Changing Places
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"Changing Places"

Changing Places

By: Cajun

Chapter One

"Hee, hee, hee," the Magikoopa said menacingly. "What have we here?" He looked at Mario, who was bruised badly and cut in many places.

"Please-a, don't-a hurt me-a!" he begged.

"Now, why would I hurt you?" said the Magikoopa sarcastically. His name was Karo. "Oh, let's see. There was that time when you hit me with a Koopa shell, and the time you Super Jumped on my head, and then...well, you get the picture. Now, what was I talking about? Oh, yes." He shot a TriAttack at Mario.

"Nooooo! Help! Please..." He fainted.

"Ha ha ha!" The Magikoopa laughed. He then conjured up a bubble and Bowser's head appeared in it.

"Why have you called upon me?" He bellowed.

"I got him, I got him, boss, I got the plumber Mario!" He turned the bubble so that Bowser could see Mario lying on the floor.

"Good, good. I will award you back at the castle." Then he examined Mario more closely. He saw his chest moving up and down slowly. "You fool! He is not dead! I thought you killed him!" He shouted so loud that the room shook.

"I am ever so sorry boss. I will do away with him at once." He turned to look at Mario with his wand ready, but Mario wasn't there!

"Where is he?! Karo you messed up again!"

"Oh no, boss don't hurt me!"

"For once, I will spare your life. I need someone smart to help me figure out where Mario went. I'm fading out, Karo come to the Castle library." He faded away and the bubble burst.

"Oh, thank you boss, thank you."

Chapter Two

"Saria, come here! Look what I found!" Link called to his friend, Saria. They were on a treasure hunt for gold but Link had found something much different.

"What'd you find, Link?" She asked, running over to him. "Did you find treasure?"

"No. I think its a human, but it's too old for a Kokiri and too weird for a Hylian. I think he might have been warped here somehow."

"Is he breathing?" Saria asked, clearly very puzzled as to why this strange man was here.

"Yeah.." His voice trailed off, and he thought for a moment. "Saria,"


"Do you think I'd be able to wake him up with my ocarina?" He asked. "I could play Zelda's Lullaby."

"But lullabies are supposed to put people to sleep, not wake them up!" Saria said.

"Yeah, I know, but this lullaby has magical powers." He said "magical powers" in a misty voice.

"All right. Go ahead." So Link played Zelda's Lullaby on his Fairy Ocarina. Mario twitched his mustache a little, but he didn't wake up. "Darn. Try playing louder Link," Saria said. He played louder. This time Mario yawned, blinked his eyes, rubbed them, and sat up.

"Where am I ?"

"Um," said Link, "You are in Hyrule, and I'm Link, and this is Saria." He pointed to Saria.

"I'm Mario."

"Mario? Never heard of you before," Saria said, now even more puzzled then she had been the first time.

"Never heard of me?" Mario exclaimed, "But It's-a me, Mario!"

"Okay, we know, so, where did you come from?" asked Link. So Mario told them he was fighting Bowser, and then he beat Bowser so his apprentice, a Magikoopa named Karo, came and said he would finish him off. By then Mario was badly bruised and deep gashes all over. So the Magikoopa hit him with a spell called a TriAttack, and then he lost consciousness. "Wow! Uh, Mario," Link said.


"What's a Magikoopa and what's a Bowser?" Link questioned. Mario stared at him as if to say, You don't know what these are?

But he didn't say it, he just said instead, "Well, a Magikoopa is a turtle thing that has a cape and magic powers. And Bowser, not a Bowser, is a big turtle thing with a spiked shell. Bowser is the king of Koopas."

"Cool. OK, um, how did you get here?" Saria asked.

"I don't know. Maybe the Magikoopa warped me here with his magic." Just then, a loud rumbling shook Mario, Link, and Saria so hard they fell over. A big hole opened in the ground and a Big Deku Baba popped out.

"Scrrrruuuaaaarrrrr!" it shrieked. "Mamma Mia, what's that!?"

"It's a bigger version of the Deku Baba. I thought there was no more evil in Hyrule, Link." Saria said, her voice shivery.