Nobelyn's Tale
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“Nobelyn’s Tale”

Nobelyn’s Tale

By: The Sage of Darkness

Authors Note: Hey if you have any thing good or bad to say about my story please write and tell me what you think.

Chapter One: In the Beginning...

It was a normal day, Link was signing papers and stamping them with the royal seal. How boring, he thought. He looked out and saw his daughter outside practicing her aim. If she thinks its all fun and games, wait until she becomes Queen.

"Being king isn't what all its cracked up to be," sighed Link. Zelda laughed.

"What was your idea?"

"Better than this I can tell you right now," Zelda laughed again and looked at Nobelyn. She really is a good shot with a crossbow. It was then that Zelda noticed a little red ball of light flying near her daughter.

"Hey, um, Link is that...a fairy?" Link gave a slight jolt.

"Whoa déjá vu, you don't pay much attention to detail do you? You havn't noticed Luken? He's been here since a couple days ago. We came back home from Saria's and I saw her talking to him. I even crafted a bed for him." Zelda still looked puzzled.

"Poor him, but did you not go with her?" Zelda questioned.

"Oh of course, but I was in such a heated discussion with Saria that I didn't notice. Any way, Luken's a nice kid, I talked with him the other day, he reminds me of Tatl, mabye she was..."

Zelda stoped him mid sentence. "Wait, who is Tatl?"

Link sighed. "I'll tell you later. Right now I think I'll finish with these papers. Why don't you call Nobelyn it's almost time for you two to go anyway."

Nobelyn was reloading her crossbow, marveling at the bullseye she had just just received. Luken was stupified at how good a shot his friend was. She was the most beutifull girl in Hyrule. She had waist long blonde hair, a gentle face with a soul to match, but she did give attitude sometimes, and she carried a pistol like crossbow that was always attached to her belt unless she was using it. She proped the pistol in her left hand and took aim and Luken watched sitting on her shoulder.

"Nobelyn!" she heard her mothers cry but paid no heed.

"Nobelyn!!!" her father yelled and she cursed as her shot hit the side of the wall.

"Hrrrrrr, Father what is it you made me miss my shot!" Nobelyn exclaimed.

"Who do you think you are!!" her father roared. She had just noticed what she had done and quickly apologized.

"Oh sorry father,what does mother wish of me?" Link gave a half smile.

"It's time for your riding lessons!"

"All right I will be up in a minute! Come on Luken."

"So Link what are you going to do while were gone?" asked his wife.

"Well I gotta get these papers done and then I have a meeting with Queen Ruto," said a frustrated Link.

"All right well you run along," Link sighed and continued signing papers. "This is really boring."  Zelda walked away as the sound of scribbling and the thud of a stamp slowly decreased to nothing.

Zelda went over to Nobelyn's room to see if she was ready yet. When she entered it reminded her of her old room, seeing as it was her old room. Zelda never was one to collect dolls and and neither was her daughter, instead she had a collection of masks hanging on the wall. She noticed Luken flying outside Nobelyn's changing room.

"She kicked you out?" snickered Zelda as she watched Luken flying.

"Hum? Oh, no I chose to stay out." No one would have been able have been able to see this red ball was blushing. Zelda knocked on the door.

"Nobelyn, are you ready?"

"Just about mother," the princess said in response. Zelda waited on Nobelyn's bed. She was looking at the masks and counted them because she was so bored. There were twenty-four of them; they were a gift from Link to Nobelyn. She had always loved those masks and Link decided to give them to her when she turned thirteen, but there was one in paticular that caught her eye. It was strange beacause only but a year ago had it looked like Link but since he gave it to her one year ago it now looked like her daughter.  It must have strong magical properties for it takes the face of  its owner. Just then Nobelyn came out wearing a green t-shirt and a skirt that came down to her knees that was the same colour. These were her riding clothes. They were off to the Lon Lon ranch and a red-haired boy who seemed about a year older than Nobelyn came out. He was wearing a pair of black pants and a long sleeved shirt that was also black. Nobelyn didn't under stand why he would wear such dark clothes in such warm weather.

"Hey Nobelyn!" greeted the young male in English.

"Hey Sylvan could we not speak much English today I don't feel like that today." That was a strange characteristic about him not many people in Hyrule knew English. The only Hylians that did either traveled to a distant land or was tought by someone who did. And strangly enough Malon taught it to him, but neither she nor Talon left Hyrule.

"Nobelyn, you go riding, I'll be with Malon inside," her mother stated.

"All right mother." She liked beeing alone with Sylvan anyway, she didn't know why but when ever she was with him she got this strange feeling.

"So Nobelyn going to practice your jumping today?" Sylvan asked politely.

"Yes," she flashed a smile at him.

"I can sense something in you, it's a thing us fairies have, do him, I mean more than just a friend?" Luken asked smiling. Was that what that feeling was, was it love?

She blushed at the thought and quickly anwered, "No."

"So how do you happen to know English Malon?" Zelda tried to start a conversation.

"Well Dustyn, Sylvan's father taught it to me. He wasn't Hylian, I can tell you that. He said he was from a land called Koholint," Malon kept talking and Zelda thought to herself. Koholint, that sounds somehow familiar.

Chapter Two: Hidden Magic

After 3 hours of racking the brain and 19 cups of coffee, Zelda wasn't only wired, but she couldn't figure out where she had heard Koholint before. She was going mad. So after waiting for 20 minutes at the castle walls for Nobelyn, they went their different ways. Nobelyn went to her room and Zelda decided to cook up something (unfortunately she doesn't know how to cook, but she had very strong coffee and was a bit delusional).

Nobelyn was in her room and she decided to put on some of her masks, mainly the ones she thought would look good on her. Luken joined along as a critic and told her which ones looked good and which ones looked bad.  She had just gotten a good remark from Luken about her Keaton mask when her favorite one caught her eye.Oh, what the hell. She reomved the mask from the wall put it on her face and fell to the ground, screaming in agony. She fainted from the pain as her body grew to adult size. Zelda, hearing her daughter's scream, quickliy rushed to Nobelyn's room where she knew she would be there. Instead of seeing her daughter, there was a barbarian woman lying on the floor. She too fainted.

Zelda opened her eyes. She was on the floor, and on either side were Nobelyn and Link, who were both just staring at her. But Nobelyn looked a tad different. She now had silvery hair which reached to her waist instead of blonde. She got up and grabbed Link by the arm and began walking in the other room.

"Link before I fainted I saw a woman in Nobelyn's room. Care to explain who that woman was?" Link sneered and sat down.

"That woman as you may call her was your daughter. She transformed into the most powerful beeing known to us."

"Oh," is all Zelda replied, ashamed that she falsely accused her husband.