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By: Dracona

I stepped out from the gap between our dimensions, into your flavored world of adventure. Sadly to my dismay it was but a lie; a shallow, superficial land awaited me, with non-existing promises and contradicting lies. The ache encroached upon me and held me down with its claw-like grip. I suffocated on my stinging tears, praying that Din would salvage me from my own fragile character.

But she cannot hear me, nor can Nayru or Forore. I left them behind. I left their eternal sphere of love and protection for what seemed was my dignity.

You. you know I am not of your world, and that I somehow belong in a place that is small and insignificant. Your clan thinks like you, and they lurch uncaringly over the dead. Occasionally kicking away the remains of a stone memorial and trampling on what has not yet passed.

I build up the courage to point at you, a dark scowl upon my face. You pause a moment, then mimic me like a chimp. Your clan. they start to laugh! Just a childish snicker at first, but it grows into something far worse. My ears bleed from the sonic wave of laughter and my tears turn to flaming daggers, burning up what is left of my dignity.

The ground collapses below my feet and I fall. Faster, deeper, darker: The words flash through my mind a million times in one second. I think of. I can't remember! I can't recall what gave me hope in my dark times here! I shall die in your world. your world that holds contempt against the unusual! Your land that wishes only to destroy!

The quick deceleration shatters my bones, and I curse under my last breath as my heartbeat fades away..