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“Mind Games”

Mind Games

By: Solowolf15

Chapter One: The Beast

"Link, wake up! It's almost 12:00 in the afternoon, c'mon and get up!" Shouted Saria in front of Link's tree house.

"It's not that late, two more minutes please," groaned Link, as he rolled over onto his side. Saria was normally a patient person, but this was the third time this week that Link slept in and Saria had enough of his laziness.

"Link, C'mon, I have foraging duty again and frankly I do not want to be pared up with Mido," whined Saria. Link rolled over and got out of bed. He splashed some cold water on his face and followed Saria into the Lost Woods.

Link didn't mind foraging; he just hated being dragged out of bed on a Sunday (especially on rainy days like this). Link deliberately stepped into a puddle as he and Saria searched for some mushrooms for supper and for the Kokiri market. "Ahhh, here's a fat one," smiled Saria as picked large mushroom from the base of a well aged oak tree. "Link, did you find any 'shrooms?" Enquired Saria. Link just shook his head as he stared at the gloomy, even ominous sky. "Well...we should get going," suggested Saria.

"Yeah; I don't have a good feeling either."

"You never have a good feeling when it's Mido's turn to cook for the forest," giggled Saria. Link rolled his eyes and headed back to the forest.

It has been well over two years since the showdown with Ganondorf Dragmire and three months since Link battled with Majora's Mask, But Link never had an uneasy feeling like this one, Link just shook it off as he entered the Kokiri forest.

Every Sunday the Kokiri have a Community Meal, unfortunately it was Mido's turn to cook and it was Saria and Link's turn to forage for whatever that was edible in forest. Mido emerged from his house wearing a chef's hat and carrying a large cookbook.  The rain had stopped and the wood was dry enough to burn the large pot. Mido opened the cookbook and took the various ingredients and tossed them in the great pot. The pot simmered and stewed for about
four hours before an odious stench bubbled from the pot. "Holy Farore! What's that smell?" shouted Link.

Mido wandered out of his house to find an angry mob of Kokiri. "You idiot! You just burned tonight's supper!" barked one Kokiri.

"Yeah! What are we going to do now?" agreed another.

"Ummm...I'm sorry, I was just taking a little nap," said Mido sheepishly.

"Well, looks like we'll be having that spinach casserole you been wanted me to try," said Link gloomily. Saria giggled and went to her house for supper.

Link groaned rolled over on his bed. "Owww, that the last time I am having spinach casserole again," moaned Link. Though Link felt sick, he might as well try to sleep. Link began to have strange dreams. In one of them, he was in some demented persona of some sort with abstract lines and curves of every color imaginable. In the center of this realm stood some form of beast. A rather large monstrosity with paw-like hooves and a head of that of horse and a wolf. Around its neck is a small lantern hung. Link could hear screams resonating in the lantern. The creature stared at him with his icy blue eyes. Link woke up with hot bile in his mouth. He ran outside and vomited.

Chapter Two: The First Attack

Link wiped his mouth and sickly wandered back to bed. He had no more dreams. Link woke up feeling rather better than before, so much so that he traveled to Saria's for breakfast. As he walks up to the small cottage, he notices that a small group of Kokiri was all clustered around something. "Hey Tyro what's going on?" asked Link.

"It's Saria, and she doesn't look good," responded Tyro, one of the four Know-It-All Brothers. Link pushed through the crowd to find Saria, curled up and shaking miserably, screaming something about spiders.

"No, no please get them off of me, no more spiders, helllp!" screamed Saria. Link tries to comfort her but he was not successful. Link didn't know what was wrong with her, maybe the great Deku Tree will know.

Link galloped to the meadow where the Great Deku Tree stood. Link told the wise tree about Saria's little problem. "Hmmm? Well...either she's having a very bad night terror or a Phobist has gotten to her."

"A Phobi-what?" said Link.

"You know...someone or something feeding on a person fears," said the Deku Tree; Link looked the tree with utmost concern.

"WHAT!? That can't be true!" shouted Link.

"Well it's quite true, since the fear is more of a Phobia than a simple nightmare, I can see why you're so concerned, but this Phobist is quite lethal. After every full moon Phobist devours the souls trapped in his lantern, in other words, Saria will die by the next full moon," said the Deku tree grimly, Link had no other choice, he had to save Saria and Hyrule.

Link headed for LonLon Ranch. Taking his trusty sword and shield, he run toward the large ranch ahead of him. When he reached there, it seemed vacated, but he entered anyway. Link wandered towards Epona's stall, she would be more than valuable in this quest. Link walked in to find Malon, Talon's daughter, curled up next to a spilled jug of milk whimpering something about high places. She had the same stare as Saria, the Phobist got her. Link could do nothing, but just prayed that Talon and Ingo were not attacked. Link saddled Epona and head towards the gate when Talon stopped him. "Link, wait! Is...She going to be alright?" said the already worried ranch keeper.

"I...I don't know. I have to find the Phobist, to fix this problem. Have you seen anything running from here?" asked Link.

"Yeah, saw som'thing runnin' towards the desert."

"Thanks, Talon. I'll be back soon."  Link ran towards the Gerodo valley, when something flew over his head. What on Hyrule was that? Said Link to himself. What ever it was flew straight towards the valley.

Chapter Three: The Fall of the Mighty Gerudos

The valley seemed empty and strangely quiet. No sign of any of the warrior women. Link was starting to become worried. "Nabooru...where are you?" shouted Link across the desert.  Link ran towards Nabooru's throne; and there stood the whole tribe and Nabooru. The once fierce and proud warrior now whimpered helplessly about two witches. "No please, stop, help me please," Cried Naborru. The rest of the tribe stood there helpless.

"Hey, you, boy. What's wrong with our leader?" asked on of the Gerudos.

Link turned and answered bluntly; "The Phobist took her soul."

The Gerudo stared at him for a few moments then burst out laughing. "Ha ha ha ha ha! For a moment it thought that you were serious."

"I am. Why do you think otherwise?"

"Because obviously she's having a nightmare. Why don't you just move long home, boy." Link shook his head and headed towards the field. When he caught sight of something by the valley entrance, a large beast-like creature with paw-like hooves and a face of a horse and a wolf.  Hey wait a sec, that's the same thing that was in my dream last night, said Link to himself. The creature caught wind of him and headed towards Death Mountain

Even Kakariko couldn't stand against the beast's wrath. All of Kakariko were moaning about whatever that ails them. Link sighed, and got back on Epona.  The afternoon was sailing quickly and most of Hyrule suffered the Phobist terror, and Link was starting to give up. Great now the Gorons and the Zoras are suffering, I don't what to do now. Link wandered into the Hyrule castle when he heard a scream.

To be continued...