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"Ask the Zelda Cast!!!!"

The Legend of Zelda: Ask the Zelda Cast!!!!

By: Demon_Lord_Suzaku

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Zelda, never will, I really want to, but I don't. It belongs to Nintendo, Shigeru Miyamoto, and anyone else alongside him. 'Course.....Never hurts to try to get in the Nintendobusiness..>:)....Anyway, I don't own Zelda. Period. So there. Also, I don't own anything else like real television shows or anything else I mention unless it's mine. There.
MS: Okay, now this is my first attempt at a funny Zelda story, so I don't know if it'll be too good. I drew 7 people's names out of 30 out of a hat, and you may ask these 7 whatever you want. Just make sure to ask something that will be funny.... I'll give you the full rules list down below.... Now let's begin!

MS(me): Please welcome the first of the 7 questionees-Is that a word?- The Hero of Time Link!

*Link swings his sword around and does his pose*

MS: Ego.....

Link:*posing for photos* Huh?

MS:*holding his head* Just get over here....

*Link sits and sticks tongue out*

Link: I was about to be in a movie for $5,000,000....*glances at director and shouts* Let's talk about it after the show!

MS:O_O.....Uhmm...Anyway, next up is the evil mask, Majora!

*Majora floats in, scaring the holy crap out of everyone in the audience with his glowing eyes and tentacles...All three of them*

MS: Hmm....Guess we need to advertise a bit....Wha-Majora....Oh never mind...Let him change...

*Majora changes to Majora's Wrath, just having his one eye moving around Link and MS*

MS: *With eye staring at him* Uhh-We-Welcome the mys-mys-mystery wr-wrapped in an enig-enigma....Sh-Sh-Sheik....

*Sheik enters, playing Sheik's theme on his harp*

MS: Good, Sheik is here! My fave character!

Sheik: Hnn...Thanks...

Link: Have you been watching Yu Yu Hakusho lately? You're sounding like Hiei....

Sheik: Hn..

MS: Uhhh....... Well, now let's welcome my favorite boss ever, The Gigantic Aquatic Amoeba, Morpha!!!

Link: How come I didn't get an introduction like that!?

Sheik: Because you've had a handful of adventures, awesome weapons, and-

Link: And because I'm so fine!

Sheik: And because you're so-O_O....Hnnnn.....Shut your mouth before I have to use these needles.....

MS: *Morpha sits down in his water pail on his chair* AHEM....Please welcome our 5th member, Malon the farm girl!

*Malon runs in*

Malon: I'm ready! I'm ready!

MS: Malon....Have you been watching Spongebob?

Malon: Yes!

Link: But we don't have television in Hyrule-

Malon: Joke time! How come the 11 year old didn't get into the pirate movie?

MWrath(Majora's Wrath): Because it was rated R.

Malon: No.

Everyone except Malon: Wha-...???

Malon: Because it was rated Arr.

MS and everyone but Malon:*Tumbleweeds fly across the screen* .......Anyway....

Malon: * Sits down with a very upset look* Hmph!

MS: Welcome the 6th member, Agahnim!

*Agahnim sits down by Morpha and Majora on the villain part of the set*

Morpha:* hiding in the water still, not coming out* Hey Agahnim....

Agahnim: Get out of there! *Uses black magic and boils water*

Morpha: Wahoo!!*Springs out* Ouch! Hot!!* uses magic to freeze that water like he did Zora's Domain*

MS:....O_o.....Anyway........Let's welcome...*looks at member cards* Ugh...Ganondorf....

*Ganondorf floats in and sits by Majora's Wrath, giving him a high five but instead gets shocked by his whips*

MS:o_O.....Uhmmmm.....Anyway, lemme explain the rules now:

1: You can ask everyone, including me. I like getting asked too!^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^

2: If you want to ask Zelda, you need to say. You can ask Zelda and Sheik at the same time you know!

3: Please tell me who you are. Just your screen name please, and say if you asked this question by yourself or not. If anyone else asked with you, please say so.

4: Limit the swearing.

5: You need to try to make the questions funny too, I will if you will. Please??

6: Last but not least, you can also ask us to beat up other characters from Zelda games or others!

MS: Phew. Not too hard I hope. Anyway, please send me a lot! You can send me more than one question in one day. Up to 3 though.

Link:*confused* Huh? What? Malon what's going on here?

Malon: Shhhh!! There about to say the Krabby Patty secretformula->>>>>:[..... They stopped it right when they were gonna tell us!

MS: Malon....You really need to see a psychiatrist.....Here...Lemme call you one....

Malon: No!

MS: ^_^ While I go torture Malon, please send me questions! My e-mail address is:

MS: There. Now PLEASE send me questions!

Malon: No psychie! No psychie! I want my formula!!

Everyone else: O_O....You need help....

Sheik: Hnn....*transforms to Mr. Krabs* Argh! Miss Malon! Here's your formula! Drink it and ye will know it forever!

Malon:*Spongebob smile* Hee!! I'm ready!!!!*jumps on Krabs and beats on him for the formula. She drinks the formula...And falls asleep*

MS: What did ya do to her?

Sheik:*back to Sheik* I gave her sleeping pills.

Link: Fat Bastard!

Sheik: *transforms into Fat Bastard from Austin Powers 2* I'm so sexy baby! *transforms into Austin Powers*

Link: Die you- You- Uhh.....

Sheik(Austin Powers): Groovy baby! Let's get it on you shaggedelic thing!

MS:.....(((O_o))).......Things are getting freaky so I'll close this chapter right here... Remember to send in those questions!

Austin Powers: Dude! You bastard- Who is...Uh...Fat!

Link: I'm not the person who was him! You were!

MS: And....CUT!
So how did you like it? Please help me! Remember, my e-mail is this: