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By: Chica: Tofu Ninja

He looked so sad, so crushed, so empty that day...I understood how he felt, but there wasn't really any need for words.  The silence was welcome, we all needed time to think.  That ranch girl, the little one, she was watching Link.  He didn't know it, though.  She came over to me, and she asked me some questions... "Hey, you! Come over here for a second." I quietly obeyed, leaving Link to cry by himself.

"Yeah, what is it?"

"Why is that boy crying? What's wrong?" I couldn't answer, I didn't know what to say. "Are we all going to d..die?

I didn't know what to tell her, I didn't know whether to lie or to tell the truth.  Both would hurt her, and I didn't want to see anybody else as upset as Link.  But she could tell from my expression what the answer really was. "It's okay, in the end, that boy will be happy, don't worry."  The little girl's words puzzled me, they made me think.  She ran off into the house, a dog following behind.

I remembered about Tael, and at that moment there was nothing I wanted more than to fly away and find him.  To tell him that I was sorry.  To tell him that I love him, even though I didn't always show it.  But I looked at Link, staring blankly into the distance, and something made me stop.  I couldn't leave him like that, it would be mean. And already I hadn't been the nicest to him.

Maybe there was more than I could've done to help him, maybe I was at fault for all of this.  I suppose lots of little things contributed.  Link had fallen asleep, tearstained cheeks turning rosy in the night air.  He looked so angelic, so helpless sleeping under that tree. I wondered what he'd been thinking about.

Did  he have a family wherever he came from?  A girlfriend?  I really didn't know much about that boy, but a strange friendship had formed between us, something that you can't quite put into words.  I wonder what he was doing that day in the woods, I wonder what he was looking for, if anything at all.

Hours pass, lapsing into destruction, and Link began to awaken with a tremor caused from that moon.  It would all be over soon, at least we'd soon be free from the land of Termina.  Maybe it's what we aren't looking for is the thing that makes

The boy spoke, finally his face was becoming less and less teary. "Tatl, leave Termina, fly away. You have wings, use them."  He looked as though any moment more water would fall from his face.

I wasn't quite sure what to say--I let my heart guide me.  "I can't, I'm staying with you, till the end. We've already been through so much, I can't save myself without forever feeling an endless guilt!" It felt good to say that, but I couldn't hide the feeling of terror.

The clock struck, sounding off that there were but five hours left.  Link  began to cry slow and quiet tears. "Tatl, you have to go, I can't let it end like this way. I can't let two of us die when one of us has the choice to be safe. Fly away, please, for my sake...for Tael's."

For Tael's sake...The words echoed over and over, and it took a lot of courage to tell him my final response. "I-I-I h-h-have to go Link. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, but I just can't...I can't bear it. Thank you Link, thank you for all the things you've taught me. I'm sorry."  I felt horrible, leaving him like that.  I was still so  undecided, I couldn't help but think, "Is this the right thing to do?"

"It's OK, I understand. But, could you do me a favor?"

I felt like shouting to the top of the world, "Anything for you." But I didn't, I kept it all inside, tears flowing freely by now. "Yeah, sure thing." He paused for a moment, trying to think of just the right words.

"If you ever meet a fairy..named Navi, tell her...tell her Link says that he's...that he's sorry for the way he treated her, and that she'll always have a special place in heart."

So that's what he was looking for, an old friend.  A fairy...strange the name didn't sound familiar at the time. "I'll try my best, I promise. Goodbye Link, I'll miss you. You know I'm not too good at emotional stuff or anything, but I really will miss you. You just don't know how hard this is..."  Even I didn't know how hard it was beyond words.

"It's okay, I understand. Fly away, fly free. Get out of here, there's not much time." And I knew that deep inside, he did understand.  He understood perfectly well.

"Bye, Link. Goodbye." I didn't know what else to say, goodbyes needed to be simple to be effective, and tears spoke as my actions.

I flew, not wanting to think about what I'd just done.  Halfway through, I couldn't go on.  I turned back, and I knew there was still some time left.  An hour, perhaps two. The way back was nothing, just blank and useless.  I thought I'd gotten there just in time.  Then the final bell sounded, and it began.  The fire was painful, at first, and as much as I tried to yell through the commotion, Link didn't hear me.

Broken hearts shattered that day, and it was so ironic.  At least I died doing the right thing...

The End