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As the sun rose upon Lake Hylia brilliant light shone upon the cool waters. A Zora maiden stood awhile in thought. She had had a disturbing dream. She had seen eyes that she longed to see never again in her life. “Those horrible eyes,” she thought. She shuddered. “Ganondorf, why do you haunt me in my dreams? Will you never leave me!” she shrieked.
“Ruto, you really shouldn’t do that, I was scared for a moment,” a concerned voice exclaimed from behind her. A young woman appeared. Long golden hair framed a beautiful and kind face. Radiant blue eyes shone with worry. “What’s wrong?”
“Zelda, something is troubling me. A dream I had. But I believe it wasn’t a dream,”
“Do you mean the dream with the yellow eyes framed in fire?”
“How could you know,” Ruto gasped.
“I came here to ask you if you too shared our fears. All of the sages have been feeling this evil presence.”
“I can’t understand it. Ganondorf is gone. We sealed him away.”
“It’s a mystery I don’t think we can solve yet. Saria, Darunia, Impa, Nabooru, and Rauru are coming to meet with me today to discuss this at Hyrule castle. We all have to be there. Maybe we will find an answer.”
“I hope to Nayru that we do. Does Link know?”
“Yes. Saria told him,”
“He isn’t living at the castle,” she said with a smirk.
“No he is not, thank you very much. Now if we do not want to be late we should get going now.”
The two sages mounted Zelda’s horse and left towards the castle.
Meanwhile in Kokiri Forest Link was still sleeping.
“Get up,” a voice said.
“Unnn. Go away Saria,” Link grunted.
“You do want to see Zelda today don’t you,” she said in a sing-song voice.
“Oh no! I’m going to be late. Why didn’t you wake me up earlier.” He exclaimed.
Link jumped out of bed and scrambled to get his clothes on. “You don’t want to smell bad for the meeting, do you?” Saria giggled.
“Oops let me go take a shower,” Link said as his cheeks flushed.
A little while later the two traveled upon Epona, Link’s trusty horse.
Around noon all the sages and Link were gathered in the courtyard of Hyrule castle. They sat in a circle with the Triforce of Power in the center of them upon a pedestal. The odd looking group stared at it as if entranced
“I believe that we are all here for a reason,” it was Saria who broke the silence.
“Yes,” Zelda sighed, “I would like us all to share our thoughts about this nightmare.”
“I don’t understand,” said Link, “Does this mean that Ganondorf will return,”
After that there was silence.
In the center of the courtyard was a Triforce symbol in stone. Suddenly it started to glow three colors, red, green, and blue. There was a flash of light and three of the most stunning maidens appeared on their section. Glowing red stood Din the goddess of power, glowing blue was Nayru the Goddess of wisdom, and finally glowing green was Farore the Goddess of Courage.
“The goddesses,” murmured Zelda in awe.
“Why have you come?” asked Link.
“We are here to warn you,” Din said.
“Of what?” said Ruto?
“There is a great evil that will soon appear,” said Nayru.
“And that evil will surely prevail if you are not united,” said Farore.
“The Triforce of power is here. How can He come back,” Darunia stated.
“Things are not as they seem,” said all three in unison, “Beware, for it is only now a shadow, a shadow but a growing one. Should it obtain the three pieces of the Triforce it shall regain his former strength. If it prevails over you the world will be engulfed in darkness. The world calls for a Hero once again,” and with that they were gone.
“What am I supposed to do?” Link yelled after the goddesses but no reply came.
Zelda put her head in her hands. “Why is this happening? It is not supposed to be this way.”
“We must seek out this shadow and destroy it,” Impa simply stated.
“It will not be that effortless,” said Nabooru.
“I believe that the ones who have the Triforce in them are the ones who know best. For they know the extent of Ganondorf’s power.” Rauru said.
“And as for the rest of us I think that it would be wise if we all tried to hide the Triforce of Power before he gets his stinking hands on it,” Saria suggested.
“I think that would be a good idea. Link and I will try to investigate this,” said Zelda.
“That would be for the best,” said Ruto.
That evening the sages departed leaving Link and Zelda alone in the courtyard. They walked together along a group of roses in bloom.
“Link, what will we do?”
“I don’t know,” he sighed, “I guess we wait until there are signs of this Shadow. Then we go and stop it before it gets too powerful.”

Slowly a Shadow crept through the land. Leaving chaos in its wake. Ganondorf didn’t know how he escaped from the Evil Realm in which he was sealed. He had a feeling that somehow he was helped. He couldn’t figure who or what so he shrugged off the idea and didn’t think of it again. All Ganondorf knew was that this time he would not fail. He would be the King of Hyrule. He just needed to get that pesky little boy out of the way. When he obtained the Triforce of Courage and the Triforce of Wisdom he would surely rule the world. Every night he had one dream. He dreamed of Zelda. “You will not get away from me this time girl,” he thought to himself, “Not this time.”
The sages protecting the Triforce of Power saw no sign of the coming danger. It had been months since the goddesses warning and the tension of the future worried them less. This was a horrible mistake on their part. It was a bright summer morning and Saria was on duty.
The six sages put an enchantment on the area surrounding the dead Great Deku Tree. This was the area that they decided to hide the Triforce of Power in. The enchantment made it so the energy that emanated from the Triforce would be contained so no one could sense its presence.
Saria, forever young, was as happy and playful as a child. She was chasing butterflies around a field as they swooped lazily about the air. “I got you,” she said happily as she cupped her hands around a bright blue butterfly. For no reason she felt cold. She let the butterfly go and stood in the summer sunlight shivering. She heard something moving in the shadow of the trees. “Who’s there,” she said timidly as she turned around and around peering through the forest growth. Something hit her in the head and her mind was lost to blackness.
Ganondorf laughed as the Kokiri girl’s body slumped to the ground. “Stupid girl. Did you really think that the sages’ weak little spell could stop me?” He walked to the dead tree and murmured a few words. In front of him the Triforce of Power emerged from the trunk. He touched it.

“NOOO!!!” screamed Zelda.
“What’s wrong?” Link demanded.
“They’ve failed. Ganondorf has the Triforce of Power.” Zelda almost cried.
“Zelda, he’ll want you next. Go to Zora’s Domain with Ruto and hide. I’ll go find Ganondorf.”
Link ran to his room in the castle and shouldered his bow and sword. He found Epona and raced towards Kokiri Village on her back. Link reached the meadow and there were five moblins in a circle looking at something on the ground. Link dashed up and dispatched them in a few twirls of his blade. On the ground was Saria.
“Saria!” Link yelled. She didn’t awaken. He picked her up. As a Kokiri, Saria stayed the size of a child so the weight didn’t burden him. Even over the years she had never grown but he was almost his full size now. He carried her up to his home and laid her out on the bed.
“Saria wake up!! Come on wake up!!” He tried to wake her and a little while later her eyes fluttered open.
“He…He has it. You must stop him. Go find him. I’ll be fine. Just go and find him before he gets Zelda. Don’t worry about me”
“All right Saria,” he said and he kissed her on the forehead and left for Zora’s Domain to get Zelda. Ganondorf was bound to show up there soon.

Ganondorf stood in a clearing next to his black steed. His power returned and he felt rejuvenated. On the horizon the walls surrounding the castle loomed ahead of him. “I’m coming my sweet,” he said with a grin. He unsheathed one of his long swords. He touched the blade and a trickle of blood ran down his finger. “See how easy my blood is shed boy. I will shed yours much, much easier.” A long maniacal laugh erupted from his throat. He mounted his steed and galloped towards the dark stone walls of Hyrule.
Princess Ruto stood with Zelda by the waters of Lake Hylia.
“I don’t want to bring evil to your home Ruto.”
“I know you don’t. I can’t think of another place to hide you.”
“Ganondorf will come here for sure. I don’t know if Link can stop him.”
“He has the Triforce of Courage. He also defeated Ganon before.”
“I know but I will help him,” Zelda turned to leave and started towards her white horse.
“What will you do?”
“I’ll do whatever it takes.” And with that there was a burst of light. Standing before Ruto was Sheik. She mounted her horse and galloped away.
“Good luck, my friend.”
Sheik traveled across the land searching for a sign for Ganondorf or Link. She could find none. Finally she made camp and settled down to sleep. Meanwhile Link happened upon a dead family of Gorons.
“That bastard,” Link thought aloud, “As long as I breathe I will find you Ganondorf.” He spent that morning burying the dead family. He buried them by a tree and carved with his sword an engraving. The goddesses will take this family early into the sacred realm. Rest in Peace.

Ganondorf was enthusiastic. He was en route to find Zelda and had just had a bit of fun. Those Gorons were easy to kill and he enjoyed watching them beg. “What brainless creatures.” He gazed around and something caught his eye. He saw a glint from metal in the distance. He took out a telescope and saw what was there. “Ahh, my little friend has come to play with me. Well I’ll surprise him.” Ganondorf transformed himself into a young girl and hid his horse. He stood waiting.

Link saw someone. He slowed his horse and stopped. There stood a young girl all alone. “Hey, you shouldn’t be out here by yourself. You’ll get hurt. There’s an evil man about.”
“Oh I’ll be just fine.”
“Where do you live? I’ll take you home.” And he took a step towards her.
“I think that it is you who will need the help.”
There was a burst smoke and Link couldn’t see anything.
“Stupid boy, you are so na´ve,” said a loud deep voice.
“What, hey what’s happening? Where did that little girl go?”
“You really are pretty slow aren’t you?”
The smoke cleared and a tall man with red hair and horrible yellow eyes stood before Link. The man laughed and then drew out two long swords.
“I believe your adventure will end here.”
“Eat dirt Ganondorf.”
“Have it your way.”
Ganondorf took a leap forward and put all his weight onto his blades. Link unsheathed his sword just in time to block. Link stood his ground and forced Ganondorf to stop. He then slashed at Ganondorf but he blocked every blow. Link was knocked to the ground when blocking a particularly strong strike. Ganondorf placed one of his blades on Link’s throat.
“Checkmate,” he said with a laugh.
Link could feel how sharp the cold steel was. A drop of blood trickled down his neck.
He raised his other blade and was ready to deal the final blow. “Now you will die…,”
He was cut off. An arrow pierced his side and he was flung sideways onto the ground. Sheik raced to where Link was sprawled. “Are you alright.” She persisted.
“I’m fine.”
Ganondorf spoke up, “You’ll pay for this,” and with that he transformed and the hideous figure of the monster Ganon loomed above them.
Link stood up. “Your time is up,” and he charged the monster.
Ganon was ready to counter when a Light arrow hit him in the face. Link crammed his sword right through the ugly beast’s chest. The monster shrunk and he was Ganondorf once again.
“No, I can’t lose…” then he fell over and died. His body turned to dust and he was seen never again.
Sheik turned back into Zelda. “We won,” she shouted and ran over and hugged Link.
“It’s finally over,” he said as his sword fell to the ground.

Meanwhile in a dark place something was stirring.
“Ganondorf has failed me. I set him free and he lost easier than he did before. It makes no difference. I will achieve my goals no matter what.”

Part Two

Link and Zelda were ecstatic after having won the battle. Link decided to stay at the castle for awhile. He searched around for Zelda one day but didn’t see her. He finally came to an ornate door. He opened it. It was a beautiful room with stain glass windows. This was the room that contained the pieces of the Triforce. The goddesses believed that there was no evil about and that the Triforce was not needed.
There was Zelda standing before the golden objects. The Triforce was located next to a window. A shaft of red light fell upon the Triforce of Power, a shaft of blue light shone on the Triforce of Wisdom, and a shaft of green shone upon the Triforce of Courage. Link looked at Zelda. He thought to himself “She really is attractive.” Everyone thought this. With her slight frame, long hair like corn silk, blue eyes, and striking facial features she was considered one of the prettiest maidens in the land.
“I found you. Why are you here?”
“I don’t know I just had a strange feeling.”
“Like what.”
“I don’t know. It was just strange.”

The creature in the dark stirred. “Now is the time. They are off-guard. Go my pet, fly. Retrieve it and come give it to me.” A hideous form with wings shrieked and disappeared. “In due time I will finally have my revenge!”

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