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I had a dark dream

About what I can't remember

I had a dark dream

Could he have come back?

Does this dream bode well for Hyrule?

Impa's verse:

I tried to warn Miss Zelda

But she wouldn't listen 

I tried to tell her it was just a dream not a prophecy

But would she listen?

Saria's verse:

I tried to soothe Princess Zelda's angry heart

But it wouldn't work

I tried and tried

Could something have gone wrong?

I hope not.

Nabooru's Verse:

I listened to the spirits who had gone before

I tried to warn Link

But he went off to war.

Rauru's verse:

I sense a great disturbance

I hope it's not him back again.

I sense a great disturbance 

I must go into a trance.

Malon's verse:

Epona's agitated

I don't know why

Could it be something to do with the darkening sky?

Ruto's verse:

Lord Jabu-Jabu is angry

Has one of the Zoras offended him?

I must find out the answer

Could it be the dark sky?

Darunia's verse:

My hylian brother has gone off to war

What am I to do?

The Gorons look to me for guidance

Oh, what am I to do?

Ganondorf Dragmire's verse:

I've come back at last

Just you wait Zelda

With Link gone off to a false war you're defenseless

Just you wait, Zelda

Does my return bode well for Hyrule?


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