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Some red flags in college essays
Personal statement: Trying to tell your full life tale. I’ve read many essays where students try to say their full life stories in a single essay. There are two main problems with this. First, you can’t say your full life story in detail in 800 words. Second, you may leave out the meat of your life story and just tell the bare bones of your days. It will be better to find one important event that has “meat” so that the teachers can draw a picture of who you are and how you think. Another one is trying to tell story of any other person. For instance, it’s good that your grandpa motivates you by his story of immigrating to America. But, don’t use this event to write about the poverties grandpa faced. In its place, use this essay to show how you, like your grandpa, still undergo discriminated against and show how you’ve beat that hardship. This essay is about you, not anyone else. Go for best essay writing service here.
Supplemental essays: large essays. If you truly want to get into your dream school, write about exact features of the school that you like. I have read about a girl who applied to UChicago and her essay that helped her to get in was simply about her love for coffee and one of the coffee stores on the campus. Certainly, her essay was in greater detail than that, but her essay shows how she was fearless to express her creativeness, think outside the box, and focus on a particular aspect of the school that she immensely liked.
General essay guidance: Grammar/spelling. These can decide your existence of course. Be sharp. Get help. You don’t have to do this totally on your own. When you come to an end or get stuck, ask a few friends to make suggestions for you.

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