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"For His Princess."

For His Princess....

By : Alexandra Spears

One morning, in North Castle, sixteen-year-old Link woke up feeling sick. Groaning, he managed to sit up and throw the blanket off his legs. The moment he did that he felt cold, so he dove back under his blanket. "I'm not getting up," he murmured to himself.

Link had just drifted back off to sleep when there was a sharp knock on his door. "Link, it's Zelda," came a feminine voice. "Come on, time to get up!"

"I'm not getting up!" Link managed to pipe up.

The door opened and Zelda came in. "And why aren't you getting up?" she snapped.

"Because I don't feel well."

"Link, you can't fool me. Stop faking it and get up." She had an idea. "Link, if you get up, you get a big kiss!" Link buried his head in his pillow and moaned. That was when Zelda knew something was wrong. Link would never miss a chance to kiss her. Granted they always got interrupted, but even so.... Zelda went over to the bed. Link rolled over onto his back and Zelda noticed that he was sweating. She touched his cheeks and forehead, found that they were hot to the touch, indicating a fever. "Link, what's wrong? What hurts?" Zelda asked, sounding concerned.

Link was shivering and he tightly wrapped himself with his single light blanket in response. Seeing that he was cold, Zelda went to the closet and got a heavy blanket. She covered him with it, tucking it in around his head. At that point, Spryte, a fairy princess, wafted in. "Did you get that boy up yet?" she asked.

"Spryte, I need you to get the court physician. Something's wrong with him."

"He even looks sick," said Spryte as she flitted out the door.

It turned out that Link had cut himself on an extremely rare and poisonous plant. Link had up to a few months to live, but it could be less if he didn't rest all he could. The physician had asked Spryte to find one of those flowers, since fairies were immune to them. He wanted to see if he could somehow find a cure. "I'm just going to be useless now," Link said, blinking back tears. "I suppose you want me to leave...?"

"Oh, no, no, Link!" Zelda exclaimed as she sat on the edge of his bed. He sat up, and she threw her arms around him. "You've helped us a lot. How can we not help you, regardless?" Zelda held Link at arm's length, saw the tears in his eyes. She she pulled him to her so his head rested on her chest. She stroked the side of his head, tears spilling down her cheeks. "I love you, Link," she whispered. Link lay back on his pillow and Zelda covered him with the blankets. "I'll get a room fixed up for you downstairs," she said. "If you need to rest all you can, you shouldn't be climbing stairs."

Link was sitting in the courtyard, leaning against the wall, hugging his knees to his chest. It was a few days later. He felt a little better, well enough to come out, so he'd come out here to cry in private. He still felt a bit cold and weak. It was fall and the days would be getting shorter and colder. Zelda had sent Spryte to find the flower; hopefully it was still blooming. He remembered what the doctor had said-his immunity would be impaired. Which basically meant that Link would be weak and sickly. Someone was coming. Link hastily dried his eyes and looked up. It was Zelda.


"Who's gonna guard the Triforce?" Link asked.

Zelda could see that Link's eyes were red from crying. "Link, you just may get a cure really soon. Don't worry about it."

Link stood up. "I think it's time we got the Triforce of Power from Ganon," he declared.

"Link! If you go into battle you'll only get sick!" Zelda reminded him.

Link gently took Zelda by the shoulders and looked into her eyes. "Even if I die right after you receive the Triforce of Power, it'll be worth it. Your kingdom will be safe and I wouldn't be needed anymore anyway."

Zelda saw his logic. But there was something he didn't seem to realize. "Link, I need you. Not just for protection...but for your companionship. Sure, you can be annoying sometimes, but I'd really miss that."

"What good is it if Ganon gets the Triforce of Wisdom? Then we'd all be doomed," Link pointed out.

Zelda hugged him. "You definitely deserve to hold the Triforce of Courage within you," she said. "You're right. But I want to help you."

"Even if I get really sick or even die, I want you to know it's worth it, my princess," said Link. "Kiss?" Surely she couldn't say no....

"Definitely-for your selflessness."

They kissed tenderly. Link cupped her cheek in his hand and stroked her temple with his thumb as they kissed. "I love you, Zelda. I'm doing this for you. I'd give my life for you."

"Does it have to be now?" Zelda asked.

"Zelda, I'm only going to get worse, not better. There's no guarantee that a cure will be found or will even work," said Link. "If I am going to be dead within a few months, I want to die knowing that you and your kingdom will be safe."

"Link, I want you to know I'm sorry for all the mean things I've said and done," said Zelda.

"It's all right...I forgave you a long time ago. I wouldn't have you any other way." Still, Link knew that she was trying to tell him this now rather than at his funeral, when he wouldn't be able to hear it. Zelda collapsed in his arms and sobbed on his shoulder as if her world were ending. She was taking this awfully hard, Link thought. He wished she'd stop...he was about to start crying again. Link tightened his arms around her, the tears starting again. He was wondering what would happen to Zelda after he was gone. "We'll go tomorrow," he told her. "We'll get the Triforce of Power and beat Ganon once and for all. I want to do this while I'm actually feeling all right."

Zelda could barely sleep that night. Link had already gone to bed downstairs, as he was tired. He was right-it was better this way. If they didn't get that Triforce and Link died, who would protect the Triforce of Wisdom? Dressed in her pink nightgown and reading a book in bed, Zelda sipped some warm milk to help her sleep. Spryte was out right now looking for that flower. At least there was still some hope.

Link's illness was what had more or less forced her to admit that she loved Link. She'd loved him from the beginning. She'd tried to tell herself that he wasn't good enough, but a recent experience with that snobby white knight had made her think differently. Sure Link might be a tad unrefined, but he was more than willing to lay down his life for her-and he'd told her that today. Why put up with a snooty stuffed-shirt type when she could have a young man who actually loved her? Love was more important. Besides, her father liked Link and wasn't above tousling his hair when he walked by him. Link was almost like a son to King Harkinian. Zelda couldn't forget that one time when Link had swung in through her window-her own father had encouraged him to do so, and had advised him to take flowers with him to give to her!

What must Link be thinking? Zelda thought as she sighed and laid the open book on her lap. What was he going through, knowing that several months from now he probably wouldn't be here? He seemed to accept it, to take it in stride, but there had been that look in his eyes that clearly said, "No! I don't want to go! I want to stay here! Sixteen years isn't long enough!" He was probably being brave for her. Maybe it was the Triforce of Courage within him. She could sure use some courage herself.

Finally Zelda fell asleep and her sleep was troubled, snippets of dreams coming and going, dreaming of Link dying violently, of Link dying peacefully in her arms....

Link sat with Zelda and her father at breakfast. Link merely picked at his food, since he didn't have much of an appetite. "Come on, Link, eat up," said Harkinian. "You need your strength if you're going to go on that mission."

"Yes, sir," said Link.

"Link, how are you feeling?" asked Zelda.

"I'm all right, considering...." Zelda and her father looked at each other. Usually Link ate enough for a whole army, as Spryte would oh-so-delicately put it. Zelda could tell that her father was worried too. Sure, he wanted his kingdom safe, but he didn't want to lose his friend Link. After breakfast Link and Zelda got ready to go. Harkinian hugged them both. "You two be careful," he told them. "Now I don't want to lose either of you."

"You won't, Daddy," said Zelda. "Not if we can help it."

Zelda and Link mounted their horses. "The entrance closest to Ganon's lair is near Death Mountain," said Link. "Let's head there."

"Link, I want you to be careful," said Zelda.

"I will, milady," said Link. They rode off. Link looked around whenever he could. Things he'd taken for granted...trees, green grass-he took a little time to appreciate them. He could die during this battle or he could become very sick and be cooped up in the castle. He was putting his health-possibly his life-at great risk and he knew it.

After a few hours they reached the base of Death Mountain. "Appropriately named," Link muttered. "Death Mountain."

"Link, please...," Zelda pleaded.

Link dismounted his brown horse, Catherine, and helped Zelda off her white one. He took her into his arms and kissed her gently. "Let's go do it," he said as he hugged her. He was glad that his illness wasn't contagious. That would have been one terrible thing-Zelda not being able to kiss him like that.

"Link, help only if I need it," said Zelda.

"Aren't we overprotective...."

"Link, if there's any way you'll get out of this alive...."

"You're right. I'll need my strength for Ganon. I think we need a silver arrow though." Link began leading the way. The pair fought their way through the dungeon, to the silver arrow chamber. Zelda did most of the fighting. Link had to help some and she was worried, as he seemed to be weakening.

Link put the silver arrow into his magic pouch. He sat down on the pedestal it had been resting on and tried to catch his breath. "I'm so tired," he said.

"Ganon's lair isn't far," said Zelda as she sat down next to him. She put her arm around Link's shoulders. "Hang in there, Link." She gently turned his face towards hers and placed her lips on his.

Somehow the kiss made Link feel a lot better. "Well, let's go, Zelda," he said, standing up. "Let's go get your Triforce."

Zelda bombed the door open and she and Link found themselves face-to-face with the evil wizard Ganon. "What brings you meddlers here!?" he shrieked.

"I just want our Triforce back, pig-face," said Zelda.

"Well I want yours!" said Ganon. "Get them, my minions!"

An army of Stalfos emerged from the roiling pink mists of the Evil Jar. Link quickly threw a bomb in there and the jar exploded. Zelda pulled him back against the far wall as the pink fluid spilled out, carrying the Stalfos away. "It's just you and us, Ganon," said Zelda.

"Oh really," said Ganon. "You'll not get my Triforce!"

Link gave Ganon a couple of zaps with his magic sword. "Zelda-the arrow!" he hissed. Zelda was a very good archer and Link knew she seldom missed. She grabbed the arrow and a bow from Link's pouch and took aim. Ganon shot magic bolts at the pair and they managed to dodge them. Link executed a backflip towards Ganon and slashed him with his sword. Ganon howled in pain and that was when Zelda fired the silver arrow, which flew directly into the villain's heart.

Ganon seemed to explode. When the blinding red light was gone, just his robe was there, and in it a pile of ashes, in which sat the silver arrow. Zelda took the Triforce of Power from its pedestal. "Let's get out of here, Link! This place is going to cave in!" It was true; the entire dungeon was trembling.

"Zelda-go! I'm too tired," Link told her.

"No, you're coming with me!" Zelda took his hand and led him out of the labyrinth. They got out just in time, and Link passed out.

Link was waking up in bed some time later. Zelda was sitting at his bedside. "We did it, Link," she said. "We got the Triforce of Power and Hyrule will be safe forever."

"How long have I been out?"

"Since yesterday," Zelda replied. "You wore yourself out and made yourself really sick. You're to stay in bed until you regain your strength."

"Zelda, when I get well, will you marry me?"

Zelda looked a little surprised. "Yes."

"I want to be well first. If Spryte manages to get that plant...." He smiled as he drifted off to sleep.


The next week Spryte came back with the flower.  The physician, who was a very learned man, managed to make an antidote that worked, and Link recovered. Soon afterward, Link and Zelda were married and raised their children in a safe and peaceful Hyrule.