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"Wrath of Ice"

Wrath of Ice

By: Chibi Sakura

Author's Note: This uses the characters from the cartoon.
Part One

Chapter One: Why so nice?

Ganon sat in his Evil Jar. He had been defeated by that meddling Link and Princess Zelda. "I need a plan that won't fail me!" he roared. One of his moblin servants came and put a beefy arm on his pig-faced leader.

"Don't be mad your majesty. We already have a plan that won't fail."  Two stalfos nodded.

"Well, you better be right this time," Ganon warned, "since you will pay dearly if this doesn't work out. I know just how useless you idiots can be!"  The frightened monsters bowed nervously and left the jar.  "For your sake you can't fail," Ganon muttered under his breath.

Link woke-up and ran his fingers through his brown bangs and smiled. He had had the perfect dream last night. He dreamed of Zelda. Link flopped back onto the bed and sighed dreamily. Maybe today she'll kiss me, he thought. After all, Link always won battles against Ganon and saved the Triforce, but Zelda would never kiss him. It was Link's only desire. And he certainly deserved one. Suddenly, Link heard a knock on his door. "Come in," he said politely.  Impa opened the door and shuffled in.

"Please come for breakfast, Link," the old woman said kindly.

Link nodded. "I'll come as soon as I get dressed," he replied. Impa nodded and left the room. Link sighed and got on his tunic, leggings, under-shirt, boots, and cap. He had a very simple outfit, but it was great for battles. After Link was finished getting dressed, he headed for the dining hall.
"My, Link. You certainly are late!" exclaimed Zelda. Link was about to say, "Well excuse me, princess!" but he knew that King Harkinian would be most displeased. Instead, he just ignored the comment and sat down. Link began to stuff himself with food when Princess Zelda spoke. "Link," she said, "would you mind saving some food for us?"  Link stopped eating and looked at the gawking faces of Impa, King Harkinian, and Zelda.

"" he stammered, passing the plates of food to the other people.

"That's okay, Link," the king laughed merrily, "we know that you're a growing boy!"

Link blushed at these words. "I...didn't be selfish," Link admitted.

Zelda smiled. "You're not selfish, Link. It is really hard to save Hyrule. You just get hungry a lot because the fights tire you out," she said happily. Link looked at Zelda curiously.

"Why are you all being so nice?" he asked.

Impa turned her head to Link. "Because it's snowing!"

Chapter Two: The Icy Kaboom

After breakfast, Link and Zelda went outside to enjoy the snow. Link had put on a scarf and gloves, and Zelda had on a coat. "Isn't this pretty?" Zelda asked. Link nodded. Hyrule hadn't had snow for years. It was no surprise that everyone would act so happy. After all, they were just excited.

"Hi, Link!" greeted a voice. It was Spryte. She had a puzzled look on her face. "What's this white fluff?" she asked, examining the snow.

Zelda laughed. "It's snow, Spryte!" she giggled. Spryte stared at the snow for a few minutes, then started to laugh.

"It's so cold!" she said, shivering. Link laughed too.

"You probably haven't ever seen snow before, Spryte," he chuckled. Spryte gazed up at the sky. She stopped laughing.

"What's that?" she whispered, her expression serious. Link and Zelda looked at the sky, puzzled.

"What do you see, Spryte?" Zelda asked.

"Ice," Spryte answered softly. Suddenly, huge chunks of ice fell to the ground. The ice smashed onto trees, breaking them like they were nothing but toothpicks. Ice crashed into the hills, starting a rock slide. Rocks, wood, and ice slammed all over the castle grounds.

"Everyone, get inside!" Link choked out. Zelda, Link, and Spryte stumbled into the castle.

Ganon erupted in a booming laugh of triumph. " I have done it!" he cackled, waving his arms.

A moblin came forward. "Oh, your majesty, you have certainly won this time," he said.

" I am a genuis!" Ganon boomed.

A stalfos grinned. "Well, it was our plan, your majesty," it bragged.

Ganon's smile twisted into a sour frown. "I am the evil mastermind around here! You shall get no reward even if you kill Link and steal the Triforce! I am the lord, you are the minons!" he roared.

The stalfos backed away. "I-I'm s-so t-truly s-sorry," it stammered and dashed out of the room.

Ganon sank in his throne. "Get me a drink," he commanded.

A moblin bowed. "A wine?" it guessed.

"With lizard blood," Ganon said dully, "and a few drops of dog saliva." The moblin nodded and glided out of the room. Ah. It feels so good to be out of the Evil Jar, Ganon thought, imagine what I could do with Link and Zelda out of the way! Just then, he erupted in another booming laugh --this time, more evilly.

Chapter Three: Too Bad

Link sighed and stared out the window of his bedroom. "Just look at the mess," he whispered. Piles of rock, wood, and ice covered the ground. I don't know if I'll be able to move in that mess, he thought.

"Link." Zelda entered the room with some hot chocolate.

"Look, Zelda," Link replied, "it's such a mess out there."

Zelda sighed heavily. "I don't think we can move in it. I've tried, but as soon as I got out, the ice started falling again," she said.  Link studied the castle grounds.

"It seems like there must be a spell on the ice. Whenever we come out, ice starts falling," he said thoughtfully.

"I'm sure this is Ganon's doing, but if we go to fight him, Hyrule will be destroyed," Zelda said gloomily. Just then, an image of Ganon flickered right before their eyes.

Link drew his sword. "What do you want?" he said roughly, aiming his sword.

"Link, don't!" Zelda warned. "It's just an image!"

Ganon laughed. "I guess you're angry at me for wrecking your little snow day, eh?"  Link scowled at him.  Ganon laughed again. "As you may have noticed, every time you go outside, the ice falls again. Well, if you care about your homeland, stay inside! But, if you want this to end, give me the Triforce, or I swear I will bury Hyrule under the ice forever!" The image faded away.

"We're at his mercy!" Zelda cried. Link had a heroic grin on his face.

"We can't give up, Zelda! Hyrule needs us!"

Zelda frowned. "The only way we can save Hyrule is to give Ganon the Triforce, but that would mean that he could rule the world! But if we don't, Hyrule will be destroyed by piles of ice! We can't win!" cried Zelda.

"Too bad for you!" Link and Zelda turned around. Ten moblins stood right before them.

Chapter Four: Moblin Madness

The moblins had their spears ready for attack. Link drew his sword and shield. With a battle cry, the moblins jumped forward at Link. Link raised his sword, but a moblin wacked it out of his hand with its spear. Link backed up against the wall, holding out his shield. He kept holding back the attacks, and soon, Zelda came and shot the moblins with her bow, zapping them back into the Evil Jar. Link breathed a sigh of relief and took his sword. Suddenly, about fifty moblins appeared. Link and Zelda held their weapons ready, and soon the moblins had them surrounded. "There is just too many!" Link cried, dodging a moblin's blow. Zelda hit a few moblins, but more moblins gained on her. Link kicked away the moblin that cornered him, and zapped the three moblins back into the Evil Jar. Zelda began to zap the creatures back where they belonged. Soon, the two zapped all the moblins back into the Evil Jar. "Well that was freaky," Link smirked. "Now that that's taken care of, we have to find a way to defeat Ganon and fix this mess!"

Part Two

Chapter Five: Explanation


Zelda put her hands on her hips. "And just how are we going to get rid of all this ice?" she asked stubbornly.

Link smacked his forehead. "Sheesh! Give me time to think!" he said. He began to think. And he thought. And he thought. And he thought, but still couldn't figure out a solution.

Zelda tapped her foot. "Well? I'm waiting for an answer..."

Link sighed. " don't...know an answer..." he stammered.

"Link!" Zelda shrieked, "now what do we do?"

Just then, Impa came into the room. "I know what to do," she said. Link and Zelda looked at her anxiously. She took a deep breath. "You must collect the three spheres of fire. Only by collecting them will you melt the ice forever. You must explore all three Flame Temples to find them all," Impa explained.

Link had a worried look on his face. "But how can we get to these temples? We don't know where they are, and if we stay out too long looking for them, Hyrule will be covered in ice!"

Impa smiled. "The temples are not in Hyrule, they are in another land called, Ura."

Link was thrilled. "So we use a magic portal to get to Ura?" he guessed.

Impa nodded. "There is a special portal for Ura," she said. Impa placed her hands together and a magic ball was formed. "Zelda, hand me your bow and an arrow," she said. Zelda gave Impa the arrow and bow, and Impa shot the arrow into the magic ball. A golden portal formed. Link gazed at the portal in awe.

"Amazing," he whispered. Zelda took him by the hand and pulled him into the portal.

"We promise to get all three spheres of fire," she called. Both warriors disappeared in a flash of light.

Chapter Six: The World of Ura

Link examined the ground around him. "So this is Ura," he said, "it's so hot."

Zelda rolled her eyes. "Stop fooling around, Mr. Scientist! We've got to find the three spheres of fire!"

"Well excuuuse me, princess!" Link said angrily,"I was just looking!"

Zelda took him by the hand. "Let's ask around. Maybe the people here can tell us where the Flame Temples are," she said. Link pointed to a nearby creature. The creature had a black face with big white eyes. It wore a green cloak.

"Do these things look like people to you?" he asked. Zelda's eyes went wide.

"W-what are these...these things?" she stuttered. One of the creatures waddled up to the shocked heroes.

" Hey! We are no things! We are Ura People!" it said. Two other Uras came up. One of them was carrying a stick with two buckets. Inside the buckets were strange-looking rocks. Lava also filled the pails.

"What are those?" Link asked, pointing to the rocks.

"These are Ore Chunks! We use them to buy things," the Ura answered happily, "I found these in Lava Lake. That's why there is lava in here."

Link blew a sigh of relief. "That's good. At first I thought it was blood."  The third Ura was playing with a boomerang.

"I got this from the Ura Dance Hall. I did the Ura Dance well, so I got a boomerang as a prize! Go there if you want one!"

Link smiled at the Ura. "You must have a lot of talent to do a dance well!" he said, "but we're not interested in a boomerang. We are looking for the three spheres of fire. But to do that, we need to explore the Flame Temples. Can you tell us where they are?"  The three Uras huddled together and whispered.

After they were finished, they turned around and spoke. "Let's have a deal. If you can fill this bucket with Ore Chunks, we will tell you all we know about the Flame Temples and the spheres of fire. Agreed?"  Link and Zelda nodded and shook each of Uras hands.

"But you have to promise," Link warned, "or we'll give the Ore Chunks to someone else."

The Uras nodded. "We promise," they said together, "we promise."  One of the Uras gave Link a shovel. Another one gave Zelda a bucket.

"Use the shovel to dig-up Ore Chunks. Then put them in the bucket. When you've filled the bucket to the top with Ore Chunks, come back here and we will open our knowledge to you," the last one said. Link and Zelda nodded and headed on their way.

Chapter Seven: The Entrance

"Link and Zelda have escaped?!" Ganon roared.

Two stalfos shivered and backed up against the wall. "Y-yes, your majesty. We a-are afraid that L-Link and Z-Zelda have travled to a magical land called Ur-Ura," they stuttered.

"Where are my moblin warriors? They should have killed Link and Zelda!" Ganon yelled.

"The m-moblins have been zapped into the Evil Jar," one stalfos replied.

"That isn't  what I expected!" Ganon shouted, "now go find a way to get to Ura, then free the moblins from the Evil Jar! Then we will go to Ura and destroy Link and Zelda!"  The stalfos nodded and ran away. Ganon sipped on his wine. "I want those kids dead."

"So, where are we going to look, Link?" Zelda asked stubbornly.

"Well, that Ura said he found his Ore Chunks at Lava Lake," Link began, "so let's go there to find some.''

"I don't think that's such a good idea, Link," Zelda sighed, "we don't know where to look."

Link pointed to a sign. "That sign will show us the way," he said joyfully, marching toward the path.

Zelda covered her eyes. "Link, even if we do get to Lava Lake, it could still be dangerous. We don't know what to do if we fall in lava. Besides, how can we find Ore Chunks in lava?" she pointed out.

Link rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "Hmm. I guess here is fine, but we may be stuck digging for Ore Chunks for a very long time. I think it's better to go to the Lava Lake," he said. Both warriors followed the path to the lake. There, lava ruled everywhere. Flame monsters patrolled the lava. The monsters looked like giant flaming chains. Small bodies of land took up a tiny amount of the burning pool. Link scanned the lake. "I don't see anything," he said gloomily, "that Ura must have taken the last Ore Chunks."  Zelda had a disappointed look on her face, then had a surprised look.

"Link...see that? It's...a switch..."  Link gasped.

Aiming his sword at the switch, he said, "Maybe this switch drains the lake."  A blast of his sword knocked the switch. The lake began to empty. When it was fully drained, an entrance opened up. Totem poles and strange markings lined the entrance.

"Link...look at...that..." Zelda stuttered, jumping into the pit. Link followed. Stepping into the entrance, Link cautiously glanced back before fully entering. We can't let those Ura see us, he thought nervously.

Chapter Eight: Sphere of Blue Fire

Link looked at the area. "Look at this place!" he exclaimed. "This must be a Flame Temple!"

Zelda scanned the room. "I guess we should search for first Sphere of Fire," she suggested.

"We'll need a map," Link said thoughtfully, "or we may get lost. There also might be lava in here because this place was hidden under lava. Maybe the map will have a special marking that shows us where lava is."

Zelda shrugged. "That wouldn't be possible. After all, a door opened the way to the entrance. It must have protected the temple from getting filled with lava. If there was lava flowing in, the entire shebang would be flooded with lava by now."

Link sighed heavily. "Well, we at least need a map to get through here," he said. Then he spotted a doorway. "Look, Zelda! Let's go through that door. Maybe it will lead us to a map or something!"  Zelda turned around.

"This is great, Link!" Zelda exclaimed, taking Link by the hand and leading him into the room. Inside the room, four blocks and a coloured* sqaure set up a puzzle for the two warriors.  Link held his head to think. Zelda tapped him on the shoulder. "Look,'' she said, "there is some writing on the wall."

Link looked up and read the wall. Awake the blocks with a single stroke. " Awake the blocks with a single stroke," Link muttered in a thinking tone. Zelda looked at him with a puzzled look on her face.

"What do we do, Link?" she asked.

"I know what to do," Link said, as if he had never heard Zelda. He pushed the blocks so they formed a bridge shape. He then stood in the middle of the blocks and did a spinning attack on them. The blocks cracked and a treasure chest appeared on the coloured* square.  Link walked up to the chest and opened it. Inside he found a key. "I found a key, Zelda!" he called, waving the key in the air. Zelda clapped her hands.

"Great job, Link! Now let's get out of here!"

Link and Zelda ran out the room. "Link, I see a locked door," Zelda said, pointing to a door with a key hole when they entered the room. Link marched over to it and used the key to unlock the door. He motioned Zelda to join him, and the two walked in. Suddenly, the door slammed behind them, and a monster jumped down from the ceiling. Actually, it wasn't a monster. It was a knight with red and blue armor. It carried a spear. The helmet was closed, but Link could see complete blackness behind it. He shuddered at knowing that the armor was hollow. After all, what person would spend their life in a dungeon? As soon as the knight came from its entrance, it raged into battle. It swung its spear furiously. Link blocked the blows with his shield. After the tenth block, the spear bounced off the shield and smacked the visor of the helmet open. Link wasted no time to think on how to attack the knight. He simply shot huge blasts of magic into the helmet. After a few hits, the armor burned up and a door to the left opened up. A chest also appeared. Link opened the treasure chest and found a Hook-Shot. He and Zelda stared at the treasure for a few minutes and headed out the door.

"I'll have to strap my sword and shield on now," Link said. He put his sword in its sheath and clipped on his shield. Then he saw a wooden box. "Zelda, hold on tightly to my waist," he said, "I'm going to use the Hook-Shot to pull us to the box."

Zelda hesitated for a moment, then finally grabbed on to Link's belt. Link shot out the Hook-Shot and pulled them to the other side of the room. A door was set in front of them. Link stuffed the Hook-Shot into a pocket of his tunic. "Let's go through the door," he said, entering the room that the door blocked. Zelda followed. Suddenly, the door shut behind the two heroes again. This time, a gigantic creature dropped from the ceiling. It was bright orange with a wooden mask on its face. It stompped across the room, trying to crush Link and Zelda. " Link, use the Hook-Shot to pull off the mask!" Zelda screamed.

Quickly, Link pulled the Hook-Shot from his pocket and grappled onto the mask. The mask was pulled from the beast's face, leaving its head unprotected. Link slashed his sword on the creature's face. The monster swiped his paw at Link and knocked him over. It tugged away the mask and pressed it back on to its face. It swiped its paw some more, then continued its plan to crush Link. Link got up and ran in front of the beast. He pulled away the mask again with his Hook-Shot, then slashed the monster's face some more. This time, the creature roared and faded away. Just then, a small glass ball with a blue flame burning inside appeared where the  monster was killed. Link picked it up. "Link," Zelda gasped, "you got the Sphere of Blue Fire!"

Link looked at the ball with pride. Suddenly, he and Zelda were swept away into a magical vortex. 

Part Three
Chapter Nine: The Angry Ura

Link and Zelda landed hard on the ground. They stood up. Link carefully put the Sphere of Blue Fire in his pocket. "This is great!" Zelda exclaimed.

"Just two more spheres to go," Link added happily.

Suddenly, the same Ura with the buckets jumped out in front of them. "Did you really think that I wouldn't notice that you hadn't brought me any Ore Chunks?" he asked angrily.

"We were going to find some for you, but we found the temple all by ourselves. The deal is off," Link answered sternly.

But the Ura didn't listen. "I want my Ore Chunks!" he screamed.

"Go find them yourself!" Zelda snapped.

The Ura glared at each of them. "I'm going to kill you!" he raged. He swung his buckets viciously at Link and Zelda. "These are made of the strongest steel in the land," the Ura said. "One hit is all you need to die!" He ran towards Link, but Link took out his sword and sliced the Ura in half. The Ura died instantly.

"I'm sorry," Link apologized, stepping over the dead Ura. Zelda followed.

"Where are we going?" she asked.

"We're going to find the next Flame Temple," Link replied.

"They found the sphere of blue fire?" Ganon roared. A moblin back away.

"Yes, my Lord, but it's nothing. It's only one," it said.

"I don't care!" Ganon spat. Suddenly, two stalfos marched into the room.

They both had grabbed hold of Impa. "Let me go!" she squealed, kicking at the stalfos.

"No," Ganon said, "not until you tell us how to get to Ura. We've heard Link and Zelda are there. And we know why."

"Never!" Impa hissed.

"Tell us, or you die!" Ganon warned. Impa hung her head.

"OK," she said softly. She formed the same ball of energy. "I need an arrow," she said miserably. One moblin handed her an arrow. "And a bow," Impa added. A stalfos gave her a bow. Impa shot the arrow into the beam, and it formed the golden portal. Impa sniffed. "There you go," she whispered. Ganon laughed triumphantly.

"Go in! Go in!" he commanded. And one by one, twenty stalfos and twenty moblins headed through the portal.

Chapter Ten: Some Helpful Information

Link and Zelda walked through a patch of olive-coloured grass. "Where are we going to find the next temple?" Zelda asked.

"We're going to ask around town," Link replied. They stopped at a small building. It was a small, red building with a faded sign that read, "The Ura Grocery". Link and Zelda walked in. An Ura wearing a light blue cloak sat behind a counter. Dozens of strange vegetables and meats lined the shop's shelves. Bottles of liquids were stocked in a cooler nearby. Link approached the counter. The Ura behind it smirked.

"You don't look like Uras," he growled. "You don't want this food."

Link shook his head. "Of course. We want information," he said. Behind him, Zelda nodded. The Ura leaned forward. "We want to know where a Flame Temple is," Link continued.

"We've already been in the one under the Lava Lake," Zelda added.

The Ura narrowed his eyes. "There's one near the Ura Dance Hall. A secret crack. I saw it before the Dance Hall was built on it. It's dangerous-looking," he said. Link grinned.

"Thanks," he said. Zelda and he left the shop.

Chapter Eleven: A Hard-won Victory

Zelda and Link looked around for a sign. "This place is huge! They have to have maps around here somewhere," Zelda said. Link sat down.

"There seems to be no sign of one around here," he said hopelessly.

"We'll have to ask around, then," Zelda said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"No," Link said," we've already had too much help. That's four Uras: the three back where we started, and that shopkeeper. If people heard, they might get suspicious that we're up to something."

"Because we are," Zelda said, rolling her eyes.

"Exactly. And we won't want people to know," Link pointed out. He led Zelda around, over logs, under rocks, but they still found no sign of the Ura Danca Hall. Zelda gazed around absent-mindedly, until she crashed into a wooden pole.

"Oh...ow!" she moaned.

"Are you OK?" Link asked with concern, helping Zelda to her feet.

"I think so," Zelda said weakly, rubbing her head. Link's eyes widened and he let go of Zelda hand.

"Zelda, it''s..." He turned to her and grinned. "A sign!" he finally said. I pointed to all of the arrows. There was a Lava Bath to the north, a trading post to the west, and a dance hall to the east. "The dance hall!" Link cried. "Let's go!" He took Zelda by the hand and ran up a set of cracked stairs. They stumbled upon a large building entitled, "The Ura Dance Hall". Under it, there was another sign: "From 6 am--8 pm". Link tugged the door handle. "It's locked! It must be past closing time!" he groaned. Zelda grabbed hold of Link's waist.

"We'll open it up together. Maybe the door's jammed. I mean, we left Hyrule in the morning. Time couldn't've passed that fast," she pointed out. They yanked at the door, but had no success.

"Now what?" Link moaned.

An Ura passed by. "What are you doing?" he sneered. "Don't you know that the Dance Hall is closed on Sundays?" Sunday. Both Link and Zelda had forgotten. All unimportant shops and other buildings were closed. The Ura huffed and walked away.

"Now what?" Link wondered aloud. Then he noticed Zelda picking the door's lock with an arrow. She took out the arrow and tugged the door. To their relief, it opened at last. "Yes!" Link shouted, rushing inside, Zelda trailing behind him.

They came to a dark room, lit only with torches. There was a door across the room, but they had no chance at getting to it. "What do we do?" Zelda asked. Link strided across the room.

"It's a trick. It only looks like a pit, but it's just really clear glass," he assumed. He set his right foot down over the pit, but stumbled. He was about to fall in entirly when he grabbed hold of the ledge with his left hand. "It's real!" he sputtered. Zelda dashed over and grabbed hold of Link's hand. She pulled him up slowly, then he was finally on the ground again. "Thanks," he gasped.

"So what do we do?" Zelda asked immediently.

"Maybe..." Link whispered. he raised his Hook-shot and shot it at a torch. It hit the torch, but didn't attatch.

"Now what?" Zelda cried. "We're stuck!" Just then, Link spotted a large wooden slab above the door.

"Zelda, grab onto me!" he said. Zelda clutched his waist. Link aimed the Hook-shot at the wooden target and they soared across the room.

"Great job, Link!" Zelda complimented. Link smiled and the two walked into the next room. A huge dragon popped in front of them. Link drew his sword and Zelda took out her bow. "Stay back," Zelda warned.

The dragon laughed. "I don't attack," it said. "I know what you seek. If you can solve my riddle, then I will give the Sphere of Green Fire to you." Link and Zelda nodded. The dragon took a deep breath and said: "What moves everyday, never stopping, always changing. What makes us late, what makes us nervous?" Link and Zelda looked at each other. Link recited the riddle.

"I have no idea," he said solemly.

Zelda was silent. "I know!" she said. "It's time!"

The dragon laughed. "You are very smart," it said. It snapped its claws and an orb with a small green flame inside appeared at Zelda's feet. She picked it up.

"Thank-you," she said softly. Then she and Link were transported out of the temple.

Chapter Twelve: Captured!

Link and Zelda landed on their feet outside the Dance Hall. "One more sphere to go!" Link exclaimed. Zelda felt the sphere through her fingers and put it in her pocket.

"Yeah, we're almost finished. Hyrule will be saved!" she replied. Suddenly, they heard someone snicker. They readied their weapons, and then forty monsters, twenty moblins and twenty stalfos, appeared.

"Looking for this?" one stalfos said, tossing a ball with a red flame in the middle between his hands.

"That's right, kiddies, we've got the Sphere of Red Fire!" cackled another stalfos.

"And now we'll have you, too!" chimmed in a moblin. Link blasted a few enemies and Zelda shot several stalfos, but it was no use. There were too many enemies for them to handle. Suddenly, Link felt his arms being put into chains. He looked over his shoulder and found Zelda was being chained up too.

"Get away from me!" he yelled, kicked madly at his moblin enemy. Zelda bit one moblin on the arm, but they didn't escape. Both of them were being swept away in a huge cloud of blue and purple dust.

*I'm Canadian, so I spell coloured a different way.