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"The End of It All"

The End of It All

By: Pika

A perfect statue, frozen in time until the attacker was defeated by her true friend. The one who had been there by her side and always would be. This person had fought bravely and well, she would know as after all.she had been.. following him.

"Such a shame, a good person like you came all this way, just to see your childhood sweetheart become frozen in time until you came along and killed me," he paused staring at the anger on Link's face. "I'm sorry, but I had to freeze her. Even though I guess I regret it now."

"You still haven't told me why you froze her," said Link flatly.

"Well, she didn't wish to marry me so I tried time and time again, tempting her with gifts. It didn't work. She kept going on about her 'tame' pet wolfos and how that she wished it could become human and kill me. Course, I kept your secret, I never told her about your connection with the wolfos, even though I don't believe that it's true. For my benefits and yours. Eventually I got a bit too angry equalling a-cute-Zelda-statue." He glanced at Zelda's lifeless form.
"If you really can turn into a wolfos, how about showing me?"

Link's rage took over him. He charged at Ganon, still laughing hysterically. There was a loud slicing sound; the laughing stopped, replaced by the yell of a creature in pain and the steady dripping of glistening blood.

"You little rat! No one ever cuts half my arm off (even though no one's ever managed) and gets away with it!"

Ganon attempted to leap at Link, but he was too fast and he just hit the ground. Link, seeing his chance, used a jump slash with the Master Sword held like a dagger, yet Ganon teleported away. In anger Link skimmed the ground with his sword in the same position. The blade impacted someone or something behind him. Scarlet blood sprayed over his shoulder and onto the ground.

If Zelda is over there and I can't see Ganon, plus I don't feel any pain . Then who did I hit? Thoughts raced through Link's mind. Slowly he turned round to meet Ganon's eyes, wide with shock. His remaining arm clutching a sizzling hole, three times the size of a stab wound from any Master Sword, and growing. Suddenly the mutilated remains of an unrecognizable carcass became a fireball and went. Link ran over to 'The Zelda Statue' just in time to catch her. Her eyes slowly opened.

"Is he dead?" Link nodded. Zelda threw her arms around his neck and whispered, "I love you."

He blushed, but whispered back, "I love you too."

A few meters behind the place Ganon fell, Link noticed a figure of a young girl dressed in a black, grim reaper style cloak with the hood up, shadowing her face. Patches of smeared blood reflected the moonlight, just Zelda's golden hair. Zelda turned to see what Link was so interested in and asked, "Who's she?"

"How should I know."

Almost as if the child heard them talking, two eyes snapped open and narrowed. The two eyes were the two eyes of Majorca's mask. She blinked, once.twice.three times, then her eyes closed. Followed by a Chinese style bow. Finally she turned and left, disappearing into the mist.