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"The Three Spiritual Stones"

The Three Spiritual Stones

By: Stephen Young


She walked along the corridor, suddenly a skulltulla came down, she unsheathed her sword and chopped it in half. She carried on down the grassy corridor and she came to The Great Deku Tree. She snuck up to his roots when suddenly ...... his eyes opened.

"Who's there?" There was a flash of green light and the girl disappeared.

Link woke up and yawned. He had taken to living in his hut in the forest. He stepped outside, looked down and saw a small boy with ginger hair and a frown. The boy was dressed in a green tunic with a green hat and brown leather boots.

"Mido what are you doing here?" asked Link.

"The Great Deku Tree wants to see you, he said it was important," Mido replied.

"Do you no what its about?"


Link said goodbye to Mido and went to saria's house. Standing there was a young girl of about ten with green hair in the same clothes as Mido.

"Hi," said Link

"Its not fair!" she replied


"Ever since you defeated Ganondorf and grew up the Deku Tree only wants to speak to you"

"Well I cant do anything about that!"

"Well I'm going with you!" said Link. With that they walked to the Deku Tree as they walked down the corridor they saw half a skulltulla.

"I thought there were no monsters in the forest anymore?" said Saria.

"Something bad must be happening." With that they ran down the corridor together. There they saw Impa and the great Deku tree.

"What's going on?" said Link

"The spiritual stone of the forest has been stolen by a young girl" Said Impa bluntly.

"Do you have any idea who?" asked Link.

"We suspect she was a Shekiah," Replied the wizened old tree.

"Shekliah?" Said saria.

"Yes, well I called you here Link to tell you to go retrieve the other two stones."

"Can I go?" Asked Saria

"No!" Said Link, Impa and the deku tree at the same time.

"First get some sleep," said Impa

"Yes," agreed the Deku Tree. "Incidentally you didn't have a dream last night did you Link?"

"Well yeah there was a flash of green light, but thats all I can remember." replied Link.

"Interesting," said the tree.

With that he went back to his hut and slept through the night. That night he had a dream.

She started playing her ocarina, Zelda's lullaby. The huge door opened she went in and saw a large Goron sleeping in a huge chair. There was a flash of red light.  The goron woke up.  "What the?"

She used a deku nut and warped away.

Link woke up ready for action. He stepped out the door and walked towards the Lost Woods. HE entered the lost woods then got his map out. He found the way to go and was on his way. Finally he got to a huge door and went through. He was in Goron city. He made his way down to Darunias chamber and got ready to play his ocarina, but when he got there the door was already open so he went in.

"Hi Darunia." But Darunia looked very angry "Whats wrong?" asked Link.

"The stone was stolen!"


"All I saw was a young girl and a flash of red light"

"Just like my dream," said Link. With that he composed himself.

"What dream" said Darunia.

"Doesn't matter."

"You must get to the third stone before she does."

Link started running, but a goron stopped him and told him to rest before he went. He accepted and the Goron took him to a bed made out of a soft rock. He closed his eyes and went to sleep and that night he had a dream.

There was a young Zora girl floating on the water. A flash of blue light. The girl sat up and threw a dagger.

Link woke up, he realised his dreams had been premonitions he ran to the lost woods and found the underwater entrace to Zora's Domain. He ran to Ruto's bedroom and found her weeping.

"Have you got the spiritual stone?!"

"No, a thief came during the night, he thought I was asleep, there was a flash of blue light that was when I picked up my dagger and threw it at her, it got her in the arm. She looked at me and warped away."

"Did you her the song she played?"

"The prelude of light! Link! She looked like...."


"She looked like Sheik, only female."

Impa suddenly appeared. "Have you got the spiritual stones?" She asked.

"No they were stolen .... by her, she looked like Sheik."


"Xiao?" asked Link.

"She was the model I used to make Sheik .... she is my sister, Stop her Link do whatever it takes."  With that he played the prelude of light and warped to the Temple of Time.

When he got there he saw a shekiah girl  at the pedestal. HE ran up to her unsheathed his sword, as he raised it she turned round and hit him knocking him to the ground. She unsheathed her sword and was about to stab. Suddenly two faeries appeared out of nowhere and attacked her.

"Navi! Kari! (Sarias fairy) Yelled Link.

Suddenly a young Kokiri girl jump kicked Xiao and pinned her to the floor

"Saria!" Link yelled

"What are you doing here," said Saria to Xiao.

"I am against Ganondorf not you go away and you will be spared" replied Xiao. Saria released her grip.

"Ganondorf?!" said Link and Saria in unison.

"Yes, he will get the stones if they are not changed and hidden, I must change them into three pendants, it would have been so much easier if that zora hadnt got me in the arm."

"So you're not evil"

"No, I found a tear in the realm, it wont take much to send Ganon back, but each must be changed with the power of the triforce in here, a power pendant a wisdom pendant and a courage pendant, then put deep in temples with guardians. They must be changed before....."

The ground starts shaking and Ganons creature appears. He reared up and with his claws slashed Xiao accross the chest. Link bombarde him with light arrows and slashed with the sacred sword. Ganon was sent back to the sacred realm.

"That was easy" Link said.

Saria was crouched in the corner, Link remembered Xiao, he ran over to her and Impa appeared. Xiao spoke.

"Si sister ... I .... love .... you, .... Link ..... change them ..... " With a sigh Xiao died in Impa's arms.

After the funeral Link spoke to Impa.

"I'm sorry about Xiao."

"It wasn't your fault"

"She was trying to do good and I almost killed her."

"But you didnt you banished Ganon and now you must carry out her last wishes."

After that Link went to the sacred realm and took the triforce. He changed the pendants and put them at the centre of three temples, one in the desert one near the lake and one on a mountain. Each pendant had a spirit guardian assigned to it.