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In a cave about 5 miles from clock town I,Darmana Shunam paced the floor of the rocky side and watched the countryside for the person they call the hero of time. Being a stalchild, I was sure I would fail in dispatching my foe, indisputably he had murdered my entire family, killed my master Majora, and made our home a place of light when it had been in the dark for so long. I was about to give up and move on, when suddenly, out of the blue, the neigh of a horse could be heard. I could barely contain myself, here was my most hated enemy, about to be taken down and ended with a fatal blow from a weak opponent. I would have screamed for joy had he not been near. I crept into the shadows and waited, I could almost hear his breath. I had this all planned out, he would get hungry or tired like every human does, then in the dead of night, or while he was eating his meal I would slit his throat and my family would have vengeance. His footsteps were faint as he was wearing light shoes and his horse was there, even so, I could still hear him. I saw a green cloak walk into my cave and I quickly flew backward to avoid him seeing me. It worked, but he heard my bones clatter and hoarsely yelled to see if anything was inside the cave. I stopped and silently sat, devoid of all thought but one, "This is it." His back turned as he was admiring the scenery of Termina for one last time. I slowly pulled a knife from its sheath and charged the boy. He heard me and turned, pulling his sword from its sheath. "Too late!" I yelled to try and stop him from swinging, to demoralize him into believing my words. It was in vain, with one clean blow my torso was sawn in two and I fell to the floor. I fell slowly, thought flew into my head, the first time I saw my family and consciously knew they were my family, my first birthday, the king of Ikana greeting me and telling my he had a great feeling about me, the day everything died. Then I clattered to the floor, I had no feeling in my bones so I didn't cry out. I yelled at the figure looming over me,"You monster, how dare you stop me from stealing your life as you stole my family's life from them, WHY?" He grunted but said nothing, I could have sworn he was crying in a way, as if he knew how I was suffering right now. He took a look at me and I heard him speak, "Why? Many people ask that question and yet no answer appears. I will tell you why. You are dead and you are jealous. that is why your people started attacking the living in Ikana canyon. Now I feel for you and your people, but I saw you murdering them, taking away their life, their soul and laughing about it." "No," I replied,"that can't be." But in the eyes of my end I knew he was speaking the truth. "No!" I screamed "I was not there I was in the castle guar..."I remembered that I was there during the great slaughter,I remembered the blood and the screams, the agonizing screams of terror and mourning that husbands and sons had died protecting the women and daughters in vain. I nodded slowly and whipered,"Please, just end my life." A single fake tear in my mind streaked down my face and onto the floor. He cleared his throat, raised his sword and swung. Everything went black and the mighty warrior fell to the ground.

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