Zelda’s Kids
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"Zelda's Kids"

The Ocarina of Time II: Zelda's Kids

By: Saria Kokiri

At midnight, two children ran across the street. Silently, they ran down the walkway to a gate. They spoke quickly to the guard at the gate, and he opened it to let the children through. They walked farther down the walkway. There was a large drawbridge surrounded by some guards. The drawbridge led to a huge castle. The kids spoke to the guards, and they ordered the guard at the top to lower the drawbridge. He did. Any other children would have frozen...looking at the size and greatness of the castle, but not these twins. They skipped across the bridge and opened the castle doors, and walked inside. The kids were Princess Alexiandria (Uh-lecks-ee-an-dree-uh), known as Princess Alexa, and Prince Alexis, known as Prince Alexei.

"Mom! We are back!" the girl called.

The boy stood beside her. "I'm in the library!" a woman's voice called.

The two ran up the stairs. Along the way, they passed a servant hurrying down. She bowed quickly. "Hello, your royal highnesses," she said quickly. "Her Royal Highness, Queen Zelda, wishes to see her children," she added with a smile.

"Thank you, Alla. And please call us by our proper names," the girl said.

Alla looked at her. "Yes, Princess Alexa. I'll remember this time," she said.

"Alexa, Alexei! C'mere!" Queen Zelda called.

The royal twins dashed the rest of the way up the staircase, and into the library. Alexa ran up to her mom. "I made this for you yesterday," she said, reaching into her pocket.

She handed her mother a necklace. It had a thin gold chain and tiny copies of the three spiritual stones. "Thank you, Alexa," Zelda said.

The twins' father had died two years ago, when they were six, and Zelda had been left to rule the country of Hyrule alone. The eight-year-old royal twins sometimes got in the way. Princess Alexa and Prince Alexei tried to be helpful, but sometimes they just messed things up. Since Alexa was the older of the twins, she would get the crown before Alexei would. However, Alexei didn't mind. He often wished he could just be a normal Hylian, instead of the prince he was. Alexa didn't look forward to being the queen of Hyrule much, either, but she liked being the princess.

Two months after Alexa gave her mother the Spiritual Stones necklace, Zelda died from a Hylian sickness, and eight-year-olds Princess Alexa and Prince Alexei were left to rule the country of Hyrule on their own.

"Hello? 'Lexa? You in here?" Prince Alexei pushed open Alexa's door and walked in.

Alexa was sitting on the edge of her bed, with her back to her twin. "I...can't...do...this anymore, Alexei! I can't be the queen of Hyrule when I'm eight...especially when no one will help me but you!" the princess said quietly.

Alexa's attendant, Carella, walked in. Alexa shooed Alexei out of her room. "Alexa, I...with your permission, can help you with your duties," Carella said.

"Yes! Yes! This is too much work, and my brother refuses to do much of this stuff!" Alexa shrieked!

The Sheikan girl, Carella grinned back at the princess. Alexa stood up and danced around the room. "Oh...and these came in the mail today," Carella said and handed Alexa two envelopes. She looked at them. One was for her, and one was for Alexei. She decided to read Alexei's too, because he wouldn't care one bit. She opened her letter first.

Dear Princess Aleksa,

How are you doing today? My name is Sayana. I am an orphan girl who is in Hyrule. I have been hiding for some time in a hole in Kakariko. The hole is deep, and has a small pond, some plants, a gossip stone, and a treasure chest, which I opened to discover twenty rupees. I have a small sword, which I slice the plants with. The pond had a fish in it when I came here, and I found another in one of the plants. It seems that sometimes when I exit, the treasure chest closes and refills itself. Right now I have four fish in the pond, eighty rupees, some bugs, and a bombchu. I get more money often, by selling my bugs and fish to the begging man. I have two bottles.

I hide in the hole so I won't get put in an orphanage.

Anyway, two days ago, a man in a green tunic and floaty boots dropped into my hideout. He said that he knew me, and said that you could help. He said to give this bottle of milk to Prince Aleksey. I hope I am not spelling your names wrong. He said I knew how you could help me, but he wouldn't tell me how. So I am writing this for you.

Please tell me!


Sayana, seven years old

Alexa folded the letter back up. She told Carella that she wanted to visit Sayana in her hole. She knew exactly where it was. She opened Alexei's letter up. It was short. There was a package with it.

Dear Prince Aleksey,

My name is Sayana. A man named Link told me that I should give this to you. It is magic.


Sayana Alea Darae

Alexa grinned. "Colia!" she called.

A servant ran up to her. "Yes...Your Highness? May I help you?" she asked.

"Send this to my brother," she said, and handed the letter and package to the servant girl, who dashed off.

The princess stood up and walked away. She looked in the mirror. Her pale blue tunic was fine, her belt was straight. She took her diamond tiara off and polished it on a cloth before setting it back on her head. She pushed her blonde hair behind her pointed ears and rubbed her eyes. "I look fine," she mumbled to herself.

"Bye, Alexei. I'm going out!" Princess Alexa called.

"Whatever!" was the response as Alexa walked out the door.

"Your highness," a guard bowed as she walked by.

"Open the gates. I'm going to Kakariko," the princess said.

"Yes, your highness," the guard said as he opened the gate.

Alexa walked through. As she walked through Hyrule Castle Town, many people bowed. She sighed, for she would rather be treated like a normal person. As she walked across the small bridge, she saw the stairs leading to Kakariko.

"Hello, Anju," Alexa said as she passed the cucco lady.

"Hello, Princess Alexa. Say hi to Prince Alexei for me," Anju said.

Alexa nodded. "I will. Can you tell me how do get to that area beyond that fence?" the princess asked, pointing.

"Yes, go through that potion shop. Why?" Anju said, pointing to the shop across from the bazaar.

"Oh...I'm going to...help someone," Alexa said, walking off.

When the princess reached the hole, she looked down. It seemed dark in there. How could Sayana stand it down there?

She sighed, and jumped down the hole. She stood up quickly and looked around. There were two small ponds, a gossip stone, a rock, a few plants, and a small, opened treasure chest. There was a girl sitting beside the larger pond, playing with the fish. She didn't seem to have noticed the princess drop in. Alexa looked behind her. There was a glowing pad with beams of light shooting from it. "Warp pad that takes you to the top," Alexa thought.

The princess walked over to the girl. She felt that someone was behind her, and whirled around...to come face-to-face with the Princess Alexa. She gasped. "S-sorry...y-your h-highness. I guess I d-didn't see you d-drop in over th-there," she said, standing up.

"So...you're seven?" Alexa asked.


"I can help you...but not quite the way you want," Alexa said.

"How can you help me?" Sayana asked.

"I can hire you as a royal servant. You get a room of your own, with a bed, some fun things, and a bathroom with all the stuff you need. You get food you never dreamed of, and the pay is 150 rupees a day," the princess said.

Sayana gasped again. "All that just for being a servant!?" she asked.

Alexa nodded. "If you want, I'll be sure you're my servant," she said.

Sayana jumped up and down. "Yes! Yes! I'll go!" she shrieked.

She ran over and gathered some bottles. She stuffed her two fish into them, along with a little water. She gathered her rupees out of the chest, which she seemed to use for storage, and stuffed them into a wallet. "I'm ready, your highness," she said.

"You can call me Alexa, if you want, and you can call Alexei by his real name, too," the princess said.

Alexa looked Sayana up and down. She had a white tunic with a brown belt, light brown hair pulled back in a braid, brown boots, and emerald eyes.

Alexa had blonde hair and big sapphire eyes. She was practically the mirror image of her mother as a child, except for the clothes. Alexa didn't prefer the royal clothes Zelda had worn. She'd rather just wear tunics and her tiara.

Alexa ran to the warp pad, tipped her chin up, and floated to the surface, followed by Sayana. As they walked through the village, Alexa noticed that Sayana seemed to be trying to hide behind her. As if she had read Alexa's mind, Sayana said, "They're mean to me...they wanna send me to an orphanage in Jusali."

"Where's Jusali? Have you ever been there?" Alexa asked, confused.

"I dunno. I don't think it's on the planet Hyrule. I've heard of a planet Jusali at one time, though," Sayana said.

By then, the girls were walking across the bridge. Sayana stopped and looked at the flowing water under the bridge. She sighed and sat down, letting her feet dangle through the holes on the bridge.

"C'mon, Sayana, we need to get to the castle before dark, duh!" Alexa said.

Sayana stood up. As they walked towards the drawbridge, Sayana asked, "Did I spell your names wrong, Alexa?"

Alexa laughed. "Not really. I've seen them spelled really strangely many times. Spelling it A-l-e-k-s-a isn't as bad as spelling it A-l-e-c-k-s-u-h," she said.

Sayana laughed. "Sorry."

"It's okay. Can you read or write?" the princess asked.

"Yeah, in every language in this country," she answered.

"That's great! Some of the servants had to be trained to read and write when they came."

"Sorry I'm not a Sheikah. I know how you prefer Sheikah servants," Sayana said.

"Oh that's fi-" Alexa's words were cut off as the drawbridge blew up behind them, the force throwing the girls halfway across Hyrule Castle Town into the fountain.

When the princess looked back, half the town was on fire.

"Sayana, the town's under attack!" Alexa whispered, blowing the water out of her mouth and jumping out of the fountain. "We must get to the castle quickly!"

The girls took off like streaks. When the guard saw Alexa, he quickly opened the gate. They rushed through. The princess flung the castle doors open and rushed inside. She pulled Sayana to her mother's room. Sayana stopped, looking around the room. "This is so beautiful!" she exclaimed.

"Well get a good look at it, because it won't be here much longer."

As if to prove Alexa's point, half the castle attic blew up.

Alexa stuffed the Ocarina of Time into her pocket. She flung open her mother's closet. "Perfect!" she said as she pulled her mother's disguise off the rack.

"Um, Alexa, why do you need THAT??"


"Hmm...neat!" the prince said, looking at the bottle of Lon Lon Milk. "Link, huh? Why doesn't he come here and give me this, rather than telling this orphan to do it?" he asked no one, puzzled.

BOOM! "What was THAT??" Alexei wailed.

His sister's Sheikan protector ran into his room. "Prince Alexei, the castle is under attack!" Carella wailed.

Alexei was on his feet in an instant. He heard many more booms and thundering crashes as he dashed towards his mother's room to get the ocarina. He couldn't use it, but when he found that dumb sister of his, he would give it to her.

"It's a disguise of my mother's that she wore while the Evil King was ruling Hyrule, so she wouldn't get caught as she taught the Hero of Time the warp songs and other things," the princess explained. "I think I may need it."

Part of a wall fell in front of the prince. He screamed and leapt behind Carella, not caring that he had teased Alexa about those things. Though Alexei didn't get out much, he was quick, and light, like his twin sister. He jumped over the wall, followed by Carella, who like her mother, Impa, was very fast, silent, and light. She jumped far ahead of Alexei, landing on her feet. Alexei ran up a staircase towards his mother's room. "AAAAAHHHHHHH!" he screamed as another boom threw him off his feet.

"Carella?? Where are you??" Alexa wailed as a thundering BOOM threw her and Sayana off their feet. She grabbed a candle, lit it, and pulled Sayana out the door only to bump into...

"Alexa! I was coming here to get the ocarina to give to you!" Alexei said, happily.

"And I came here because...I need the ocarina...I am the seventh sage, the Sage of Time."

As the princess spoke, a bright light flashed before their eyes. The light turned into the Triforce. It split into three parts, two staying, and one flying away. The two remaining parts flashed brightly, and the prince disappeared. 


Where'd that dumb twin of mine go to? I stopped to think. The triforce parts split in three. Power, wisdom, and courage. Someone evil must have gotten into the sacred realm. I sighed. My thoughts were always right.

I thought back to the dream I'd had the night before. 

Her dream

Sheik was curled up by a tree on the island at Lake Hylia. Link, who had just talked to Ruto in the Chamber of Sages, and had killed Morpha in the water temple, landed beside her. Everyone else thought Sheik was a boy, but Link had figured out that she was a girl, from her voice. "What's wrong, Sheik?" he asked as the lake began to fill up.

"Nothing, Hero of Time, nothing," she said, watching the water.

Link knew that the was something familiar about this girl. He sat down beside her to think. Her voice sounded so familiar...

Sheik's mind was full, and she wasn't concentrating on not revealing herself. When a blue butterfly fluttered past them, she remembered the time she and Link had caught a blue butterfly and gave it to Impa as a gift when they were young. Little Zelda had called Link the Short Hero. So as the butterfly landed on a leaf, Sheik turned to face Link, pointed to the butterfly, and said, "Remember, Short Hero, how we gave a blue butterfly to Impa as a present? Remember how we laughed after that?"

Link looked at the Sheikah girl. "Z-zelda? That's you in that outfit!?" he said, surprised.

Sheik gasped. She had given away her true identity! Looking at the water, she wished she could jump in, and swim from Hyrule. Swim to the planet Jusali, where there were no problems. But she just sighed. "Yes, Link. It's me," Sheik said.

She reached up and pulled off the bandage that covered half her face, and pulled off the one holding her hair up. "Yes."

Zelda-Sheik looked at nothing in particular and said, "My son...he will be the Hero of Time...my daughter...will be like me...the Gerudo queen will have the Triforce of Power..."

Alexa's eyes flew open as she dodged a wall. The castle was clearly under attack...it was shaking so much the princess could hardly stand up, there was yelling down on the first and second levels, there were fires on the fourth level. A torch fell in front of the princess. When it touched the rug, it burst into flames. Alexa cried out and dashed back into her mother's room. Carella grabbed her hand and pulled her to the bed. "Carella...we must escape! Alexei is the Hero of Time now...and I must get a disguise...or else the Gerudo queen will get me!" Alexa cried.

"Than that means...well...my mom died, so I am the Sage of Shadow," Carella said.

Alexa's sixteen year old attendant was Impa's daughter. She protected the eight-year-old princess well, but that castle attack was different from keeping her away from Gerudo Valley or stuff like that. Carella, for the first time since she was three and had become an orphan, was getting rather nervous.

"Alexa? What's going on?" Sayana asked, breaking into Carella's thoughts.

"My brother, Alexei is the Hero of Time. He is in the Sacred Realm...he was too young for this task. I must disguise myself. You can come with me."

Alexa whipped around. Half the room was on fire. Sayana started to scream, but the princess clapped a hand over her mouth. "Shh, Sayana. They could be looking for us!" Alexa whispered fiercely.

Sayana nodded. Alexa ran to the window. She shoved it open, and let some air into the smoky room. She ran to the closet and dug around for a few seconds, until she found what she was looking for. It was a rope, attached to a long pipe, that had little footplates. You could stand on one of the three along the rope, hold on, and the footplate would lower. Alexa ran with the rope to the window, and threw it out. "C'mon! Stand here, and it will lower you to the ground! Sayana, you go first," Alexa said, starting to cough.

Sayana had already been coughing, and was having some problems breathing. Wheezing and coughing, she fell backwards onto the floor.

Alexa gasped, and reached into her pocket. She was always babysitting this baby that had problems breathing. She still had a bottle of red potion in her pocket. She pulled it out and popped it into Sayana's mouth. Sayana sucked all the potion out and climbed onto the footplate. It lowered her to the ground, three stories below. Alexa stood on the other footplate with Carella, and it lowered them beside Sayana, just as half the castle blew up. "YYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!" Alexa looked up.

A Gerudo was standing on top of what was left of the castle, screaming at the girls down below. "AAAAAHHHHH!" Alexa screamed.

Carella scooped the princess and her friend up, threw them onto a horse, and jumped on behind them. She snapped the reins and the horse flew like a blur. The gates opened when the guards saw the royal horse coming, and they ran through. "You can leave your duties, guards! Go home!" Carella called.

Now they were out in Hyrule Field.

"Strange," Alexa commented, "That this same thing happened to my mother when she was ten, but it was dark out then."

They jumped a wall and a fence, and kept going. "Over there! The warp to Jusali is over there, and we need to get out of Hyrule for now!" Alexa yelled, pointing.

Carella steered the horse in that direction. The three girls passed through the illusionary wall that warped them to the planet Jusali.

"Wow!" Alexa gasped.

"Cool!" Sayana exclaimed.

Carella silently looked at the pretty land, smiling.

"Um...hi..." a woman said, walking up to the white horse. "Where are you from?"

"Hyrule," Alexa said.

"Uh...I've never been there," the woman said.

Alexa smiled. "That's okay. Which way is...um...town?"

"That way," the woman said, pointing. "My name is Anissa, by the way. They must have a different language in your Hyrule."

Sayana and Carella had been looking at Alexa and the woman, puzzled.

"Oh...I lived here a while, so I know Jusalanian," Alexa said to Sayana and Carella, in Hylian.

She had been speaking to the woman in Jusalanian, the language in Jusali, without even realizing it. Since Sayana and Carella only spoke Hylian, they didn't understand.

"We'll be staying a while. You'll learn Jusalanian quickly. It's not hard at all to learn."

"Yeah," Anissa said.

Anissa knew a few words in Hylian.

"I am Alexa, Princess of Hyrule," Alexa said to Anissa.

"I'm Sayana," Sayana said.

"I'm Carella, Alexa's Sheikan attendant," Carella said.

"Welcome to Jusali," Anissa said, slowly, in Hylian.

"Can you write your full name on this paper?" Anissa asked, "And any brothers or sisters, and friends, too?"

Alexa took the paper and pencil.
Princess Alexa/Aleksa Kiana Arlae
and my twin brother,
Prince Alexei/Aleksey Link Arlae
and my friends,
Sayana Alea Darae
Carella Sheik (No last name)

"That good enough?" Alexa said, handing the paper back to Anissa.

"Thanks!" Anissa said. "There is a place there that you can move into for free."

One year later

A year had passed since the three people entered Jusali. Alexa is nine, Sayana is eight, and Carella is seventeen. They live in a small house and work in a Bombchu Bowling Alley. They planned to stay the seven years until Alexei was released from the Sacred Realm to be the Hero of Time. But all that changed...

"Carella, I'm going to pay a visit to Hyrule," Alexa yelled into the house.

"Okay! Put your dress on!" Carella yelled back.

Alexa ran back into the house and changed into a blue-and-black Sheikan dress that she had made. She pulled her blond hair back into a thin ponytail. "Sayana, are you coming?" she called.

"Yeah...sure!" came a call from another room.

Sayana walked out. She had grown taller in the past year (So did Alexa). Her light brown hair had grown longer, and her green eyes never seemed as happy as they had before.

Alexa quickly braided Sayana's hair in a short braid that came down just past her shoulder. Sayana was wearing a yellow tunic with a thin brown belt and white boots.

"Let's go!" Alexa called, walking out the door and into the Jusalanian sunshine.

Sayana ran out. The girls walked over to the warp and stepped through.

Back to Hyrule

"Yay...home again and look..." Alexa whispered, her voice trailing off when she saw the castle.

The castle, what was left of it, was dark and cloudy. The castle was on a small platform hovering over a pit of lava. Alexa sighed. She took out the Ocarina of Time and played the Minuet of Forest. Sayana did the same on her harp, and the two of them were teleported to the Sacred Forest Meadow. Alexa checked the temple, saw that it was okay, and warped to Lake Hylia, followed by Sayana.

Ten minutes later, the girls were standing at the last temple: the Shadow Temple. They had put this one off for last (Can you blame them?). All the other temples were just fine, but this one...was it ever fine?

They took a deep breath...and walked in...

And fell right through a hole! They fell onto a large boat. The boat started to sink, so they jumped off onto a safe platform. They walked across a "bridge" and entered a room.

The room was very large. There were many tiny ledges between the platform they were standing on and a big platform with a door on the other side of the room. Alexa hopped across the little ledges, and motioned for Sayana to do the same. She did, and they opened the big door. There was a small room. A hole was in the middle of it. Sayana tripped and fell through.

"Sayana!" Alexa shrieked.

Over the year, the girls had become good friends, and always went everywhere together. Alexa jumped in after her friend.

She fell quietly a few seconds, and landed on something tight, but flexible. "Alexa! It's a giant drum!" Sayana called on the other side.

Alexa looked down, and sure enough, she was standing on the drum of Bongo Bongo. Alexa was very glad that B.B. had been killed by the last Hero of Time, Link. She jumped around. The drum was like a giant trampoline. She bounced quite high. Sayana saw her and started jumping, too. They jumped towards each other, laughing. When they reached the center, they crashed together and fell through a blue light. The light took them to the platform in Kakariko's graveyard where the entrance to the "Temple of Doom" as Alexei called it, was located.

Suddenly, there was a great flash of light above Lon Lon Ranch. It split into seven parts that were seven different colors- green, red, yellow, orange, blue, purple, and white. The lights changed to people, and they each flew to the matching temple. Green turned out to be Saria, red was Darunia, yellow was Rauru, orange was Nabooru, blue was Ruto, purple was Carella. Carella landed softly in front of her temple, hugged Alexa, and walked inside. The white light surrounded the princess, and she shrieked and grabbed Sayana's hand. Sayana was pulled into the white light with Alexa, and they were warped to the Temple of Time. Alexa felt her pocket, and yes, the Ocarina of Time was still there. They walked into the room of the Master Sword. Alexa's Triforce of Wisdom glowed brightly. A blue light dropped a familiar boy down in front of them...

"Alexei!" Alexa shrieked and jumped towards the Hero of Time.

Alexei, the Hero of Time, was only nine years old, but he had to be released from the Sacred Realm early. Things were way worse than when Link was the Hero. Even though there was no evil in the temples, the Queen of Evil was focusing on destroying the Sacred Realm. She had no defenses and didn't have the power that Ganon/Ganondorf had had. She didn't have the electricity balls and magic spells. Alexei, even at only nine years, could easily defeat her and get the throne back for his sister.

Alexei looked puzzled. "Who are you?"

Alexa's eyes widened. "Alexei...don't you remember me?"

He shook his head.

Alexa leaned back and created a time screen with her powers. It showed the eight-year-old twins running across the street and into the castle, playing games, together, drawing pictures...

Alexei looked into the magic. He looked at the ground. "So...that's me. And you. But you are you?" he asked.

Alexa grabbed Sayana's hand, and the two walked away and sat on the altar with the Spiritual Stones. Alexa closed her eyes, and rubbed her Triforce hand again and again. Alexei was no longer shocked. Now the prince was curious. "Who are you, girl?" he asked.

"I am your twin sister, Alexiandria. Don't you remember me, Alexei?" Alexa asked.

Alexei looked at the girl in the Sheikan dress...with the hair and face that was familiar. The girl beside her was not at all familiar. She had light brown hair in a braid, and emerald eyes.

Alexa sighed and rubbed her Triforce hand again. She pressed both hands together and vanished. She had used the Triforce to make herself invisible. Now she wandered back to the altar and sat down, picking up the Zora's Sapphire and cradling it in her lap. She replaced the Stone, pressed her hands back together, and reappeared. She grabbed the Goron's Ruby and polished it on her dress. Alexei just stared. Alexa was beginning to get annoyed. She shot a beam of white light at Alexei, restoring his memory. "Oh...Alexa! So that's it!" he cried.

Alexa shoved the Goron's Ruby back into its hollow, and jumped off the alter.

"You must go to the castle and kill the Queen of Evil. Don't worry, she will be easy!" Alexa said.

"But how??" Alexei cried.

Alexa reached down by his waist. She pulled his sword out and handed it to him. "With this," she said.

Seventh Sage Alexa began floating. Her feet dangled about two feet off the ground. She raised her hands above her heads and started to create a ball of magic. She finished, grabbed the ball...and threw it at her brother. It was warp light that sent him to the chamber of the Evil Queen.

Alexei's Battle

Prince Alexei landed in front of the Evil Queen. "Heh heh heh...so you wish to challenge me?? Ha ha! You've got guts, kid, but I am going to defeat you, tiny Hero of Time, and destroy your precious Sacred Realm!" the Queen of Evil laughed.

Alexei squinted. He rubbed his Triforce hand and created a ball of magic. He threw it at her, and it hit her. The "Powerful Queen" sank to her knees. Alexei did this again and again. Finally, she was lying on the floor, almost crying. Alexei pulled out his sword and slashed at her. "Okay!" she wailed and disappeared in a cloud of blue light. The Triforce of Power appeared and floated through the ceiling. Alexei's Courage Triforce glowed green and Alexa's Wisdom Triforce glowed blue. "Gosh, that was hard," Alexei joked.

He was teleported back to the Temple of Time. "You did it. Toldja! She was easy, wasn't she!" Alexa laughed. "But...now I must send everyone back to their original time." Alexa took out the Ocarina.

Alexa stopped and looked at a mirror on the wall. A year had done nothing to her. She had the same pale, almost white, skin, big blue eyes, and blond hair that her mother had had. She had only grown about an inch and a half. Sayana, who was standing next to her, had changed only a bit. Her light brown hair had gotten lighter and was almost blond. Her emerald green eyes had lost their happy sparkle. She rarely smiled, and neither did Alexa, for neither of them saw anything to be happy about.

Alexa sighed and held the Ocarina to her mouth. She closed her eyes and played Zelda's Lullaby. They were closed in the blue light, and the three flew back on the waves of time.

Home in the real time

"Well...we're back in the castle, and it's still standing," Alexa said.

Sayana grinned at her.

And things went perfectly for another month. Then, the twins' aunt, Arlana (Air-lane-uh), Princess of Cania (Cuh-nee-uh) was coming to visit. Before, she had asked the twins to come live with her, and she could adopt them, but Alexa and Alexei said no. They said that their place was Hyrule, where Alexa would someday rule, and Princess Arlana, the twins' dad's sister, needed to stay in Cania where she would someday become queen. She came to stay for three weeks at the castle, to see if the twins' servants could really take good care of them...

Princess Arlana hopped down to the ground and stood up. She was somewhat short for her age (28 years). Alexa dashed out of the castle. "Go on to the castle stables, Cenya!" she said to her aunt's horse, and it ran off.

"Hi, Alexiandria!" Arlana cried.

"Please, everyone calls me Alexa. Not everyone even knows my name is Alexiandria."

"Yes, Alexa," Arlana said.

Alexei came running out, too. "Hi, Aunt Arlana!" he said.

"Hello, Alexis!" Arlana called out. "Please call me Arli!"

"Okay! Call me Alexei!" the prince grinned.

Alexei stood in front of the princess of Cania. He was only an eighth of an inch shorter than Alexa, and Princess Arli was short for her age. "Wow, Arli! You've grown since the last time we saw you!" Alexa said, not really meaning it.

"Yeah right, Alexa!" Arli laughed.

Alexei grinned. "How long are you staying, again?"

"Three weeks exactly!" Princess Arli laughed.

Alexa took a deep breath before screaming, "SAYANA! CARELLA!!"

Her friends came running. "Hi, your highnesses," Sayana bowed to each one.

Sayana smiled.

Alexa sighed and shook her head. "I told you, call me Alexa, call him Alexei, call her Arli," she said to Saya.

Saya nodded.

Carella stood beside the young princess Alexa. "Hi," she said to Arli.

"Hi. You can call me Arli," Arlana said.

"You can call her Arli, me Alexa, him Alexei, and her Saya," Alexa laughed.

Carella nodded. "And you can call me Cari."

Alexa and Saya took off running. "C'mon, Cari! Get moving!" Saya called back.

Arli, Cari, and Alexei started running. "Whipee!" Alexei jumped over a brick wall.

They ran, chasing Saya and Alexa for a long time. Alexei was getting tired but he kept going. Running in hover boots seemed easy for Alexa (The princess was running in her hover boots. She always did.), but Alexei was having a tougher time. He tripped over a fence, and fell. Since the fence was right at the top of the hill, the prince kept rolling. The hill got so steep he started bouncing. At the tiny cliffs he would fly off before landing hard on his back. "Alexa, help!" he screamed as he fell-rolled-flew down the hill.

"Stop yourself!" Alexa shrieked.

She held up her hand. Magic was sucked into a light blue ball that she could hold. She flung it at her brother. He was stopped in midair. Alexa ran down the hill, using her hover boots to keep her balance. She helped him stand up. "Let's go home, Alexei," she said to her brother.

One week later

"Alexa?" Alexei whispered.

"What?" Alexa growled. "Go away."

"It's Miss Sunshine! Why are you so crabby?" Alexei laughed.

"Arlana is NO FUN! She's treating us like we're two years old!"

"I know. She's mean."

"So? What are you going to do about it, Alexei?!"

"I dunno. Maybe if you help me, we can think of a plan to get rid of her."

Alexa turned around to look at her twin. "What do ya got in mind?"

"Like I said. I don't know."

"Well, I am going to Kakariko to think. Bye. See you later."

Alexa walked out of her room. She slipped on her hover boots and walked outside.

"Yahoo!" the princess danced around on the little ledge in Kakariko.

It was the place she always came to think, which was the ledge in front of Granny's Potion Shop. She was jumping on the fence.

"Wh-whoa!" she slipped off the fence and fell back-first into the hole where Sayana had lived.

"Oomph!" she gasped for air as she landed on her back.

She stood up and stepped onto the warp pad, and was taken back to the surface.

Alexa ran quickly out of the section. She ran towards the beam-thing in the middle of the village. as she ran up the ramp, she crashed into a little girl, about three or four years. "Oomph!" she said for the second time.

The girl drew back. "Who are you?" she asked.

"I'm Crown Princess Alexa Arlae."

"Um...pleased to meet you." The little girl bowed. "My name is Josei Anneia. My parents used ei as a name ending a lot. They tried to make my first double name and middle name match my last name- Senadei Everyone who knows me just calls me Annei or J.R.S. J.R.S is from my name- Josei Anneia Senadei. I'm an orphan. I live nowhere."

"Would you like to live at the castle, Annei?" Alexa asked.

"Oh, yes!" Annei laughed.

"Then come."

The two walked back to the castle.

"I don't know if I'm really an orphan. When I was two, I was on a walk with my parents in Jusali. I saw a pretty blue butterfly fly off into the woods. I chased after it, and my parents didn't notice," Annei shuddered at the thought. "I got lost in the woods and couldn't find my way out. I started getting scared. I jumped at the tiniest noises. Soon I got so scared that when a harmless cucco flew by making noise, I fainted. Someone found me and picked me up. A girl. Her name was Carlei. She ran an orphanage, and took me to it. I told my last, first, and middle names, but they couldn't find my parents. I lived at the orphanage for a while, until it got shut down. All the orphans were to be taken to a new orphanage. I got in the big wagon with the other kids. We were driving past a pretty color swirly, and I jumped into it. I fell and fell. Then I landed in Hyrule. I walked to this village, and have been here ever since."

"How old are you now?" Alexa asked.

"Oh, I'm four. I'll turn five in three months."

"Well, I can do the same for you that I'm going to do for Saya. I'll make you a princess."


"Yes. You'll be Princess Josei Annei Senadei."

Annei smiled. "Wow!"

"But, I'll still be the crown princess, of course."

Annei nodded. "That means that you are the heir to the throne, and I won't be."

"Right. You're pretty smart."


"I have a brother named Alexis."

"Prince Alexei. Princess Alexa. Princess Annei. Princess Saya."


Annei smiled.

The girls reached the castle doors. Alexa shoved them open. "Alexei! Carei! Arli! Saya!"

"Coming, princess!"

Saya stumbled down the stairs. She looked at Annei. "What's your name?"

"My name's Annei. Alexa said I can live at the castle."

"Right," Alexa nodded.

Saya grinned. "You'll have lots of fun here!"

Annei nodded shyly.

Arli ran down the stairs.

"OH, NO! Don't tell me you went out again, Alexa! It's dangerous out there!" she cried.

Alexa rolled her eyes. "Right."

"Really! You could get...captured!!!!"

"Look, I'm eight years old. People bow to me, not hurt me. Follow me."

Alexa led Arli out the door. "Saya, show Annei around."

She shut the door behind her.

Alexa grabbed Arli's hand. "Follow me."

They walked to Kakariko village.

Alexa climbed the ladder to the watchtower. "Alexa! You are going to fall off!" Arli cried.

Alexa rolled her eyes. She had found herself doing that a lot lately.

Finally, Arli followed her up the ladder, mumbling about safety.

"Hello!" Alexa yelled to the people below.

"Look! It's Crown Princess Alexa!" one person cried.

"Hooray for the heir to the throne!" another shrieked.

Many more cries like those were heard. People were bowing down and flinging flowers up. Alexa managed to catch a few.

"See?" Alexa laughed, handing the flowers to Arli.

Arli walked up beside Alexa.

The people noticed her, too.

"Yay for Crown Princess Arlana of Cania!"


"How are you, Princess Alexa?"

The people went on shouting. A boy in a ripped up Zora's tunic with crutches stepped out from behind a house. He smiled at Alexa.

Alexa looked down at him. She waved. He opened his mouth to shout like the others, but suddenly bit his lip hard and fell back, rubbing his leg. Alexa stared.

She and Arli climbed down to the ground. Finally the people stopped cheering, and smiling, went back to what they were doing. Alexa wandered over to the little boy. "What's your name?" she asked.



"I'm lost. I came from Jelinama, which is on the planet Jusali. I got shoved through the warp on a dare, and it wouldn't take me back. I'm trapped here, Princess!" Tomei wailed.

Alexa sighed. "That happens all the time. It's to teach you a lesson. Now you will be trapped in Hyrule for a year."

Tomei wailed. "I don't like it here!"

"Look, you can live in the castle with me and Alexei."

Tomei stood up. "But I want my mommy!"

"Come," Alexa motioned for him to follow her.

He slowly followed. "I'm seven."

"Oh. I'm eight," Alexa muttered.

They reached the castle town. "WOW!" Tomei exclaimed.

Alexa looked at him. "Haven't you been here before?"

He shook his head as people bowed down to the crown princess.

They exited the town and walked along the path to the castle. Tomei noticed some vines going up a wall to a ledge. "I'm going that way!" he announced.

"Okay, Tomei. You do that," Alexa said as he scurried up the vines.

The guard bowed and opened the gate. Tomei ran along the edge. The guards noticed him. They grabbed him and flung him off the gate-bridge, where he landed on his back gasping for air.

"Hey!" Alexa yelled at the guards. "You let him in!"

"But, Princess..." one protested.

"You let him in or I'll tell Princess Arlana!"

The guard shivered. Arli was very mean to the guards. He nodded and opened the gate. Tomei managed to breathe and get up. He limped through the gate to Alexa. He had twisted his ankle when the guards threw him out.

"Lower the drawbridge!" Alexa ordered the guards.

They did, and Alexa and Tomei walked over it and opened the huge doors.

"Alexa! Where've you been?? I was getting SO worried!" Arlana exclaimed.

"That boy could be dangerous!" she shrieked, pointing at Tomei.

She picked him up by the collar of his tunic and flung him into the moat. "ARLANA!" Alexa yelled.

"I want you to be safe, Alexiandria! Do what I say!" Arli hollered.

That did it for Alexa. She turned and punched Arli hard into the moat.

Arlana blew the water out of her mouth. "ALEXA!"

Alexa stuck her tongue out at her aunt. "I tried to be agreeable and do as you say, but this is just too much!" she shrieked. "Pack your bags and go back to Cania! I hope the people like you there!"

"I will not! I am the crown princess! I will do whatever I want!" Arli screamed.

"You're not the crown princess of here! I AM! All of Hyrule must do what I say. I am a good ruler on my own! Now go home to Cania where you came from. Git!" Alexa yelled at the top of her lungs.

The noise made Alexei come out with Annei, but both backed off to watch.

Finally Arli stomped out of the moat, grabbed her bags and ran off.

Alexa and Alexei waited until she couldn't hear before cheering and dancing all around the drawbridge. Even the guards were grinning, dancing, and talking excitedly.

Alexa and Alexei were in the castle library filling out papers. Three, to be exact. Finally, the prince and princess signed their names at the bottom of each one. They handed one to Saya, one to Annei, and one to Tomei, where they signed their names under the twins' names. Now, Saya and Annei were princesses, and Tomei was a prince.

Alexa and her brother ran outside, playing with each other and some toys. They swam in the moat. Alexa used her ocarina to warp them to the bridge in Gerudo Valley. "Follow me!" she said, jumping headfirst off the bridge, down, down, down until she hit the water.

Tomei hung back, scared. "Wow, Tomei! Look over there!" Alexei exclaimed, pointing.

Alexei shoved him off the bridge. "Whipee!" Tomei cheered as he discovered how fun it was to jump off Gerudo Bridge.

As he floated by, Alexa pulled him onto the platform she was sitting on. Alexei shoved Annei and Saya off before he jumped himself.

Alexa jumped back in, and floated on her back, followed by the princesses and princes. She floated to the end, and fell down a LONG waterfall. She landed on her back and floated more, until she fell off the last waterfall into Lake Hylia. Alexei, Saya, Annei, and Tomei were right behind her. She swam out onto the crystal-clear blue waters of Lake Hylia, floating on her back.

In Crown Princess Alexa Kiana Arlae's opinion, it was the best day she'd ever had.