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"A New Evil"

A New Evil

By: EricJ

Author's Note: WARNING, descriptions of violence. If you are a person who hates violence, I recommend you don't read this.

This story starts out as a peaceful day at Hyrule castle begins. Link is happily awaken by the crowing of the cuccoo at the castle gates. Link gets out of bed and goes to greet Zelda in the room right next to his.

"Good morning Zelda, how are you?" said Link happily.

"Oh good morning Link, I'm just fine," responded Zelda. Link suddenly looked down at the shiny wooden floor and tried to hide his bright red face behind his hands. "What's up Link? I can tell you're embaressed," said Zelda.

"Well," said Link in a sort of shy silent voice, "I was wondering if... if..."

"If what?" asked Zelda.

"If you'd like to go out and sit in the castle garden with me for a while?" Link kicked his foot softly, still staring at the floor.

"Sure Link, of course I'll go with you!" said Zelda happily.

"REALLY?!" Link let out a sigh of relief. "I mean...uhh... let's go," he said. So then the two of them walked out to the castle garden. The beautiful variety of different flowers had the sweetest of scents and they seemed to sparkle in the bright sunlight.

"Isn't this so beautiful Link?" said Zelda.

"Yes, very beautiful," aggreed Link. Zelda leaned over and lay her head on Link's lap. Link had begun to turn cherry red but just looked back up at the garden. The two lovers spent hours upon hours in the garden. Then Zelda and Link both turned around with a look of pure love and happiness in thier eyes. Their lips drew closer... and closer... Until Link's fairy partner Navi came in between them and they kissed her instead.

"YUCK!" they both said.

"Oh I'm so sorry!" said Navi.

"That's all right Navi," said Link. Navi had a sort of sad look on her face. "What's wrong Navi? I can tell your upset about something," said Link.

"I don't know Link I just have this feeling of dread a feeling that something horrible is going to happen soon," said Navi.

"Don't worry Navi, me and Zelda won't let anything happen to Hyrule!" said Link trying to calm Navi down.

"Hmm... I suppose you're right," said Navi.

Many hours had past and it was late into the night. All of the people living in the castle were fast asleep except for Impa, who was supposed to make sure everyone was in bed by eleven o'clock. Impa had been patrolling the whole castle and had finally caught Link, Zelda, and Navi in the garden. "What are you three doing up so late?!" whispered Impa. "It's eleven-fifty-eight, get some rest!"

"All right..." said the three of them. So then they slowly walked back to their rooms. As usual Navi slept under the warmth of Link's hat.

Another peaceful morning at the castle had began but little did any one know that Navi was right... something horrible was going to happen. Link and Zelda got up and greeted each other as they usualy did. Then they walked outside the castle; everything looked fine. However, when they walked out to Hyrule Field, every bit of sky was covered in darkness and even Link was scared of this. He then quickly called Epona and told Zelda to wait at Lon Lon ranch until he came back.

Then he rode to the forest and when he arrived, every single Kokiri was laying on the ground soaked in gallons of pure red blood. The only Kokiri alive was the boss of the Kokiri, little Mido who was incredibly selfishm and especially loved to make fun of Link as a child. "WHAT HAPPENED MIDO? WHO DID THIS? TELL ME NOW!!!"

Mido could hardly speak, as he was trying to hold back his tears, but he managed to say this,"A man with evil looking eyes a-and black armor s-s-stormed i-in here riding a b-black h-horse and ruthlessly killed every kokiri with some kind of bright light shaped like a sphere h-h-he seemed to delight in doing this a-and let out a cold e-evil laugh."

Link's fists began to tremble. "GANONDORF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He screamed. Then he left the forest and rode back to the ranch as fas as Epona could run. But when he returned Malon was dead and so were Zelda, Ingo, and Talon. Link soon found out that everyone he had known and loved was dead. But the strange thing was that even Ganondorf's allies the two witches Kotake and Koume were dead. But this can't be... why would he...? "WHAT?!?!"

Suddenly a bright pink, crystal-shaped forcefield formed around Link and he was quickly carried through the sky to an unknown temple.... a temple that was simply horrifiying to Link. Suddenly a mysterious voice said to Link, "WHAAA HA HA HA HA HAH HA! What's wrong boy? Are you upset all your friends have been killed? Well I have a surprise for you.... one of your friends are still alive... one that you forgot about a long time ago. He was one of your best friends boy...."

The voice had stopped... Link solved all the temples puzzles and traps and reached the end of a series of long staircases. He then saw a gaint door with some kind of ancient markings on it. He walked in slowly... He then saw a boy with black hair dressed just like him except his tunic was black.... "Well done Link, I'd expect nothing less from you."

"Nick is that you?" asked Link.

"Yes it is," Nick responded.

"Wait, what is that 'V' on your right hand?"

"Heh... heh... heh... I thought you'd never ask. You see, one day after you had to leave to save Hyrule again, I was searching for a power source to be as strong as you. Fortunately Flanolan my master gave me this power source and he also told me that you were trying to kill me! So now I'll kill you!"

"No Nick, don't believe him, I would never try to kill you!"

"Why should I believe you? You never had to go save Hyrule! It was all your plan to kill me! And now if you want all your so-called friends back you must fight me to the death!"

"All right.... if it's the only way to break the spell and save my friends then so be it..."

They both pulled out thier swords and the battle for Hyrule began! It was the most intense battle either of them had ever fought. Blood was flying everywhere! Finally they were exausted and could hardly stand up. With both of them limping and holding thier bloody wounds, they pulled their swords out to the side and held them there. Their swords both started glowing orange. They were going to release a spin attack! They both released a spin attack and cut each other right in half! Sadly they had died but Hyrule was restored to normal and everyone was alive again. Flanolan the evil spirit had to leave Hyrule to find another victim like Nick to use for his evil desire of total destruction.