Guise of the Mind
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"Guise of the Mind", chapters 1 & 2

Guise of the Mind

By: Clayton

Chapter One

Hyrule Field was full of life as the sun gently set over the horizon. The sun's gilded rays met with the tranquil blue sky creating an orange tint, which hung lightly in the breezy night sky. The sounds of wildlife were everywhere. Birds could be heard nestling in for bed. Crickets were warming up for their 'Moonlight Sonata' they played every night. The tall trees and field grasses swayed amiably in the cool night breezes that blew down from Death Mountain, just strong enough to drown out the weaker of the night sounds. In the distance, an unfamiliar sound could be heard coming from the edge of the Kokiri Forest.

Link focused intensely on the stalchild in front of him. He drew his sword and shield, then prepared for battle. "GO!!" yelled a familiar voice from a near-by tree. With that, Link charged the stalchild with incredible speed. However, devoid of any real emotions, surprise was eminent in the dim eye-fires of this undead creature. With a quick slash, the head fell and so did the body. When the bones hit the floor, they sank under to fight another day. Link turned around to see the claw of another stalchild heading for him. Link jumped to the side, and then swung his sword. You could see the flash of the blade against the dim moonlight as he sheathed his sword. The body fell into two and hit the floor, disappearing soon after. Thoughts of his previous battle against that Undead army roamed throughout his minds eye. Thinking even further back, he remembered when he was saving Hyrule from Ganondorf. He fought these creatures.

"You're five seconds faster!" yelled the same voice from the tree. Saria climbed down from the tree and walked over to Link who was gathering his stuff.

"Great!" said Link enthusiastically, "Soon I'll be the best swordsman in all of Hyrule. I told you it was my destiny, right?" He smiled proudly at that thought and slowly drifted into another one of his daydreams. Daydreaming was something Link did more and more over the course of the past year. Link would frequently tell Saria and some of the other Kokiri about his adventures as "Hero of Time", or when he saved Termina from the Skullkid who bought his mask. Most of the Kokiri loved to hear his stories 'cause they've never left the forest, but few, if any, believed his stories. Saria could only surmise that Link was daydreaming about saving Hyrule from some unstoppable evil. Growing impatient, Saria slapped Link across the back of his head, abruptly ending his daydream.

"Ouch!" gripped Link, rubbing his head, "What was that for?" The moon was now fully exposed and more stalchildren were soon to come out. Saria grabbed Link's arm and forcefully dragged him deeper into the forest.

"If we keep standing here, you're going to get more that you bargained for," she pointed towards Lon Lon Ranch in the distance. Ten stalchildren were heading their way. Link grabbed hold of a tree branch causing Saria to jerk to a halt.

"You're afraid of that," he said sarcastically, "Please, do you have that little faith in my abilities?" Link shook his hand free from Saria's grasp then went to do battle, again. As Link ran to meet his enemy, Saria sighed deeply to herself as she sat down amongst the tall forest grass.

As Link approached the ranks of stalchildren, Link soon realized there were more than ten of them. Doubt soon plagued Link's mind about his rather rash decision. 'Perhaps I should've taken Saria's advice', Link thought. He reached into his bag to see what he had, he had three bombs and a Deku Nut. Link grabbed the Deku Nut and slammed it down; paralyzing half the stalchildren. He threw a bomb into that group and watched bones fly. In the middle of all this excitement, Link forgot to back off and was hit by shrapnel. The shrapnel hit his leg, leaving a gaping gash in his left thigh. Link fell back and grabbed his leg in pain. The eight remaining stalchildren would soon close in on his position. Thinking fast, he pulled out his last remaining bombs and lobbed them. One landed a few feet in front of the group of stalchildren, and the other landed in a pile of dirt. When that one went off, Link made a break for the forest, using the dust it kicked up as a smoke screen. As Link ran towards the forest, he heard the other bomb go off. Five more were taken out. Every step was full of excruciating pain, causing Link to limp the rest of the way into the forest. Link struggled into the forest and collapsed from the tremendous amount of pain.

Link awoke to find himself on his bed. He sat up to get a better view, but every time he tried a surge of pain ran throughout his body. Saria walked over to see how Link was doing. She removed the bandages only to turn away in disgust. Link lifted his head to see what was so repulsive. There was pus, dirt, and dried blood all over his leg. "Go into my medicine cabinet and get a red potion," ordered Link. Gladly Saria turned away and did as she was asked. Once Link had the potion he drank half, and poured the other half on his leg. Link grabbed a nearby towel and wiped off all the dried blood and puss. All the potion did was return Link's strength and fasten the healing process of his wound.

"What time is it?" asked Link while attempting to stand. Saria pushed him back onto his bed and tucked him in.

"It's nine-something. You were out for a day," she said running her fingers through Link's dirty hair. "I told you you'd get more than you bargained for," she said in a scolding voice.

"I made a mistake by standing too close to the explosion," said Link in his defense, "Otherwise I could've taken 'em all out. Even with this wound only three were left standing." Even when he was defeated, Link still found a way to make his loss sound like a victory. Saria brought Link his dinner, then left for her own home. She was very tired and had gotten very little sleep over the last day. Somberly Saria climbed out of Link's house and headed home. Link waited for a few minutes to make sure she wasn't coming back, before he attempted to stand. The wound was healing nicely, and Link could now stand with the aide of a crutch. Link sat back and, against better judgement, unwrapped his bandages. For a while he just stared at the wound in his leg. The frustration was clear on his face. 'How could I have done something so stupid', he thought. For a while longer he mentally scolded himself before eating his dinner and going off to bed.

The first warm rays of the morning sun poked through the foliage, and tenderly straddled Zelda's soft cheeks. Slowly she tossed to rid herself of the bothersome light. Impa soon walked in to wake Zelda, but found she had a difficult task at hand. Quietly she crept over to Zelda's bedside and rocked her in a pathetic attempt to wake her. When Impa got no response, she got an idea. 'I always wanted to do this', she thought as she pinched Zelda's noise shut. For a while, nothing happened. A low mumble arose from Zelda's throat. Her mouth flung open as she noisily sucked in air. Impa couldn't believe that that didn't wake her. She decided to bring out the heavy artillery. Impa walked over to the curtains and ripped then open. Sunlight exploded into the room; covering every conceivable spot and crevice.

"Arise, oh princess of Hyrule!!" shouted Impa with a smile. Scared half to death, Zelda shot up and fell out of her bed. She took her covers and at least three other objects with her, crashing to the floor. Soon Impa was overwhelmed by laughter and fell onto a chair directly behind her. Still in a confused state, Zelda vaulted up to see what was going on. She nervously gazed around the room to see what happened. All she saw was Impa wiping the tears from her eyes as she occasionally giggled to herself. Zelda let out a huge groan and turned to leave, but tripped and fell over her cover, which was still on the floor. Again, Impa burst out into laughter as she now fell out of the chair and rolled around on the floor.

"You Impa.are boring me," remarked Zelda with her chin held high, "I'm leaving. Good day to you," Zelda stood up and stormed out of the room, her cheeks bright and red. Impa arose from her prone position and slowly regained her composure.

"It's a good day now," Impa giggled to her self. She decided to make Zelda's bed because with the mood Zelda was in, she wasn't going to do it. Once finished, she went to go help make breakfast.

Zelda grumbled to herself as she walked down the hall to get to the dining room. 'I'll show her a thing or two about a thing or two', griped Zelda to herself. Then a sinister smirk emerged from Zelda's once sour face. She had to get to the dining room before Impa did. Impa was a creature of habit. You could set your clock by her she was so predictable. Zelda burst through the dining room door. 'Good, she's still making breakfast', thought Zelda as she entered the room. Like if someone was watching; Zelda silently crept over to the chair Impa always sat on. She grabbed a fork and began to pry the nail from the main support rod of the chair. After destroying over 20 forks, she finally got the nail out. A noise startled Zelda causing her to jump up and sit in her seat. Upon seeing this, the cook gave a suspicious look.

"More trouble brewing, huh princess?" he asked smiling towards Zelda. Zelda looked up innocently at the cook and smiled back.

"You know it," she said stretching the smile even further across her face. The cook placed the food down and went back to the kitchen. He glanced to his left and saw a pile of 20-odd broken and/or bent forks.

"Kids, always getting into trouble," he said as he went through the door, "Some how I'll get in trouble for this too." He sighed and continued through the door. Zelda began to eat her breakfast. Eggs and ham were her favorite along with fresh milk. She loaded up her plate and started to chow down. Shortly after beginning her breakfast, Impa walked in and grabbed a plate.

"Please, please Zelda," Impa pleaded aloud, "Slow down or you're going to choke," Zelda smiled then continued on her feeding frenzy. "It's good to see you don't waste precious time chewing you food," Impa said sarcastically. Zelda looked up and gave her a evil eye then realized Impa was about to sit in the chair she rigged. 'This is going to be great', Zelda thought as she unconsciously started to grin. It was like slow motion for Zelda. She could see Impa inching her butt closer and closer to the chair. Zelda had never actually succeeded in playing a successful prank on Impa. She always seemed to know when something was amiss. Impa glanced over to see Zelda staring her down intensely. That's also when she noticed the pile of broken forks hidden in the corner of the room. Impa stopped just short of the chair before rising to a full stand. "You know I'm not really hungry," she said smiling at Zelda, "I think I'll get an early start on my paperwork, maybe next time sweetie." With that she left the room, and when she passed by Zelda she patted her on her head. Zelda continued to smile until Impa had left out of earshot before expressing her displeasure.

"Crap!! She's going down!" Zelda's face turned beet red as her anger rose. She flung her plate aside and stormed out of the room. 'I'll get her even if it's the last thing I do', she thought.

The dry wind blew hard at Link's face as he climbed a hill. The sun was beating down intensely causing great discomfort. The wind began to pick up as it rustled through the dead grass and trees. Link glanced around, taking in the scenery. Kokiri Forest was nothing but dead trees rotting away in their places. The Zora's river had dried up. The Ranch had been completely destroyed and was now abandoned. Most of the ground looked like the Gerudo flooring. As he neared the top, the sounds of a battle were going on below on the other side. The clanging of sword-on-sword and sword-on-shield echoed throughout the field. When he'd reached the top, his eyes focused on a massive figure holding a weapon of immense size and power. With one swing of the weapon six men fell. Then the figure stopped cold in his tracks and looked up towards Link. The glare he sent Link ran shivers down his spine, but Link was helpless to do anything as the unholy red glare pierced deep into his soul. A voice echoed inside Link's head, "Soon.soon I'll come. You.will."

Link shot up out of his bed. Sweat was running down his face in great amount. His clothes were moist from hours of perspiration. Link was breathing hard. He had been having that same dream for the past week. Every time he had it, it became more realistic. Link wiped the cold sweat off his face. "Damn, hate those things," he said as he got out of bed. Link slowly limped his way down the stairs to get a drink; he was parched after a night of severe sweating. He dipped his hands into the cool water and began to splash it on his face. Saria stopped washing her clothes and walked over to say hi to Link. As she approached, she noticed he was whiter than usual.

"Are you okay?" she asked in a concerned tone, "You look like crap," She put her hand on his back as he drank water. Link leaned back and wiped his face. He took a deep breath then began to relax.

"I'm okay, I guess," he started, "I had that same weird dream again," Link began to stair at the water, transfixed by the shimmer of sunlight that was bouncing off it. Saria had a look of concern in her eye as she watched him gaze into the serene stream. "Most of the time when I have these dreams they're prophecies. And my prophecies usually always come true." He bent over to the edge of the river and looked at his reflection. Finished, he looked at the scar on his leg. It was healing, but very slowly. He got up and crept away from Saria who was fixing her hair in her reflection by the stream. Link tiptoed towards the back of his house and began to tinker with a lock on the ground. 'I guess it's a good thing I kept these', he thought as the images of that colossal man from his dream plagued his mind. He began to walk down a flight of dusty, old, creaking stairs. As he walked down the staircase, he quietly closed the door. Only a few candles, and the sparse sunlight that shot through the cracks in the door above him illuminated the mini-cave Link entered. When he reached the bottom of the stairs he stopped and looked around. All sorts of weapons were hanging on the walls. To his left was his Biggeron's Sword and Great Fairies Sword. In front of him were all his shields. To his right were all the items he picked up in his travels. In the middle of the room sat a pedestal with a wooden box around it. A noise coming from the door startled him.

"What was that?" asked Saria to Caradryan.

"I think the floor is hollow were I'm standing," responded Caradryan. They both looked at the spot were he was standing. No doubt, it was a fake floor. Holes could be seen in the ground as dust gently floated upwards. Caradryan got off the door and they opened it.

"Damn it," cursed Link aloud. He saw two people coming down the stairs. 'I hope it's not Mido. I don't know how I could explain this to him', he thought as he glanced around at all the weapons on the wall. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw it was Saria and Caradryan coming down the steps. "Thank the Gods it's you guys," he said covering the pedestal with a silk cloth. Link couldn't help but smile when both of their mouths dropped open at what was down there.

"Is all this stuff yours?" asked Saria and Caradryan in unison. Link nodded then walked to the left. There was a table with a huge chest under it. He dragged it out and opened the chest. It was full of rolled-up scrolls. Link pulled one out and opened it.

"This is one of the many maps I collected along my journeys," he said smiling. He noticed Saria was paying attention, but Caradryan was removing the cloth off the pedestal. Link's eyes opened in fear as Caradryan lifted the box. "No!!" yelled Link, but it was to late. He had removed the box and a barely audible moan came from his voice as he admired the mask that sat there. Saria turned to see what all the commotion was about. She saw a beautiful mask that looked exactly like Link.

"Holy crap!" exclaimed Caradryan, "This looks like you, Link. Where'd you get this and why was it hidden under the box and cloth?" Link quickly snatched the mask from Caradryan's grip and put it under the box and cloth.

"You never go through my stuff like that, you hear!" raged Link. He got blank looks from both Saria and Caradryan. They both backed off, giving Link some breathing space.

"I'm.I'm sorry 'bout that Link," Caradryan said a little shaken up at Link's response to his touching the mask. "I had know idea that it was that special to you," he apologized. All Link did was take a deep breath.

"No, I should apologize to you both. I'm sorry about that outburst," Link threw the silk cloth over the box. "It's just that.Well, that mask has powers. I used it once and it was as if the mask possessed me. It was.

Link looked around the room in a disordered state. Before him loomed the evil mask of Majora, hovering silently in place. He drew his sword and charged, but the mask proved to be more mobile than it led on. Majora knocked down Link, blow after blow.

"Quick Link!" yelled Tatl, "Use the mask you got from that kid."

"Are you crazy?!" asked Link, "That's a accident waiting to happen." Link jumped to the side; barely missing Majora's spin attack.

"You don't have a choice!" she answered, "You're out of arrows, and if this keeps going on, you'll die." Link threw up his shield to block another attack. The blow sent him flying to the other side of the room. Realizing that Tatl was right, he pulled it out and put it on. He could feel the mask grab his face and wrap around. The mask began to blend to his face making them one in the same.

Link felt dizzy and the room felt like it was spinning.

"What happened?" he asked dazed. In front of Link stood an exact copy of Link when he was an adult. Except his eyes were pure white and his hair was a light-sky blue color. He wore an armor breastplate and his eyes were as white as a blinding, white-hot sun.

"Hello," Oni Link answered, "Welcome to my world, boy." Link shot him a look of confusion.

"Where am I and who are you?" he asked tightening the grip on his sword, ready to strike at any minute. Oni Link began to laugh hysterically at Link's actions.

"Do you think you can take me, boy!" Oni Link bellowed, "You can't even take out that person." He waved his hand and a blurry picture of Majora appeared on the wall. He waved again, then it disappeared "You need me and I need you, now hold still. This won't hurt.much." Oni Link's eyes began to glow a white, hot, blinding light. He opened his mouth and the light shot out and hit Link in his face. Link let out a scream that could've woke the dead. Next thing he new, Link was in the body of the one guy.

"What the Hell's going on here?" he said looking over his new body. He felt something weird on his back and reached for it. Out came this huge double-helix shaped sword. "Holy mother of the goddesses." but his dialog was cut short as a voice rang inside his head.

"What are you doing.?" Oni link asked, "Stop gawking and kill him or I'll do it my self!" Link felt his body begin to move even though he wasn't doing it. Link fought for control and won.

"Okay.okay I'm going." Link swiped his sword at Majora and a light-green energy disk shot out at him.

"And that is what happened," Link said as he finished the story. "Now if you'll both excuse me, I have other things I need to do." Link began to leave, but was stopped by Saria.

"You just can't leave off there," she said, "Who was he?" Link spun around and told them.

"He's the fourth piece of the Triforce," Link held up a picture of the Triforce and pointed to the space in between the three triangles, "That space is his. You have the Goddess of Power, Wisdom, and Courage, but he is their brother, the God of Destruction. After they created the races of Hyrule, he would toy with their lives and make life in Hyrule a living Hell. The Goddesses, seeing their hard work being destroyed, tried to stop him. He was more powerful than they thought. For years they battled to get him under control, and when they did, his power was so great that they sealed him in a mask, and discarded his eternal body, forever condemning him to live in the mask. Then they banished a mask to a different, secluded area of the world. Where they hoped no one would find it. The only reason I found it was because it was on Termina's moon, and the Skull Kid stupidly gave it to me." Gently Link pushed them out of his cellar and locked it up.

"Why are you in a hurry?" asked Caradryan as he watched Link pick up firewood. Link turned to answer.

"Because I can feel a strong wind start to blow in," claimed Link, "It's bringing cold weather. That's something we don't have that often, and I hate the cold."

Later that night Link slowly made his way to the castle. The air was growing cooler by the hour, and the wind was cold as well. It ruffled through Link's lose-fitting tunic. Link's face grew red as the cold wind pounded against his face. His boots made a crunch noise as he walked over dried grass. 'Surely, winter is arriving. I hate this time of year. Good thing I live in the Kokiri Forest. It never gets to cold there', Link lost his train of thought as he approached the castle gate guard.

"I'm here to see." said Link. The guard opened the gate before he had a chance to finish. Link came by so often that all the guards knew him by now. Link was escorted to the castle and told to wait for her. He sat down in a huge chair that wasn't there a couple days ago. 'They must get new furniture every other day', he thought. Link waited patiently, but Zelda was taking a while. The chair was so soft and fluffy that Link began to nod off. Soon he was sleeping like a baby in the chair. As go figure, this happened as Zelda was coming down the stairs. She turned the corner to the sound of something weird.

"Guards!" she yelled, "I think there's an intruder in the waiting room." Soon a guard came in with spear in hand, ready for action. He pushed the princess behind him before slowly heading for the room. He plastered himself against the wall and slowly made his way to the corner. When he peered past the corner, he looked back and released a huge sigh before sliding down the wall.

"Take a look at your intruder, ma' lady," he said with smile on his face. Zelda looked at him with a look of confusion. When she glanced past the corner, she couldn't help but smile herself. There she saw Link sleeping in the chair, snoring, and with drool dripping from his mouth. Zelda turned the corner silently and proceeded to sneak up on Link. When she reached him, she found herself starring at him. Her gaze was focused solely on Link. She bent over and shook him to try and wake him up.

"Link," she said, "Link, you need to wake." But she still had no response. She shook him a little harder causing him to stir from his peaceful slumber. He sat up and yawned quite loudly, after rubbing his eyes.

"What happened?" asked Link.

"You were sleeping silly," replied Zelda as she helped him up.

"Oh," Link answered back, "Well your chairs are real comfortable and you took so long, you know. So what'd ya think was gonna to happen?" he smiled and took her hand in his. She looked back at him and they both smiled. Impa turned the corner and briefed one of the guards before facing them.

"Okay you two," said Impa with a mock-disgusted face on, "Lets get going." With that, they made there way to the door, but stopped as a man and a child came through. When the man saw Zelda he stopped and bowed, but the child stood in his place. The man glanced at him and mumbled something. When he finished, he slapped the kid in the back of his head, causing him to bow as well. They rose and continued on their way. Link noticed that as they passed, Zelda and that boy starred at each other until they were out of sight. Link began to grow apprehensive about what he saw, and tried to bring her back down to his level.

"So," Link started, "I got a great night planed for us. You're gonna have a blast." His words fell on deaf ears though as they continued down the path. Link began to think that he now had some competition.

The Town Market was full of life despite the fact the sun was setting fast. Zelda and Link walked hand in hand towards the Bombchu Bowling Ally. When they walked in, they were more than surprised to see a whole mess of people there bowling and having fun. Link walked up to the lady and paid for the both of them.

"Well there goes my pay," said Link with an accusing tone in his voice. Zelda looked up and smiled at him.

"And what do you want me to do about it?" she asked coyly, while rubbing her hands against his shoulders. Link placed his hands on her waist and pulled her in closer.

"Well," started Link, "You could start by paying me back." Zelda looked into his eyes and slowly they drew their lips closer, when Malon interrupted them.

"Get a room you two," she said walking up to them while she draped herself on a young boy's arm. Link and Zelda smiled as they saw Malon approach. Zelda and Malon hugged and said hi as Link and Malon's date shook hands. "So what brings you two to this place?" she asked while her date paid for another game.

"Well, I wanted to go out for a 'normal' date," replied Zelda, "We spend so much time doing that romantic stuff. Not that I don't like that, but I would like to do something different." Zelda shrugged showing she didn't really care. Then she leaned in closer to Malon and whispered into her ear. "Can I talk to you later?" asked Zelda. Malon nodded.

"Sure," she said. Then Malon pulled in towards Zelda, "Why, is it important?" she asked. Before Zelda could answer, Link and Malon's date were walking back towards them.

"What are you two ladies hatching over there?" inquired Link with a smile on his face. Zelda spun around startled by his voice.

"A.a, we're." stuttered Zelda.

"Were secretly planning your demise," joked Malon. All of them giggled except Zelda who just kind of smiled.

"Well, lets do some bowling," said Zelda as she clapped her hands. The group went over to there lanes and began a night of fun. Malon and Link had no problem. Each trying to out-do the other. While Zelda and Malon's date weren't doing so well, but Zelda still had fun. She had never done anything like this before and though she was bowling horribly, she couldn't help but smile.

"Damn it!" complained Malon's date, "How can you be having fun when you suck worst than me?" Zelda looked over to see his face beet-red with anger.

"Because I've never done this before," she replied calmly. By now Link and Malon were starring at the two of them.

"That's the stupidest reason I've heard!" he bitched, "And why the Hell are you wearing those clothes? We're bowling, not ballroom dancing!" By now Link had had enough and was walking over there.

"Hey!" said Link, "Don't try to suck the fun out of this just 'cause you aren't having any." Impa was coming over to see what the problem was when Zelda stuck her arm out to stop her.

"Don't worry Impa," whispered Zelda, "Link can hold his own." With that, Impa stopped and watched like the rest. Link and Malon's date were now arguing with each other when Malon interrupted.

"Stop it, both of you!" cried Malon, "Capulon, you need to grow up. It's a game, not a life of death struggle." Capulon averted his attention from Link to Malon. Soon she was now the front for his verbal thrashings.

"You need to stay out of this," he said pointing his finger at her, "This is between me and the green boy over there." With that, he shoved Malon. Zelda walked over to them and put in her two cents.

"Who do you think you are pushing a woman?" she asked. Capulon turned and pushed Zelda causing her to fall to the floor. He turned to yell at Malon some more when he got punched in the face. Capulon stuttered back a few feet before getting punched again, causing him to fall to the floor.

"Don't you ever treat a woman that way!" screamed Malon with tears swimming in her eyes. Link walked over and helped Zelda up off the floor. They turned and left to go somewhere else, leaving Capulon on the ground. They left the Bowling Ally and found fewer people outside, but it was still full of hustle and bustle.

"How about we go for something to eat," said Link rubbing his stomach. Link ran over to a cart selling pastries.

"I'll go with him to make sure he doesn't eat all of 'em," said Impa with a smile, "Are you okay?" Zelda nodded and sent Impa after Link. There was a slam of a door causing Zelda and Malon to turn around. There stood Capulon with a trickle of blood coming from his mouth. He ran over to Malon and hit her, sending her to the floor. Zelda, in turn, kicked him in his shin. She went to slap him, but Capulon caught it and hit her as well. Upon seeing this Link ran over and helped them up, then turned to face Capulon.

"You've really done it this time," said Link, "Why do you have to hit girls? Does it make you feel big hitting someone who can't fight back? Why don't you hit me." Link just stood there egging him on by not doing anything.

"Well are you going to do something about him or not!?" cried Zelda and Malon in unison. Link turned and told them to wait then turned back around, but when he did so, he got hit hard in his face. Link only moved his right leg back to catch himself from falling.

"How'd you like that you little pris?" asked Capulon smiling. Link simply wiped the blood from his mouth before answering.

"The first one's always free," answered Link. Capulon grew angry and began to throw a fury of punches, which Link dodged with ease. Growing tired, Capulon stopped.

"Why don't you fight back," he complained, "Make a move!" with that Link threw a punch straight into his face. It hit him square on the nose. Capulon grabbed his face and fell back on the floor screaming and rolling around.

"My nose!" he yelled, "You broke my nose!" Link just smiled at him though.

"What happened?" patronized Link, "I thought you were ready to go." By that time guards were there and broke it up. Impa walked over to Link and placed her hand on his shoulder.

"Thank you for standing up for her Link," she said. Link was very modest about it though. "Still I think you should go." She turned towards Malon; "You should probably go to sweetie." Malon began to leave when Zelda stopped her.

"I'll get you tomorrow," she said as Impa hauled her off. With that, Zelda and Impa were gone. Malon began to leave when Link ran and caught up.

"Are you okay?" he asked, examining her face. It was cut on the lower lip with dried blood. She rubbed it causing the blood to flake off. She turned to face Link with tears in her eyes. Link put his arm around her and let her cry onto his shoulder. "It'll be okay," he soothed, "He won't bother you again. And if he does, tell me and I'll handle him." Malon looked up and smiled. Tears were streaming down her face, and her eyes were puffy and red.

"Zelda's a lucky girl to have you Link," she replied. She rest her head on his shoulder as they finished their walk home under the moonlight; stars shining brightly above like a million little candles being lit by the goddesses themselves.

Malon awoke and greeted the morning sun with a smile on her face. She sat on the wall just outside the ranch and watched the sun's brilliant, radiant rays peak over the horizon. A thick fog hung low over the ground as the sun warmed it up. The nights were getting increasingly colder. Last night had been one of the coldest yet. 'I wonder what Zelda wanted to talk to me about', she thought as she jumped off the wall and headed home. She reached into her pocket and found a pouch and note. It read:


Don't forget to go to the market place and pick up the bottles. And get some bread, flour, and juice. You may pick the kind of juice you want.

Malon slapped her head as she ran for the Town Market. 'I was suppose to pick this stuff up yesterday', she though as she ran as fast as her tinny little legs could carry her. Though it was quite early in the morning, there were a lot of people there. She ran threw the town and picked up all the bottles, then made her way to the Market. There, she haggled for over an hour before she could get the items she needed for the money she had. It meant trading in one of her bottles. Glass is hard to find and therefore, very valuable. As she was leaving, she heard her name being called out. She turned around to find Zelda there along with Impa walking over to her.

"Hey Malon," Zelda said.

"Hey Zelda," replied Malon shoving her groceries into a basket, "Did you want to talk now?" Zelda looked into Malon's eyes and nodded. They walked over to the fountain and sat down. By now, the market place was bustling with life. "What did you want to talk about Zelda?" asked Malon as she care-freely played with a stick in the water. Zelda sighed heavily before she began.

"It's about me and Link," she started, "I've been having different feelings towards Link." Malon gave her a confused look.

"What do you mean?" she asked. Zelda took in a deep breath and began again.

"Ever since this guy and his son have been at my house, I'll catch him looking at me when we pass. The problem is, that I catch myself doing the same thing. My face goes red, I start to sweat, and act stupid." Zelda paused as she broke out into a daydream. Malon looked on as Zelda's face began to turn a bright red. Malon rolled her eyes then splashed the freezing cold water at Zelda's face. When the water hit Zelda, she jumped up and screamed out.

"Ahhhh! That's cold!" she shrieked. She looked at Malon to se her giggling. "Big mistake little missy," exclaimed Zelda. She rolled up her sleeves and began to splash at Malon. Soon a full-blown water war broke out. People watched on with laughter, as the two girls played carefree in the late morning sun.

Link awoke feeling refreshed; except for his face, which was sore from being punched the night before. He sat up in his bed and rubbed his jaw. "Damn, this hurts," said Link moving his mouth back and fourth. He put on his tunic and left to do his laundry. It had been a month since the last time he'd done his laundry. Link had himself a couple dozen Kokiri Tunics 'cause he hated having to wash his clothes. He never minded cleaning his house, doing dishes, cooking, or anything else; but laundry was a pain in the ass. Link pushed his bag of dirty clothes out his door and off his balcony. It hit the floor with a thud and kicked up a cloud of dust. He slid down his ladder and began to drag his clothes down to the laundry pool. When Link got there he was surprised to see Mido doing his laundry too. When Link entered, Mido turned to face Link.

"Hello Mido," replied Link as he glowered towards Mido, then proceeded to open his laundry bag.

"Link," said Mido as he tipped his hat, "close your bag, the smell is making me gag." Link couldn't help but smile at the thought that ran through his mind. Mido looked up to see Link wearing a sinister grin. "What is so funny?" asked Mido with a look of nervousness about his face. The only response he got was a bigger grin from Link. That's when he noticed Link was pulling out a pair of his underwear. Mido began to back away, shaking his head as he stumbled to the floor.

"Seeing as you love the smell of my clothes so much," claimed Link, "I think you deserve a better smell." With that Link flung his underwear at Mido. It hit him square in the face, creating a loud smack. Mido jumped up, and with a shrill only a school-girl could produce, pulled the drawers off his face and into the laundry pool. Mido's face grew red as laughter erupted from the entrance -way to the pool.

"You'll pay for that Link!" shouted Mido in frustration, "No one challenges my authority like that! You here me, no one!" Mido picked up a Deku stick and charged at Link. Link looked a little surprised that Mido would actually challenge him like that. He knew Mido has heard his stories about saving Hyrule and Termina. Link could only guess that Mido didn't believe his stories. Mido jumped high into the air, and swung and Link with all his might. Link side stepped the attack and stepped on his stick when it hit the floor. Try as Mido might, he couldn't lift the stick from underneath Link's foot. Link just stood there smiling at Mido.

"Are we done now, or do you want to dance some more?" asked Link. In a fit of pure rage, Mido let go of the stick and began to swing a fury of punches. Link smiled as he slapped them away with ease. "When I was younger Mido you use to scare me," said Link in between breaths, "I was always afraid of the constant teasing and ridicule you used to put me through, but that's all over with. You hear me?" Link decided to end this game and caught Mido's last punch. Slowly he began to squeeze Mido's fist until he had him on his knees. "I'm going to do the forest and the Kokiri a favor and release you of your command. Then we're going to have a vote on who thinks someone else should be in charge." With that, Link released Mido then dragged him, by his collar, out to the middle of the village. Every Kokiri followed him, as they had heard Mido was fighting Link and rushed to watch. He dropped Mido and talked loud enough so every Kokiri could here him, but was interrupted by Saria.

"Link," she asked, "What's going on here?" her question was followed by agreement from the other Kokiri. Link sighed and picked up a Deku stick, then began to point to various spots around the village.

"Don't you people see," Link said wiping the sweat from his brow, "Mido has brought ruin to the village. Just look around." With that he pointed to the same spots as before. Houses had pieces falling off, paint was chipping, the floor had dead spots of grass, the fence in the sword training area was busted, the stream, which runs by the shop, was almost dry. Only Mido's house and lawn was in perfect shape. "Haven't you noticed any of this. Of course not! He's keeping everyone busy so we won't notice." Soon talk and chatter broke-out as they began to see Link's point. "I think we need a new leader!" Link shouted, "Who's with me!" A loud cheer broke about as Mido slouched behind Link. People began yelling out names of people that they wanted to see as leader. Suddenly someone yelled out Link's name and the crowd grew silent.

"Link! Link! Link!" screamed Akuma, one of the Know-it-all brothers, "I say Link should be leader!" Link held up his hands to silence the crowd, but they only got louder as he did so.

"Please, please!" Link yelled, "Though I'd love to be leader, I'm not a Kokiri, so it wouldn't be fair. I nominate Saria!" the crowd turned and faced her as her face grew redder by the second. She went to speak, but was cut off by the crowd as they cheered her name, "Then I think that settles it then." He walked over to her and took her hand. "Looks like you're the new leader," he whispered into her ear.

"She'll be the end of all of us!" yelled Mido, "Don't be fooled by." suddenly Mido shut-up as he staggered forward. His face grew white with every step he took, until he reached Link with blood seeping from his mouth. That's when he fell down, face first into the dried up stream bed. He hit with a loud squish as his face and chest hit the mud, but the sound was overcome with a shrill scream as they soon saw why he fell.

Chapter Two

Link felt an emotion the thought he would never feel for Mido.Sorrow. Underneath Mido's left shoulder blade was a poorly made arrow. Blood oozed from the protruding arrow's hole. The girls turned as the dark purple blood gushed from the hole in his back. From the edge of the woods, a pair of beat-red eyes stared at Link. 'What's that over there', Link thought. He caught a flash of something metallic whinnying threw the air. An arrow flew just centimeters from his face, leaving a small red gash on his left cheek. Out from the concealing shade of the trees stepped out five Staflos.

"Oh shit," exclaimed Link, "That could be a problem." The Staflos charged forth from the forest sending all the Kokiri, including Link, running for cover. "Everyone!" Link choked between breaths, "Go to my house!" With that they all ran towards Link's house. Link got there first and opened up his cellar door. As he shuffled everyone in he watched as two Kokiri weren't so lucky. As he watched, tears swam in his eyes as he slowly shut the cellar door. There was nothing he could do, yet. Growing determined, Link flew down the stairs and picked up his Great Fairies Sword. "All of you stay here," he commanded, "I'm going to go help Akuma and Yugi!" Link charged up and out of the cellar; charging the Staflos at full speed. When he reached the fight, only Yugi was standing. Link didn't have time to feel sorry, he had to help Yugi or she would be overcome. Link ran just short of the battle and charged his sword, but didn't have time to charge it fully because he was attacked. He unleashed a powerful wave of pure energy, destroying two Staflos. This caused the other three to charge him. A smile came across his face as the odds were stacked against him.

He charged too and jumped high into the air and brought the sword down on the closest Staflos. As soon as the blade hit the floor, Link side-jumped an attack and countered with a clean slash; causing the Staflos to fall into two. 'Two down, one to go', Link though, but was caught off guard and was cut in the shoulder area. Link jumped back to look at the wound. There was a deep gash, from his elbow to his armpit, which bled profusely.

"Damn it!" Link swore as he sized up his opponent. The Staflos gave an unholy smile as it stared at Link through his empty eye sockets. It began to grunt in some distant language, which Link couldn't understand. Soon a dozen pairs of eyes began to glow behind the towering Staflos. More and more appeared through the thicket until Link lost count. A Deku Nut grabbed his attention on the floor. Slowly Link worked his foot underneath it. The Staflos let lose a bellow, which shook the ground and a large mass of green creatures charged towards Link; making their way around the Staflos. Seeing his chance, Link flung the Deku Need into the air and swiped the nut. It exploded with a blinding flash of white light, stopping every one of the green creatures. Link had enough time to get a better look at these creatures. He'd never seen any of these things before.

They were about the size of Link, wearing black tunics with hoods draped over their heads. Their hands and faces were green, which looked rough, almost leathery, and probably felt that way to the touch. Green wart-like bumps covered their bodies. Link held the sword up and in a charge position and began to draw power from the surrounding area. The forest began to go dark as the weapon took the light-energy in. The roses began to glow showing they were fully charged. Link forced some of the power into his own body, numbing the pain in his arm and healing it to a degree. Feeling pumped he let out a battle cry and charged the goblins. The front rank of goblins fell as the others around began to become unanalyzed. Link cut them down and continued to hack away. He moved with inconceivable speed for someone his size and considering the weapon he was holding. But the goblin amount was to great and the rest left paralyzed were not so anymore. Link decided to unleash the full power of the sword and let lose a spin attack. This cut down all the goblins, but left the Staflos.

"This not done yet, boy," said the Staflos in shaky Hylian. Link and the Staflos exchanged a few blows before Link got the best and cut him down. His breathing slowing down, the weight of the sword and battle began to take it's toll. He fell to his knees and released the sword from his grip. Slowly, the Kokiri hidden in Link's cellar, emerged like snakes from their eggs.

"Is it over?" asked Saria, holding the door open so everyone could leave, "Did you kill all of 'em?" Link wearily looked over his shoulder and nodded as Yugi helped him up. Link looked over and asked her if she was okay. She nodded as she wiped blood from a cut she had on her stomach.

"My Goddesses!" bellowed Link, "Your stomach!" He bent down and lifted her shirt so he could better see the wound. It was deep, but not lethal. Moaning was heard coming from Mido's direction, sending everyone in his direction. Soon a crowd of Kokiri gathered around him as he coughed up blood.

"" sputtered Mido as he grabbed Link's tunic, "" Link could hear the talk of the others as he pulled out a bottle containing a fairy.

"Look over there!" screamed a voice. Everyone turned to see where he was talking about. "Akuma is still alive!" Sure enough, he was right. There lay Akuma, twitching on the ground. 'What should I do? Who should I use it on', thought Link. Link opened the bottle and grabbed the fairy. Slowly he walked in between the two dying Kokiri, and released the fairy in the direction on one of them. There was no surprise in who Link choose. Seconds later, Akuma stood to his feet and brushed off the dirt from his clothes. Once he was done, everyone turned their attention to the dying Mido.

"Link.wait." Mido pleaded, "I'm.I'm sorry. Please" Link stopped and slowly turned around, before spitting.

Link walked over, picked up his sword, and went to put it away. Saria watched on as Mido took his last breath of life and passed away. She gazed at his lifeless face and saw something she never thought she would she come from Mido, tears. Mido died with tears hanging on in his eyes. There was no rejoicing, yet no sorrow either. The Kokiri saw a side of Link they never thought he even had. Some asked how he could do such a thing, but then thoughts of how Mido used to treat him flooded their minds.

'Spring was fresh in the air as the birds sang, and the bugs could be heard buzzing away. Tiny strands of sunlight could be seen penetrating the deep foliage of the forest canopy above. Link awoke and began his chores, which Mido had set about for him to do every day. While Link cut their grass, cleaned their houses, and did their laundry, the rest of the Kokiri would play worry free. One day Link finished a little early and sat in front of his ladder, watching the others play tag. He was only five at the time and was often called 'Runt' by Mido and his lackeys, thereby, not allowing him to participate in any games they held for fear of being ridiculed and laughed at. On this day though, Link was feeling a bit ambitious, and decided to ask if he could play. Slowly he made his way over to Mido. He watched and waited for an opportune time to ask him. Mido had stopped just in front of him and Link tapped him on his shoulder.

"Um.Mido," Link said in a shaky voice, "Can I please play too?" Mido turned around and looked at him for only a moment, before someone ran up and tagged him on his head.

"You're it loser!" he yelled, "Catch me if you can!" Mido's face grew red with anger causing Link began to back off, but was stopped by Mido's two lackey sidekicks. They grabbed his arms to keep him from running away while Mido got into his face.

"Sure you can play!" he sneered then punched Link square in the face, "Your It!!" he screamed and began to pummel Link with blows to the face and mid-section. For five whole minutes, Mido beat him senseless before Saria came over and stopped it. She stared in complete disbelief at what Mido had done to him. There Link lay on the floor, almost unconscious from the beating he'd just received. Blood gushing from his noise and mouth. His cheeks were bruised as he slowly began to bathe in his own blood.'

Those memories flowed back to some of the Kokiri as they began to see where Link was coming from. They still never could've even fathomed that Link could do such a thing. Some Kokiri Picked up Mido and began to carry him to the cemetery were they buried their dead.

Link emerged from his cellar and began to leave before he was stopped by Saria,

"Are you okay?" she asked, noticing his puffy red eyes and stuffy noise, "Either way, one of them was going to die." Link sniffled and tried to speak, but only a faint squeak came out. Saria saw the encore of tears beginning to flood back to Link's eyes. She grabbed Link and gave him a tight hug. She felt relived that Link felt bad for his decision. She had never seen him be so heartless to someone. This moment was short-lived as horse laughter was heard coming from the Staflos.

"Kokiri leader dead," he sputtered, "My job done." Link walked over there and kicked him in the face. The Staflos's head flew off and landed twenty feet from the stream in front of the shop. More laughter came as the head continued to jabber.

"Does Ganondorf know you're outside playing?" asked Link sarcastically. This question only provoked more laughter from the creature. "What's so freakin' funny?" he asked.

"I serve not him, boy," he slurred, "I serve more power.power.stronger man." This aroused Link's curiosity.

"Who," questioned Link, "Who do you serve that's stronger than Ganondorf?" A evil smile streaked across the face of the dying Staflos as he answered,

"Worry not 'bout him," responded the Staflos, "To far away. Soon he come and kill you all he will. Five thousand years made him strong; stronger than stupid Ganondorf. Soon.soon he will come. You.shall." but before he could finish he disappeared in a cloud off blue smoke. Those words echoed in his head. With those words, Link ran as fast as he could for the castle. He had to see Zelda.

Zelda quietly sat under a tree in the courtyard as she read a book. The sun was hidden from view by the tree's thick foliage. It was still an almost unbearably hot day. The high humidity made matters all the worse. She couldn't see how Link though Fall was coming. Not when the days still felt like this. She sighed at the thought of Link. Her feelings were still undecided towards him. She grew angry at the boy and his father, which were staying at the castle. 'Why did they have to come anyway' she pouted to herself. As if on cue, the very boy she was thinking about entered the courtyard. He somberly walked passed her and flashed her a seductive smile, then winked. Zelda smiled back then realized her face must be redder than the dress she was wearing. She threw her hands up to try and hide her cheeks, but all was in vain. Upon seeing this, the young boy made his way over towards Zelda and sat next to her.

"How's it going?" he asked, but making sure to avoid eye contact.

"I hope you know," started Zelda, "I already have a boyfriend, so you can stop right there." Zelda turned her back to him and continued to read her book. The young man got on his knees and looked over Zelda's shoulder.

"Ahh.that's a good book," he said. Zelda looked over her shoulder to see his face hanging there. "Another thing you should know is that I will win you over. From the first moment I saw you till right now, I've thought you were the most beautiful person I've ever laid eyes on. You deserve the best and I can give you that. Just think about it, alright." With those words he slipped a beautiful white rose onto her lap and began to leave, before Zelda stopped him.

"Wait!" she yelled, causing him to do so, "Maybe if you wanted to go do something later."

"How 'bout right now?" he interrupted. This caught Zelda off-guard and she didn't know how to answer. Ever so slowly, she began to shake her head. "Great!" he shouted, "I know a place were we can go. It's beautiful, but not as beautiful as you, that is." Again, he flashed that brilliant smile causing Zelda to melt. "My name is Ahsien, son of Neisha." Together they walked off to have lunch, all-the-while never realizing they were being watched by Link. There he sat in the shadows of the hallway, watching that event unfold in front of him. Leaving her to do what she will, Link slowly made his way home. Storm clouds were forming and he wanted to get home before it started raining.