Link’s Love
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“Link’s Love”

Link’s Love


Chapter One: What To Do?

He gently rose up, shielding his eyes from the early morning sun just rising above the horizon.  Another day, another chance to decide, thought Link as he got out of his bed to stretch.  He had been tormented by his feelings of longing and want of the three girls of his dream, for seven long years.  Ever since his journey through time, he had realized his feeling for each of them, but just couldn't decide whom he would spend eternity with.  He retained his adult mentality when Princess Zelda had sent him back to live his lost childhood.  At first he was happy that he was a kid again and just dismissed his memories of the future as just a horrible dream.  Till he saw the husk of the dead Great Deku Tree, it was then that he noticed that none of the other Kokiri had been making fun of him like they usually did. This was when reality had sunk in, that what he did was for real.  He had also realized that Saria had become even more distant, because he had not returned any of the affection that she had shown him in all this time.

He decided that day to let her know how he felt about her too.  Being a kid with an adult mind, he sometimes could've  kicked himself for not realizing some of the most obvious things, this among them.  He found Saria sitting on her stump in the Sacred Forest Meadow, getting nervous as he approached. Link was silent due to his future training in the Gerudo Fortress; it wasn't till he was standing in front of her that Saria noticed heavy breathing in front of her.  Startled as she looked up to see who had sneaked up on her, to her relief it was only Link.  Link could see the relief in her eyes and, curiosity of why he had come.

Taking the initiative Link spoke. "Saria.. sorry if I startled you," he said in an amused voice that earned him a playful, scornful glare.  "I came to talk to you." He paused to let how he said that sink in. "I know that you have been... friendly towards me, trying to show me how much you truly cared for me." Another pause, as she look on at him in a hopeful gaze. "It has taken me a while to piece it together, and to realize my own feelings for you." He let out a sigh, and was visibly trying to work up the courage to say what she was hoping that he was going to.  "Saria. I think that I..." Another pause, "That I... love you too." She was as happy as she was floored that he admitted what she had been waiting for so long to hear.  She got up and slowly walked towards him, eyeing him. This was making him nervous, it was bad enough to see her feelings hurt, but what she must be thinking now, he was wondering if she thought him a funny child to admit that he loved her.

"Oh, Link you have no idea how long I've been waiting to hear you say that," she said as she wrapped her arms around him.

Link came out of his flashback.  That was nearly seven years ago, since then he has also realized that he held a flame for Princess Zelda and Malon as well. Each day that goes by he struggles to figure out which one he loves more.  To make matters worse, he has found that Princess Ruto of the Zoras also had a crush on him.  He has been searching for some way to tell her that he wasn't quite interested in her; he had given back the Zora's Sapphire to her father, but he kept the knowledge from her, the Link kid was the only  thing that really brightened her moods.  When Link found out that the King Zora didn't tell his daughter of Link's returning of the spiritual stone, the king beseeched him to play along for the time being, till she would grow out of her phase.  He told Link that when he wasn't there that his daughter would always be depressed.  King Zora admitted that when Link gave back the stone he understood why, but he couldn't bring himself to see his daughter unhappy if there was something that he could do about it.  So he played along at the King of the Zoras request.

Over time he'd gotten the feeling that Ruto knew that he didn't love her back the way she loved him, but she never told him if she did.  This was another thing he always thought he would do that day, but when it came time to see her, he had gotten to know her as a good and dear friend, and now even, he couldn't bring himself to tell her how he truly felt.  Even though he had ended up in some awkward situations with her, it took all of his will power not to crush her like that. Sometimes he would swear that if he didn't know better, he may have actually been falling for her.  When he thought of that he reminded himself that he had three other girls he was trying to decide on; he didn't need to add another to his list of problems.

Link sighed aloud, as he walked around his room getting dressed for the day; he always got depressed when he thought about all of this, how could he decide which one to choose?  Saria certainly didn't help his problem when he noticed that she too was growing older as he did.  Her beauty grew with her, and she retained her childlike attitude the she had, ever since he could remember her.  Link's thoughts were diverted for a moment as he thought about her hair, how it was long, past her shoulders, green as ever, and smooth as silk, likes Zelda's hair.  He had always thought that Saria had to have been dyeing her hair, after all who had natural green hair?  Alas, even that diversion didn't last long as he thought about Zelda, and Malon, and their hair. Each different and unique in their own ways.  Malon's hair glittered in the sun when it hit it just right. Zelda's hair sparkled like gold no matter where she was or what time of day.  Saria's hair had its own way of catching the sun's rays, that he just couldn't describe.

He even noticed that in a way Princess Ruto's head acted as if it were hair when the two played in Lord Jabu-Jabu's fountain, it actually had a sparkle to it when she was it the water, in the light of the sun or under the glow of the moon.  Ruto again, he let out a shiver, how would he be able to tell her that he can't marry her, if he was truly was falling for her too? Link shivered again, he didn't like that thought, so he pushed all of the thoughts away, and said to himself, "Time to go gather breakfast, maybe I can sort this out later."

Chapter Two: It Is Decided

The sun had yet to rise. Good, she thought, Link should still be asleep. With the quietest steps she could manage she quickly walked through the Kokiri forest, past all the sleeping kids.  She climbed the vines and entered the Lost Woods.  There she broke into a sprint, running through the woods to the entrance that lead to the Gorons' city.  The girl stopped to catch her breath, and waited for something, she sat down and tried to meditate. She found this to help her relax and pass time.  Just then she heard voices coming from the hallway.  She looked up real quick, and spotted two others coming out of the darkened pathway. "I don't understand why the tunnel is so dark, why won't they just light it up some?  It would keep people from tripping over things in the dark,"  said one voice as the two emerged; they shielded their eyes from the rising sun.

"What I want to know is why we had to get up so early to come here, and why we couldn't just come in through the Kokiri forest," said the other one as they stopped by the girl sitting on the grass, just breathing in, and breathing out. "Well Saria, are you going to tell us, or do we have to guess?" the first one asked the girl sitting on the grass.  Saria just looked at them as she got up, and motioned them to follow her, as she went to the next area.  She stood by the small pond, and again she waited. The other girls were getting antsy.

"Saria, why don't you just tell us why you called us here so we can get back.  It isn't like I told my father that I was going somewhere this morning.  If I don't get back in time he may have the whole kingdom looking for me," spoke the second girl.

"Princess, you know that when she is like this you won't get any information out of her by pleading.  You got to get on her nerves till she is willing to talk. You done it before, try it again, then maybe we all can go home,"  the first girl chimed in.

"I'm not spoiled," said the Princess defensively. "I'm just used to people doing what I ask for them to do," she stated in a matter-of-fact voice.  "If I wanted to, I could just order you to return home right now Malon, but I've agreed to let all of us meet.  I just don't know who the other one is,"  she spoke in her royal voice.

"I called us together to talk about Link," Saria broke the argument between the two. "We are just waiting for Princess Ruto to show up.  She has just as much right to be in our discussion as the rest of us.  As for why so early, Link doesn't get up till the sun rises," she said as she pointed to the horizon. "This way we can avoid Link and talk amongst ourselves.  Hopefully like civilized people and not children," Sshe said as she looked at the two who were quarreling.  The only response she got were two tongues sticking out at her. Saria just rolled her eyes and brought her attention back to the pool, just then some air bubbles floated up, then out popped Princess Ruto's head.

"Hope I'm not late," she said questioningly.

"No you're not late, these two were just arguing to pass the time," Saria cut in before the other two could answer, as she pointed to the two behind her. The two girls just folded their arms over their chest and gave a clear "Humph."

Saria wasted no time in taking them through the Lost Woods and into the Sacred Forest Meadow.  They were early enough to slip past the sleeping deku scrubs. Once in the clearing before the Forest Temple, the four girls sat in a circle around the pad in the ground there.  None of them knew what these pads were, just that they were almost everywhere.  Saria spoke first. "I've called the four of us here because of what we have in common: Link. We all love him and wish that he would choose one of us; and for the most part he loves all of us.  Sorry Ruto, but you knew that. There is good news for you though, it seems that Link may actually be considering you among his troubles, namely choosing one of us to be with."  With that Ruto perked right up, and seemed to beam with a sort of pride.

As the other two just look at Saria and Ruto, then stated in unison, "What do you mean that he may be considering her?  How would you know how he feels?"  Ruto merely stuck her tongue out at them and they returned the favor.  Saria let out a sigh.

"I know how he feels because I'm the one he is around the most and because I was his friend before, he lets me know of his dilemmas.  He tries not to hurt my feelings by talking about any of you, but he has feeling for all of us, and their tearing him apart. Sometimes the results are funny." She chuckles as she thinks of some things Link has done over the years worrying about his problem. "But as of late, it is making him depressed that he can't choose between us. His feelings and emotions are genuine towards all of us, but he can't just pick one of us and let the other feelings go," Saria says with and edge of sadness in her voice.  The others pick up on it and realize what she means.  Then Saria chuckles again and says, "He has even told me that he has considered marrying all of us to settle the problem and his sense of loyalties."  This got a slight chuckle out of all of them.

Zelda spoke next on the subject just presented, "While it may help Link, and if it would I think I may agree to put up with all of you, the problem would mostly be my father.  He wouldn't approve of me going into such a marriage, besides I think we all can agree that each of us would rather have him to ourselves."  This got a small contented sigh from the rest of the group as they visualized themselves with Link.

Ruto spoke this time. "So what are we going to do, it isn't like we can just walk up to him and tell him to choose.  As it is, even I know that the chances would lie in Saria's favor, her being his closest friend and first one to admit that he loved.  To add to the problem she has even grown older with him so he knows all of her past and none of ours, just what time he spent with us.  So it wouldn't be fair to him or to us if we did that."  This got Princess Zelda and Malon thinking, she is right, he would choose Saria because he knows her better.  Both showed their disappointment upon realizing that Ruto had a point.

To everyone's surprise Saria spoke again, "Now for the reason of this meeting.  I realized this to, so to be fair I thought that we would give him time to get to know all of us, a little more personally.  We each get a day alone with him, just one of us, and him.  To let him know what he would be getting into.  It will hopefully be enough, I thought about it and I confident that one day alone, to let him see our more personal side, would be enough to help.  No one else, just the two, alone, and we agree to do pretty much anything that he would like, as we would deem it fit to do for him."  The others looked wide-eyed at her as they realized what she had just proposed.  They all put on a big devious grin.    Then the others noticed Malon's thoughtful and embarrassed face, looking to her to say what she was thinking.  She however, didn't notice them, but started to talk anyways. "What about our... integrity? I mean..." She stopped as she looked up to see all eyes focused on her.  She blushed slightly as she continued, "We can't just give our whole selves over to him, can we?  If he doesn't choose us, then what could we say to those that we would marry?"  The others continued to stare at her as they thought about this.  Ruto spoke up, and startled the others back to reality.

"So it is agreed we do as he please, but we retain our...honor."

The others nodded and all departed, slipping by the last two sleeping deku scrubs to climb the ladder.  So as not to risk getting hurt by any awakened scrub.

Chapter Three: Saria's Turn

Link was sitting by the secluded pond that he found when he was with Saria one time, eating the breakfast that he had gathered on his journey there.  He watched the kettle as the water he was boiling was starting to bubble.  Every since he got back from his journey through time he had always taken the precaution of boiling any water from a natural source.  Even he didn't know why, but he was nonetheless wary about drinking water otherwise.  When the water started to boil Link got out two cloths and picked up the kettle and lowered onto the little submerged ramp he built a while back. He heard the instant sizzle of the pond water as the hot iron surface of the kettle broke the gentle reflection.  His gaze turned back to the path that he had walked this morning.  He noticed some fresh tracks this morning, first one running, and then joined by a few more as they progressed.  The tracks led away from his spot, but he didn't like the idea that someone may come up behind him and interrupt his thinking.

Link always looked forward for this moment, in the morning under the rising sun as he saw another day rising into the sky. He would reflect on what mattered most to him in his life, and of which, did the girls he loved exhibit the most. His mind already had its subject, their hair.  He had been reminiscing, about the most fascinating moments of all of them.  First Saria, her hair as he thought earlier always had its way of bringing out the beauty of the morning.  He could remember the simpler days that he and she would gaze at the stars all night only to awaken in the morning by the early sun.  How, no matter what distance she put between him and her, she found her way by his side by morning.  He would awaken and start to stretch, when he would notice extra weight on his arm.  He would look over and down and there she was, snuggled against him.

Her arm lightly draped across his chest, looking so peaceful, and the way the morning sun glistened off her hair, even if a trifle ruffled.  Just then, she would always wake up, slightly embarrassed, she always used the excuse that she must have been cold during the night. He would always assure her that it didn't matter.  Sometimes he made a joke out of it and tell her it wouldn't of mattered if she decided to sleep on top of him during the night, just as long as she kept her hair out of his face so he could breathe.  She would give him a playful punch to the shoulder and say in her coy voice, "Oh Link, you're terrible. I will at least retain my dignity." The two would always laugh at her statement. Oh how he longed for those simpler nights.

His thoughts drifted to Malon, for they too shared nights out under the sky.  These nights they would spend long hours gazing across the starlit sky, just telling each other about fantasies of far away adventures in some other world.  They would always try to make it back to either the house or the bunk in the tower, where Link was usually assigned to sleep when he stayed.  No matter what though, the two would always fall asleep just trying to get there.  After a few times they took blankets and pillows with them just in case they didn't make it again, and sure enough, they returned the next morning with the pillows ruffled and the blankets refolded after apparent use.  Talon never says anything because he knows that Link wouldn't let it go too far, till the right time.  Again, Link thought about how Malon's hair struck him in the morning.

No matter where they fall asleep on Lon Lon Ranch, in the morning Malon's hair almost always finds a new way to dazzle him when he wakes up.  He would wake up and instantly become aware of her head on his chest, nestled into the dip between his arm and chest.  Her arm too would be draped across his chest, at some points he would ask himself what was it that made the ladies do that with him.  He would just lay there and study her hair as the morning sun glistens off of it, each move of his head showed a different spectacle as he watched her body rise and fall with each breath she took.  He would always wake her up gently by softly stroking her hair; it would feel so smooth, never tangled.  The length of it had always fascinated him, she always kept it about the length of her waist, or what he presumed to be her waist, from where he would pick here up and twirl her around.  Talon would always watch him whenever he came to the ranch; he suspected that Talon still didn't trust him to keep his hands to himself.  To allay his fears, Link often offered to help around the farm.  By the end of the day he always found it surprising that he still had the energy to sit up most of the night with Malon to look at the stars.

The stars, they held a great mystery that he shared his fascination with a lot of people.  Princess Zelda, for example, she has an equal fascination with them. The two of us would just stare at them for hours, never tiring.  She has even let me look through something  of hers that she called a telescope.  It showed me that the stars were round things that seem to hang in the night sky.  She told me that the round things were called planets, and each one had a name. She told me that she didn't like the names that she was told so she made some up for them.  One that she had me look at was huge; it almost covered the entire view of the telescope.  She said that she calls that one "Big Red" because of the red tint it had to it. It took me a minute to see what she was talking about.  The most fun we had was just staring up at the stars, lying there on the ground in the castle courtyard, amongst all the flowers.  The scent of the flowers and Zelda's perfume would fill the air in the spring.  We would fall asleep dreaming about life on those other planets, and wondering if anyone on one of those planets were doing the same.  In the morning I would find her stirring a bit as she lays her head on my shoulder and chest.  Her arm hooked up with her hand around my neck.  The hair strikes me the most in this scene, the sun just rising above the castle walls, striking her silken, golden, hair just so.  It just seems like her hair was a gifts from the gods, as she lies there peacefully, till she is awakened.  The perfect view of her hair is replaced with her warm smile as she looks up at me, and just snuggles in closer to me. She never has made an excuse, she just takes it for granted, and me, well I don't complain, but it does bother me that I could never figure out what it is that wakes her.  She won't tell me either, she just smiles, and says, "Guess you will never find out, hmm?"

Even when she is awake her hair still looks like a slice of heaven sent down for all to see. When we are awake, her attendant, Impa, makes sure that we stay a respectable distance away from each other.  She rarely even lets Zelda kiss me on the cheek when I have to leave.  When I have to leave, oh how my heart aches when I have to leave any of them.

The weirdest of all things, I think that I may be gaining feelings for Ruto too.  We have fun playing in Jabu-Jabu's Fountain till the wee hours of the night, but we have never stayed out in the open.  She would always take me to her room, once in there I would always turn my head out of respect and instinct, she always laughs at that gesture.  Sometimes she would even play a joke on that, as she reminds me that Zoras don't change clothes to sleep in, she would use her arms to cover her chest and her hand to cover lower. I would see just enough of her doing that to turn back around.  She would always get a laugh out of that. Even if it upsets me some, I've grown to be able to laugh at that too.

After the first time that I had to spend the night she had another bed put in for me. She had her elegant rock bed to lie on, with a small water current gently running over the top. I will always be amazed at how they make pillows that don't absorb the water but still are comfortable. Every morning I wake up, in there, to find Ruto sleeping in the bed with me. It has a steady drip from the ceiling just beside my legs if I lay on my side, but it forms a nice and damp pool in the bed.  The Zora tunics that the king had made for me to wear keep me nice and dry.  Still I'm just as shocked that she comes over to sleep with me in this bed, as I was the first time it happened.  The first time I spent the night and slept on the new bed.  I'm always facing the wall, the only way I can go to sleep comfortably, and I turn around to check on Ruto, expecting her to be in her own bed.  Only to find her snuggle into my back and her arm draped over me. It is a sight that always startles me, and subsequently wakes Ruto from her deep, peaceful slumber.  Lately however, it doesn't startle me as much as it used to so I have time to see her damp forehead in the light glow in the room.  Her skin gives it just the right color and for a moment I would swear that I was seeing someone's hair.  As a matted glaze bounces of the skin it gives it a look of wet hair shining in a blue light.  Each time it takes longer to realize that it is just Ruto's damp skin reflecting light, and this is what startles me the most, when I come back to reality and, again she is awakened.  She would always give a contented smile and hug me closer and at first when she did that I had to fight the urge to try and break free.  Now I just count the seconds till she releases me.  I think I have noticed that they are getting longer.  Sometimes I wonder what it is that draws girls to me, whether I'm sleeping or running away from a small group that I bump into at the market.  All of which are looking for a potential husband.

I have come to regard Ruto as a friend, and it is now harder than ever to tell her my true feelings, especially since I think that my true feelings may be changing.   Huh, what was that?  Link thought as his attention was brought back to reality by a twig snapping.  Link stealthily gets up and hides behind some nearby bushes.  He watches for any sign of someone approaching.  Then he fells a soft touch on his shoulder, and slowly looks down to confirm that someone else's hand was there. A soft voice says rather playfully, "Gottcha."

Link's shoulders slump, as he realized that he let his best friend sneak up on him and corner him. Saria notices the look on his face and asks merrily, "What are you thinking about that took all of your attention?  That's the only way I could have done this so easily." She kidded him making him frown even more.  Her face turns to an almost pitiful, sorrowful look as she says in her sweetest baby voice, "Ah, did I upset my wittle precious?"  She followed Link back to his spot and seemed to be thoughtful for a second. She then exclaimed something that struck Link as weird, or contradictive of her normal behavior, "I know.  I can do something for you, something that should cheer you up." She flashed a grin and ran behind a big boulder. Link could have sworn that it was a mischievious grin. Next he noticed that she was moving around a lot behind the boulder, she ducked for a second and came back up.  Was it his imagination, or did he just see bare shoulders?  Naw, she wouldn't do something like that, unless she ate something that would make her go a little crazy, he'd seen other Kokiri eat strange food from the Forest before and get sick after acting weird.  Surely Saria would know better than to eat something that she didn't know what it was.  She turned her head towards Link and yelled a little, "Are you ready, 'cause here I go." With that Link saw a streak of flesh run to the water and dive in.  She didn't even attempt to cover her body.  He was floored; he didn't know what to make of what had just happened.

Chapter Four: Her Day To Shine

Saria burst through the water's surface, grinning, as she saw Link's expression.  She had wanted to surprise him, and this was the only way that she could think of right off hand.  With only her head above the water's surface she called out to Link. "What is the matter Link?  Surprised to see 'me'? Don't tell me that that didn't cheer you up.  I can see the look in your eyes from here, you liked what you saw."

He wanted to say back that he was more surprised than she might imagine, and that the "look" in his eyes was from seeing her hair.  Her wet, matted green hair had taken on an emerald color, one that truly flattered her.  With her hair let loose to flow it truly made her look beautiful.  Link didn't answer Saria, he just kept his look of surprise on his face.  He really didn't see all that much of her when she ran to the water. With her distance in the water, the image portrayed was more that of two long voluptuous legs attached to a scrunched up body with short arms, and a big, exquisite head. Saria felt the need to further tease him.

"Why don't come on in Link, the water is fine. I won't mind seeing any more of you." She giggled aloud, with a coy look on her face.  Link however, wasn't too sure that she had truly taken everything off, and was slowly edging toward the boulder,  keeping his eyes fixated on the strange sight in the middle of the water.  Saria saw his questioning look. "You're wanting to know why I did this, are you?" she asked him in a playful, and seductive voice.  "Well, I decided to do this try and cheer you up.  The least you could do is show me some sort of gratitude."  She then noticed that he was getting closer to the boulder and started to worry that he would find all her clothes there, and that he might actually tease her with them.  Then she smiled at the thought, well if he did, she would just have to surprise him.  However, when he got there, she noticed a surprised look on his face, as he took in what he saw.  She then realized that he thought she was trying to trick him. When the shock sunk in Link smiled a little, she was really without any clothes.  All of what she was wearing was there, including her undergarments.  Then he thought of something and took another look at the clothing and look around, as if he were checking to see if they were alone. He mumbled something under his breath, and shot Saria another questioning look.   It took a moment for Saria to understand what he was thinking.

"Oh, you were wondering where Seron is.  I told him earlier this morning that I would be all right for a day, and asked him to leave me alone for that amount of time."  This made Link both apprehensive and joyful.  While Seron, Saria's fairy, wasn't here, he wouldn't get in the way of things.  This could be both something good and something a bit unlucky.  Seron would've kept things from going too far.  As things were, Link was thinking that maybe things have gone far enough.  While Link was thinking, Saria was slowly drifting back to shore.  When she felt the ground of the pound under her feet again she began to slowly wade the through the water.  She tried to stay low in the water to make it look like she was still our far. When Link was lost deepest in his thoughts she slipped out of the water a quietly as she could, barely making a single splash.

With her body still dripping she slowly walked up to Link as seductively as she could even if his back was turned while he was thinking.  She laid her hand softly on Link's shoulder, breaking him from his trance-like state of thought.  He was turning around, briefly forgetting the fact that she had disrobed. Before he could react or see anything, Saria kissed Link.  She stood up on her tiptoes to reach his mouth, and connected her lips to his. Even though she had taken him by surprise, he quickly responded back. Wrapping his arms around her lower back to lift her up so that she could have a better vantage point.  She wrapped her arms around his neck to hold onto for support and to pull herself closer to him. Saria was enjoying the kiss, but then she felt something pushing against her lips trying to open them.  She offered little resistance to his tongue, and let him push apart her lips.  Once he managed that, both of them explored the other's mouths with their tongues.  When it was finally over, the two just stared into each other's eyes, locked in an eternal gaze.  However, when she pulled back, Link realized that she had nothing cover her body and turned around as quickly as he could out of respect. Saria giggled and asked, "Did you see something that time?"  He hung his head and slightly nodded.  She had a big grin on her face. "Did you like what you saw?"  He just kept his head bowed.  This caused her to snicker some.  She walked up to Link and placed her hands on his shoulders and gently started to rub them.  She guided him to the ground and stood slightly over him rubbing his shoulders.

Link was making sure that he didn't see anything that he shouldn't.  He noticed that she quite for a second and had dragged something over near them.  He heard a rumpling as she sat down crossing one leg under her other leg that was propped up against Link's side. She continued to rub his shoulders, as he realized that one of her enticing legs was lying against him, he tensed up tremendously.

"You know Link," she said with some effort while trying to relax him, "you really need to lighten up, one would think that you thought that I was going to kill you or something with how tense you are at the moment."    Link replied meekly, "I've never been with a woman in this way before, and to top it off, you are the lady doing this to me.  I must admit I am a little nervous."

"A little, if you don't relax a little more you may end up with a sore back by tomorrow, and she won't like that," Saria said in an effort to loosen him, and it worked.  He lost all tension in his shoulders and now was sitting up straight. If she could of saw his face she would of also seen him staring wide-eyed into space at that response.

Link just barely managed to gasp out, "She?" Then he quickly found the ability to ask, "She who? What about tomorrow?"  All the while keeping his head straight forward.

Saria giggled a little. Link didn't like it when she giggled like that it usually meant that she had something that wasn't going to be good for him to tell him.

"Wel,." she started, "I and a couple others got together this morning and decided to let you get to know us a little better."

"And who would these couple others be?" Link asked.

"Well there was me of course, Princess Zelda, Malon, and..." she paused here on purpose, "Princess Ruto." Link's only response was a slight jostling in his posture.  He couldn't believe it the women he loved were conspiring against him.

Then he remembered, and asked, "What for?"

Saria flashed a mischievious smile that she knew Link couldn't see, as she replied, "Oh, nothing much.  We all were getting upset that you hadn't chosen between us yet, so we decided to help you make a choice.  So for an entire day each, we have agreed to spend with you, doing whatever you want.  All you will have to do is ask.  With one exception, we also agreed that we would save ourselves for our wedding nights, so that it would be something special for all of us." Link's first thoughts were well that solves that problem, and in more ways than one.  Then he thought but that doesn't leave much else to do.  As if she read his mind she started to kiss on his neck as she said is a highly seductive voice, "But that doesn't mean that we can't still have fun."  This made him shudder slightly.  Saria felt him shake, and moved in closer to him, pressing herself against him.  He felt the soft lumps press against his back and he felt awkward again.  Then he remembered a question that he always wanted Saria to answer.

"Saria?" he started.

"Hmmm?" she answered back as she was continuing her passionate kissing.

"How come you were able to grow older, like me, and not stay a kid like the other Kokiris?" He finished his question, and she slowly stopped kissing his neck, pulled away slightly and craned her neck around his shoulders to look him in the face, which he now dared to look back some to see her as she answered.  Her face took on a slight red shade to it as she prepared to answer.    "Well, when I was younger and around the time the Deku Tree Sprout came out, I knew that should you ever acknowledge your feelings, I hoped, toward me that you may of found it awkward as time passed that you would grow older and I wouldn't.  So I asked the new Deku Tree Sprout to grant me mortality so that I could grow up with you." With that she wrapped her arms around Link's neck coupling her hands in front of his chest, and went back to kissing at his neck.  Now another question bothered him.

"But how did you know that I would grow older and not stay young like the others?  I mean it wasn't reveal to me that I was a Hylian till I was fifteen, even though I could've guessed with the fact that I was taller than all other Kokiri."  He thought he covered his tracks well, he knew that he was a Hylian when he went back to live his childhood in Kokiri forest, from his journeys through time.  Again she subsided kissing Link long enough to answer him.

"I knew that you were a Hylian, from the moment I saw you, you were but a babe then.  Kokiri are brought into existence as they are and they never naturally grow older or physically mature in anyway.  Before you ask, no I didn't know your mother and no I don't think that I saw her.  It was I, and Mido that the Deku Tree put in charge of raising you.  I more or less just made sure that you had food to eat.  Mido was the one that raised you till you were old enough to live all by yourself," said Saria.  "Now do you want to talk all day, or do you want to know what I would be willing to do for you," she said in a coy voice, as she castled a deep stare into Link's dark blue eyes. He merely raised an eyebrow in interest to what she meant.

She slowly turned him around to face her, but again he dropped his head to avoid seeing something that he thought he shouldn't.  She took his chin in her hand and slowly lifted his head to look her in the eyes. Seeing that his were closed however, she whispered softly to him   "It's okay, I don't mind if you look, in fact I want you to look.  I want you to see all of me, in every detail, and not just what you see here, but who I am in here,"  Saria said as she put his and her hands over her heart, to coax Link to open his eyes.

Chapter Five: What Good Things

His heartbeat quickened as she laid his hand over her heart, as he felt the soft slope of her skin.  He slowly opened his eyes to take in the sight. Before him he saw a beautiful young lady, with her matted damp hair still the lovely emerald shade, offsetting her elegant dark emerald eyes.  A smile that he thought made his heart skip a beat, he continued on to examine what he had worked so hard to not see.  In her relaxed position she looked incredible.  She was leaning all her upper weight on one arm while holding the other to her side.  He saw two soft damp mounds glistening in the almost noon sun, as water was still making its way down her delicious tummy.  Curving at her lovely bellybutton, before it trailed off on to the blanket he brought earlier this morning.  Her long, slender, voluptuous legs teasing him as one laid across the other. All he could do was stare she looked gorgeous.  She liked the way he was staring at her body.  She could even see that he was fighting to keep his jaw from dropping down as far as it would go.  She then spoke in a slow and deliberately seductive voice.

"Do you know what else we could do, besides just looking at each other?" He slowly lifted his gaze taking in the whole scene, as the sun lit her body up making it seem as if some divine light was shinning upon her.  When he met her eyes again, he just stared into them lost in their trance, not even realizing that he was motioning his head no. She moved closer, shifting to a prowling position, seductively crawling on her hands, and knees over to him.  As she did, she purposefully let him see her in all her glory and saw that he was just as entranced as before.  He couldn't stop staring at her, as she approached him, he could see her chest lightly swinging gently, freely.  As she got to him she wrapped her arms around his neck and inched closer on her knees.

"Oh the things we could do like this.  But I would settle for just a few of them," she whispered softly into his ear, as she unbuttoned his Kokiri tunic. They locked lips again, more furiously this time, only pausing to raise his shirts over him,  exposing his muscular chest.  She laid him back onto the blanket as she kissed him down his chest stopping for a moment longer at his flat stomach.  She almost frantically tried to undo his belt, but with a little help from him she was going below his waist in no time. His hair down there was just as golden brown as that on his head.  This excited her even more.  She was kissing everywhere, oh how he liked it, he wished that she would never have to stop.  What was that, oh that feels good.  She is good, Link thought as he was suppressing loud groans. This spurred her on, faster, deeper, tighter.  She even started to use her tongue to help do the job.  Link could no longer suppress his groans, and it sounded as if a large animal was growling in the woods, luckily for them the other Kokiri rarely ventured into the Lost Woods for anything, this time being no exception.  She sensed he was ready and took one more deep thrust, oh, that was oddly satisfying she thought, as she slowly slid off of him.  He laid there, rocked by what just happened, she was good.  He didn't even know that she could, that she would do that for him.  How would he be able to return the favor?

"Now you do that for me and we'll be even," Saria said as she laid on her back, spreading her legs.  For the first time he actually saw a lady in her full glory. Following her example, he started kissing her, first around her chest, gently arousing both of her peaks. Slowly working his way down her torso, stopping for a moment at her bellybutton, and using his tongue to see if it was as sweet as it looked, and it was.  He could already hear her starting to moan.  He took this as a sign to move on.  He started first as she kissing around her.  Teasing her right over it, he could see it start to darken.  He let a grin creep over his face, but quickly force it away.  Then, without warning, he dove in, kissing, gently teasing her from inside, using his tongue, as he flicked it back and forth.  She instantly grew louder in her moaning.  He kept this up, moving his methods up, and down, and anywhere he could go.  He noticed that she seemed to like it when he went up, so he did, often.  He looked up for a second and saw her hand squeezing at her chest.  He reached up with one and joined her. She was now almost screaming with pleasure, and Link could feel her legs closing up.  So he instinctively used his hands to keep them apart.  The more he had to force them down, the more she moaned, screaming to the top of her lungs now.  Suddenly he felt her tighten, as she gave one big final loud moan, to signify that she was satisfied.  She just laid there, as he joined her she let out a small giggle.

"What?" Link asked.

She just rolled her head over to look at him. "Thanks.  I really needed that after what I did for you."  He raised his eyebrow in his inquisitive manner.  "Us ladies have needs to you know.  Whomever you take as your wife is most certainly not going to regret it either."  This explanation gave rise to a stunned look as he turned his head skyward; he noticed that it was just after noon.  He took a look down at himself.  He had been disrobed, pleased and he pleased a girl that he liked very much, but still he couldn't help but feel that there was an element missing to this.  He looked over to the inviting pond. "Race you to the pond," he said as he jumped up real quick, and took off for the cover of the water as she had done earlier that morning.

"Hey no fair, you got a head start," she complained as she got up as fast as she could, and took off running after him.  However, she couldn't help but be distracted by the view she had.  Splash, Splash.  Was the sound as the two dove into the water.  They both tried to swim to the bottom, but only Link made it even the farthest.  When he finally resurfaced, Saria eyed him suspiciously.  "How come you're a better diver, than most others?" She asked.

"Guess I just am," he replied, trying to evade a boundless barrage of questions.  She just looked him over, as if she was in thought about something.

"No, I don't think so.  You where never this good till you went off on your little quest those seven years ago.  What happened, how did you learn to dive deeper like that?"  she said after a few minutes of thinking.

"All right, when I was at Zora's Domain, there was a diving instructor there.  After I managed to get all the rupees he thrown over a waterfall in there, for the first time, he gave me what was known as a Zora scale." He placed his hand over his right lung and seemed to concentrate real hard.  A small light shone, and then a little triangular object appeared in his hand.  He held the scale out for Saria to see. "This kind is known as a silver scale it doubles your ability to dive.  So instead of being able to dive only three meters, I could dive six.  Then this one." He retracted the Silver scale and let it reintegrate itself into him and then done the opposite one, and held that one out for her to see. "Is known as a golden scale it works in conjunction with the silver scale to allow me to dive a total of eight meters. This one I got from the pond shop by Lake Hylia for catching the biggest fish in the pond at the time." He then put that one back into him.  He hoped that she believed the half truth, because he didn't know if she would understand about him traveling through time, heck he experienced it and he still didn't quite understand it himself.

"Oh, Link.  Why were you so afraid of telling anyone that?" she asked in a concerned and compassionate voice.

"I just didn't want to have to bring up the past when it was all behind me, I wanted to live my life to it fullest, be a kid again, and now I just want to settle down, have a family and not have to save the world from certain doom." Oops, he let that slip, oh please don't pick up on that please.  He thought as he kept a somber façade.

She just chuckled and said, "Well you might not have to contend with monsters or phantoms anymore, but you still need to pick one of us before you can settle down."  Hey how did she know I had to fight a phantom, that was from the future track not this time line.  He thought as he quickly covered his surprised face, from when she said that. Hope she didn't see that he thought as he turned away with a somber look on his face.  While she didn't catch the surprised look she saw his somber face.

"What's wrong now Link?" she asked in a chuckling voice, she always thought that his somber face was funny she just couldn't help.  He quickly shot a playful glare at her to indicate she had better stop laughing, least she wanted him to pay her back.  She knew that look too, and she tried as hard as she could to stop laughing, but that glare always made her laugh more.

"Come here you," he shouted playfully

"Ah!" She screeched quickly as she tried to swim away from him.  He quickly caught up with her, and when he did, he turned her around slowly.  Looking into her eyes once more he saw all of her beauty coming back at him like a ton of bricks.  He grins real quickly, and plants a big kiss on her lips and they continued their previous kiss exploring each other's mouths with their tongues.  This time it tasted different, almost sweeter.  She kept trying to draw closer, but he knew how easy some things would be while they were in the water, so he kept drawing away from her.  When they finally broke their kiss they just stared into each other's eyes.  Then she laid her head over Link's shoulders, and sighed.  She knew that she tried to do that and was thankful that he was still in control of himself and kept her from making a big mistake, should things not go her way.