

Nabooru: Yes!

Link: No infinity!

Nabooru: Dang!

Zelda: This is what you get for losing... (pulls a switch and Nabooru gets locked in a room with the windmill man- Guru-Guru)

Guru-Guru: It's about time I had any visitors! (starts playing his music box thingy)

Nabooru: Nooooooooo! Not the music box! Anything but the music box! (holds her ears)

Link: Well she learned her lesson! (pause)

Darunia: Remember when Chibi Sakura played Conker's B.D.F?

Zelda: Yeah. She was excellent at it.

Link: Gee. She was way too young. She isn't even old enough to have her own web site. Everyone knows that you have to be at least thirteen to have one.

Impa: I feel sorry for her.

Zelda: We get to have our own. Were old enough. But Chibi Sakura can't.

Saria: I feel her pain.

(everyone sighs)

Darunia: Well we can't think about that little terd-ball if she's gonna make us sad.

(the left over pieces from Chibi Sakura's machine come and hit Darunia)

Link: Oh, I forgot to warn you. If you say something mean about Chibi Sakura, the pieces will attack you. They're jinxed.

Darunia: Curse you, Link, for not telling me sooner.

Link: (shrugs) So what if I didn't?

Darunia: Arrrrrrg! You wanna make somethin' outta it?

Link: (draws his sword) C'mon. I got all day!

Darunia: Chaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrge! (rolls up in a ball and chases Link)

Link: Oh yeah? (slashes his sword at Darunia)

Darunia: Owwwwwwwiiiieeeeeeeeee! Mommyyyyyyy! I hurt my legieeeeee! (runs out of the room crying)

Saria: That was mean, Link.

Link: (puts his sword away) He was being bratty!

Zelda: Umm, can we watch cartoons now?

Link: Noooo! I going home! (leaves the room)

Ruto: Linkie Poo went home. Oh, Linkie Poo,wait up! (runs after Link)

Saria: We hardly have anything left. The only people here are, Zelda, me, and Impa.

Impa: Well, I have to go was my bikini and fill up the pool and clean up the blood and take back Nabooru's movie back to the video place and give Darunia

his videogame. (leaves the room)

Zelda: It looks like it's just you and me, Saria. How 'bout we watch cartoons?

Saria: thanks...I gotta go to the baaaaaathrooooooooom! (runs out of the room, holding her pants)

Zelda: shall I say this? Errrrr.....the end?