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"Majora's Mask: How It Really Happened"

Majora's Mask: How It Really Happened

By: Chibi Sakura


Long, ago, in a land called Termina, a mysterious tribe called the Majoras lived in misery. "What will heal our suffering?" the sad people murmured as they filled their food baskets with tree bark and Gasha plants.

As they did this, a young man would be gathering herbs and other plants to finish his plan-to make a mask that would keep Termina a great place to live. All night the man would be painting and placing spells of good onto the mask. One day, all his work paid off. He held the mask over his head with pride and shouted: "Behold! The mask that shall change our lives forever! I shall call it: Majora's Mask!"

Majora's Mask kept plenty off food and water in Termina. It gave the knowledge to make advanced medics to the Majoras. Everyone worshipped the man like a god, because his mask kept peace and harmony in Termina. But, one man was not happy with the young man's glory.

One night, he snuck into Majora's Mask's shrine and placed an evil curse onto the mask. The curse reversed the mask's effects of good and made them evil. When the Majoras awoke, they found that Majora's Mask was not working the way it should be. They were so mad, that they banned the young man, because they blamed him for Majora's evil ways. And thus, the young man sent off on a quest to find the one who would help him get Majora's Mask back to the way it was supposed to be...

Chapter One

"Hurry up, men!  Do you want to reach Termina in an hour or not?" asked Link. Link was leading a group of scientists to the parallel world of Termina, because they wanted to find new artifacts there. And Link wanted to find something that would be a challenge to fight. "Stop!" commanded Link. He held up his hand.

Link got off his horse, Epona, to look for the entrance to Termina. "Here it is!" he called, pointing to a large hole in a tree trunk. Link mounted Epona and rode into the hole. The scientists followed.

"It sure is dark in here, don't you think so, Mr. Link?" asked a scientist named Pacha.

"It's the only way to get there, Pacha," replied Link.

"Wait! Stop! I found some type of new fungi!" exclaimed another scientist named Kazuki.
   All the scientists gathered around to see. "C'mon, you guys! You'll probably see some more when we reach Termina," moaned Link. The group began to move again. Suddenly, Link's stomach plunged in his body. The scientists screamed. They were falling down a hole!

Chapter Two

Link tried to keep Epona calm. He felt her slip off from under him. "Epona!" Link cried,"noooo!" Thwack! Suddenly, Link and the scientists fell onto the ground. Link opened his eyes. He saw a scientist named Jim inspecting the area around him.

"This must Termina," Jim said in awe.

Termina? Link thought, that's impossible, for sure I thought that we were falling in a bottomless pit!

"Hey there, mate!" exclaimed a voice.

Link looked over his shoulder and found an old man standing over him. "Who are y-you?" Link stuttered.

The man smiled. "I am Lisha, maker of Majora's Mask! I have been searching for someone who can help me."

"Why do you need someone to help you?" Link asked.

Lisha's face clouded. "I have been banned from my village because my mask wasn't working right, but it wasn't my fault-I know that it was Riko's fault! You see, kid, Riko has always been my rival, and he's always waited for the right moment to ruin my life with his dark magic's. And cursing Majora's Mask was the perfect way to do it."

Link stood up. "I'll certainly help you!" he said with determination.

Chapter Three

"So, Lisha, how do we get to your village?" asked Link, as he and Lisha walked through a forest.

"Well, the only way to get there is if you use a Majorian Key," answered Lisha, "but while I was travelling, I was attacked by a dragon, and it stole my key."

Link nodded his head to show that he understood. "I'll get it back for you!"

"There it is, the dragon's shrine!" exclaimed Lisha. Link drew his sword and shield, and walked into the shrine.

Inside the shrine, Link saw the dragon sleeping. The dragon was red and had enormous claws and teeth. Its tail had a large flame on the tip. Link saw that the dragon was holding Lisha's key. He carefully bent over and tugged on the key to pull it out of the dragon's hand. Link tugged and tugged, but still he couldn't make the key come out. Link got frustrated and yanked on the key and made it come out, but the dragon started to wake up.

"Uh-oh," whispered Link

The dragon opened its mouth and spoke. "I am Nasura, the thieving dragon. What makes you think that you can steal my treasures?" it shouted.

Link stepped forward. "I came to get the Majorian Key that was stolen from my friend!" Link replied angrily.

"Hah! You cannot take something from me that I have already taken? Not without a fight you won't!" hissed Nasura.

Link stood in a fighting position and tightened his grip on his sword. With a battle cry from both Link and Nasura, the fight began.

Chapter Four

Nasura blew a gigantic blast of fire at Link, but Link blocked himself with his shield. He lunged his sword at Nasura's body, but Nasura flew up and the sword hit her tail instead. Nasura screeched in outrage. Chunks of the ceiling fell into the shrine. Link was feeling tired, all the walking he had done before the battle took a lot of energy out of him. He wanted the battle to end, so with all the strength he had left, Link threw his sword right into Nasura's heart. Nasura shrieked as she fell to the ground.

Link breathed a sigh of relief. He took the key and ran to see Lisha.

Chapter Five

"Congratulations, Link!" exclaimed Lisha.

Link smiled as if to say: "You're welcome."

"Well, let's get to the village, Link," said Lisha. Link nodded and followed Lisha.

Link and Lisha stopped infront of a large stone door. "Now is the time we use the key," said Lisha. He put the key inside a lock that had the name Lisha carved above it. The door swung open and Link and Lisha walked inside. In the village, Link and Lisha walked around until they came to a house with a sign that said: Riko's Domain. The two men took a deep breath and walked in.

"Well,well,well, if it isn't the old out-law?" smirked an old man with oily black hair and beard.

"You know what happened to the mask was your fault, Riko," growled Lisha.

"Oh, blaming it on poor, old me, eh, Lisha?" sneered Riko.

"Listen, Riko, I have a friend that will defeat you and turn Majora's Mask back to normal," Lisha bragged.

"Now, now, we mustn't read other people's minds should we, Lisha?'' sneered Riko, "and yes, to the man beside you, if you somehow defeat me, the evil spell that I placed on Majora's Mask will automatically be broken."

"I will beat you," smirked Link as he held his his sword and shield tightly.

Riko sneered. "We shall see who wins this match, we shall see."

Riko hurled a ball of magic at Link, Link tried to block it, but his shield wasn't strong enough to hold back the blast, and so he was knocked backwards. His head smashed into the wall and he fell to the floor.

"I have a friend that will defeat you," mocked Riko. Riko hurled another blast of magic at Link. It hit him and Link cried out in pain. "This match is over!" Riko declared.

"It's not over 'til I win," said Link. He got up off the floor and jumped straight at Riko. Riko tried to move out of the way, but Link was way too fast, so he had no choice but to let Link's sword plunge into his heart.

"Nooooo!" screamed Riko as he burst into a pile of ashes.


"Thank-you so much for saving our village, Link,"said Lisha" "you will always be welcome to come and visit."

He placed something into Link's palm. Link looked at it, and to his surprise, it was a Majorian Key.

"Thank you," Link said softly. He mounted Epona and waved good-bye to Lisha. "See-ya, Lisha! I'll never forget you! I'll come and visit as much as I can!" Link called.

"Good-bye, Link!" shouted Lisha. Link looked at his new key. A true mysterious artifact, but this one was special. He would never share it with anyone.