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"Children of the Triforce: The Return"

Children of the Triforce: The Return

By : Alexandra Spears

Chapter One

It was a peaceful predawn in Hyrule. Birds were getting ready to make their music to wake up the people of the land, and the sun was almost ready to peek over the horizon.

However, the peacefulness was shattered by a young girl's screams. Queen Zelda of Hyrule was awakened by it, as was her husband, Sir Link. "Zelda...?" Link mumbled sleepily.

"Kristin's having another nightmare," said Zelda as she quickly got up and slung on her pink robe. She sighed. "Ever since Kyla's death...." Zelda lifted her golden blonde hair out from underneath the back of her robe and hurried out the door, headed for their daughter's room.

Link sat up, now wide awake, and gazed up at a portrait of his family--painted when the family had numbered six instead of four, as it was now. Zelda's late father, King Harkinian, was standing behind a smiling Link and Zelda. In front of Link and Zelda were their three children--Cecil, Kristin, and little Kyla. He sighed as he thought about his father-in-law and younger daughter. Both were dead now, both killed by Kyla's madness, and the worst part of it was that Kyla had only been thirteen.

Poor Kyla, Link thought as he reluctantly dragged himself out of bed and hauled himself into the bathroom, where he drew a warm bath. He'd been feeling a bit older lately since losing his youngest child. Kyla had stolen the Triforce of Power upon learning that she'd had a terminal illness, yet another blow; she'd been born prematurely and had been sickly all her life. The other two Triforces had gone to Link and Zelda's older two children. Once they got the Triforce of Power back from Kyla, she'd died in her parents' arms.

As the tub filled up, Link pulled off his short nightshirt and climbed in. The pain was still there, the pain of losing a young daughter, no matter how evil she might have been. It had been a few months and poor Kristin was still having nightmares.

Zelda went into her daughter's bedroom (the only daughter she had left, she reminded herself yet again) and saw sixteen-year-old Kristin tossing and turning. Zelda shook the girl awake. "Kristin, wake up, honey," said Zelda.

The girl jerked awake. "Mom...," she moaned. "I had another dream...about Kristin...and Ganon...." She hugged herself. "Don't--don't let any of Ganon's remaining servants get to Dad or Cecil...don't let them draw blood...," she babbled mysteriously.

Zelda's heart began pounding. She took her daughter by the shoulders and shook her gently. "Kristin, snap out of it," she pleaded.

Tears came to Kristin's brown eyes. Zelda hugged her daughter and stroked her golden hair. The Queen was worried. Her daughter had barely been eating anything and no one could remember the last time Kristin had had a good night's sleep. The girl was becoming too thin and her eyes looked haunted, making her look much older than sixteen. "Kristin, Ganon doesn't have any of his minions left. They're all gone," Zelda reminded her.

"No--no they're not," Kristin contradicted. "There are some left. Some who would follow Ganon or even Kyla should they return."

"Kristin, your sister is dead, she has been for a few months now," Zelda reminded her sharply. "And Ganon--your father and I defeated him not long before your brother was born. They are dead and that's that."

Kristin burst into a fresh round of tears. "Mom...this is serious...don't take my dreams lightly! Some of our ancestors, other Princesses Zelda...they had prophetic dreams, and it's been handed down through a couple of branches of the family. I inherited this ability, Mother."

Zelda sighed. "What can we do?"

"Just watch out for a sorcerer. A wandering sorcerer, who is descended from what's left of the Gerudo race. He's of no relation to Ganon and he is mostly Hylian. He wishes to use Ganon and Kyla to somehow revive the Gerudo race."

"Why?" asked Zelda.

"I don't know...only that if it happens Hyrule is in danger. I don't know the connection yet, Mom."

Zelda sat there for a while and studied her younger child. She sighed. "Well, get dressed and come to breakfast," she said after a long pause. "I'll discuss this with your father and we'll decide what to do."

After breakfast Link and Cecil went outside to work on their swordfighting together before a storm blew in; the skies were starting to get darker, quite a change from the pleasant dawn.

"Kristin have another nightmare, Dad?" Cecil asked Link as they took a break after having gone at it for an hour.

"Yeah...about your sister," said Link.

"I just wonder what's going on," said Cecil. "I may not be able to sense things like Kristin can, but I just get this feeling that something isn't right. Is that weird?"

Link shook his head and smiled a little. "In this land, I'm not surprised by anything anymore."

"I was thinking...about going to Calatia and visiting Princess Bettina," said Cecil. Bettina was the younger of Queen Seline's two grand-nieces; Seline's nephew was next in line for the throne of Calatia and he had two daughters, Sherry and Bettina.

Link looked up at his son and smiled. "You have a girlfriend, Cecil? I noticed you two talking together at Kristin's sixteenth birthday party."

"Dad--!" Cecil's cheeks turned pink. "Yeah...I guess so...."

"You're going to make me one of the youngest grandfathers on record!" Link chuckled.

"Well...I don't know if I want to marry her yet, Dad...I...well...I like her and I think I'm in love with her...but I only just met her...."

Link clapped his hand on his son's shoulder. "Don't be in a big rush, okay, Cecil? Your mother and I knew each other for close to two years before we were married."

"I was thinking about riding to Calatia before the storm blows in; it's coming from the east and if I hurry I can make it there to Queen Seline's castle," said Cecil.

"All right--but you be careful, Son," said Link. "Try to be back before nightfall."

"I will, Dad." Cecil hugged his father and went to the stables to get his brown horse.

That afternoon it was storming in Hyrule. Kristin gazed out her window, worried about her older brother. He'd gone to Calatia to visit his girlfriend Princess Bettina. "Cecil, whatever you do, be careful, my brother," she whispered. She knew fully well that he was eighteen and able to take care of himself, but with her nightmares and everything, she was fearful for her brother's safety, as well as her father's.

Usually Kristin wasn't afraid of storms but for some reason she was today. An especially loud crack of thunder sounded, an intense bolt of lightning coming with it at the same time, and Kristin screamed as loud as she possibly could.

For the first time in her life she fainted.

A tall, dark, hooded figure stole through the cemetery south of Mido Town that dark, stormy afternoon. He paid no heed to the whistling, howling wind and cold, driving rain. He was on a mission, a mission for a master he'd served over twenty years ago. He carried with him a shovel and a large book, which he kept in a large pouch on the inside of his cloak to keep it concealed and protected from the rain, along with a flask filled with a special liquid he'd prepared. After a few months it wouldn't be a pretty sight, but this liquid would restore her beauty. Restoring her life, now that was going to take a little bit of work.

Finally he arrived at the grave, which no longer looked very new. The flowers on it had either wilted or been blown away by storms, especially this one. The headstone looked fairly new, of course, and it had her name clearly engraved in it, as well as the dates of her birth and death. Just barely over thirteen...much too young to be lying here with her ancestors, the stranger thought as he read the dates. If it hadn't for her stealing the Triforce of Power she would have lived longer--not a whole lot longer, granted, but even so....

He thrust the shovel into the soil and stomped down on it, and began digging. "Don't worry, little girl, you'll soon see your family again," he chuckled softly, the sounds of the raging storm drowning him out, not that there was anyone straining to hear him.

After what seemed like hours he was clearing the dirt away from the lid of the polished wooden casket, which had the crest of the kingdom of Hyrule--the symbol of the Triforce--engraved in it, along with her name--Princess Kyla of Hyrule.

He sat on the lid and took out the flask he was carrying, along with the book. Setting the book on the casket lid and opening it to the right page, he uncorked the flask and held it up, allowing some of the rainwater in with the mixture. Reading the page, he waved his hand over the mouth of the flask and chanted in ancient low Hylian.

Holding his breath and closing his eyes, he lifted the half of the lid that covered the young princess from her head to her waist, and poured the mixture onto her body. He waited for a moment, then opened his eyes. It worked--young Princess Kyla looked as pretty in death as she had in life.

Tossing the flask aside and putting the book back inside his cloak, he gently lifted the princess's body from her coffin. "So pretty...I'm sure Ganon would like her," he said, pleased, as he gazed upon her beautiful golden hair, the silver tiara that was on her head, the pretty pale green dress she was wearing.

He used a spell to lift himself from the violated grave. Tossing the shovel away, he lifted the girl's body into his arms--she looked like she was only sleeping--and headed for his lair near Death Mountain. Once there, he laid the dead girl on a bed he'd prepared especially for her.

Now for the next part--finding the girl's older brother. He was the key to bringing the princess back to life, as it was written that the holder of the Triforce of Courage was key to bringing back the holder of the Triforce of Power. Cecil would be used to resurrect Kyla, and Link to resurrect Ganon.

He wasn't going to worry about Link just yet.

He went across his cavernous lair and picked up a jar, dipped his finger into the ashes within. "Well, Ganon, I'll get you two out of the Evil Realm, to which your souls have been banished, yet!"

Putting the jar back down he went into another cavern, where he kept his black horse. Earlier he'd spied on events at North Castle and knew that Prince Cecil was in Calatia by now.

"Kristin? Kristin, honey, wake up...."

Kristin's brown eyes fluttered open, and she saw her father looking down at her. She was in her bed. "Daddy?"

Her mother came over with a wet cloth and gently sponged her face with it. "Kristin, what happened?" she asked. "Your father heard you scream!"

Kristin sat up and began shivering violently. Link hugged her close.

"It's Kyla. She's no longer resting," Kristin said, her voice dull. "And Cecil...find Cecil and bring him home now!"

Chapter Two

Cecil rode his horse westward through the mountain passes into Calatia, his father's homeland. Generations ago his father's family had moved from Hyrule to Calatia, Cecil reflected. It was a beautiful land, and Hyrule's sister country.

Cecil's horse raced across the plains. The young man enjoyed the feel of the wind in his light brown hair as the plains sped by beneath him. He really needed to get out. He was slowly getting over the whole ordeal surrounding his youngest sister's death.

Finally the young Prince of Hyrule arrived at Queen Seline's castle. The guards smiled at him and let him through, recognizing him. Once inside the gate he dismounted his horse and a stable boy immediately came up to take the horse to the stables. "Good afternoon, Your Highness," he said.

"Hi, Paul, how are you?" Cecil asked.

"Just fine, Your Highness," the boy replied. "Looks like a storm's coming in."

"Yeah, must be raining in Hyrule right about now. I'm here to see Princess Bettina."

Paul led Cecil's horse away, and Cecil went up to the castle's main entrance. "Prince Cecil of Hyrule to see Princess Bettina," Cecil told the guards there.

At that moment, a seventeen-year-old girl with red-gold hair and cornflower blue eyes appeared. "Cecil!" she said, smiling brightly.

"Hi, Bettina," he replied. "I came to see you today. Care to take a walk in the courtyard with me?"

"Of course," said the princess.

"You look nice today," Cecil said, feeling awkward. She was wearing a pretty blue dress that brought out her eyes.

"Why thank you. And you look handsome as usual, Cecil."

Hand in hand, they went out into the courtyard and sat down on a bench together. "How's your sister doing?" Cecil asked.

"Just fine...she's engaged to the younger Prince of Lorien now. It's about time--I mean, she's twenty already!"

"Hmmm...royal wedding coming up, it looks like," said Cecil.

"How's your sister doing?" Bettina asked. She knew all about the situation with Cecil's family.

Cecil sighed. "She's been getting so weird lately. She hardly eats anything and my mother is about ready to force-feed her. And she sleeps a lot...she keeps having nightmares."

Bettina shook her head. "I just hope everything goes okay," she said sympathetically. "I think Kristin needs to get out too, rather than hole herself up in North Castle."

"Yeah," Cecil agreed.

The rider on the black horse rode into Calatia later that afternoon as the storm was starting to subside. Most likely young Prince Cecil wouldn't want to ride in the rain if he didn't have to.

He wasn't going to capture the young prince. No, that could be trouble. He could ruin everything. It was better just to get what he was after from the young man; that way the Royal Family of Hyrule wouldn't know what it was up against until it was too late.

He wondered if he should kill the boy. No, he decided. If he turned up missing, his parents would get suspicious, especially with his sister's nightmares. Better to let them think nothing was up; that way he'd have the element of surprise on his side. Still it didn't mean he wasn't going to hurt the boy.

The youngest Princess of Hyrule had been appearing in his dreams, wanting him to let her soul out of the Evil Realm so she could get her revenge. A girl after his own heart, he mused as he stopped his steed a good distance from the castle and took out his crossbow. She and Ganon would be great together. He laughed aloud at this. He'd have his revenge too, over the civil war hundreds of years ago, when the Gerudos had fought the Hylians. They'd been wanting to take over Hyrule then and had failed. He was a direct descendant of one of those Gerudo thieves. Ganon had been their king then. His plan was perfect...resurrect those two and use them.

The storm was clearing and it was getting on towards evening. He sat there on his horse and waited, his crossbow ready.

"Do you really have to go?" Bettina asked Cecil as they walked to the castle's entrance together.

"I'm afraid I do, but I can visit another time," said Cecil. Facing her, he held her hands in his. Their lips moved closer and closer together, and their eyes closed as their lips touched.

Seconds later, when the kiss was over, Cecil smiled at his girlfriend. "That was my first kiss," he said, his cheeks turning slightly pink.

"Mine too," she said, smiling shyly.

"Well, um...I really must go now," said Cecil. "I--I love you, Bettina."

"I love you too, Cecil," Bettina said, her cheeks now crimson.

Minutes later, as Cecil rode out of the castle gates on his horse, he was feeling just great. Wait until he told his father about this!

As he rode out, he was suddenly aware of only an intense stabbing pain in his left arm. After that everything went black.

The man on the black steed smiled at his perfect shot. The arrow he'd just fired from his crossbow had a special potion that would put people out for a few hours.

Dismounting the horse, the man walked over to where Prince Cecil lay after falling off his horse and turned him over onto his back. He raided the young man's pouch and took all his rupees--he could sure use them and why not make it look like a robbery?

Now for what he needed. He took out a bowl and a knife. Taking the knife, he slashed the young man's wrist and held the bowl underneath it, catching his blood. When he had enough, he used his magic to heal the boy's wound, ignoring the blood that had soaked into his white sleeve. Next he poured the blood into a flask and corked it and put the flask, knife, and bowl back into his cloak.

Laughing evilly, the man got back onto his horse and headed back to Hyrule. He would leave Cecil out here.

Night was falling and still Cecil was not home. Zelda was pacing around the den, Kristin sitting there looking frightened as anything.

"I'm going to go look for him," said Link.

Kristin sat there, leaning forward, hugging herself. Link gave her a kiss on her forehead. "Everything will be fine, Kristin," he tried to assure his daughter.

"Be careful out there, Link," Zelda said as she embraced him.

Just then, a guard came into the den. "I have news from Mido Town," he said, looking pale. "Someone was paying respects to the grave of the late King Harkinian...and they found Princess Kyla's grave opened, the coffin empty."

Link and Zelda gasped. "Mom--put extra guards around the castle, please!" Kristin begged.

Zelda nodded. "Do as she says," she told the guard.

"Yes, Your Majesty."

"Dad--find Cecil," Kristin whispered. "Keep him here where he'll be safe."

Link nodded. "I'll go find your brother."

Princess Kyla lay on the bed in the cavern, her thin hands clasped on her chest. "Such a pretty princess," he murmured almost lovingly. "You want to be Queen of Hyrule, don't you? I can understand that ambition."

He took out the flask, uncorked it, and poured some of the blood into his hand and dribbled it onto the girl's body, chanting a spell as he did so. He waited.

Minutes passed. Then Kyla's pretty green eyes fluttered open. "Mom...Dad...?" she murmured. Slowly, she sat up. "Where am I? Who are you?"

"My dear Princess Kyla, my name is Mogano, and I have raised you from the dead. Your parents let you die, and now you have your chance to get revenge."

"They took the Triforce of Power from me," Kyla said, her voice low and angry. "I want it. I want the whole Triforce!"

"Not so fast, Your Highness," said Mogano. "I wish to resurrect Ganon as well--or rather his former identity, Ganondorf Dragmire. But to do that, I need some of your father's blood. Your brother's blood is what brought you back."

"Well, why not try my brother's blood on Ganon?" Kyla asked. "He and my father are of the same blood after all."

"Clever child," laughed Mogano. "Just as your father's blood probably could have raised you too. Yes, let's try that."

Mogano dumped the ashes onto the floor and did the same ceremony with the blood and the chanting. They waited--and soon Ganondorf Dragmire was standing before them, looking as he'd had centuries ago when he'd faced Kyla's ancestors.

"Mogano. Old friend!" grinned Ganondorf. He looked at his hands. "You brought me back as a Gerudo! How nice!"

"Yes...I thought maybe the Gerudos should make a comeback, which is why I resurrected you and Prncess Kyla of Hyrule--O Master...."

"Time to repay you for your...loyalty," grinned Ganondorf. He quickly frisked Mogano, found his dagger, and plunged it into his heart. "Loyalty...such that it was, you little schemer!"

Kyla stood there, looking on. "Nice way to thank him," she snapped.

"Why, thank you, my dear. Now he said you were a Princess of Hyrule--?"

"Yes, daughter of Link and Queen Zelda," said Kyla. "I once held the Triforce of Power," she added, bragging.

Ganondorf's smile widened. "I take it you don't like your family...?"

"They wouldn't let me rule Hyrule 'cause I'm the youngest of three children," Kyla replied.

"I want to be King of Hyrule...and you want to be Queen. It's been...quite a while since I've had the pleasure of...knowing a pretty girl," said Ganondorf slyly. "How about we make this a partnership?"

"I'm only thirteen...if that matters," Kyla smiled.

"I like them...young," Ganondorf chuckled as he stroked the girl's face. He was mildly surprised when she didn't flinch; rather she seemed to enjoy it. "You like that, hmmm...?"

"About as much as you do," Kyla said, sounding seductive.

"Well, then, Kyla...I'd like to claim you as my wife."

"Then let's seal our deal," said Kyla suggestively, twisting a lock of her golden hair around her finger.

Cecil was slowly waking up in his own bed. "Wha--what happened...?" he moaned as he tried to sit up.

"You got robbed," his father said as he came over to the bed. His mother was sitting in a chair at his bedside.

" hurts," Cecil gasped, wincing.

"Someone shot you with a drugged arrow," his mother told him. "You're going to be all right, Cecil...but your arm is going to be bandaged for a while. Your father found you lying on the ground in Calatia."

"Do you know who did it?" Link asked.

"No...I just felt this pain in my arm...and the next thing I know I'm here," Cecil replied. He sat up. "Where's Kristin?"

"She's in her room. I had someone give her a sedative," Zelda replied quietly.

"What happened to her? Did she see me injured and get hysterical?"

Link took a breath. "Just before I went looking for you, we were told that someone robbed Kyla's grave. They--took her body...."

"Why?" Cecil demanded.

"We have no idea," said Link. "Your sister seems to have some knowledge of what's going on, but until she calms down we can't understand what she's trying to tell us."

"Hmmm...sure you've never had a man before?" Ganondorf asked sometime later.

Kyla laughed as she straightened out her hair. "I'm only thirteen! Not too many girls my age marry." She laughed. "If my father knew about us, I am quite sure he'd hit the roof!"

"I want to get hold of that Triforce," said Ganon.

"You and me both. So you're not going to renege on this--we're going to rule Hyrule together?"

"Yes. I did originally want to make your mother my queen...then she married your father. But you're better suited for me," said Ganondorf. "You're perfect."

"Why thank you," said Kyla. "So--what is it you want me to do? What's your plan?"

"First, we move to Death Mountain. Then we come up with a plan," said Ganondorf.

Chapter Three

That night, Link and Zelda were sitting up in bed, talking about the day's events. Something weird was going on. Their son was recovering from an injury to his arm, their older daughter kept having terrible nightmares and was now sedated, and their younger daughter's grave had been violated.

"Why would someone take Kyla out of her grave?" Zelda asked, clearly upset over this. "She's gone through so much in her life, and she can't even rest when she's dead!"

"What I find weird is that Cecil had blood on his right sleeve, almost as if his wrist had been cut. But the only injury was to his left arm," said Link.

"Poor Kristin," Zelda whispered, tears in her eyes. "Ever since she lost her sister...." Ever since the day after the funerals of Kyla and their grandfather King Harkinian, Kristin had been having terrible nightmares about Kyla--and Ganon. The latest turn of events had the poor girl hysterical. "I just have a feeling it's all related somehow." She lay down, and Link lay down as well and took her into his arms.

"Well, we'll see what we can do in the morning. Right now we're both tired, and the kids have had a pretty rough day," said Link as he kissed her cheek.

Zelda snuggled up closer to her husband, and he tightened his arms around her. She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep, feeling safe in Link's embrace as she usually did.

"Well, Kyla, how do you like my place?" Ganondorf asked his thirteen-year-old, newly-resurrected wife.

Princess Kyla looked around at Ganon's old Underworld chambers. Everything was so neat and orderly, really. "Hmmm...could use a girl's touch," she said, grinning coyly. For an underground lair the place was actually rather bright. Right now she was in the bedchamber.

"Let's get one thing straight, though," said Ganondorf. "I can read your thoughts. Don't ever think you're going to betray me--I know who your parents are, and they were the ones who banished me to the Evil Realm--as did your ancestors before you!" He was easily her height and a half if not more, in his old Gerudo form. He walked towards her and she backed up until she fell onto the bed.

"Hey, listen, Ganon, if it wasn't for me you probably wouldn't be alive now!" Kyla fired back. She'd been dead once and really wasn't afraid of death. "My father is really no one to mess with. It was my idea to use my brother's blood--since he is Link's son--to revive you. He holds the Triforce of Courage now, and my sister the Triforce of Wisdom, if the Triforce is ever separated again. Once I held the Triforce of Power--but they took it away from me and I wound up dying in my parents' arms." She shook her blonde head. "I can't believe they actually loved me after all I did."

"Oh really...," drawled Ganondorf as he loomed over her.

"Yeah...and I think I can take advantage of that. Wouldn't they love to see their darling daughter alive again?" She grinned evilly.

A smile slowly spread across Ganondorf's dark features. "You know, Kyla...I like the way my little bride thinks!"

Kyla took off her pale green dress, not even caring that Ganondorf was eagerly watching. "Right now, though, I want some sleep, I'm a bit tired," she said as she got into the huge bed, which had dark violet sheets and pillows. "Ooh...satin sheets, have taste!"

Ganondorf chuckled as he got in beside her. "Yes, in the morning, my love...we'll send you to North Castle."

"And I already have a plan," Kyla murmured.

"Oh really?" Ganondorf asked as his hand stroked her body. He didn't mind doing this at all...doing this to the daughter of his worst enemies. In a way it was a form of revenge, even though Kyla clearly didn't mind it. "You know, remind me so much of your look like her...if I couldn't have her as my queen you're the next best thing...."

"Then show me how much you want me," Kyla said in her most seductive tone, surprisingly seductive for a young teenaged girl.

Kyla was enjoying being bad...but tomorrow she was going to have to act good. She was sure she could pull it off.

The following morning, Kristin was sitting up in her bed, hugging her knees to her chest and rocking back and forth, when her mother came in. "Kristin, honey, are you feeling better?" Zelda asked.

Kristin started to cry. "Kyla...she's alive," she wept.

"We buried her three months ago--"

Kristin shook her head. "Someone resurrected her...using Cecil's blood," she whispered. "I remember the dream...where I told you not to let anyone draw Cecil's or Dad's blood. Kyla's alive. And so is Ganon."

Zelda put a hand to her mouth. "Kristin, are you sure?" she asked, looking into her daughter's brown eyes, which still had that haunted look.

"Yes...but I don't know what else is going to happen...I've just had dreams about Ganon and Kyla...and it's just becoming clearer and clearer. I do know that we're in danger. I just get a sense of that...and that man who wanted to revive the Gerudo race...I misinterpreted that...I just wasn't thinking clearly. What he's done is resurrect Ganon as his former self, Ganondorf Dragmire the Gerudo." She paused, as if wondering if that were right.

"I'd better tell your father," said Zelda. "Meanwhile, take a shower, get dressed, and try to eat something. I'm worried about you, Kristin."

The young girl just nodded. "I'll try, Mom."

After breakfast Link was sitting by himself at a pond near North Castle. It was his thinking place, and he visited it sometimes. Kristin had said that her sister and Ganon were alive, and Link wasn't sure if he should be happy that his younger daughter was alive.

Suddenly, he heard something. "Help!" cried a feminine voice; it sounded strangely familiar. Standing up, Link figured out where the sound was coming from and ran towards it.

Link's eyes widened as he saw a young girl with golden hair, wearing a ripped green dress, lying on the ground, like she'd just tripped over something. "Kyla...," he whispered as he ran towards the girl.

" are alive!" Link exclaimed as he helped the girl to her feet. His emotions were battling each other. Part of him was glad he had his daughter back, but another part of him was extremely wary.

"Kyla...?" asked the girl. "I--I don't know who I am...I don't remember anything except waking up in this chamber underground...this man named Ganondorf...he--he--" She started to cry.

"What did he do?" Link asked, grasping his daughter's shoulders, switching automatically into his role as protective father.

"I'm not innocent anymore," she whispered.

" may not remember who you are...but I know for a fact that you are my daughter," said Link. "And I'm going to take you home, where you'll be taken care of. Your name is Kyla, and you're the Princess of Hyrule...we saw you die three months ago...."

"He said something about raising me up and making me his...slave," the girl sobbed.

"We'll deal with him," said Link firmly. Ganon had brought her back to life? How strange, he was thinking. Still, this was his daughter standing before him, wearing the dress she'd been buried in.

"My name is Kyla...and you are my father?" she asked.

"Yes, I'm Link. My wife, Queen Zelda, is your mother, and you have an older brother named Cecil and an older sister named Kristin," said Link. "And don't worry, Ganon will pay for what he's done to you. I personally guarantee it."

"I--I don't feel so well," Kyla whispered as her knees buckled.

Link caught her before she hit the ground and lifted her up into his arms. "I used to carry you a were sick a lot," he told her.

"Thank you so much...I'm glad I have a handsome man like you as my father," she whispered as she put her arms around his neck, the way she did when she was little.

Back at North Castle, Link lay Kyla down in her old bed. "Maybe you can take a bath and put some clean clothes on if you want," he told her. "I'll find your mother, and your brother and sister."

"Dad--how dare you bring her here!" Kristin's voice stormed.

Link turned, saw his older daughter standing in the doorway, hands on her hips. "Kristin...your sister lost her memory. She's still trying to learn who she is."

"It's best that she doesn't," said Kristin icily as she glared at her younger sister, whom she seemed to perceive to be her archenemy.

"Look, Kristin, we all suffered when your sister died," said Link. "I will talk to you and your mother in a little bit here."

Kristin stormed out. "What's wrong with her?" Kyla asked.

Link sighed. "It's a long story, Kyla."

Kyla started to cry. "Hey, don't cry, honey, it's okay," said Link as he hugged her. "Just take a nap or something and I'll be right back, okay?" He kissed her forehead.

Kyla waited until her father left the room. Once she was sure he wouldn't hear her, she got up and took a shower.

Wearing only a towel around her slender young body, she picked out a dress to wear, noting that her parents had not done anything to her room since her departure. Her father had certainly been fooled, she thought. The joy of seeing his daughter again seemed to override any bad feelings about her, and she'd been counting on that. She was a clever actress and she knew it.

"Where is she?" asked Zelda when Link went to the den to tell her the news. Cecil and Kristin were also in the den, playing a game together--Cecil's idea. He was trying to help her get her mind off everything.

"She's in her room," said Link. He sighed. "She seems--changed. I'm still not sure as to whether to trust her, but she really doesn't seem to remember who she is. Maybe an aftereffect of being brought back to life...?"

"She's only pretending," muttered Kristin. "Who would you believe first, Mom, Dad? Me or Kyla?"

"She does have a point," said Cecil. "I mean, I'd love it if we had our sister back...but if she's evil...."

"I don't believe you two!" snapped Zelda.

Cecil's and Kristin's heads jerked up. They looked shocked that their mother was acting like this.

"Zelda, I still think we should be careful," Link cautioned.

"What's to be careful about? Maybe her experience has changed her," said Zelda, who'd never really wanted to believe that her youngest child, her baby, had been evil.

"Maybe," Link emphasized. "As glad as I am that our daughter has returned to us, we should keep an eye on her. You're right, Kristin, she could be faking it. But what was I to do, just leave her out there? She said Ganon revived her, then--attacked her."

"How could Ganon revive her if he was dead?" Kristin asked. "Cecil's blood was used to revive both of them--I saw it in my dream, Dad! I guess that whoever dug up Kyla figured out that you weren't really needed if they had Cecil's blood. All it takes is any holder--past or present--of the Triforce of Courage."

Zelda listened as her daughter spoke. "So what do we do about Kyla? We can't very well cast her out, can we? She is my child!"

"Just keep an eye on her," said Link. "Maybe she's been given a second chance so we can help her. I would like to think that our child is really good at heart, despite everything we've seen."

Kyla sat at her vanity table, brushing out her long golden hair. She hadn't specified just how long it would be before she reclaimed the Triforce of Power for her and Ganondorf.

She held a pouch she'd taken from her burial dress. Withdrawing a small vial from it, she splashed its contents onto the mirror. "Ganondorf," she hissed.

Her reflection became distorted, until she was gazing upon her husband's face in the Underworld. "I see you're in North Castle, Kyla," he said, pleased.

"Yeah. But I need to lay low for a while. I'm doing the classic amnesia act, like I told you. My father bought it, but I'm not sure he's really that convinced. So it may take some time."

"Take as long as you need," said Ganondorf.

"Well, I may need to call you in to help, so get any disguises ready," said Kyla. She laughed. "My father's mad at you...he thinks you were using me for your pleasure!"

"I was," Ganondorf smirked.

"You know what I mean!" Kyla laughed again. "I wonder what would make him more furious...that story or the truth!"

"You are a mischievous one, Princess Kyla," Ganondorf said admiringly. "I never would have guessed that the spawn of two of Hyrule's biggest do-gooders would be so much like me! Well, I must go...before one of your nosy family members decides to pop in. Farewell, my wife."

"Bye." Kyla's reflection returned. She grinned. Her parents would flip if they knew that she was married so young--and if they knew who her husband was! Not that she cared; actually she'd find it amusing. She'd fed her father that story about being violated on the off-chance she became pregnant. She didn't think it was likely at all, but she was only trying to cover herself.

Kyla heard a knock at her door and she quietly ran over to her bed and lay down on top of her blankets. "Come in," she called, making her voice sound weak.

Her door opened, and her mother, father, brother, and sister came into the room. Zelda ran to the bed and hugged Kyla. "My daughter," she whispered, tears in her green eyes. "Oh, I've missed you so much, little girl...are you all right?"

Tears came to Kyla's eyes, which were the exact same shade as her mother's. "Mother...?" she asked.

"Yes, it's me," said Zelda, sitting on the bed and holding her daughter at arm's length. She hugged her again. "I love you so much, Kyla...I never thought I'd see you again...."

Cecil and Kristin stood by their father, watched as their mother and sister had their reunion. Reluctantly, they went over to Kyla's bed and hugged her as well.

"I'm sorry,'s just that you were a major brat before," said Kristin.

Kyla hugged her sister, wondering what it would be like to kill her. She knew that Kristin could sometimes sense things, and therefore was dangerous. She wondered just how much Kristin knew, and how much she'd told their parents. "Well, however I was, I'll be able to start over again, Kristin," said Kyla.

"So my blood was used, huh?" smirked Cecil. "Still, it's good to have you have a good little girl back...."

"Thanks, Cecil," Kyla laughed.

Link studied his daughter carefully. He just had this feeling that things were too good to be true. There was no doubt in his mind that this girl was his daughter, he just wondered what exactly was going on, and about the circumstances of her resurrection from the dead.

Chapter Four

Kyla played her part perfectly, pacing it so it seemed she got her memory back quickly--but not too quickly. She also acted like the obedient little daughter her parents had always wanted--compliant, submissive.

To Link and Zelda, Kyla seemed to be quite a different child. Kyla had fed her mother, as well as her father, that story about having been abused and raped by Ganondorf. Cecil seemed to believe it, but Kristin had her doubts.

"Mom, was Kyla examined by a healer?" Kristin demanded a few days after Kyla's return. "If she was raped, wouldn't she be injured there?"

"Kristin--your sister has been through absolute hell, and you question her?" Zelda shot back at her older daughter. "We saw no need to have her examined...the way she was acting, that was enough."

"Mother, to be brutally honest, I do not trust Kyla at all!" Kristin yelled. She had never yelled at her mother before.

"Don't you yell at me, young lady!" Zelda fired back. "You are my daughter, and I am your mother, and you are to treat me with respect, do you hear me!?"

Link came into the den, where Kristin and Zelda were practically in each other's face. "What's goin' on?" he asked. "What's all the shouting?" He looked from his wife to his daughter and back.

Kristin turned away from her mother and embraced herself, her eyes downcast. "I still say that we should not trust Kyla. I keep having really vague dreams," Kristin murmured. "Mom of all people should know about my dreams." She looked up at her mother pointedly.

Link heaved a sigh. For the past few days Kristin and Zelda had been arguing over Kyla, who spent most of her time in her room. Cecil was in Calatia right now, visiting his girlfriend. No doubt he wanted to get away from all the conflict at home.

Kyla was listening in on the conversation between her parents and her sister. She was laughing inwardly. Kristin was getting her comeuppance, Kyla was thinking. Served her right for being such a goody-two-shoes.

Kyla grinned as she thought of a deliciously wicked plan. She wanted to eliminate her sister...but first she wanted to have a little bit of fun with her.

That night, Kyla sneaked out of her bedroom, which was adjoined to her parents' room. The rooms were adjacent because Kyla, before her death, had suffered severe asthma attacks that had almost killed her. Kyla couldn't remember the times her parents had rushed in, worried out of their minds.

It should have made Kyla feel bad about what she was about to do, but it didn't. Kyla felt that her parents were there to serve her.

Cecil's and Kristin's rooms were across the corridor, next to each other. Kyla took a small, sharp knife that she'd sneaked from the kitchens out of the pocket of her robe. She cautiously opened the door to Cecil's room, found her brother fast asleep, no doubt dreaming of Princess Bettina of Calatia.

Smiling wickedly, Kyla carefully closed the door to Cecil's room. He was of no consequence for now. It was Kristin she was after.

Kyla pushed the door to Kristin's room open. There she saw her older sister tossing and turning. "Poor widdle Kwistin," Kyla murmured.

Going over to the bed, Kyla quickly plunged the knife into her sister's right thigh and yanked it right back out. Kristin automatically woke up, screaming. She saw Kyla.

"I knew it!" she shrieked.

Kyla merely laughed as she placed the knife on Kristin's bed and hurried back to her bedroom. She quickly peeled her robe off and jumped back into bed. Curling up under her blankets, she grinned evilly as she heard her parents get up and go to Kristin's room. Before long she heard the door to her room opening.

"Kyla?" asked her father's voice.

Kyla lay there, pretending to be asleep. She felt her father's strong hand gently shaking her awake. "Kyla, wake up."

"Go 'way--sleeping," Kyla mumbled.

"Kyla, did you attack your sister?" Link asked flat-out.

Kyla's green eyes snapped open and she slowly sat up, making it seem like an effort. "What?"

"Did you attack your sister?" Link repeated.

"Why would I attack my own sister?" Kyla asked. "What happened?"

"She was stabbed in the leg--and she says she saw you. Your mother is with her now," Link replied.

"I was sleeping," said Kyla. "I didn't do anything to her, Daddy, honest! She's just trying to blame me for things!"

"Kyla...Kristin did not just have a cut appear on her body...someone had to have done something to her," said Link.

Kyla started to cry. "I'd never hurt any of you!" she sobbed. Tears were coursing down her cheeks. "Daddy...all I've gone through...I'd never do anything like that! Please! Maybe Kristin's trying to commit suicide...I've seen how she's been acting...."

Link appeared to think about that. Kristin had been acting strangely since Kyla's death. The knife had been found in her bed, after all.

"Daddy, don't let Kristin kill herself...she's my sister and I love her," begged Kyla. "Especially since I found my family again...after not remembering...."

"I'm sorry,'re right, you have changed," Link sighed as he hugged his youngest child. "It's just that your sister is so hysterical, has been for a while...."

"Please help her...I'm really worried," said Kyla, laying it on thick.

Link kissed Kyla's forehead and got up. "I'll see how your sister is doing," he told her. "Good night, Kyla."

"Good night, Daddy."

"I tell you, you need to take a silver arrow and be done with her!" Kristin was shrieking when Link went into her room.

"Kristin, how could you say such a thing about your own sister?" Zelda demanded.

"Kyla thinks Kristin might be trying to kill herself," said Link as he walked in. Cecil came in behind him, having been awakened by his sister's cries.

"She is a little liar!" Kristin protested. "If you don't get rid of her, I WILL!!!"

"That's enough of that!" Zelda snapped. "I don't know what's gotten into you, Kristin, but you will not harm your sister in any way!"

"Mom, she's evil!" Kristin sobbed.

"I'm beginning to wonder just which of my daughters is evil," said Zelda.

"Mother, please--" said Cecil.

"Cecil, just go back to bed," Zelda snapped at her son.

"I think Kristin's right, Mom, Dad," said Cecil as he stormed out of the room, headed for his own bedroom. "Kyla's making everyone really crazy. No wonder I'm always headed for Calatia!"

Zelda sighed in frustration as she took a pill bottle and shook a pill out. "Take this, Kristin," she ordered.

"No! She'll probably kill me in my sleep or something!"

"Link, help me...." Zelda managed to shove the pill into Kristin's mouth. The young girl struggled against her mother.

Link placed his hands on his daughter's shoulders and held her still while Zelda stroked her neck, forcing her to swallow the pill. Kristin seemed to choke for a few seconds; then she was becoming drowsy.

"She'll kill me," Kristin mumbled as sleep claimed her.

"So now what?" asked Link. "I've never seen Kristin this frightened before--ever."

"I don't know," Zelda sighed. "Maybe I'll sleep with her may help her."

Link nodded, then kissed Zelda's lips. "I'll be in our bed, sweetheart."

Zelda lay on top of the blankets, next to her daughter. She felt the need to protect Kristin.

The next morning, Kyla contacted Ganondorf through her mirror. "I think we should try to make our move on the Triforce tonight," Kyla told him. "Use your magic to disguise yourself as a suitor for me. Prince Nogan."

"So your parents trust you enough, eh?" asked Ganon.

Kyla laughed merrily. "They think my sister is a basketcase! And I know where the Triforce is kept a vault deep beneath the dungeons. I managed to sneak the key from my mother's keyring...kinda like what I did before."

"I can hardly wait to...see you again," Ganondorf purred. "I'll be there this afternoon, princess...."

Kyla blew him a kiss, then her reflection reappeared in the mirror. As planned, her sister was heavily sedated. Her brother had gone off to Calatia again to see his girlfriend; he'd been doing that a lot lately. "Now don't get her pregnant too soon," Kyla had teased.

"What kind of man do you think I am?" Cecil had snapped before riding off on his horse.

Link and Zelda were in the stable, currying their horses, when a guard came up to them. "A Prince Nogan to see the Princess Kyla...a suitor," he said.

"Kyla's a little young...where did she find him?" asked Link.

"Maybe he'll help her get over her--attack," suggested Zelda. "Show him in."

Link and Zelda went into one of the chambers, where the tall, dark man was sitting. "How did you happen to meet with our daughter?" asked Link as he and Zelda sat down on a love seat together.

"I helped her escape from Ganon," was the reply. "She ran from me...poor thing was hysterical at the time. I'm glad she found you. I'd like to see if she's all right."

"Would you like to stay for dinner?" Zelda asked. "My thanks for helping my daughter."

"I'd be most honored," said Nogan.

At dinner, Nogan was "reintroduced" to Kyla. "So you're the man who helped me. I'm sorry I ran...I just wasn't thinking straight...I just had to get out of there," said Kyla, acting according to plan.

"'Tis quite all right, fair princess," said Nogan.

Link and Zelda watched their daughter with the prince...her suitor. "They seem to be getting along just fine," whispered Zelda.

"Yeah," said Link. "But I keep thinking I've seen him before."

"Oh, don't worry so much, Link," Zelda whispered back.

After dinner Kyla and Nogan said that they were going to go sit outside together. Kyla's parents smiled at this; she seemed to be in love with this prince, and he was a perfect gentleman.

A little later, Link and Zelda went to check on their daughter Kristin when they heard something very peculiar coming from Kyla's room. "What in the world...?" Zelda murmured.

"Sounds like you when we--"

Zelda elbowed him lightly in the ribs, in a this-is-not-amusing gesture.

Link pressed his ear to the door. His eyes widened. "I thought you said he was a gentleman," he hissed.

"He cannot be doing that with a thirteen-year-old! Open the door!" Zelda ordered.

Link threw the door open, and what a sight they were met with! Upon Kyla's bed were Kyla--and Ganondorf Dragmire! "Just what do you think you're doing!?" Link shouted, not sure if he was shouting at Kyla, or at Ganondorf. He was just shocked to see his little girl engaged in carnal gymnastics with his worst enemy.

"Marital relations?" Ganondorf grinned as he got off Kyla.

"What do you mean, 'marital?'" Zelda snapped. What had her upset was Ganondorf with her daughter.

"He means we're married," said Kyla, sitting up, not even bothering to cover herself.

"You married THIS thing!?" Link asked, his voice taking on a higher pitch.

"Got a problem with that?" Ganondorf laughed as he touched Kyla, making her parents wince.

"Take care of my parents. I'll get the Triforce," said Kyla as she threw on a robe.

Kyla ran out the door just as Ganondorf shot bolts of magic at Link and Zelda, and they ducked.

Damn her parents. She hadn't thought that they'd actually catch her in the act with Ganondorf. Her whole cover was blown. They'd been planning to sneak down into the vault tonight to get the Triforce.

Oh well. Ganondorf could keep her parents busy while she got the Triforce herself.

Chapter Five

"Link--I'll go after Kyla and stop her from taking the Triforce. You hold off Ganon," said Zelda as she dodged yet another of Ganondorf's magic bolts.

"Right," said Link as he took out his shield and blocked the magic bolts.

Just then, Kristin came out of her room. "Daddy!" she shrieked.

Ganondorf turned and faced the young girl. "Well well well. Yet another Princess of Hyrule!" he said, sounding amused.

Before anyone could react, Ganondorf pointed his finger at her and surrounded her with a red bolt of magic, drawing her closer. "Come closer, my dear child...come closer...."

"Leave her alone, Ganon!" Link ordered. "She's done nothing to you!"

"Except warn you of our plans," said Ganondorf. Quickly he held the other hand out and knocked Link back with another bolt of magic.

"YEAAGGHH!" Link cried as he was hurtled against the wall. His head made contact and he slumped to the floor.

"Come my pretty," said Ganondorf to the frightened Kristin. "Your father is of no consequence right now...especially since I've captured one of his pretty little daughters...."

"Please let me go," Kristin begged.

"Not a chance."

Zelda hurried to the basement level to prevent Kyla from once again stealing the Triforce. Kyla was no longer a sick, weak little girl, so Zelda knew she might have a harder time stopping her.

"Cecil, hurry up and come home," Zelda muttered. She knew that her son was due back anytime now, and the sooner he came home the better. He was forever visiting his girlfriend in Calatia. "Please...."

Zelda heard an indignant shriek and she ran faster. There, in the Triforce vault, Kyla clutched the red Triforce of Power. The other two Triforces had disappeared, going to their now-predestined owners, Cecil and Kristin. "Why can I never get the other two Triforces!" she cried.

"Because your brother and sister are alive," Zelda replied as she stepped into the vault with her daughter.

Kyla turned, her eyes like green fire. "Figures," she spat. "Looks like I'll have to take care of them, doesn't it?"

"No you don't. They are your brother and sister, Kyla," said Zelda, trying to reason with the girl. "Your own flesh and blood."

"They're nothing to me. They're just in my way," snarled Kyla. She held out her hand and used the Triforce of Power to knock her mother back against the wall. "Ganon and I, we're gonna rule Hyrule. No one's gonna stop us now!"

"Kyla, what happened to you to make you this way?" Zelda cried, trying to reach some shred of decency in her child.

"I was born. That's all," Kyla smirked. "In fact, I'll take you with me, Mother dearest. So you can't interfere."

Link was slowly coming to. "Dad! Are you all right?" he heard his son asking him.

"Cecil...," Link moaned as he slowly sat up, right where he'd fallen. "Ganon--he's got your sister...where's your mother...?"

"I don't know. I haven't seen Mom or my sisters anywhere," said Cecil as he helped his father to his feet. "All I know is I saw that mark appear on my hand again and I knew something was wrong. I was on the way back here from Calatia. I knew the Triforce had been separated--I could feel it."

Link put his hand to the back of his head, then looked at his hand, saw no signs of blood on it. "I think I'll be all right...I've had harder bumps than that," Link told his son. "Right now, though, we need to find your mother and sisters, and I think I know where to find them. Let's go!"

In Ganon and Kyla's bedchamber, there was a huge spike that came out of the floor, and it was to this spike that Zelda and her daughter Kristin were tied, back to back.

Kyla sat cross-legged on the bed, still in her robe. Ganon stood there, stroking his chin, eyeing Kyla's mother and sister. "So what're you gonna do to them, Ganon?" Kyla asked, interested.

"Your sister is very pretty, Kyla," said Ganon. Kristin was tied so she was facing the bed. "She has the same hair as you and your pretty mother." He grinned. "I think I ought to have some fun with them."

"Wait. Just what are you talking about?" Kyla demanded, standing up.

"I have a room full of pretty girls, I don't want that to go to waste," said Ganon, smiling at his young bride.

"Hold on a minute. I'm your wife, Ganon!"

"You are. But I have the right to enjoy myself, Kyla," purred Ganon.

Kyla sat back on the bed and pouted, sticking her lower lip out and crossing her arms.

"Don't be's you I really like. I just want some fun," said Ganon as he walked over to Kristin.

"What are you going to do to me?" Kristin demanded, her voice quavering with fear.

"Oh come now, your sister enjoys it," said Ganon as he touched Kristin's face gently.

"Leave my daughter alone!" Zelda ordered.

"You're next," said Ganon. "Shut up or I'll kill you now."

For the next hour or so Zelda struggled harder, trying to get free. In the meantime she heard the shrieks and cries of her older daughter, Ganon's laughter, and she didn't know which was worse. All she could do was touch Kristin's hands in a feeble attempt to let her daughter know that she was there for her. Tears were streaming down her face.

"Did you have to enjoy it that much, Ganon?" Kyla demanded, not bothering to hide the jealousy in her voice.

"You may be my wife but I am your lord and master," Ganon told her.

"What about me, Kyla?" Kristin demanded. "What he did to me--your own sister!"

Kyla went over and slapped Kristin across the face. "You're a slut," she told her. "Shouldn't be going around seducing other girls' husbands...."

Kristin tried to kick her but Kyla jumped back. "That's not nice, Kristin," said Kyla, shaking a finger at her older sister.

"You little whore!" Kristin shrieked at Kyla.

"Pay her no mind, my dear," said Ganondorf.

"Kind of hard with what you just did," muttered Kyla.

"Enough from you," Ganondorf snapped. Kyla went back to the bed and sat down, and pouted again. She was no match for Ganon and she knew it. She was beginning to regret this whole arrangement. She wasn't upset about the fact that her sister had just been raped; she was upset about who had done it, and she was jealous.

Link and his son Cecil quietly made their way through the remains of the Underworld, their swords in their hands. "Apparently Ganon chose not to have a welcoming committee," Link whispered.

"I think this is too easy, Dad," Cecil whispered back.

"I will never be able to forget that scene," Link remarked, referring to when he and Zelda had caught Kyla in the act with Ganondorf.

"Don't remind me. I don't want that mental image," Cecil replied in a half-hearted attempt to joke.

"His lair is just ahead--"

Link's statement was cut off by a scream. "No! Leave me alone!"

"Zelda!" cried Link as he raced to the door, his son right behind him.

The two men broke the door down and were met with a nightmarish scene. Kyla was just sitting there on the bed. Kristin, naked and bleeding, was tied to the spike in the floor, as was Zelda. Ganon was trying to rip Zelda's clothes off her but she kept kicking him away.

"Leave my wife and daughter alone!" Link roared as he burst in there.

Kyla started to jump in but Cecil pushed his younger sister back down. "You've caused enough trouble, Kyla!" he said as he quickly freed his mother and other sister. His father was fighting Ganon.

"Cecil...your sister...," Zelda said.

"I'll take care of her, Mom," said Cecil.

Kristin was crying wretchedly. They did not notice Kyla sneaking out through another entrance as Cecil took off his long white tunic and put it on Kristin. Their parents were fighting Ganon.

Zelda pulled out a silver arrow and just as before, decades ago, Link zapped Ganon with his sword while Zelda shot the silver arrow through him.

Ganon let out a mighty shriek as his body crumbled to ashes. After a few moments the silver arrow lay in the ashes, and Zelda picked it up. "Where's Kyla?" she asked.

"I think she sneaked out of here," said Cecil, who was carrying Kristin in his arms.

"Kristin, sweetie, what happened to you?" Link asked.

Kristin didn't reply; she turned her head and hid her face in her brother's shoulder.

Zelda told Link what had happened. "Link, if I could have, I would have stopped him," she said, the tears coming to her eyes again.

"Well, let's just get Kristin home and get her taken care of," said Link.

When the family got home, Zelda gave Kristin a hot bath, put a nightgown on her, and put her to bed.

Link came into the room as soon as Kristin was in bed. "How is she?" he asked quietly.

"I had to give her a tranquilizer," Zelda replied.

"I could have just wrung his neck," said Link tersely. "No one does that to my daughter...."

"Link...we destroyed Ganon--again," said Zelda. "Right now we have to help Kristin get through this."

Kristin was sound asleep in her bed. Link and Zelda sat down at their daughter's bedside, and would be there when she woke up.

Hopefully with their love and understanding, Kristin would heal in time.