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"Ganon's Curse"

The Legend of Zelda: Ganon's Curse

By: Lord Wolf

Ganon knew that this was the way it would end up. He was in the void between realms and those puny sages thought he was under control. However he was far from it. There would be no one to stop him this time. Except maybe that Link kid. He had defeated Ganon once before and Ganon would not underestimate him this time. Ganon sat on his knees and prayed to his evil god Degagimire. He would need his help to get out of this hellhole. Once he did he would get all of the sages together and kill that would do no good. He would have to mortally hurt them. And he would have to hurt that Link kid as well. Just then the room grew black and a voice from out of nowhere said "You hath summoned me. What is it you want!?"

Ganon knew this Degagimire, he then said, "I want you to help me release myself from this place."

Degagimire said "I know you impudent fool! But I can only bestow upon you some new spells along with a sheath, for if the Goddesses find me I will be destroyed. The spells will get you out into the Sacred Realm. The sheath will destroy the blade that cast you here. But remember you must not alter the balance between good and evil. For if you do, all could be destroyed!" Just then the room grew to white and Ganon was holding the sheath which was bestowed upon him. He chanted the spells Degagimire gave him and was transported to the Sacred Realm. It was a luscious green field, and in the distance he could see a magnificent castle. He knew that was where the sages were. He would have to lure Link to him somehow. He would use one of the sages as a hostage. He chanted some more spells and his own evil tower emerged from the ground.

Rauru felt something. It was a strange sensation. It must have been, no it could not have been, evil. He sensed it was close. He looked out the window and expected to see green fields. But instead he saw dead grass and black skies, along with a tower on the horizon. He was about to get the other sages when he was transported to a large Octangular room. There was Ganon. Rauru thought How could this be?

Just then the other sages appeared and Ganon said, "Now that you are all here, I want to tell you that you will not be killed.I have something far more sinister in store for you." Then an evil grin spread across his face. Darunia would not stand for this. He tried to do a Goron Roll but Ganon threw him against a wall. All of the other sages tried their attacks to no avail. Eventually Ganon had incapacitated all of them. But there was one missing. The one he wanted to use to lure Link here. The Sage of the Forest was somewhere. Ganon could feel her in Hyrule. This could turn out better than he expected. She would stay there. Then she would warp back here and when she saw that the sages were gone and all was not as expected, she would summon Link telepathically and Ganon could destroy them both! Ganon decided he could not yet use his powers to summon monsters to help him. He was far too weak. He decided he needed to sleep and regenerate his powers. All would be solved soon.

Link had long since defeated Ganon and there was nothing wrong in the world, or anything out of the ordinary. Yes, there were still robberies and crooks and thieves etc., etc. But there was no "real" danger to any of the races of Hyrule. Link often stayed in the Castle just to watch the birds or play his Ocarina. He had not been romantically involved with Zelda. Oh yes, he loves her, but more like a sister than a girlfriend or wife. Link's "official" role in the castle was the general of the Hylian Army. However, there was not much of a Hylian Army left so he was more or less Zelda's bodyguard. Sometimes Link would take about 2 meals worth of food and leave in the evening and just ride on Epona, coming back at either daybreak or late in the nights. Zelda often scolded him to no avail. She would ask him why he would do such a thing. He really didn't have a response. When he rode out he checked on places like the Kokiri forest or Lake Hylia just to make sure that everything was ok. Call it paranoia, but he felt it was his job.

On this particular day, Link and Zelda left the castle rather early to have a picnic in the Lost Woods. Since his Ocarina could only transport one person at a time he would have to travel the old fashioned way. Link got Zelda to the Sacred Forest meadow with no trouble at all and once he got there he found Saria playing her Ocarina. She saw them and was about to leave but Link insisted that she join them for Lunch. Saria told them of how boring the Sacred Realm would be, so she would often come back to her favorite place to play the Ocarina she loved so dearly, and to come back to the land which she would fight for and which she held so precious.

Link and Zelda and Saria had sat there all day and talked mostly about life in Hyrule and current happenings. After a few hours it was time for the trio to part company. Link had to take Zelda back to the castle and Saria had to go to the Sacred Realm again. Link and Zelda were about halfway down the steps when Link heard Saria call to him. She said "Link! Help me! There is something wrong with the Sacred Realm! Get some gear and go to the Temple of Time. I will then teleport you here."

Zelda had heard the telepathic message as well and looked somewhat concerned. Link walked over to her and said "We must get back to the castle. right now." She quickly agreed and they got on Epona and were off.

Link and Zelda made it back to the castle without further troubles. Link went to the Temple of Time, opened the Door of Time, and retrieved the Master Sword. Zelda said, "Link I hope you come back ok."

Zelda hugged him and Link replied  "I will be back soon." Link was then teleported back to the Sacred Realm. He was standing in front of Saria in what looked a lot like Hyrule Castle. He said, "Saria what is wrong?"

She said "Link the Sages are gone and look around! It looks just like Hyrule did when Ganon was there. Now look out the window! He must be here!! See that tower," Link nodded. "Well I think he is there. We must go and rescue the other sages."

Link and Saria set out to the Tower while Saria was babbling. Link wasn't talking that much he was just very focused. After about an hour, they got to the base of the Tower and went in . While they were walking, there was no light but only a hum of a piano somewhere in the distance. They were at the bottom of a long stairway, and they started climbing the stairs. He went up the stairs and there was Ganondorf. He was playing a song on his organ, and on the wall were 5 sages; they were hung like a crucifix. Nabooru, Ruto, Darunia, Rauru, and Impa. The only one who wasn't there besides Zelda was Saria, who was standing next to him. He looked closer at the sages. Most of them were bleeding badly as if Ganon had beat the stuffing out of them. Link was about to dash at Ganondorf when Ganon lifted Saria off of her feet and flung her against a wall, then hanging her up like the other sages. Link rushed at Ganon and hit him with the butt of his sword. Ganon looked angrily at Link. Then an evil smile came across his face and Link was entombed in a blue ice much like the one Zelda was entombed in many years ago.

Ganon then said, "You know Link, you always could beat me. Even when I had part of the Triforce itself you could still beat me. And I know if you were out of that ice you would beat me again. Do you know why? Because you are a product of the Goddesses and you have all of their weapons. I am a product of Demons and we both know that light always prevails over darkness, no matter what. Sometimes Darkness could win over light, but in the end light is always stronger. You see I could kill your sages and then kill you and rule for a time in the world of Hyrule. May it be 100 years or 1000 years, but eventually someone like you would come along and vanquish me. There was a wise man once that said that evil cannot be destroyed, only lessened; or something along those lines. The fact is that eventually you will beat me if you have the right tools. I have been doing my studying, and this sword I hold can deter all evil. And it is your main weapon. So what if I destroyed it? That would completely throw the balance between good and evil off and could destroy the Sacred Realm. You know yourself that for the Sacred Realm to survive, it must be in perfect harmony. If I changed the balance to Evil's side, then the balance would be thrown off and the Sacred Realm could be destroyed. If that happened, your world would be destroyed. So now I will stop talking and start acting."

Ganon took the sword out of the ice and put it in some kind of sheath. The sheath was as black as night and had strange words on the side of it; the words said, Here is pure evil, put the sword in and it will be destroyed to nothing, not even the Triforce can change it. Ganon put the sword in the sheath, and the closer it got, the brighter it became. It glowed a white so bright that it hurt your eyes. Just then it stopped. Ganon pulled the sword out of the sheath, looked at it, then broke it in half. Just then the room started to quake. Pieces started to fall out of the ceiling and Link knew the Sacred Realm was collapsing onto itself and Hyrule would be next. Then, all of a sudden, it stopped. In fact, everything became quiet. Just then Ganondorf said, "You see I anticipated this and I was able to stop the destruction of the Sacred Realm. It did take some favors from Degagimire but he was able to help me stop it. Now that the balance is on Evil's side, I will kill you and your sages and take the Triforce. And after I do all that, I think I will vacation on Lon Lon Ranch. I hear that Malon girl is very lovely, heh-heh-heh." Link was ready to explode; he would do anything to kill Ganon. Ganon looked at him and said, "Oh, have I upset you? Let me free you so I can have fun when I kill you."

He was sitting in the corner of the room, watching. He could feel Link's anger and hate. He even felt Ganon's smug superiority. For now he would have to wait and see what happened in the battle that was about to take place. Link may not need him after all. Just then the ice Link was surrounded in disappeared. Link ran at Ganon and had no sword so he just dove in a sort of tackle at him and Ganon threw hit him with some kind of magic sphere. Link just about knew that he couldn't defeat Ganon without the Master Sword, so he took out his Ocarina and played the Prelude of Light. Link did not know whether he would be transported or not, but he tried anyways. It did not work. Link was still trapped in this room with Ganon. Link fought with Ganon for about 5 minutes, with Ganon beating Link severely. First Link tried to punch him, and then Ganon knocked Link's head against the floor. Then Link tried a jump attack, and Ganon almost broke his leg. Link was getting hit now; in his head, on his body. Bruises everywhere, and he was bleeding badly. Link knew he was about to pass out. Ganon was leaning over him and raised his hand, a ball of energy forming in his palm. Link knew it was the end. Just then, a blue lightning bolt came out of nowhere and hit Ganon, knocking him on his butt.

He could not stand for this any longer. If Link were to die, all could be lost. He had to act. It wouldn't be long before he could vanquish Ganon again. But Link couldn't see him do this. He knew Link was about to pass out but he had to be sure. He would stay behind Link while he attacked.

Link didn't know what was going on, and just then another bolt hit Ganon, then another, then another! Link tried to get up but he couldn't. He was bleeding severely and he knew it wouldn't be long before he lost consciousness. Then Link blacked out. He awoke some time later and found that the Sages had been cut down and laid down, while Ganon was nowhere to be seen. He also had bandages over his head and bruises. In fact his bruises were gone, as well as his other wounds. Link went over to the sages and saw that they had bandages similar to his over their wounds and that Saria was waking up. As soon as she did she was transported somewhere. The same happened with the other sages. Pretty soon they were all gone. The only one that was able to say anything was Impa. She said "Link it is." Then she was gone.

Link then saw a vortex in the middle of the room. He went through the vortex and was instantly transported back to the Sacred Forest Meadow. And there was Zelda, by herself and she saw Link, who ran up to her and hugged her. She said, "Link what happened?"

He replied, "I am not really sure." He told Zelda what happened and she was puzzled. "Now answer a question for me. How did you know I would be here? Not even I knew I would come here."

Zelda said, "I don't know, but it felt that this is the place you would be." Who was this person who was helping Link? And what would happen now that the Master Sword was gone? He had been successful but now there were more pressing matters to attend to. Now he had to reveal himself to Link and Zelda. He hoped he didn't have to sedate any of them. He hoped they wouldn't freak out, it wasn't common that people got to meet a person as powerful as he.

Zelda and Link were just about to leave when a person appeared in front of them. The person looked Link's age but was much bigger. He wore a blue shirt and blue pants. The shirt he had on looked kind of like a Zora Tunic. Link drew into an attack stance and the person said, "Have no fear, Hero of Time, I am Paul. I am the one who helped you against Ganon. And I can feel the questions in your head. The Sages are back in the Sacred Realm recovering and Ganon is where he should be, in the void between Realms."

Link was speechless, then he said, "Well what are you doing here? And where did you come from?"

Paul then said, "I have come from the Heavens. You were sent from the Heavens Link. But now Evil has the upper hand and I was sent. I must protect Zelda, and you, even if it does mean my life. We should hurry back to the Castle, more evil is already on the way, I can feel it." Link and Zelda and Paul were in Hyrule Field when 3 Stalfos popped out of the ground. Link was about to move forward when Paul put a hand on his shoulder and pulled him back. Paul then raised his hand and a huge ball of lightning came out of it. It instantly disintegrated the Stalfos. Link was amazed. The only person he had ever seen that had come close to that amount of power was Ganon. He wondered who this person was, he was about to ask when Paul started walking again. It would have to wait, Link decided.

They were in the Market and it was being ransacked by Redeads and other various monsters. Link started attacking one and Paul just stood there. This sucks, Paul thought. Well I might as well.

Zelda said, "Help Link Paul!" Link was being choked by a Redead. Paul crouched down and a huge wave expanded from him. It was destroying these monsters with ease without hurting anyone else. However, it took a lot out of Paul. That was his most powerful spell and he knew he would need to sleep to regenerate soon.

They got back to the castle without further incident, and Link demanded that Paul explain himself. Paul said that his power would more than make up for the lost Master Sword. And that the only reason the Sacred Realm didn't collapse onto itself was because he had got there just in time. It had nothing to do with Degagimire. Zelda was confused. She had not heard what happened fully what had happened and Link was just about to explain when Paul said, "Link was lured to the Sacred Realm and he found the Sages in a Tower. He and Ganon were just about to battle when Ganon entombed him in ice. He destroyed the Master Sword. Then before the Sacred Realm collapsed I came and made up for the lost good energy. They fought and Link got his tail beat." Link blushed slightly after Paul said that. "Then I vanquished Ganon back to the void and you know the rest." He also said that if Zelda or Link were to die that it would mean certain death for Hyrule, though he didn't say why. Link would need a new sword. He could get one just about anywhere in the Hyrule Market but it wouldn't be the same as the Master Sword.

Ganon was amazed. He was back in the Void between Realms. He didn't know what happened. He chanted the spell Degagimire taught him and it didn't work. He was stuck in this endless white room. He had no idea what to do so he just sat there and waited. He had already done plenty of that so a little more wouldn't hurt. Besides he needed to clear his head and think about what would happen now. There was one victory in all of this. The Master Sword was destroyed and he could rejoice over that. Yes, eventually the Evil Force will build up and make him strong enough so the he could get out. It was only a matter of yime.

Link looked around in the Market and found a nice sword. It was 800 Rupees, but with the salary he had he could afford it. He bought it and took it to Paul. Paul inspected it, engraved some words onto it, then chanted some spells and said, "Now it is more powerful than the Master Sword could ever be."

Link looked it over and thought, "Man, this sword is pretty nice!" Link was looking at Paul smiling when all of a sudden Paul got a really serious look on his face. Link said, "Paul what is it?"

Paul replied, "Our presence is required in the Sacred Realm." Before Link could say another word all 3 of them were standing before the sages and Zelda had a confused look on her face.

Then Rauru said, "We can no longer stand for Ganon's antics. We must dampen his magical abilities for good. Link we have this special arrow that will do just the job, if and only if you hit him in his heart. Paul you must protect them both. For without Link, Ganon will have his magical abilities and all 7 of us sages must use our power to control Ganon. Therefore Zelda must not be harmed. Ok?" They all nodded.

Paul teleported them to the void. Now it was more like hell, there were lava pits everywhere and Paul saw 4 Keese in the air. He pointed to them and was about to hit them with a lightning bolt when nothing happened. Paul looked at his hand and tried again. Still nothing. Link shot all 4 of them down with a few arrows and said to Paul, "What happened?"

Paul said, "All of my powers seem to be useless here. Ganon does not have that much power. He must have gotten a favor or two from Degagimire. I can still feel you two empathically but that is it. We must hurry to Ganon if we wish to destroy his magical abilities." The trio went through some rooms killing various small enemies like Keese and Stalfos but in this room they saw this humongous blob in front of the exit. Link and Paul were ready to fight and the blob morphed into this humongous creature and grabbed Zelda. Then it sort of drained through the floor taking Zelda with him. Paul and Link tried to stop him but couldn't. Then Paul mumbled, "No, not this time."

Link, puzzled by what Paul had just said Link asked, "Huh?"

Paul replied, "You know I can see short distances into the future. I foresaw this and I saw Zelda dying. We must get to her. But Link I will tell you one thing. The world needs you. The world needs Zelda. If someone is to die here today it must be me. What I am trying to say is to not risk yourself for me. Now we should get going." Link and Paul went through some rooms mostly filled with Keese and some baby Dodongos and went into this huge room. It was Square and in the middle there was Zelda on a table, with the blob beside her.

Paul pushed Link to a corner and said, "Stay here until I call for your help." Paul then rushed at the blob and flew through the air and hit him. The blob cried and dashed backward. Then it surrounded Paul and started to close in on him. Paul jumped out of it and kicked the blob a few more times. The blob took on Paul's form and Paul was now fighting himself. The blob rushed at Paul and hit him squarely in the chest and Paul went flying against a wall. The blob picked Paul up and slammed him against the ground. The battle went on for many minutes and then Paul was victorious. He was exhausted though. He was walking to Zelda when he just collapsed.

Ganon appeared behind him and said, "You know I didn't think he would go this far to help you people. I guess I should kill him now." Link was about to get involved when Paul rolled over and tried to hit Ganon with a Lightning Bolt. Only a small spark came out and Ganon stabbed him in the chest.

Link had enough of this. He ran at Ganon and slashed him with his sword. They fought a classic battle of hitting the energy spheres. Once Ganon was hit Link remembered about the arrow and took out his bow and shot. It hit Ganon squarely in the chest when the room started to shake. Link tried to revive Paul to no avail. He remembered what Paul had said and went and grabbed Zelda and ran. As he was running he was transported. He was back in the Sacred Realm. Link was really getting tired of this. "I wish there was some kind of early warning system or something."

The sages all had their heads bowed and then Rauru said, "Paul was a noble warrior and now he is slain. But he was sent down from the heavens with a mission. That mission was to protect you. He did, with his life. He bestowed upon you another Master Sword. May it serve you well. Now you must go back to Hyrule Castle. You have done much and now it is time for you to rest. I will see you again."

Link and Zelda were both teleported to the castle and Zelda said, "Link, I am tired and wish to go to bed. I will see you tomorrow. I pray to the Goddesses that Paul is with them. He risked his life to save me and you. I am glad he was there."

Link nodded and went to his room. He was just about to drift off to sleep when there was a flash. He looked around and Paul was sitting in the chair on the far side of his room. Paul said, "Yes, yes, I know, I was dead but the Goddess' gave me back my mortal form. I still have my powers but all I can do is protect you and Zelda. I will be here. But you will be unable to see me. I will be watching you. Goodbye."


Link told Zelda about the incident with Paul the night before. They talked a long time about what happened. How Ganon got out and so forth and so on. The whole time Link knew he was being watched. He knew Paul was close and as long as he felt that he knew he would never have to worry about Zelda's safety or his own safety again. It was like having a guardian angel with him all the time. And Paul did one other thing before he left. He put a protective shield around the Door of Time so that nothing from the Sacred Realm could get out past the Temple besides the sages, and nothing could get in. Link felt a whole lot safer now. But I guess that is what Paul's whole existence was about.