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singapore — singapore’s wildlife sights are open again however you may understandably no longer desire to, or be able to, carry your entire family to the zoos with the modern covid-19 safety restrictions. if you without a doubt nevertheless want to rise up near and personal with the critters, even though, fret no longer! wildlife reserves has new promotions that assist you to really interact with their animals.

these promotions are a part of the domestic tourism marketing campaign, singaporediscovers, released the day before today (22 july) to encourage local tourism and aid local businesses.

in the course of the circuit breaker lockdown, wildlife reserves previously rolled out live interactive video sessions in which clients ought to view animals near-up and ask zookeepers any questions they favored. now, the organisation is also supplying customized messages offering its animals, and different behind the curtain sessions with its asian elephants.

Personalised messages

you may pick out from a list of animals to be featured in a one-minute long customized video message in your buddy or circle of relatives. these animals encompass amigo the yellow-naped amazon parrot (who can even sing you a birthday music!); ben and bella, the african penguins; moe the capybara; sally the oriental pied hornbill; and jaya the palm cockatoo. videos from those animals price s$50 every, except for the singing parrot, whose films price s$80 each.

Group interactive sessions

you may join up for a video meet-up with an animal institution of your preference and get a glimpse into their workouts and enrichment sports. each group consultation expenses from s$50 to s$250. select from the following animal households:

capybara and first-rate white pelican (river safari)

african penguins (singapore zoo)

oriental pied hornbill and white cockatoo (jurong chook park)

double yellow-headed amazon, scarlet macaw, and toco toucan (jurong hen park)

high-quality horned owl, asian small-clawed otters and white raccoon (night time safari)

Backstage Pass with Elephants of Asia

this experience offers a personal 30-minute virtual session with the mild giants from the elephants of asia exhibit, in which you could participate of their enrichment sports. their animal care group will percentage internal memories about the all-lady herd and the way they are cared for. a session expenses s$250.

from 22 to 31 july, get 50% off with the promo code hellogs50.

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