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Link's consciousness fuzzily droned back to normal, or at least what he was used to. He sat up in bed and took in a large breath of air; the beginning of a yawn. He balanced himself in a sitting position, to where his back rested against the headboard of his bed, and rubbed the back of his neck subconsciously, massaging it.  

His eyes glazed over his dark, empty house, the light of a full moon being the only thing making it possible for him to see. His Hyrulian clock, his wardrobe, and on the other side of the room, past the door, the washroom, and his very quaint kitchen.


He stood and walked around the perimeter of his house, lighting lanterns that hung along the wall.

 Link yawned and stretched as he saw himself in the mirror. His disheveled hair, now dulled eyes, and drawn, angular face made for an exhausted portrait. He did not really have the energy to think about anything, so he just groggily slipped on his guard uniform, and left to return to his post as a Hyrule Castle guard. He wasn’t entirely sure how tired he was until he stepped outside. The thick fog that had fell of Hyrule the following night left him slowly and light-headedly dancing through the streets of Hyrule Castle Town. He thanked the gods that no one was awake at this hour today, so nobody could see him.  He was unbelievably bushed, and because of which, he had a very strange sense of humor. Thus, as he stumbled into the market, he found accidentally stepping on a dog’s tail, as well as its high-pitched yelp, hilarious, and exploded in laughter. 

“What’s your problem?” an older woman asked, she was leaning against a building behind one of the empty kiosks, so Link didn’t see her at first.  

 He carefully bowed to her, making sure not to fall, saying “Sorry, Ma’am, I’m just really tired today.” Link spun back around and continued stumbling, and consistently tripping, up the path that led to Hyrule Castle. The gate guard, who was already standing there, caught sight of him, through the corner of his eye, coming up the path. The guard just assumed that he was going to take his place, so the guard non-caringly walked past him as Link continued to fumble over his own feet towards the gate. Link fell and sat against a wall, waiting for the princess to arrive.   It was another early start. She sat up in her queen-sized bed and lazily looked around as if she would find anything new in her room, obviously not finding anything, and then crawled out of bed. She looked at herself in the mirror, and realized that her hair was entangled in complete array. She quickly grabbed her brush and frantically combed back her bright blonde hair. “I guess that’s the best I can get it,” Zelda thought. She stepped over to her wardrobe, and searched for something to wear. After several moments passing, she finally picked a long purple dress that had gold tracings running down the trims. After she slipped the dress on, she slid her golden royal headband onto her forehead and left her room. She then turned and left to the Hyrule castle garden because she knew that Link was waiting for her.  

A sound resonated in his ears. At first, he couldn’t recognize it, but, as his brain booted back up, he identified it as a girl’s voice.

             “Link!” the somewhat familiar voice called. He had, unwillingly, fallen back asleep at his post. He wobbled his way back up the wall and walked over to the gate, unlocking it only to walk through then turned around to lock it back behind him. He walked upwards on the path to the castle until the area opened up to reveal a gorgeous garden. Along with a medium sized girl in the middle of the garden, screaming for him. It was Zelda, or Princess Zelda, to be formal. “Hey, Link!” She yelled to him, “Come on,” She commanded, turned back to face the castle and speeding away. Link immediately broke off into a headlong run, chasing her. He ran up multiple hills and across several beaten paths when he finally reached the drawbridge that led into the castle. He only paused for a moment, to take in the breathtaking view of the castle at sunrise, before he continued his sprint into the majestic corridors. 

This was one of the few times that he had been inside of the castle, so the sights were still relatively new to him, and were as beautiful as he could possible remember. He, unfortunately, had lost Zelda.

He began to dart his head around each corner he came across, wondering where she went, until Zelda ran back around a corner just in time for him to see her, and motioned for him to follow her, and disappeared around the corner again. Link, exasperated by the constant chasing, let off a large sigh, and then he continued. He wasn’t sure where she was leading him, but Link was already get somewhat winded as he turned the corner to a wide corridor. Just beyond the corner was Princess Zelda, stopped in the middle of the doorway. Link frantically tried to skid to a stop before he ran into her, but his feet slipped out from under him, and he hit the floor with a loud thud. 

“Clumsy,” Zelda teased, smirking at him

 “Well…” Link responded picking his body up off the floor and patting his back down of dust, “Excuse me, Princess, but running then suddenly stopping isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do.” 

“Oh, stop making excuses for yourself,” Zelda retorted jokingly, and then she spun around to walk into the room behind her. “Good morning,” She spoke. It took Link a minute to realize who, exactly, she was talking to. It was the King; Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule.

 He was a relatively tall man, though he often looked as thought he had a bit too much to eat. Gray hairs littered his hair and his now slowly growing beard. Today, he was wearing a long, thick red robe, which, strangely, came down only to his knees. “Morning, Zelda,” The king greeted her. Link slowly walked in and slowly bowed to the king. This was, apparently, an informal meeting, so Link wouldn’t have to kneel to the king as he usually did. “Good morning, Link,” King greeted him. “Good morning, your highness. I trust the day finds you well?” Link asked him. “Well…I can’t complain,” The king chuckled then he turned to Zelda, who was now sitting next to him in a chair, staring at Link for some reason, “I have some interesting news for you, Princess.” “What is it?” Zelda inquired, jolting her head around to him. “We, the royal officials and I, may have found a suitor for you,” the King stated, as if he were proud of his accomplishment. “Oh, really,” Zelda responded him, surprised and intrigued, “Who is it?” “He’s a prince from the country of Oun, beyond the Gerudo desert, and his name is Tarn. He should be here within the next few hours, so you should go put on your best dress.” 

Zelda suddenly sprung from her seat and dashed out of the room, presumably to her bedroom. Link followed her with his eyes until she turned a corner.

 “Link,” The king spoke, making Link spin around towards him, “As Zelda’s personal bodyguard, I expect you to protect her from this boy, if need be.” “Yes, your highness.” Link accepted.


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