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It has been a year since Link and Zelda returned everyone to their lives right before Ganondorf's hostile takeover. The Great Deku Tree is still only a sprout but he still governs the Kokiri Village. Saria serves as the Deku Sprouts aide and goes to the village to tell the Kokiri of their leaders decisions. Darunia has just had his son and named him after his Sworn Brother: Link. Ruto is acting more lady-like than when Link first met her. Impa is still aiding Zelda, and knows of how Zelda used Sheik as an alter-ego. Nabooru is in a situation best left to be told later. And Zelda is in her castle awaiting Link's return.

"This storm has been going for three days, when will it cease?" questioned a lone voice seeming to emulate from nowhere. "If this rain doesn't let up my violin will be ruined! Sweet goddes Nayru, I beseech thee please take pity on my violin and cease your flow of tears. Almighty Din grant the sky your heavenly light. And merciful Farore grant me a safe haven where I may..." this prayer was interrupted by the attack of a stalfos. In moments it was running away with the threatening shouts of whoever it attacked. "How dare you interrupt a prayer to the goddesses? I hope you burn in hell! Oh no my violin I left it out! You damn stlafos, my violin is ruined! I'll hunt you down and rip you apart planting each bone in a different part of Hyrule!"

Meanwhile the storms darkness continued. In a tree overlooking Lon Lon Ranch Navi watched as the lights went out inside one by one. How long had it been since She last spoke with Malon. Did she even remember her? Probably not. Only Link, Zelda, the sages and herself kept their memories. Now she probably doesn't even remember Link. She then heard the sound of a steady stream of curses. Oh great, Ingo's drunk, wait no it's coming from the field. Navi could dimly make out a stalfos running from what could be only made out as a shadow. The shadow then stopped running noticing the lights of the ranch. It started headed towards the tree Navi rested in. Navi was overcome by curiosity and went to lower boughs. She could see it was the height of a teenager, and had the pointed ears of a Hylian. It ignored the ranch and dove right under the branches of the pine.

The "shadow" had found the stalfos had put a minor gash in the violin. It played fine, but he was pissed that the violin was vandalized. He chased the stalfos until he saw a tree. "Bless you sweet Farore." it thanked looking to the heavens. He then made a beeline straight to the tree. "Damn stalfos ruined my tunic and my violin." whined this rather pitiful traveler. No food had touched his lips since the night before. Upon reaching the tree he saw a blue light above him. "Hello there my fine fairy friend. Trying to stay dry too eh?" he greeted politely.

Navi was surprised when the shadow talked to her. Even more so that it was polite. "Uh... Yeah I am totally soaked." Navi answered.
"Here," it said offering her it's tunic.
"Don't give me your tunic!" Navi said pushing it back towards its owner.
"Don't worry about it I got it ripped so I'd get wet anyway."
"Oh...ok." Navi replied blankly. She then flashed bright green," Theres a ranch up ahead why don't we head there?"

The "shadow" then followed the fairy to the ranch. He wondered why the fairy wasn't there already if she knew where this ranch was. He had no sooner thought that when they reached a door. On instinct he knocked on the door. Suddenly a big, hairy-armed man, who's was balding opened the door. " what in tarnation are you doin' out dere' kid you'll get sick come on inside. Well well I recognize that fairy! Your Link's fairy Navi!"

Navi was shocked many times that night. One of the biggest was that they remembered her. She learned the reason the boy was chasing a stalfos, and that he was named Beat. This boy has the same attitude as Link, but he was of a darker skin tone then Link.

"Thank you Talon, for your kindness, your shelter, and your soup!" Beat said settling deeper into the chair he was seated in.
"It's my pleasure kiddo. But I have one question, are you Hylian?"
"Well yes and no. My dad was a Hylian and my mom was a Gerudo." he answered with a an innocent smile.

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